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Updated: 28-May-2017

More than 155 560 civil rotorcraft registrations online, and counting ...

AW139 tail rotor

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  - Current civil helicopter registers (worldwide) + PH-reg with pictures.

  - Historical civil rotorcraft registers (worldwide).

  - Production lists for selected types; latest additions: FH-1100, Brantly 305.

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  NB. unmanned systems below 150 kg are excluded.

Extracts of (recent) new registrations from various sources (see credits)

Reg. H/c type C/N   Ex

Update 28-May-2017

EC-MQN Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3077 G-CJFD
EC-MQO Eurocopter 135 T3 1231 D-HECA
EC-MQR Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4914 F-HCFD
EC-MQV Bell 412EP 36673 N516HJ
4X-BEM MBB-BK117 B-2 7228 D-HMMM
4X-BMM Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8116 N269AH

Update 27-May-2017

G-PALT RotorSport UK MTOsport [gyro] RSUK/MTOS/063
PR-AEY AgustaWestland AW189 49028 I-RAIM

Update 26-May-2017

B-70QU AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14929 N609CB
B-70SU Robinson R66 Turbine 0713
B-70SV Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8307
B-70SX Robinson R44 II 14042
B-70SY Robinson R44 II 14003
B-70SZ Robinson R44 II 14006
B-70TC Eurocopter 135 P2+ 0938 HB-ZTJ
OK-HEZ Robinson R44 Raven II 11049 OM-AHA

Update 25-May-2017

C-FLRM Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II 61777 G-BFFJ
C-FMCH Robinson R66 Turbine 0779 N7QH
C-GEEL Eurocopter 130T2 8207 N409AH
D-HUBI Robinson R44 Raven I 0725 LN-OGD
S2-AIN Robinson R66 Turbine 0771

Update 24-May-2017

G-CJUC Eurocopter 135 T3H Juno HT.1 2010 D-HECJ
G-CJXS Eurocopter 135 T3H Juno HT.1 2011
G-PSHU Eurocopter 135 T2+ (135 T2i) 0597 G-WONN

Update 23-May-2017

C-GSPZ Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65021
EC-GT6 Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager [gyro] 22160044
N429WP Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57318 C-FTXZ
VH-IQH Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45528 P2-HCD
VH-LHH AgustaWestland AW169 69009 VH-FOX

Update 22-May-2017

N30EZ Eurocopter 130B4 7285 N800EZ
N43KD Robinson R66 Turbine 0794 (N43DK)
N61RX Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8262 N362AH
N62RX Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8032 N218AH
N68PD Bell OH-58C-BF Kiowa 40249 restored
N75KC Innovator Mosquito XET MXE1193I12B
N95JW Ken Brock 2 [gyro] 439629582 restored
N145HM MBB-BK117 D-2 20132 D-HADF
N167AG Bell 206B JetRanger II 1482 N521HS
N401SH Guimbal Cabri G2 1195
N402MA Bell 407 53834 C-GGVI
N411UH Bell 407GX 54330 N9AT
N412ES Bell 412EP 36423 EC-KBT
N428AH Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota 9786
N429AH Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota 9788
N429KK Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57327 C-FULH
N430AH Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota 9789
N431AH Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota 9790
N661SS AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14937
N663SS AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14938
N722RH Robinson R22 Beta II 4122 HK-5094G
N770TX AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00307
N911XF Eurocopter 135 P1 0167 N434CM
N959CF Guimbal Cabri G2 1190
N7098V Robinson R44 Cadet 30019

Update 21-May-2017

C-FWFH Bell 412EP 36401 N730SR
D-HAFH Bell 412SP 33118 VH-HRS
D-HAFT Bell 412HP 36059 VT-DCM
D-HHVV Bell 412 33091 VH-NSP
F-HHTB Eurocopter 135 T3 1256 D-HCBE
G-CKGZ Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920056 LN-OQF
G-HPDM Agusta A109E Power 11216 G-DPPF
HL9626 AgustaWestland AW139 41527 N606SH
HL-C228 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00297

Update 17-May-2017

C-FFLM Robinson R44 I 2471
C-FVYM Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65019
C-FWIU Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65020

Update 16-May-2017

B-70SP Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 7634 C-FJHO
HB-ZNK AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew 22372 I-EASU
HB-ZON Eurocopter 130T2 8379 F-WWPA
HB-ZSK Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4736 LN-OAG
VH-BQR Robinson R22 Beta II 4734
VH-EGE Robinson R22 Beta II 3902 ZK-HGW
VH-MFE Robinson R22 Beta 2157 VH-AHS

Update 15-May-2017

N58S Sikorsky S-58JT 581539 N943BW
N67ME Sikorsky S-76C+ 760469 N95LT
N80WW Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7380 N161UG
N83EL MBB-BK117 C-2e 9734 N278AH
N203PH Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52023 N62127
N267LA Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8267 N373AH
N281GZ Sud-Aviation 341F2 Gazelle 1281 1281(F)
N300JG Bell 47G-2 2026 restored
N383GZ Sud-Aviation 341F2 Gazelle 1383 1383(F)
N419GZ Sud-Aviation 341F2 Gazelle 1419 1419(F)
N501GZ Sud-Aviation 341F2 Gazelle 1501 1501(F)
N628Y Bruns 2017 BB001
N658AM Agusta A109E Power 11504 N209CF
N692R Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920028 N692PH
N819TG Gjerde CLG 1 001
N961BH Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57146 N961BK
N2070U Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45706 restored

Update 13-May-2017

HB-ZNK AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew 22372 I-EASU

Update 12-May-2017

C-FSTJ Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65015 C-GECD
D-HADO MBB-BK117 D-2 20138
D-HCBY MBB-BK117 D-2 20146
D-HSAA MBB-BK117 D-2 20124 D-HADP
G-CKBY Aerospatiale 365N3 Dauphin 2 6949 TS-HSI

Update 11-May-2017

G-IZOO Guimbal Cabri G2 1200
JA83KT AgustaWestland AW139 31759 I-EAST
JA88AR Agusta A109E Power 11773 N827KU
JA109N AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew 22370 I-PTFO
JA6772 Bell 412EP 36111 restored

Update 10-May-2017

C-GWPW Robinson R66 Turbine 0788
C-GZBB Robinson R66 Turbine 0791
F-GSKA Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7764 G-EKAT
F-HSIX Robinson R66 Turbine 0017 G-RSIX
N109FJ Agusta A109E Power 11655 PR-FMB
N183SD Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8376
N343PH MBB-BK117 D-2 20120 D-HADC
N393PH MBB-BK117 D-2 20122 D-HADL
PH-ITI Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8378 F-WWPN

Update 09-May-2017

HB-ZAW Robinson R44 II 13249 N4488N
VH-HHO Robinson R22 Beta II 4603 N502MN
VH-JUK Robinson R22 Beta II 3611 RP-C8819
VH-SJI Robinson R22 Beta II 3045 RP-C8817
VH-SKU Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52096 JA6148
VH-UDY Robinson R22 Beta II 2600 RP-C8889
ZK-IOP Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 1299 ZK-ISS

Update 08-May-2017

N74EH Robinson R44 II 14093
N127DM Robinson R44 Cadet 30023
N188SD Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3859 N183SD
N197SU Robinson R44 II 14091
N239CH Boeing-Vertol 234UT MJ006 P2-CHK
N299MM Vagner Tango 2 [gyro] TG000001
N323DW Robinson R66 Turbine 0806
N466RK Robinson R66 Turbine 0805
N571HH Hughes 369D 47-0125D N369KK
N581TG Hughes 369FF 0185FF PR-MDG
N660BW Robinson R66 Turbine 0809
N744VB Robinson R44 II 14090
N787AJ Robinson R44 II 14096
N875AL Sikorsky S-76C++ 760641 PR-LDM
N992TP Robinson R44 II 14089
N7049E Robinson R44 II 14073

Update 07-May-2017

RA-07309 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 7589
RA-07347 Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1698
RA-07357 Robinson R44 I 2454
RA-07358 Robinson R44 Raven II 10532 G-CDCB
RA-07359 Robinson R66 Turbine 0016 G-JNNH
RA-07393 Robinson R66 Turbine 0778
RA-22661 Mil 8AMT 8AMT0064​3167632U

Update 06-May-2017

G-FGXP Bell 407GXP 54668 N638EC

Update 05-May-2017

F-HIPO Guimbal Cabri G2 1197
G-CJTZ Eurocopter 135 T3H Juno HT.1 2007
P2-HNE Bell 407 > Eagle 407HP 53494 VH-EPU
SE-JRA AgustaWestland AW169 69044
ZK-IIA Robinson R44 Raven II 10327 ZK-HCP

Update 04-May-2017

B-70QC Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57157 C-GWEJ
B-70QE AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14926 N187SS
B-70QM AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14924 N178SS
B-70SE AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] M01367
B-70SF AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] M01369
B-70SL Robinson R44 II 13931
B-70SM Robinson R22 Beta II 4704
B-70SN Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8223 SE-JVS
B-70SQ Robinson R22 Beta II 4658
N500TR Brantly 305 1031 restored
N563DJ Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk 70284 N540NH

Update 03-May-2017

C-FVVA Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45448 C-GWCF
C-GTRK Bell 412SP 36008 ZK-HRX
G-CKCX AgustaWestland AW169 69048 I-RAIV
G-LOLZ Robinson R22 Beta 0655 OH-HAF
G-PERX Aerospatiale 355NP Ecureuil 2 5801 F-WWPO
OE-XKO Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4454 LN-OYF
SE-JVL Robinson R44 Clipper II 11613 F-HIDA
SE-JVT Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8368
SE-JVU Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8370

Update 02-May-2017

N13HB MBB-BK117 C-1 7539 D-HZCA
N67RX Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 7230 N930EM
N73GC Robinson R44 II 13850 N869SH
N73GK Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-00-11-478 restored
N311VT Hughes 369E (500E) 0229E restored
N365AE Bell 407GX 54717 N745MT
N488AS Robinson R44 II 12538 N469WM
N497P Bell 407 53277 N720PH
N779GC Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4630 N759AM
N831HA Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7334 VT-PEE
N994KA Kaman K-1200 K-Max A94-0040
N995KA Kaman K-1200 K-Max A94-0039
N996KA Kaman K-1200 K-Max A94-0041
N5893Y Aerospatiale 332L1 Super Puma 9008 VH-LYP

Update 01-May-2017

VH-EXD Robinson R44 II 14059 VH-EID
VH-JYS Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-458 N70EG
VH-NVE AgustaWestland AW139 31610 G-SARE

Update 29-Apr-2017

C-FIRC Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4607 N512PH
C-FRLD Bell 407GX 54805
C-FVRZ Bell 412EPI 37027
C-FVSC Bell 412EPI 37028
C-FVUJ Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65018
C-FVUP Bell 407GX 54727
N357RC Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57312 C-FPZR

Update 28-Apr-2017

CC-ASU Bell 206B JetRanger III 4353 PT-YCK
G-CKDL Robinson R22 Beta II 3848 I-HEFD
PH-4P8 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00290
SP-GRS Robinson R44 Raven II 13215 SP-WDP
SP-GTO Robinson R66 Turbine 0768
SP-OXY Robinson R44 Raven II 13290 SP-MPB
SP-YVH PZL-Mielec S-70i Black Hawk 040/704017
ZK-HIX Bell 206B JetRanger III 4253 N26TV
ZK-HYO Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 4409 9M-AZA

Update 27-Apr-2017

B-70QN AgustaWestland AW119 MkII 14925 N183SS
B-70QX Bell 206B JetRanger III 3408 C-GZKH
B-70QY Bell 206B JetRanger II 1129 C-GEKH
B-70SG Enstrom 480B 5184
B-70SH Enstrom 280FX Shark 2136 B-7415
B-70SJ Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8308
B-70SK Robinson R44 II 14031
G-CJZA Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8377
OE-XGD AgustaWestland AW139 31755 I-PTFR

Update 26-Apr-2017

C-FVRY AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00296
C-GAHP Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 1350 RDPL-34235
C-GHZV Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4584 N702NP
C-GYRC AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00295
G-CDUE Robinson R44 Raven I 1549 restored

Update 24-Apr-2017

N11TV Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52289 N14NY
N64RX Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8346 N61RX
N65RX Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 8353 N62RX
N91WH Bell 407 53300 N90C
N139HF Agusta-Bell AB139 31021 N71PS
N160EB Boeing CH-47D Chinook M3440 92-00299(N)
N160EH Boeing CH-47D Chinook M3282 88-00108(N)
N365PA Guimbal Cabri G2 1183
N400HD Robinson R44 Raven II 12220 C-GRPL
N427AH MBB-BK117 D-2 20087 D-HADU
N529MW SilverLight Aviation AR-1 [gyro] 0014
N551HQ Bell 205A-1 30088 C-GEAT
N727KS Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57023 N429HA
N818PB AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] M01394

Update 22-Apr-2017

F-HLCH Eurocopter 135 T3 1254 D-HCBC
HB-ZYA Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8383
HK-5175 Hughes 369FF 0213FF N4250K

Update 21-Apr-2017

C-GGWI Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920292 N292NT
D-HMFB Bell 206B JetRanger III 4373 HB-ZLO
D-HMFC Bell 206B JetRanger III 3067 HB-XYA
G-HLSA AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew 22336 G-HCOM
N267BH Bell 407GX 54698 C-FRIY
N677WQ Bell 407GX 54697 C-FPXZ
N1432D Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45741 C-GXHJ

Update 20-Apr-2017

B-70NP Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8348 F-WWPN
B-70NQ Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8351
B-70RZ Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 7146 HB-ZPS
B-7073 Changhe Z-11M-100 Z11M-100-012 restored

------- end -------

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