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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Trinidad & Tobago

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent] Fate
9Y-AID Sikorsky S-76D 761009 N769N, 9Y-AID
9Y-ALI Bell 412EP 36278 C-GIZZ, N509AL, 9Y-ALI, N509AL, 5N-BDZ w/o
9Y-BCL Bell 412SP 33210 N412TC, N412SA, 9Y-BCL, XA-TYQ, N412BG
9Y-BCO Bell 412EP 36401 C-FHWM, N8087N, 9Y-BCO, N730SR, C-FWFH
9Y-BHI Bell 412 33032 N3911J, N418EH, 9Y-BHI, N418EH, C-GUNX, EC-MAQ
9Y-BOB Bell 412EP 36256 C-GFNN, N6105X, XA-ABO, XA-TSH, N368AL, SU-CBK, N368AL, 9Y-BOB cnx
9Y-BPT Bell 212 > 212HP 31225 SU-CAA, N4247M, G-BWLE, XA-TRK, N874AL, 9Y-BPT, OB-1856-P, CP-2562
9Y-BRS Bell 412EP 36396 C-GBUB, N10269, 9Y-BRS, N523QK
9Y-DAS Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5402 N227NR, 9Y-DAS, NOC-06(9Y)
9Y-DDG Sikorsky S-76D 761015 N7615M, N721BG, 9Y-DDG
9Y-DEL AgustaWestland AW139 41221 N411SM, 5N-..., N239BG, 9Y-DEL, N239BG, 9Y-DEL
9Y-DMS Bell 212 31205 9V-BMR, N2462V, N711EV, HK-4090X, N711EV, N827MS, 9Y-DMS, N827MS, C-....
9Y-DPB Bell 212 30886 N16974, 9Y-DPB, N16974
9Y-ELL AgustaWestland AW139 41363 N485SH, 9Y-ELL
9Y-ENT AgustaWestland AW139 41368 N487SH, 9Y-ENT
9Y-ERA Sikorsky S-76C++ 760609 N8114Q, N616MR, 9Y-ERA, N928DZ, 9M-WSN
9Y-EVS Bell 412SP 33212 N398AL, XA-SBJ, N398AL, 9Y-EVS wfu
9Y-EXC AgustaWestland AW139 41374 N492SH, 9Y-EXC, G-CJNI
9Y-HHA Enstrom 280C-UK Shark > 280C 1119 N51685, G-SHNN, 9Y-HHA, N280CX, VH-OCX
9Y-HWO Keystone Helicopter (Sikorsky) S-76C-2 760804 N804L, 9Y-HWO, PR-LEA, N897BG, N893BG
9Y-IHL Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2e) 1127 D-HECB[22], N135AE, 9Y-IHL
9Y-JAW Bell 412EP 36588 C-GFNK, C-GNSV[2], N460WB, 9Y-JAW, N460WB
9Y-LAS Sikorsky S-76C++ 760680 N4510X, VT-YUV, N760ST, 9Y-LAS
9Y-LNG Bell 412 33009 N415EH, PR-NNL, N395AL, 9Y-LNG, N412HL, HK-4744
9Y-MAD Sikorsky S-76D 761048 N7648N, 9Y-MAD
9Y-MCK Keystone Helicopter (Sikorsky) S-76C-2 760745 N745G, 9Y-MCK
9Y-MRL AgustaWestland AW139 41391 N243MM, 9Y-MRL(?)
9Y-NCN Keystone Helicopter (Sikorsky) S-76C-2 760791 N791L, 9Y-NCN
9Y-NHS Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A++ 760265 N176AC, N176AB, N20ST, N169BJ, N85PS, N82ES, 9Y-NHS wfu
9Y-OLG Bell 412 33011 N416EH, XA-TXA, 9Y-OLG, CP-2516, HK-4680
9Y-ONE Bell 412EP 36421 N387AL, 9Y-ONE, N387AL, C-FWFM, SE-...
9Y-PHI Keystone Helicopter (Sikorsky) S-76C-2 760686 N718P, N718PB, 9Y-PHI
9Y-REP Bell 412 33065 XC-TGZ, N412PA, C-GUAY[3], (N6095T), XA-TUW, 9Y-REP, XA-HSR, N968FM, HK-4767
9Y-RKD Sikorsky S-76D 761047 N7647F, 9Y-RKD
9Y-SKY Bell 412EP 36420 N8010C, 9Y-SKY, XA-HSS, 9Y-SKY, C-FEPX
9Y-TAJ AgustaWestland AW139 41234 N208YS, N339BG, 9Y-TAJ, N339BG, 9Y-TAJ
9Y-TCE Hiller UH-12C 856 G-APDV, VP-TCE, 9Y-TCE, G-APDV, N912WC, ZK-HXK
9Y-TCZ Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 8004 G-AVIG, 9Y-TCZ, 9Y-TDM, G-AVIG, VR-BGC, G-AVIG w/o
9Y-TDA Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/113 G-AODA, EP-HAC, 9Y-TDA, G-AODA prs
9Y-TDF Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 348 9Y-TDF, G-BEWY, EI-BXQ, G-CULL, G-BEWY and, (CS-HCJ)
9Y-TDJ Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/492 AMDB-102(V8), VR-BDM, G-AXZS, 9Y-TDJ b/u
9Y-TDM Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 8004 G-AVIG, 9Y-TCZ, 9Y-TDM, G-AVIG, VR-BGC, G-AVIG w/o
9Y-TDN Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 8111 G-AWVO, PK-HBG, 9Y-TDN, G-AWVO, PK-HCA, VH-BHI[5], G-AWVO, G-DBHH, G-WIIZ
9Y-TDZ Bell 204B 2038 CF-BHB, VR-BED, 9Y-TDZ, C-GSHB, VH-EQW[3]
9Y-TEA Agusta-Bell 204B 3199 (D-HIPP), (D-HASI), I-EOTT, VR-BDX, 9Y-TEA, VR-BDX cnx
9Y-TEG Bell 205A-1 30130 N83100, 9Y-TEG, VR-BFZ, PK-HCH, P2-HCH, N205SA cnx
9Y-TEH Bell 205A-1 30170 9Y-TEH, VR-BIE, D-HAFM[2], N9016U cnx
9Y-TEN Bell 206B JetRanger II 1741 9Y-TEN, N7010H, N440RT, YV2340
9Y-TEY Bell 212 > Eagle Copters Eagle Single 30640 N18091, VR-BFE, 9Y-TEY, HK-4518X, 9Y-TEY, C-GAZF[2], VH-UEC[2]
9Y-TFA Bell 212 > Eagle Copters Eagle Single 30687 VR-BFP, 9Y-TFA, G-BWBP, EC-891[2], EC-GCT, G-BWBP, 9Y-TFA, XA-TQG, C-FBUC, 'C-GDAA', C-FBUC
9Y-TFB Westland Wessex 60 Srs.1 WA/686 G-17-1(G), G-AWOX, VR-BCV[2], G-AWOX, VH-BHE[3], G-AWOX, 9Y-TFB, G-AWOX, 5N-AJO, G-AWOX, G-17-2(G) prs
9Y-TFC Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 8073 G-AWMK, (VR-BCV), G-AWMK, 9Y-TFC, G-AWMK, G-GAND
9Y-TFN Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1044 NS-2(9Y), TTDF-3(9Y), 9Y-TFN w/o
9Y-TFO Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1029 F-WTNS, NS-1(9Y), TTDF-2(9Y), 9Y-TFO prs
9Y-TFW Bell 212 30782 N18092, N9925K, G-BERF, 9Y-TFW, G-BERF, VR-BIJ[2], 5N-AQV[2], A6-BAW, EP-HKV wfu
9Y-TFY Bell 206A JetRanger 91 N6224N, N922NR, 9Y-TFY, N922NR, RP-C956, N91PH cnx
9Y-TGO Bell 206B JetRanger II 1641 N90313, 9Y-TGO, N31779, XA-SLF, N31779, XA-TLC, N212KK, HP-1644, HP-1644BL, TI-BDQ cnx
9Y-TGU Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1566 N9003A, 9Y-TGU, N7448Y, SX-HDL, ..??..
9Y-TGW Sikorsky S-76A 760176 9Y-TGW wfu
9Y-TGX Sikorsky S-76A 760185 9Y-TGX wfu
9Y-THC Bell 206B JetRanger III 3664 9Y-THC, N6498V, N43EA, G-BSBW, ZT-RGG
9Y-THH Bell 212 > 212HP AH.1 30512 N7099J, VR-HGL, PK-OAK, N7099J, VR-BGH, EP-HBU, G-BGMH, 5N-AJZ, G-BGMH, (VR-BGH), G-BGMH, 9Y-THH, G-BGMH, ZH814(G), G-BGMH, ZH814(G)
9Y-THL Bell 212 30639 N18090, G-BCMC, VR-BFI, 9M-ATU, G-BCMC, 9Y-THL, G-BCMC, EC-932[2], EC-GCS, G-BCMC, EC-294[3], (EC-GHO), G-BCMC, HK-4103X, 9Y-THL, G-BCMC, EC-HFX, OB-1972-P, EC-MDU
9Y-THP Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-758 D-HDXT, N725MB, C-FDXG[2], N725MB, 9Y-THP wfu
9Y-TIC Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-837 D-HFCU, N7161N, 9Y-TIC w/o
9Y-TIF Bell 212 30615 N18090, VR-BEZ, EP-HBX, VR-BEZ, VH-BEE[2], G-BTYA, 9Y-TIF, HK-4428X, 9Y-TIF, C-GAZX[2], OB-1965-P, CC-ATY
9Y-TIG Bell 212 > Eagle Copters Eagle Single 30544 N2997W, VR-BEI, G-BHDL, VR-BEI, 5N-AOE, G-BHDL, 9Y-TIG, C-FLBF, OB-1906-P
9Y-TIJ Bell 212 > 212HP AH.1 30548 N2956W, VR-BEJ, EP-HBZ, G-BGLJ, VR-BEJ, 5N-AJX, G-BGLJ, 9Y-TIJ, G-BGLJ, EC-295[3], (EC-GHP), G-BGLJ, (EC-HCP), EC-HCZ, G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G)
9Y-TIL Bell 212 30542 N2961W, VR-BEK, G-BALZ, EI-AWK, G-BALZ, N99040, G-BALZ, N8069A, VR-BIB, G-BALZ, 9Y-TIL, G-BALZ, EC-931[2], EC-GCR, G-BALZ, EC-IPD, G-BALZ, C-GCVP[2], C-GCSH[2], C-FTLR
9Y-TIM Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-567 D-HDPP[2], N126EH, HK-3755X, N126EH, 9Y-TIM, N126EH w/o
9Y-TIS Bell 206B JetRanger II 1776 C-GUCF, N289CA, 9Y-TIS, N130BH
9Y-TIU Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45682 N20956, N206E, N198DM, 9Y-TIU, N258LH, N279AE
9Y-TIV Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5091 N57908, 9Y-TIV, N355WH, (PZ-...), N355WH cnx
9Y-TIW Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-671 D-HDUM, N4573S[2], 9Y-TIW, SAUTT-04(9Y), NSOC-04(9Y), NOC-04(9Y)
9Y-TIX Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5105 N5785Y, 9Y-TIX, N355AF, C-GHVM, N562SA, (9M-...), N562SA, 9M-...
9Y-TJE Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-559 D-HDPH[2], N9373H, N124EH, 9Y-TJE, N124EH
9Y-TJF Bölkow Hkp.9B (BO105CBS-2) > 105CBS-4 S-732 D-HDRT, 09416(SE), D-HDRT, LN-OSX[2], D-HDRT, F-OHQZ, 9Y-TJF, SAUTT-03(9Y), NSOC-03(9Y), NOC-03(9Y)
9Y-TJJ Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ 760164 N5443U, G-BJNK, N4493P, PH-NZP, N96966, F-GGTI, I-SKSB, F-GMIE, 9Y-TJJ wfu
9Y-TJM Bell 412SP 33159 N3205T, PT-HUO, 9Y-TJM, C-FYVG
9Y-TJO Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5030 N5776D, N128NH, N355EA, N355HR, 9Y-TJO w/o
9Y-TJP Aerospatiale 355F1 Ecureuil 2 > 355F2 > Heli-Lynx 355FX 5230 N606SP, N606SR, C-FXFX, 9Y-TJP, SAUTT-02(9Y), NSOC-02(9Y), NOC-02(9Y)
9Y-TJT Sikorsky S-76C++ 760618 N81081, N877AL, 9Y-TJT, (PR-LDY), N877AL, 5N-BRT
9Y-TJV Enstrom F-28F Falcon 753 N28FP, N1323W, 9Y-TJV
9Y-TJW Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ > S-76A++ 760296 HKG-14(VR-H), VR-HZA, B-HZA, C-GZIL[2], 9Y-TJW wfu
9Y-TJY Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ > S-76A++ 760301 HKG-19(VR-H), VR-HZF, B-HZF, C-GZIK, 9Y-TJY, SAUTT-01(9Y), MNS-01(9Y), NSOC-01(9Y), NOC-01(9Y)
9Y-TKB AgustaWestland AW139 41395 N504SH, 9Y-TKB
9Y-TKC AgustaWestland AW139 41397 N506SH, 9Y-TKC
9Y-TKD AgustaWestland AW139 41398 N513SH, 9Y-TKD
9Y-TNT Bell 412EP 36414 C-FKAH, N386AL, 9Y-TNT, N386AL, D-HAFV[5]
9Y-TSP Bell 412SP 33169 N3207H, PT-HXU, N396AL, XA-TAM, 9Y-TSP, C-GTQN
9Y-AG311 AgustaWestland AW139 41235 N220YS, 9Y-AG311
9Y-AG312 AgustaWestland AW139 41256 N221YS, 9Y-AG312
9Y-AG313 AgustaWestland AW139 41284 N412SH, 9Y-AG313
9Y-AG314 AgustaWestland AW139 41285 N413SH, 9Y-AG314
9Y-... Robinson R22 Beta 2465 N8315M, N79VB, (9Y-...), VH-ABM[4]
9Y-... Sikorsky S-76C-2 760688 N725P, N725PB, 9Y-...
9Y-... Sikorsky S-76C-2 760692 N787P, N787PD, 9Y-...
VP-TCF Bell 47G-2 2219 VR-BBA, CP-671, VP-TCF, CP-704, VR-BBA, G-ASYW, (F-GMPZ), F-GIZV cnx
VP-TCG Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/250 G-APKC, VP-TCG, G-APKC, D-HODY w/o
VP-TCL Hiller UH-12E 2217 VP-TCL, 5N-AGD w/o
VP-TCM Westland-Sikorsky 51 Dragonfly Srs.1A > Westland-Sikorsky 51A Widgeon Srs.2 WA/H/3 G-ALIK, G-APPS, VP-TCM, 5N-AGA, NAF510(5N) w/o
VP-TCN Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/117 G-AODP, VR-NDL, 5N-ABP, G-AODP, VP-TCN, G-AODP, (PH-THB), G-AODP, 5N-ABP w/o
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