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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Israel

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent] Fate
4X-BAA SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1223 F-WIPA, 4X-BAA, 08(4X) w/o
4X-BAB SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1222 F-WIEP, 4X-BAB, 06(4X) prs
4X-BAC SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1224 F-WIPC, 4X-BAC, 09(4X) w/o
4X-BBA Bell 47G-5 7869 4X-BBA b/u
4X-BBB Bell 47G-5 7868 4X-BBB, 5B-CFC cnx
4X-BBC Agusta-Bell 47G-4 2529 4X-BBC, 5B-CDM, SX-HBL w/o
4X-BBD Bell 47G-5 7913 N4703R, 4X-BBD cnx
4X-BBE Bell 47G-5 25024 4X-BBE, 5B-CFD b/u
4X-BBF Bell 47G-5A 25135 4X-BBF wfu
4X-BBG Bell 47G-5 7891 N4041G, 4X-BBG, 5B-CEA, SX-HBS w/o
4X-BBH Bell 47G-5A 25141 ZK-HGL, N87768, 4X-BBH wfu
4X-BBI Bell 47G 669 N938B, (4X-BBI), N850WA, I-....
4X-BBI Bell OH-13H-BF Sioux > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.6B CCI-78-6 N9094T, 4X-BBI
4X-BBJ Bell 47G-5 7858 N7808S, 4X-BBJ cnx
4X-BBK Bell 47G-5 7830 N1329X, 4X-BBK w/o
4X-BBL Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1209 53-3671(N), N4230A, (4X-BBL), N4230A cnx
4X-BBL Bell OH-13H-BF Sioux > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.6B CCI-78-7 N9095T, 4X-BBL cnx
4X-BBM Robinson R22 Alpha 0448 N8555X, 4X-BBM, G-BMLV, CC-PYI, LV-VGD, CX-BTC
4X-BBN Robinson R22HP 0307 N8362Q, 4X-BBN cnx
4X-BBO Robinson R22 Beta 1394 N7421N, 4X-BBO cnx
4X-BBP Bell 47G-4 3350 N8503F, CF-SJD, C-FSJD, N8503F, (4X-BBP), 4X-BBU
4X-BBQ Robinson R22 Beta 1345 D-HEXY[2], N117CM, 4X-BBQ, N.....
4X-BBR Robinson R22 Beta 2418 (N8179V), 4X-BBR cnx
4X-BBS EliSport CH-7 Angel A-052018 4X-BBS wfu
4X-BBT Robinson R22 Beta 1920 N920MG, 4X-BBT w/o
4X-BBU Bell 47G-4 3350 N8503F, CF-SJD, C-FSJD, N8503F, (4X-BBP), 4X-BBU
4X-BBV Robinson R22 Beta 0545 N24049, JA7708, N24049, 4X-BBV, N106DP
4X-BBW Robinson R22 Beta 2026 N2317V, 4X-BBW cnx
4X-BBX Robinson R22 Beta 1997 N2316H, 4X-BBX
4X-BBY Robinson R22 Beta 2484 N83198, (LV-...), 4X-BBY
4X-BBZ Robinson R22 Beta 2515 N234AH, 4X-BBZ
4X-BCA SNCA Sud-Ouest 1221S Djinn 1020/FR.60 F-WIFH, PB+121(D), PB+159(D), F-WJDJ, 4X-BCA w/o
4X-BCB SNCA Sud-Ouest 1221S Djinn 1022/FR.49 F-WIFJ, PB+123(D), PA+120(D), PB+123(D), PB+160(D), F-WJDK, 4X-BCB w/o
4X-BCC Bell 205A > 205A-1 30012 ...(4X), 4X-BCC, N5598L, C-FJTF, N32240
4X-BCC Robinson R22 Beta II 2643 D-HLGM[2], 4X-BCC w/o
4X-BCD Robinson R22 Beta II 2741 4X-BCD wfu
4X-BCE Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32214 045(4X), 4X-BCE, SAN-123(HP) wfu
4X-BCF Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32254 068(4X), 4X-BCF, EC-HOX cnx
4X-BCG Bell 222 47047 N39017, N850E, 4X-BCG, N70692 b/u
4X-BCH Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32249 058(4X), 4X-BCH, (...(EP)) cnx
4X-BCI Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32217 051(4X), 4X-BCI, EC-HPJ cnx
4X-BCJ Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32225 069(4X), 4X-BCJ, 4X-BCN, EC-HOY w/o
4X-BCK Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32224 067(4X), 4X-BCK, 4X-BCO, EC-HZG cnx
4X-BCL Robinson R44 Astro 0599 4X-BCL wfu
4X-BCM Robinson R22 Beta 2172 N2339S, 4X-BCM w/o
4X-BCN Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32225 069(4X), 4X-BCJ, 4X-BCN, EC-HOY w/o
4X-BCO Bell 212 Anafa > 212 32224 067(4X), 4X-BCK, 4X-BCO, EC-HZG cnx
4X-BCP Bell 206B JetRanger III 3567 N22976, N3181P, D-HHST[3], 4X-BCP
4X-BCR Robinson R44 Raven II 11590 N3193U, 4X-BCR
4X-BCT Robinson R44 Raven II 11888 4X-BCT
4X-BCV Hughes 369E Scout (500E) 0102E 930(4X), 4X-BCV, (XA-...), HK-4321X cnx
4X-BCW Hughes 369E Scout (500E) 0104E 935(4X), 4X-BCW, '...'(HK)
4X-BCX Hughes 369E Scout (500E) 0112E 938(4X), 4X-BCX, '...'(HK)
4X-BCY Hughes 369E Scout (500E) 0113E 940(4X), 4X-BCY, '...'(HK)
4X-BCZ Hughes 369E Scout (500E) 0114E 943(4X), 4X-BCZ, (XA-...), HK-4322X cnx
4X-BDA N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3005 PH-ACB, 4X-BDA wfu
4X-BDB N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3009 PH-ACD, G-APRZ, 4X-BDB wfu
4X-BDC N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3006 (PH-NGW), PH-YMP, (4X-BDC), (N88983), 4X-BEA, 'N88983' wfu
4X-BDE N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3010 PH-NIT, (4X-BDE), 4X-BEE wfu
4X-BDF Robinson R44 Raven 1124 G-CBEG, 4X-BDF
4X-BDG Robinson R44 Raven 0810 G-XLIV, (PH-WMW), 4X-BDG
4X-BDH Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 8648 66-16454(N), N6384M, 4X-BDH
4X-BDI Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51344 (N3596X), F-GJHC, N71EA, VT-RLC, 4X-BDI
4X-BDJ Hughes 369ER (500ER) 0315E P2-PAS, VH-LJD[2], 4X-BDJ
4X-BDK Robinson R22 Beta II 4344 N41744, OE-XPT, 4X-BDK
4X-BDL Robinson R22 Beta II 2796 N7172T, 4X-BDL
4X-BDM Robinson R44 Astro 0519 N7184X, 4X-BDM w/o
4X-BDN MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 > BK117 A-4 7054 D-HBNB, ZS-XBV[2], LDF-27(7P), ZS-HRP, N8765J, 4X-BDN
4X-BDO Bell 412 33023 N3911L, N412UM, 4X-BDO, ..??..
4X-BDP Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 2052 N6011V, N277HC, 4X-BDP
4X-BDR Bell 407 53506 N806DS, N803DS, N808DS, 4X-BDR, N407P, N809PH
4X-BDS Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57003 C-FVZX, N10984, (4X-BDS), N10984, C-GCGP[5], CC-ALF
4X-BDS Bell 206B JetRanger III 4148 N127H, JA6086, N560KR, (VH-...), N748M, N141TV, 4X-BDS[2], 4X-BDX
4X-BDT Bell 412SP 33150 N3204A, HL9236, N142PH, 4X-BDT, ..??..
4X-BDU Bell 412SP 33134 N800Y, N143PH, 4X-BDU, N143PH
4X-BDV Bell 412 33012 N3893P, N413UM, 4X-BDV, ..??..
4X-BDW MBB BK117 A-3 > BK117 A-4 7092 D-HBPM, N520MB, XA-WES, N520MB, N520WJ, N911RZ, (N717PH), N911RZ, N217PH, 4X-BDW
4X-BDX Bell 206B JetRanger III 4148 N127H, JA6086, N560KR, (VH-...), N748M, N141TV, 4X-BDS[2], 4X-BDX
4X-BDY Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5488 JA6670, N80KK, 4X-BDY
4X-BDZ Robinson R44 Raven II 13491 4X-BDZ
4X-BEA N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3006 (PH-NGW), PH-YMP, (4X-BDC), (N88983), 4X-BEA, 'N88983' wfu
4X-BED Robinson R44 II 13494 4X-BED, (4X-BIL), 4X-BED
4X-BEE N.H.I. H-3 Kolibrie 3010 PH-NIT, (4X-BDE), 4X-BEE wfu
4X-BEG Robinson R22 Beta II 3918 N74575, 4X-BEG
4X-BEH Robinson R44 Raven II 13750 N4EG, 4X-BEH
4X-BEL Robinson R44 Clipper II 10665 N555EL, 4X-BEL, N555EL
4X-BEM MBB BK117 B-1 > BK117 B-2 7228 D-HFDS, D-HMBN[9], SE-JBC, D-HMMM[2], 4X-BEM
4X-BEN Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 2125 N6089J, (N888XL), N6089J, 4X-BEN
4X-BEO Bell 407GX 54349 C-GAJH, N468GB, A6-..., N289SF, TC-HCT, 4X-BEO
4X-BEP Sikorsky S-76C++ 760655 N4501G, N779P, N779PD, (4X-BEY), 4X-BEP
4X-BER Robinson R44 Raven II 12774 D-HAJK, 4X-BER
4X-BES Robinson R44 Raven II 11444 G-LEVO, YR-TDD, 4X-BES
4X-BEU Enstrom F-28F Falcon 761 G-BRCP, G-SNAZ, SP-GRV, 4X-BEU
4X-BEV Sikorsky S-76C++ 760623 N746P, N746PB, 4X-BEV
4X-BEW Robinson R44 Raven II 13837 N556CC, 4X-BEW
4X-BEY Sikorsky S-76C++ 760655 N4501G, N779P, N779PD, (4X-BEY), 4X-BEP
4X-BEZ Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk 70042 78-22976(N), N807WW, 4X-BEZ
4X-BGB Bensen 8M [gyro] P6034 4X-BGB w/o
4X-BGC Bensen 8M [gyro] 098-3770-A901 4X-BGC wfu
4X-BGD Air Command 532 Commander [gyro] 1001 4X-BGD w/o
4X-BGG RotorWay Exec 90 5078 4X-BGG b/u
4X-BGH RotorWay Exec 3482 4X-BGH wfu
4X-BGI Air Command 532 Elite [gyro] 0490 4X-BGI wfu
4X-BGK Bensen 80 [gyro] 1-5235 4X-BGK wfu
4X-BGL Parsons Dash II Gyrocopter [gyro] 3-1993 4X-BGL wfu
4X-BGM Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX-SE [gyro] H2-00-11-480 4X-BGM, JY-PCI wfu
4X-BGO Bensen 80 [gyro] 171062 N54WP, 4X-BGO wfu
4X-BGR Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-00-11-481 4X-BGR
4X-BGS Bensen 80 [gyro] 18160 4X-BGS wfu
4X-BGV Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-004-1801 4X-BGV
4X-BHA Hiller UH-12E-4 2189 N9775C, 4X-BHA, N64741
4X-BHB Hiller UH-12E-4 2360 SU-AOP, 4X-BHB, SU-AOP cnx
4X-BHC Rogerson-Hiller UH-12E 5039 N539HA, 4X-BHC, (PH-AJJ[2]) cnx
4X-BHD Rogerson-Hiller UH-12E 5040 N540HA, 4X-BHD b/u
4X-BHE Rogerson-Hiller UH-12E 5130 4X-BHE b/u
4X-BHF Rogerson-Hiller UH-12E-4 5183 N40339, 4X-BHF, (N504BC), PH-AJE[2], N666MA cnx
4X-BHG Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1097 N37748, G-BLAO, 4X-BHG, HA-LFA[2], ZU-RLU
4X-BHH Sud Aviation 342L Gazelle 1787 1332(YK), 904(4X), 4X-BHH, HA-LFG, ZU-RHH
4X-BHI Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1294 D-HAIR, 4X-BHI w/o
4X-BIB Hughes 369D 410953D N1090A, (4X-BIB), N1090A, 4X-BIB
4X-BID Robinson R44 Raven II 12860 VT-OEP, 4X-BID
4X-BIG Robinson R44 Raven II 11139 N108LG, 4X-BIG
4X-BIL Robinson R44 II 13494 4X-BED, (4X-BIL), 4X-BED
4X-BIM Schweizer 269C S1401 N86G, HB-XVK, D-HOBO[3], F-GSHA, SE-JYZ, 4X-BIM w/o
4X-BIO Schweizer 269C S1446 N41S, SE-HVU, 4X-BIO
4X-BIR Robinson R44 II 10673 N464SH, 4X-BIR
4X-BIS Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57152 C-GLZU, C-GVZK, 4X-BIS
4X-BIT Robinson R44 II 14068 4X-BIT
4X-BJA Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-600 D-HDQW[2], N2913Y, 4X-BJA
4X-BJB Hughes 369ER (500ER) 0384E P2-PAK, VH-IRG[2], 4X-BJB, VH-PLU[4]
4X-BJC Hughes 369E (500E) 0448E P2-PAD, VH-PMA, P2-PHU, VH-IRE[2], 4X-BJC, VH-...
4X-BJD Bell 407 53053 N2087K, 4X-BJD, 4K-.....
4X-BJE Bell 206A JetRanger 503 4X-BJE w/o
4X-BJF Bell 206B JetRanger II 1778 4X-BJF w/o
4X-BJG Bell 206B JetRanger II 1773 4X-BJG w/o
4X-BJH Bell 206B JetRanger III 2224 4X-BJH w/o
4X-BJI Bell 427 56023 C-GFRK, N4036G, 4X-BJI, N427ES cnx
4X-BJJ Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-714 D-HDRB[2], (N714XY), (N714MR), D-HNWH, D-HTSA[2], (4X-BJJ), D-HMSU, 4X-BJJ
4X-BJK Hughes 369E (500E) 0450E VR-HJI, G-JETZ, 4X-BJK
4X-BJL Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51239 TC-HTH, N2271M, OK-TIT, N62510, 4X-BJL
4X-BJM Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-155 D-HDEW, N90751, 4X-BJM w/o
4X-BJN Bell 212 30746 N90145, C-GZRC, N50932, C-GZRC, 4X-BJN, C-FBEP
4X-BJO Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45361 N1074A, C-FTOR, 4X-BJO b/u
4X-BJP Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-891 D-HFNW, D-HBIV, OH-HMB, 4X-BJP, HL9630
4X-BJQ Hughes 369D 110887D C-GLHY, N24TR, C-FCSP, ZK-HMD[3], VH-HWD[2], 4X-BJQ, VH-PLY[4] w/o
4X-BJR Bell 206B JetRanger II 1748 N90306, G-KFDF, G-CHAT, N36AJ, 4X-BJR w/o
4X-BJS Bell 206B JetRanger II 1086 N58114, C-GARB, 4X-BJS, C-GARB, N4452
4X-BJT Bell 206B JetRanger III 3577 N2296W, N206AJ, N206LG, 4X-BJT wfu
4X-BJU Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-684 D-HDUZ, (N4573S), D-HNWG, D-HTSD[2], D-HTSA[3], 4X-BJU wfu
4X-BJV Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5464 JA6646, (VR-H..), N355FT, 4X-BJV, N4360N, G-ECOU, ZS-HZA
4X-BJW Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5355 G-WWWW, F-GKBD, 4X-BJW, VH-PHN[3]
4X-BJX Bell 212 30893 N18099, 9M-AWU, C-FARC, N4282Y, C-FARC, N4282Y, C-FARC, C-FPKW, ZS-RNP, 4X-BJX
4X-BJY Bell 206B JetRanger III 3407 N2068G, 4X-BJY
4X-BJZ Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-341 D-HDJS, N46975, D-HMED, D-HMVC, SE-JFD, OH-HMC, 4X-BJZ
4X-BMD Bell 206B JetRanger III 4017 N341BH, C-FCIK, N54AJ, 4X-BMD
4X-BME Bell 206B JetRanger III 4093 C-FHQG, N2245E, 4X-BME
4X-BMF Bell 206B JetRanger III 4305 C-GBUB, N71AJ, 4X-BMF
4X-BMG Bell 206B JetRanger III 4402 N6276E, 4X-BMG
4X-BMH Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51085 207(4X), 4X-BMH
4X-BMI Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51086 210(4X), 4X-BMI
4X-BMK Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8102 N260AH, 4X-BMK
4X-BML Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8110 N262AH, 4X-BML
4X-BMM Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8116 N269AH, 4X-BMM
4X-BMN Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 8123 N270AH, 4X-BMN
4X-BMO MBB BK117 D-2 20078 D-HCBS[5], N408AH, (4X-BMO)
4X-BMP MBB BK117 D-2 20087 D-HADU[5], N427AH, (4X-BMP)
4X-FJA Sud Aviation HH-65A Dolphin > Aerospatiale 366G1 > HH-65B Dolphin > MH-65C > MH-65D 6002 F-WZJT, 4101(N), N60035, 901(4X)/4X-FJA, 6598(N)
4X-FJB Sud Aviation HH-65A Dolphin > Aerospatiale 366G1 6007 4104(N), 905(4X)/4X-FJB w/o
4X-FJH Sud Aviation 321Kb Super Frelon 126 4X-FJH, 012(4X) w/o
4X-FJM Sud Aviation 321Ka Super Frelon 107 4X-FJM, 04(4X) w/o
4X-FJN Sud Aviation 321Ka Super Frelon 104 F-WMHH, 4X-FJN, 02(4X), 102(4X), 002(4X), 02(4X) prs
4X-FJR Sud Aviation 321Kb Super Frelon 130 4X-FJR, 15(4X), 015(4X) wfu
4X-FLO Agusta-Bell 205A 4020 (MM80450(I)), 4X-FLO, '002(4X)' prs
4X-HBM SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II > 313B 1887 D-HICI, 021(4X)/4X-HBM, HB-XLG, F-GHRA cnx
4X-HBM SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1963 12(4X), 010(4X), '021(4X)/4X-HBM' prs
4X-OAF TAG Aviation Titanium Explorer [gyro] 0021-1115 4X-OAF
4X-OAH TAG Aviation Titanium Explorer [gyro] 0022-1115 4X-OAH
4X-OBV Innovator Mosquito XE3 MXE1179112B 4X-OBV
4X-ODK AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] M00876 4X-ODK
4X-OFS Trixy G4-2 Princess [gyro] 043-15 4X-OFS
4X-OMG Magni Gyro M-24 Orion [gyro] 24159134 4X-OMG
4X-ORR ELA Aviación 07S [gyro] 07082240724 4X-ORR
4X-OYF AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] BG4018-0028 4X-OYF
4X-UEF Enstrom 480B 5085 PR-ECF, N669EM, 4X-UEF
4X-... Robinson R44 Astro 0308 D-HIGG, (4X-...), YR-NOR w/o
4X-... RotorWay Scorpion 145 RW3083 C-FFTI, (4X-...) cnx
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