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Current Civil Helicopter Register (excl. inactive ones) of Moldova   Flag

Total number of current helicopter registrations is 31
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent]
ER-KGA Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235002991101 ...(CCCP), UR-CBK, HA-HSB, ER-KGA
ER-KGB Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235001788613 ...(CCCP), UR-CBM, HA-HSD, ER-KGB
ER-KGE Kamov 32A 8708 CCCP-31586, RA-31586, ER-KGE
ER-KGF Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235001583602 ...(CCCP), ER-KGF, UR-AAC, ER-KGF
ER-MGH Mil 8MT > 8MTV 93507 LZ-MOY, N507SL, ER-MGH, EX-08004, ER-MGH
ER-MGJ Mil 8PS 10734 08(YR), ER-MGJ, ...(ER), ER-MGJ, ...(ER), ER-MGJ
ER-MGL Mil 17-1V 498M01 ER-MGL
ER-MGQ Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95603 CCCP-25459, RA-25459, 9N-ADS, YA-MGA, EX-08012, ER-MGQ
ER-MGR Mil 8T 98308422 CCCP-22715, UR-22715(?), UR-AAD, ER-MGR, EX-40002, ER-MGR
ER-MGY Mil 8PS 10731 731(YR), YR-MLA, ER-MGY
ER-MHC Mil 17TRV > 17P 150P04 434(LZ), ER-MHC
ER-MHD Mil 8MTV-1 95864 CCCP-27030, LZ-..., 02 black(ER), ER-MHD, (9N-AGV), 02 black(ER), ER-MHD
ER-MHE Mil 8MTV-1 95865 CCCP-27031, LZ-..., ER-MHE, (9N-AGW), ER-MHE
ER-MHF Mil 8MTV-1 95862 CCCP-27028, LZ-..., ER-MHF
ER-MHG Mil 8MTV-1 95861 CCCP-27027, LZ-..., ER-MHG
ER-MHH Mil 8MTV-1 96121 RA-25746, ER-MHH
ER-MHK Mil 8MTV-1 95863 CCCP-27029, LZ-..., 01 black(ER), ER-MHK, UR-CIN, ER-MHK
ER-MHR Mil 8MTV-1 95952 CCCP-27125, RA-27125, ..-27125, ER-MHR
ER-MHS Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M11 410(LZ), ER-MHS
ER-MHU Mil 8MTV-1 95617 CCCP-25473, 4K-25473(?), RA-24029, ST-BDH, EX-921, ER-MHU
ER-MHV Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M13 412(LZ), ER-MHV
ER-MHY Mil 8MTV-1 95533 CCCP-25423, UK-25423, EX-08005, ER-MHY
ER-MHZ Mil 8MTV-1 96078 RA-22503, ER-MHZ
ER-MYA Mil 8MTV-1 95637 CCCP-25492, RA-25492, ER-MHW, ER-MYA
ER-RPA Robinson R44 Astro 0164 YR-RDV, ER-RPA
ER-20121 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 543022073 CCCP-20121, ER-20121
ER-20727 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527544032 CCCP-20727, ER-20727
ER-20739 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547636052 CCCP-20739, ER-20739, EW-20739, ER-20739
ER-20830 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 548103033 CCCP-20830, ER-20830
ER-23237 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210238057 CCCP-23237, ER-23237
ER-23334 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 529223055 CCCP-23334, ER-23334
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