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Current Civil Helicopter Register (excl. inactive ones) of Colombia   Flag

Total number of current helicopter registrations is 212
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent]
HK-199E Bell 47D > 47D1 > 47G-4 > Bell-Soloy 47G-4 71 NC205B, N205B, CF-FKZ, HK-199E, HK-199, HK-199E
HK-968G Bell 47G-4A 7643 HK-968E, HK-968I, HK-968G
HK-1170E Bell 47G-2 > 47G-2A 2215 > 2215-4 N6724D, HC-..., HK-1170I, HK-1170E, HK-1170, HK-1170E
HK-1934 Hughes 369D 1200870D (ZK-HQI[2]), (ZK-HQK), N1096F, HK-1934P, HK-1934
HK-2052W Enstrom 280C Shark 1045 N564H, HK-2052, HK-2052W
HK-2193E Bell 205A-1 30143 HC-410(OB), N4990S, HK-2193, HK-2193E
HK-2228 Bell 205A-1 30306 HK-2228G, HK-2228
HK-2292P Hughes 269C 1180763 HK-2292P
HK-2331 Hughes 369D 490533D HK-2331
HK-2374E Bell 206B JetRanger III 2774 HK-2374E
HK-2378P Hughes 369D 690577D HK-2378 and/or, HK-2378P
HK-2409P Hughes 369D 200656D HK-2409 and/or, HK-2409P
HK-2480P Hughes 369D 700747D HK-2480E, HK-2480P
HK-2487P Hughes 369D 800758D HK-2487P
HK-2488P Hughes 369D 700745D HK-2488P
HK-2529 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3057 HK-2529E, HK-2529
HK-2552I Hughes 269C 900959 HK-2552P, HK-2552I
HK-2562 Hughes 369D 310907D HK-2562
HK-2563P Hughes 369D 310922D HK-2563, HK-2563P
HK-2588P Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-418 D-HDMQ, N4917M, HK-2588X, HK-2588P
HK-2589G Bell 206B JetRanger III 3110 (N3890S), HK-2589X, HK-2589G
HK-2610 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1339 F-WZFO, HK-2610
HK-2640 Hughes 369D 310909D HK-2640
HK-2648W Hughes 369D 1000821D HK-2648W
HK-2679 Hughes 369D 410921D HK-2679
HK-2680X Hughes 369D 610999D HK-2680 and/or, HK-2680X
HK-2683X Bell 206B JetRanger III 3108 N2058S, HK-2683E and/or, HK-2683X
HK-2724E Enstrom F-28C-2 465-2 N5687U, HK-2724E
HK-2757 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2613 HK-2757X, HK-2757
HK-2767 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45711 HK-2767G, HK-2767
HK-2773E Bell 206B JetRanger III 3558 HK-2773X and/or, HK-2773E
HK-2810P Bell 206B JetRanger III 3365 HK-2810P
HK-2885I Hughes 269C 711065 (N1096S), HK-2885X, HK-2885I
HK-2887 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3335 HK-2887
HK-2959 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51050 HK-2959P, HK-2959
HK-2987 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3687 HK-2987
HK-3038 Hughes 369D 1189D HK-3038
HK-3039 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51052 HK-3039P, HK-3039
HK-3053P Hughes 369D 1190D HK-3053P
HK-3055 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2961 N1083S, HK-3055G, HK-3055
HK-3090 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51058 HK-3090P, HK-3090
HK-3181X Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45670 N3913W, HK-3181X
HK-3208E Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51169 HK-3208 and/or, HK-3208E
HK-3210Z RotorWay Exec-G AC-8-85-10165 ..??.., HK-3210Z
HK-3216 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51183 HK-3216X, HK-3216
HK-3217 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51190 N3210Q, HK-3217X, HK-3217
HK-3303X Bell 212 30654 N59608, HK-3204X, HK-3303X
HK-3312 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51211 HK-3312
HK-3336X Bell 212 31207 N2180J, HK-3336X
HK-3347X Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51034 N3211H, HK-3347X
HK-3357G Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51231 HK-3357G
HK-3392 Hughes 369D 611007D N5028N, HK-3392
HK-3402X CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-679 (D-HDUU), ECT-704, N679S, HK-3402X
HK-3427 Hughes 369D 110890D HP-877, HK-3427X, HK-3427
HK-3517 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51312 N2114L, HK-3517
HK-3633X Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45510 N57497, HK-3633X
HK-3668 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 539826066 CCCP-20379, HK-3668X, HK-3668
HK-3701 Bell 212 30929 N5010E, HK-3393X, HK-3701
HK-3709 Bell 212 30586 N58122, HK-3185X, HK-3185, HK-3709
HK-3723 Bell 212 32122 N1080V, HK-3394X, HK-3723
HK-3730 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95728 CCCP-25112, HK-3730X, HK-3730
HK-3731X Mil 8MTV-1 95586 CCCP-25447, HK-3731X
HK-3732X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95729 CCCP-25113, HK-3732X
HK-3736X Bell 212 31144 N3895P, (F-GLRR), N3895P, HK-3736X
HK-3742 Bell 212 30847 N16864, HK-3342X, HK-3742X and/or, HK-3742
HK-3758 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95908 CCCP-27072, HK-3758X, HC-BSG, HK-3758X, HK-3758
HK-3779X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95645 CCCP-25500, HK-3779X
HK-3780X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95909 CCCP-27073, HK-3780X
HK-3782X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95910 CCCP-27074, HK-3782X, HC-BSH, HK-3782X
HK-3825X Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51234 C-FAXP, N66WL, N75AJ, HK-3825X
HK-3850 Kamov 32T 9004 RA-31075, HK-3850
HK-3863X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95894 CCCP-27060 and/or RA-27060, HK-3863X
HK-3864X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95893 CCCP-27059 and/or RA-27059, HK-3864X
HK-3865X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 95892 CCCP-27058 and/or RA-27058, HK-3865X
HK-3880X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 96016 HK-3880X
HK-3882X Mil 8MTV-1 96018 HK-3882X
HK-3898 Mil 8MTV-1 96156 HK-3898X, HK-3898
HK-3908 Mil 8MTV-1 95823 ..??.., HK-3908X, HK-3908
HK-3911X Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 96124 RA-25768, HK-3911X
HK-3920I Robinson R22 Beta 2383 N8035H, HK-3920I
HK-3986W Bell 206B JetRanger II 1508 N59614, (N89DC), N98DC, HK-3986X and/or, HK-3986W
HK-3996I Robinson R22 Beta 2468 N83145, (EC-...), HK-3996I
HK-4015X Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52092 N2468G, HK-4015X
HK-4025 Bell 212 31143 N5740N, PT-HTN, HC-BSQ, HK-4025X, HK-4025
HK-4026X Bell 212 35055 N4354J, HK-4026X
HK-4031X Bell 212 31203 N2193L, HK-3184X, HK-4031X
HK-4072X Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2655 F-WYME, HK-3820X, HP-1254, HK-4072X
HK-4099X Agusta-Bell 212 5630 HK-4099X
HK-4100X Agusta-Bell 212 5631 HK-4100X
HK-4116 Bell 47G-5 7932 N1451W, HK-4116I, HK-4116
HK-4124 Bell 212 30844 ..??.., XA-SSH and/or XC-CAF, N405RA, HK-4124X, TI-BDG, HK-4124
HK-4144I Robinson R22 Beta 1994 N2314D, HK-4144I
HK-4160X Mil 8MTV-1 95585 CCCP-25446, ..-25446, RA-25446, HK-4160X
HK-4181X Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51458 N4196T, (JA6074), N4196T, C-FSRK, N103WS, N28U, HP-1277DD, HK-4181X
HK-4191 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3410 N20704, VH-AHL[3], N20704, HK-4191
HK-4213G Bell 407 53405 C-GAED, (N2382Z), HK-4213G
HK-4220 Hughes 369D 200673D HK-2406P, HK-2406, N209RM, HK-4220
HK-4222X Bell 212 30815 N16749, N24HL, XA-IAY, N24HL, HK-4222X
HK-4223 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 303 N1403W, G-BAUB, C-GPYT, HP-1321HC, HK-4223
HK-4226 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2684 N2753E, C-FPEP, N2753E, YS-...., HK-4226
HK-4231X Kamov 32T 9101 HK-4089X, N40475, HK-4231X
HK-4232 Bell 212 30993 XC-DEY, XA-SRZ, HK-4232
HK-4233 Bell 212 31164 XA-LAM, HK-4233
HK-4276X Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51521 N3181F, CS-HCF, N88947, CC-CIT[3], LV-WTO, HP-1342, HK-4276X
HK-4306 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51606 N206KS, C-FLYO, N62512, HC-BXA, HK-4306
HK-4307 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3812 N3200N, N9KH, N100RC, (HK-....), N146RC, (HK-....), N146RC, HK-4307
HK-4311 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51203 N870C, YN-CFA, N999HH, HP-...., HK-4311
HK-4319 Helibras (Aerospatiale) 350B Esquilo 1405/HB1018 PT-HLJ, CP-2093, HK-4319
HK-4320 Helibras (Aerospatiale) 350B Esquilo 1497/HB1023 PT-HLN, CP-2047, HK-4320
HK-4327 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51445 C-FJQR, D-HHBB[3], N59668, PT-YCL, HK-4327
HK-4348 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51233 CC-PSB, PT-HXL, HK-4348
HK-4361 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51320 C-FGYE, TG-CAS and/or, HK-4361
HK-4391P Bell 206B JetRanger III 4358 C-GLZH, (N43583), YS-1017P, HK-4391P
HK-4397 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51210 N3205W, LV-WHR, HK-4397
HK-4404 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3161 N5758W, LV-VDV, HK-4404
HK-4412 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51580 C-FNRR, N4367W, PT-HGE[2], HK-4412W, HK-4412
HK-4449 Robinson R44 Raven II 11063 HK-4449X, N121RG, HK-4449
HK-4484 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52035 C-GTHE[2], N2154T, HK-4484
HK-4485 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52338 C-FOFH, C-FLFQ, C-FLRP, HK-4485
HK-4498X Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51353 C-FIFE, EC-EYC, HK-4158X, HK-4498X
HK-4500 Robinson R44 Clipper II 11504 N3242L, HK-4500X, HK-4500
HK-4511 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2344 N16956, C-GLMW, N44UK, N143MD, HK-4511
HK-4514 Bell 412EP 36405 C-FIAK, N683FD, HK-4514
HK-4516 Bell 412EP 36437 C-FNFZ, N8515X, HK-4516
HK-4519 Bell 412EP 36428 C-FLVJ, N4039A, HK-4519
HK-4538 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1842 TG-SIM and/or TG-DIM, TG-RCO, TG-RPL, HK-4538
HK-4556 Bell 412EP 36471 C-FEXW[59], C-FTCR, N1445B, HK-4556
HK-4566X Robinson R44 II 12288 N86VM, HK-4566X
HK-4574 Mil 171E 171E00064402409U HK-4574
HK-4617G Robinson R22 Beta II 4426 N45325, HK-4617, HK-4617G
HK-4624 MBB BK117 C-2 9194 D-HMBF[11], (XB-LCS), HK-4624
HK-4639 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45422 N57478, (N108SA), N52478, N56SP, N9129T, C-...., N9129T, HK-4639
HK-4653 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51577 C-GLZU, TC-HAO, N41046, N416TT, N1AH, N828TG, TI-..., HK-4653
HK-4661 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2141 N16742, D-HEXE[4], N109BM, N909CG, N810SC, HK-4661
HK-4680 Bell 412 33011 N416EH, XA-TXA, 9Y-OLG, CP-2516, HK-4680
HK-4692 Mil 8MTV-1 95999 CCCP-....., YV-866C, YV-959C, YV1277, HK-4692
HK-4693 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51467 C-GLZS, N5843, HK-4693
HK-4696 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2509 N755MB, G-BRTS, N96BH, HK-4696
HK-4697 AgustaWestland AW119 MkII (AW119Ke) 14747 N343SH, HK-4697
HK-4698 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-430 D-HDMD[2], N8056B, N500KV, N500KG, HK-4698
HK-4717 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51133 N133AL, HK-4717
HK-4722 MBB BK117 C-2 9324 D-HMBE[14], HK-4722
HK-4723 Bell 412EP 36555 C-GAJR, C-GHNV[2], N420BM, HK-4723
HK-4736 Bell 212 30665 XC-GUS, N70202, C-FJKL, N212HS, EC-HTV, N665L, HK-4736
HK-4744 Bell 412 33009 N415EH, PR-NNL, N395AL, 9Y-LNG, N412HL, HK-4744
HK-4746 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-348 D-HDJZ, N46983, N50EG, HK-4746
HK-4749 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-881 D-HFNM, D-HMBL[6], P-723(A6), N20374, HK-4749
HK-4750 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4375 C-GLZY, N8148N, HP-1300HT, HK-4750
HK-4762 Robinson R44 Raven II 13107 N830AG, HK-4762X, HK-4762
HK-4767 Bell 412 33065 XC-TGZ, N412PA, C-GUAY[3], (N6095T), XA-TUW, 9Y-REP, XA-HSR, N968FM, HK-4767
HK-4768 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3085 C-GPCT, HK-4768
HK-4776 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51223 C-FANH, N92CH, N919TV, N103TV, HK-4776
HK-4778 MBB BK117 C-2 9406 D-HMBE[15], HK-4778
HK-4779 Bell 412EP 36560 C-GBUK, C-GIEI[2], N437FB, HK-4779
HK-4795 Aerospatiale 355N Ecureuil 2 5638 PT-YEN, SE-JKV, HK-4795
HK-4796 Mil 171A1 59489617778 ..-17778, PR-IDE, HK-4796
HK-4804 Robinson R22 Beta II 2773 N752E, HK-4804
HK-4809 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45267 N2758N, N1991, HK-4809
HK-4810 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51206 N3205J, D-HKLW[2], EI-LHD, N140JW, G-OGCE, N48LS, HK-4810
HK-4816 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2803 N27781, N2778R, N454JS, HK-4816
HK-4819 MBB BK117 C-2 9414 (XA-...), HK-4819
HK-4824 Mil 8MTV-1 95998 CCCP-....., YV-758CP, YV-867C, YV-958CP, YV-958C, YV1274, HK-4824
HK-4831 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5384 JA9905, N9040V, HK-4375, OB-1872-P, HK-4831
HK-4841 MBB BK117 C-2 9512 D-HADM[3], HK-4841
HK-4842 Bell 412EP 36594 C-GLZE, C-GOIA, N463XB, HK-4842
HK-4847 MBB BK117 C-2 9520 D-HADN[3], HK-4847
HK-4871 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51091 N3186F, HP-...., HK-4871
HK-4874 Schweizer 269C-1 (300CB) 0033 C-GHND[2], N299KJ, HK-4874
HK-4900 Mil 8AMT (Mil 171) 59489617098 B-7858, HK-4900, HC-CQR, (HK-5198), HK-4900
HK-4916 Mil 17 > 8MTV-1 108M03 0803(OK), YA-WTD, ZS-HJO[2], HK-4916
HK-4926 Aerospatiale 355N Ecureuil 2 5533 N355M, N4H, N4HQ, N885R, HK-4926
HK-4928 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45233 N289JH, N40LP, HK-4928
HK-4934 MBB BK117 C-2 9572 D-HADA[14], HK-4934
HK-4935 Schweizer 269C-1 (300CBi) 0154 N926RA, HK-4935
HK-4936 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51527 C-GLZE, N3126F, FAC3126(HK), HK-3726X, HK-4149X, N30KH, HK-4936
HK-4940 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 7506 HK-4940
HK-4941 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3179 N5219F, HK-4941
HK-4961 Robinson R66 Turbine 0382 N24CW, HK-4961X, HK-4961
HK-4962 MBB BK117 C-2 9567 HK-4962
HK-4970 Robinson R22 Beta II 3551 N173AP, HK-4970
HK-4988 Robinson R22 Beta II 3095 N7475G, HK-4988
HK-4997 MBB BK117 C-2 9600 D-HADL[5], HK-4997
HK-5015 MBB BK117 A-3 > BK117 A-4 7082 D-HBPC, N424MB, HK-5015
HK-5029 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51460 N358AL, HK-5029
HK-5047 Bell 212 31219 N23006, PT-HQQ, N23006, HK-3250, HC-BSI, HK-3250, HC-CGB, HK-5047
HK-5067G Robinson R22 Beta II 3272 N83554, N372LE, HK-5067X, HK-5067G
HK-5080 Mil 171C 171C00643116104U OB-2074-P, HK-5080
HK-5081 Mil 8AMT (Mil 171) 59489614258 RA-22982, HK-4312X, OB-1878-P, HK-5081
HK-5084 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51106 N75SP, N6748D, (LV-...), HC-BVB, N6748D, (HK-5084), N177CL, HK-5084
HK-5105 Agusta A119 Koala 14008 N1YU, VH-CFO[7], (EI-...), N119HH, (EI-...), N119HH, HK-5105
HK-5132 AgustaWestland AW139 41394 N509SH, HK-5132
HK-5133 AgustaWestland AW139 41396 N263MM, HK-5133
HK-5137 MBB BK117 A-4 7134 D-HBDC, N9024Z, HK-5137
HK-5169 Mil 171C 171C00066432107U RA-22447, HK-5169
HK-5170 Mil 171C 171C00066432108U RA-22448, HK-5170
HK-5174 AgustaWestland AW139 31100 I-EASR, PR-SEM, HK-5174
HK-5175 Hughes 369FF 0213FF N4250K, (HK-5175), N4250K, HK-5175
HK-5180 AgustaWestland AW139 41508 N281MM, HK-5180X, HK-5180
HK-5189 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51488 N255EV, C-FAWC, (HK-....), N705DS, HK-5189
HK-5198 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51175 N3210E, C-FVIG, CC-CTY, N92MT, HK-5198
HJ-212 RotorWay Exec 162J (JetExec) DTN-07050035 HJ-212
HJ-318 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN 04 04 02 HJ-318
HJ-335 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN0036 HJ-335
HJ-344 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN110638 HJ-344
HJ-367 RotorWay Exec 162F 111-959 HJ-367
HJ-369 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN10-40039 HJ-369
HJ-374 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN01655 HJ-374
HJ-375 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN111-960 HJ-375
HJ-381 RotorWay Exec 162F DTN2011047 HJ-381
HJ-441 RotorWay Exec Jet DTN34744 HJ-441
UL4-304 RotorWay Exec 162F .. ..??.., [HK-]UL4-304
UL6-013 RotorWay Exec 162F .. ..??.., [HK-]UL6-013
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