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Updated: 21-Aug-2017

More than 156 500 civil rotorcraft registrations online, and counting ...

AW139 tail rotor

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  NB. unmanned systems below 150 kg are excluded.

Extracts of (recent) new registrations from various sources (see credits)

Reg. Type C/N   Ex

Update 21-Aug-2017

N56U Enstrom F-28A 139 N32TH
N111AD Hughes 369D 400704D YV2105
N200BH ELA Aviación 10 Eclipse [gyro] 04175291014
N206JT Bell 206B JetRanger III 2545 N815PC
N304FD AgustaWestland AW139 41528 N607SH
N581SC Bell 206B JetRanger 5201 N67748
N654PF Bell 407GX 54679 N643HE
N824BM AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14725 ZS-RRN
N827NE Enstrom 280FX Shark 2148
N827PE Enstrom 280FX Shark 2149
N4026P Robinson R44 II 14100
N4028M Robinson R44 II 14101
N9371F Hughes 269B 0083

Update 19-Aug-2017

G-WENA Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5260 restored
ZK-HIZ Hughes 269C 1150454 N705RS
ZK-HNF AgustaWestland AW139 41271 N145PE
ZK-HOD Bell 206B JetRanger III 3396 N206LA

Update 18-Aug-2017

CC-ASK Bell 407 53686 PR-TUT
CC-ASS Bell 212 30811 OB-1813-P
CC-ATF Bell 205A-1 30136 OB-1939-P
CC-ATH Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3878 XA-VGA
CC-ATJ Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51321 N206MB
CC-ATT Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8385
CC-ATY Bell 212 30615 OB-1965-P
CC-AUI Bell 407 53370 EC-JAR
HL9468 Kamov 32A11BC 9812 B-70JK
HL9635 Sikorsky S-76A 760286 PK-TVQ
HL9636 Sikorsky S-76C 760421 PK-TVP

Update 17-Aug-2017

B-70UK Eurocopter 135 T3 1241
B-70UN Robinson R66 Turbine 0798
B-70VE Robinson R66 Turbine 0800
N35ZE Enstrom F-28C-2 508-2R C-FBFN

Update 16-Aug-2017

N277DF Bell 412EPI 37030 C-FVKV
N317MM Hughes 369D 570143D C-FBVY
ZK-HEF Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4662 HP-3015
ZK-ITA Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 1714 N5FX

Update 15-Aug-2017

B-70UL AgustaWestland AW139 31734
VH-AUN Eurocopter 135 P2+ 1102 TC-HGY
VH-AWQ Eurocopter 135 P2+ 1105 TC-HGS
VH-AZM Eurocopter 135 T2+ 0972 TC-HGV
VH-BBU Eurocopter 135 T2+ 0763 TC-HGU
VH-LLH Robinson R44 I 2480
ZK-IDR Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2312 G-CEYO

Update 14-Aug-2017

N67SB Robinson R44 II 14144
N82TK ELA Aviación 10 Eclipse [gyro] 04175271014
N405LH Bell 407 53240 N82MM
N592AC MBB-BK117 C-2e 9739 N306AH
N844VB Robinson R44 II 14132
N847AP Robinson R44 Clipper II 10887 I-TANK
N916LL Eurocopter 155B1 6885 N188CF
N976AL Sikorsky S-76B 760439 JA6765

Update 13-Aug-2017

HA-HBS Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5401 HB-ZIV
HB-ZOJ Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4479 LN-OXG

Update 11-Aug-2017

N487LF MBB-BK117 C-2 9255 N747R
N826MB Bell 407GX 54715 C-FTYV
N925MD Bell 407 53477 N4041B
N58412 Hughes 369D 480299D

Update 10-Aug-2017

C-FXGH Bell 412EP 36118 JA6786
UR-JYK Robinson R44 Raven II 11904 SE-JYK

Update 09-Aug-2017

C-FXQG Bell 407GX 54710
EC-MRK Bell 412HP 36067 VT-AZB
EC-MRN Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 7367 VT-GVN
EC-MRY Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3398 I-TOLO
ZK-HCB Kawasaki BK117 B-2 1050 VH-HRR
ZK-IJC Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45582 N267AE
ZK-MGI Magni Gyro M-24 Orion [gyro] 24170714
ZK-RGO Magni Gyro M-24 Orion [gyro] 24170724

Update 08-Aug-2017

N40GY AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00310
N97SP Bell 407GX 54701 C-FRWZ
N130TG Eurocopter 130T2 8320 N405AH
N205LE Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11821 N7247J
N317LH Bell 212 30881 N212EV
N382CA Bell 206B JetRanger II 2091 N209RA
N525BV Bell 525 Relentless 62014
N816DR AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00317
N941SC Bell 206B JetRanger II 1497 N581RD

Update 07-Aug-2017

LN-OQR Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920285 N285S
OK-SGR Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57313 C-FRXU
VH-AVV Agusta A109C 7606 N26RX
VH-XNL Robinson R22 Beta II 4741

Update 06-Aug-2017

F-HJMT Agusta A109E Power 11062 I-FZIT
JA01PW Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2105 N312HB
JA90MT Aerospatiale 365N3 Dauphin 2 7009 F-WWOQ
JA128D Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57317 N585BS
JA027G Robinson R22 Beta II 3610 N792FC
JA842H Eurocopter 135 P3 1262
ZK-IRR Guimbal Cabri G2 1181

Update 05-Aug-2017

RA-01627 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51199 UP-BL014
RA-07364 Robinson R66 Turbine 0796
RA-20004 Kazan Ansat 33076
RA-22435 Mil 171C 171C0064​3083808U OB-1989-P
RA-22437 Mil 171C 171C0064​3083807U OB-1988-P
RA-22438 Mil 171C 171C0064​3083806U OB-1987-P
RA-22603 Mil 8MTV-1 97442
RA-22604 Mil 8MTV-1 97443
RA-22682 Mil 8AMT 8AMT0064​3167653U
RA-22686 Mil 8AMT 8AMT0064​3167654U
RA-22689 Mil 8AMT 8AMT0064​3167655U

Update 04-Aug-2017

G-OENC AgustaWestland AW189 89002 I-RAIW
HB-ZNY Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 4303 D-HCIK
I-PTVR MBB-BK117 D-2 20152 D-HADV
M-ORZE Eurocopter 135 P2+ 0684 SP-WWW

Update 03-Aug-2017

C-FHIS RotorWay Exec 162F 7054 N412RS
C-FXGU Bell 407GX 54732
C-FXOB Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57334
G-CKEO Eurocopter 135 T3H Juno HT.1 2021

Update 02-Aug-2017

B-70UV Robinson R44 II 14037
C-GUBA Guimbal Cabri G2 1198 F-WZEA
D-HYAN MBB-BK117 D-2 20146 D-HCBY

Update 01-Aug-2017

VH-EEM Robinson R44 Cadet 30022
VH-JKX Bölkow 105DBS-4 S-135/914 N193SJ
VH-RAJ Robinson R22 Beta II 4744
VH-XPY Robinson R22 Beta II 3902 VH-EGE
SE-JSE Robinson R44 Raven II 13115 D-HHJS
SE-JSZ Robinson R44 Raven II 11513 LN-OMG
SE-JVG Eurocopter 130T2 8398 F-WWXS
SE-JYG Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1162 SP-OKM

Update 31-Jul-2017

N10AJ Bell 206B JetRanger III 3169 N6624N
N54TF Robinson R44 II 14123
N175SC Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8430
N363G AgustaWestland AW139 41531
N366G AgustaWestland AW139 41532
N397SU Robinson R44 Raven II 10063 N579WB
N421WJ Hughes 369FF 0714FF N554CP
N437AH Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8419
N453R Bell 407 53572 N453P
N481MH Enstrom 480B 5123 VT-IKV
N497SU Robinson R44 II 11441 N805PT
N532ZK Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41187 70-15636
N619SH AgustaWestland AW139 41533
N654PE Bell 407GX 54453 N654PF
N747LE Bell 407GX 54676 N643JC
N825VJ Robinson R44 Clipper II 10668 9M-ARB
N945RF Bell 407GX 54581 N407GG
N4026E Robinson R44 II 14098
N4029P Robinson R44 II 14094

Update 30-Jul-2017

C-FWGQ Eurocopter 135 P2 0195 ZK-IGL
C-FXNV Bell 412EPI 37036
C-FXOC Bell 407GX 54733
HB-ZYZ Guimbal Cabri G2 1205 F-WZEC

Update 29-Jul-2017

G-MUDX RotorSport UK Cavalon [gyro] RSUK/CVLN/022 G-CJVT
PH-4Q8 Magni Gyro M-24 Orion [gyro] 24170684

Update 28-Jul-2017

B-70TV Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57315 C-FSWI
B-70TZ Robinson R44 II 14084 N7045U
B-70UA Robinson R44 II 14085 N7051F
B-70UC Robinson R44 II 14086 N7065U
B-70UD Robinson R44 II 14087 N7084B
B-70UW Bell 407GX 54699 C-FRPU
B-70UX Bell 407GX 54700 C-FRUV
B-7467 Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7948 restored
B-7468 Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7951 restored
C-FCWJ Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2444 N353EV
C-GGVW Robinson R44 II 13752 N177DD
G-EMEA Eurocopter 175B 5024 F-WJXE
G-OBHE Robinson R44 Astro 0381 G-PRET

Update 27-Jul-2017

F-OURS Eurocopter 130T2 8306 F-WWXU
G-CKJY Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8427
ZK-IGF Eurocopter 130B4 4228 JA17MB

Update 26-Jul-2017

G-RXTV Agusta A109E Power Elite 11158 G-GCMM
PH-JDE Schweizer 269C-1 (300CBi) 0277 RA-.....
UR-AFC Mil 8MTV-1 96058 RA-25737
UR-AYS Mil 8MTV-1 95737 RA-25121
UR-FAN Robinson R66 Turbine 0773

Update 25-Jul-2017

ES-TOP Robinson R44 II 14071
VH-KZE Robinson R22 Beta II 4743
VH-WXK Innovator Mosquito XE 285 MXE1259F14B

Update 24-Jul-2017

N199LB Enstrom F-28F Falcon 790 restored
N206VL Bell 206B JetRanger III 2389 HP-1915AE
N220UE Agusta A109S Grand 22053 XA-UHV
N269P Schweizer 269C S1328 EI-CVM
N280BH Bell V-280 Valor 60105
N395SC Sport Copter Vortex [gyro] 095 restored
N703RB Agusta A109E Power 11652 N424HN
N706TM Magni Gyro M-24 Orion [gyro] 24170474
N824XC Eagle R & D Helicycle G-14
N945CH Boeing CH-47D Chinook M3411 91-00262
N950CH Boeing CH-47D Chinook M3459 93-00932

Update 23-Jul-2017

LQ-HFN Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57308 C-FOQD
OY-HOK Eurocopter 225LP 2839 restored
UR-PATH Skyline SL-231 Scout 16-003
XA-ARC Agusta A109E Power 11651 N901MF

Update 21-Jul-2017

PR-HTF Helibras 350B3 Esquilo 7884 (PR-EIH)
UR-VBB PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 549508115
UR-VBC Mil 8MSB MSB8270025

Update 20-Jul-2017

D-HAFE Bell 412EP 36110 JA6771
D-HJTD Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 9084 F-GAAI
D-HTPN Eurocopter 225LP 2916
OK-OEL Robinson R44 II 14076 (D-HOEL)
OK-SEF Robinson R44 II 14077

Update 19-Jul-2017

I-MIAO Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 1600 F-GHBR
I-RAIQ AgustaWestland AW189 49038
PH-EUB Eurocopter 155B1 6802 F-HHSB

Update 18-Jul-2017

C-FAPP Robinson R44 Raven II 10456 C-FSIJ
HB-ZOI Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8410
I-MCSH AgustaWestland AW169 69054 I-EASV
OY-HLV Eurocopter 175B 5008 OO-NSG

Update 17-Jul-2017

N15BB Canadian Home Rotors Safari SH500
N69TA SilverLight Aviation AR-1 [gyro] 0013
N110PL PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 563648094 3648(SP)
N122RF Robinson R22 Beta II 3397 N505LA
N240MG ELA Aviación 10 Eclipse [gyro] 05175321014
N442AG AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00311
N533EA ELA Aviación 10 Eclipse [gyro] 05175331014
N534EA ELA Aviación 07 Scorpion [gyro] 04175340734
N631JA Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52166 C-GLBH
N669SS AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14940
N670SS AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14941
N857RP Bell 407GX 54357 N357RB
N903SH MBB-BK117 C-2 'Style' 9432 N930SH
N998TP Robinson R44 II 13120 C-FTPY
N4028X Robinson R44 II 14095
N70056 Robinson R44 I 2481

------- end -------

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PH-HCD Cabri G2
PH-HCD Cabri G2
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(added 06-May-2017)
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