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Current Civil Helicopter Register (excl. inactive ones) of The Netherlands   Flag

Total number of current helicopter registrations is 73
Reg. Type C/N History
PH-ATT Schweizer 269C S1787 N69A, OO-MDP, PH-ATT
PH-AVW Robinson R44 Raven II 13066 D-HALD[4], OO-VER[2], PH-AVW
PH-DCG AgustaWestland AW139 31231 I-EAST, G-CFVD, ZR327(G), G-CFVD, (PH-DCG), G-CFVD, PH-DCG
PH-DIB Schweizer 269C S1612 N86G, PH-DIB
PH-DWW Robinson R44 Raven II 10776 PH-DWW
PH-ECD Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1169 PH-ECD
PH-ECE Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1005 F-WWPL, JA120B, (N62HC), JA120B, ZK-HKE[3], PH-ECE
PH-ELP Eurocopter 135 T2 0370 D-HECH[13], PH-ELP
PH-ENK Robinson R44 Raven II 12641 G-CPHA, PH-ENK
PH-EQU Eurocopter 155B1 6708 F-WWOY, 3A-MAG[2], PH-EQU
PH-EUA AgustaWestland AW139 31072 5N-BJD, (PH-EUH), PH-EUA, G-CHCW, PH-EUA, C-GNDG[3], 5H-MXQ, C-FNFZ, PH-EUA
PH-EUB Eurocopter 155B1 6802 F-WWOE, PH-EUB, F-HHSB, PH-EUB
PH-EUE AgustaWestland AW139 31387 PH-EUE
PH-EUF AgustaWestland AW139 31406 PH-EUF
PH-EUH AgustaWestland AW139 31431 I-EASZ, PH-EUH[2]
PH-EUJ AgustaWestland AW139 31511 PH-EUJ
PH-FBH AgustaWestland AW139 31223 I-EASA, I-RAIX[3], G-CFUO, ZR326(G), G-CFUO, PH-FBH
PH-FVD Robinson R44 Clipper II 11905 PH-FVD
PH-HBH Hughes 269C 1100986 N1108T, C-GDLW, PH-HBH[2], SE-HNC, PH-HBH[2]
PH-HCC Guimbal Cabri G2 1010 F-WWHG, D-HJOY, PH-HCC
PH-HCD Guimbal Cabri G2 1034 F-HPMJ, PH-HCD
PH-HCE Robinson R66 Turbine 0624 PH-HCE
PH-HCF Guimbal Cabri G2 1146 F-WZEF, PH-HCF
PH-HDO Hughes 269C 140272 N8999F, G-BMYW, G-LEMJ, D-HXYZ[2], D-HJPF, PH-HDO
PH-HGB Robinson R44 Raven II 13831 PH-HGB
PH-HHA Schweizer 269D (330) 0014 N86G, PH-HHA
PH-HHB Schweizer 269D (330) > 269D-A (333) 0016 N69A, PH-HHB
PH-HHJ Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5356 N79D, N300LG, RP-C1556, PH-HHJ
PH-HHK Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45456 HB-XLO, (D-HIVA), (D-HIFA[2]), HB-XLO, F-GCVU[2], YR-SAS[3], PH-HHK
PH-HHW Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1290 G-WUSH, N120VP, PH-HHW
PH-HOW MBB BK117 D-2 20082 D-HCBV[7], D-HYAI, PH-HOW
PH-HVB Eurocopter 135 T2+ (135 T2i) 0811 D-HCBH[2], PH-HVB
PH-IEH Agusta-Bell AB139 31046 PH-IEH, G-CHCP, PH-IEH
PH-ITI Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8378 F-WWPN, PH-ITI
PH-JDE Schweizer 269C-1 (300CBi) 0277 N86G, F-GNOP, D-HELM[3], (RA-.....), PH-JDE
PH-JPS Robinson R44 Raven II 11772 D-HEAT[2], PH-JPS
PH-KGJ Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1265 PH-KGJ
PH-KTM Robinson R44 Raven II 11078 EI-EGR, F-HIZY, PH-KTM
PH-LPH Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1256 PH-LPH
PH-MAA Eurocopter 135 T2+ (135 T2i) 0532 PH-MAA
PH-MID Robinson R44 Raven II 11403 PH-MID
PH-MMT Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0871 D-HCBN[3], PH-MMT
PH-NHU Eurocopter 175B 5004 PH-NHU
PH-NHV Eurocopter 175B 5002 F-WJXA, PH-NHV
PH-OOP MBB BK117 D-2 20063 D-HADU[4], D-HYAP, PH-OOP
PH-OSF Eurocopter 175B 5009 F-WWOD, F-WWET, XA-ZTC, PH-OSF
PH-PEZ Robinson R44 Raven II 10479 G-ONGA, PH-PEZ
PH-PHA Enstrom 480 5015 G-OGHH, N480SF, PH-PHA
PH-PHB Enstrom 480 5024 ZS-RJH, N2085W, PH-PHB
PH-PHY Schweizer 269C S1668 N69A, PH-PHY
PH-PXA Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0760 D-HCBO, D-HABE[2], PH-PXA[2]
PH-PXB Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0784 D-HCBS, PH-PXB[2]
PH-PXC Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0795 D-HCBV, PH-PXC[2]
PH-PXD Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0798 D-HCBW, PH-PXD[2]
PH-PXE Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0807 D-HCBX, PH-PXE[2]
PH-PXF Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0809 D-HCBY[2], PH-PXF[2]
PH-PXY AgustaWestland AW139 31267 I-EASH, PH-PXY
PH-PXZ AgustaWestland AW139 31250 I-PTFD, PH-PXZ
PH-RBC Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1069 F-WQDY, PH-RBC, (D-HJVM)
PH-RIS Eurocopter 130B4 4215 F-WQDA, PH-RIS
PH-RIW Robinson R44 Raven II 12583 OO-RVG[2], PH-RIW
PH-RWX Schweizer 269C S1740 N41S, D-HCWK, F-GYCB, PH-RWX
PH-RWY Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-AZTI) S-34/912 G-BUTN, G-NAAA, PH-RWY
PH-RYF Hughes 269C 1050444 D-HKEP, OY-HCE, PH-RYF, (PH-HAH), PH-RYF
PH-SHK Agusta-Bell AB139 31030 I-RAIA, PH-SHK
PH-SHL Agusta-Bell AB139 31041 PH-SHL
PH-SHO Eurocopter 155B1 6739 F-WWOV, PH-SHO
PH-SHP AgustaWestland AW139 31099 I-RAIA, PH-SHP
PH-TTR Eurocopter 135 P3H 2041 D-HECK[35], PH-TTR
PH-ULP Eurocopter 135 T2 0376 PH-ULP
PH-UNN Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1310 PH-UNN[2]
PH-WIK Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3795 PR-HLZ, HB-ZJV, PH-WIK
PH-WRW Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1277 PH-WRW
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