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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Swaziland

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
3D-ABD RotorWay Exec 162F .. ..??.., 3D-ABD cnx
3D-AFD Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager [gyro] 22063584 3D-AFD, ZU-RKE
3D-BOZ ... [h/c] 2160 ..??.., 3D-BOZ cnx
3D-GAH Westland-Bell 47G-3B-1 Sioux AH1 WAS/180-WA/581 AF402(7O), G-BBZK, ZS-HGA, 3D-GAH, G-BBZK wfu
3D-HAA Sikorsky S-62A 62105 N59224, 5B-CBV, 5B-CEB, A7-HAD, 3D-HAA, ZS-HII w/o
3D-HAB Sikorsky S-62A 62107 N59227, 5B-CBU, A7-HAE, 3D-HAB w/o
3D-HAC Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58ET 581662 150798(N), QC+462(D), PD+012(D), WE+574(D), 81+00(D), N37728, (N1662), ZS-HFZ, 3D-HAC, ZS-HFZ, N5402M, N58BH, C-GHOG[3], N458AC
3D-HAD Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1063 ZS-HDV, 3D-HAD, ZS-HDV, A2-ACL, ZS-HDV, A2-HAA, ZS-HDV
3D-HAE Sikorsky S-62A 62062 N2512M, N92867, CF-JOK, (5B-CBW), A7-HAC, ZS-HHK, 3D-HAE, N2516M, 3D-HAE, ZS-HHK wfu
3D-HGW Westland (Sud Aviation) 341D Gazelle HT3 WA1734 XZ932(G), 3D-HGW, G-CBJZ
3D-HGZ Westland (Sud Aviation) 341B Gazelle AH1 WA1600 XZ317(G), 3D-HGZ, ZU-RLH
3D-HJH RotorWay Exec 90 5168 ..??.., 3D-HJH cnx
3D-HLP Westland-Bell 47G-3B-1 Sioux AH1 > Westland-Bell-Soloy 47G-3B-1 WAS/167-WA/453 XT564(G), ZS-HLP, 3D-HLP, ZS-HLP cnx
3D-HOS Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1278 F-WZFN, ZS-HIU, (3D-HOS), ZS-HIU, N78EW, C-GVXA[3]
3D-HPL Robinson R22 Beta 2306 ZS-RDB, 3D-HPL, ZS-RDB w/o
3D-HSW Bell 205 or UH-1 .. ..??.., 3D-HSW cnx
3D-HUI Agusta-Bell 204B .. ..??.., 3D-HUI cnx
3D-HUJ Agusta-Bell 204B 3048 HB-XBO, OE-EXO, I-FAIV, 3D-HUJ cnx
3D-HUK Agusta-Bell 204B 3063 MM80312(I), 3D-HUK cnx
3D-HUO Agusta-Bell 204B .. ..??.., 3D-HUO cnx
3D-HVW Westland (Sud Aviation) 341D Gazelle HT3 WA1906 ZB626(G), G-BZDW, 3D-HVW, G-BZDW w/o
3D-HXL Westland (Sud Aviation) 341C Gazelle HT2 WA1150 XW884(G), G-BZDV, 3D-HXL, G-BZDV
3D-HZA Westland-Bell 47G-3B-1 Sioux AH1 WAP/94-WA/391 XT232(G), ZS-HIL, 3D-HZA, ZS-HIL
3D-MIA Mil 8PS 5960 26 yellow(CCCP), TC-HTC, 3D-MIA, TL-ACG, 9Q-CBM[2] w/o
3D-MIO Mil 8PS 8169 ...(CCCP), TC-HUA, 3D-MIO, TL-ACD(?)
3D-... Bell 47G-5A 25131 N58136, N18090, G-BBER, SX-HAT, 3D-...
3D-... Mil 8 99257043 CCCP-27008, (RA-27008), G-BWHX, 3D-..., ..??.., D2-MAI w/o
3D-... Mil 8 99250993 CCCP-27009, (RA-27009), G-BWHZ, 3D-..., ..??.., D2-MAH
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