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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Iran

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. H/c type C/N History [last one most recent] Fate
EP-AKI-1 Agusta-Bell 205 4346 EP-AKI-1 cnx
EP-AKI-2 Agusta-Bell 205 4347 EP-AKI-2 cnx
EP-ALM Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B2 Ecureuil 1222 N3609D, N144BH, C-GSBO, F-WQDS[4], RP-C8880, CS-HEO, 5N-BHT, CS-HHY, EP-ALM
EP-ALR Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2483 I-IBLE, EP-ALR
EP-ALT Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2653 I-LAZZ, EP-ALT
EP-ALV Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2615 F-GDFB, I-ETID, EP-ALV
EP-ALZ Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II > 315B Lama 2090 > 2090/14 20(4X), I-ETIB, EP-ALZ
EP-BAA SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1167 F-WIPC, EP-BAA w/o
EP-BAB Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.2 WA/268 G-APPY, EP-BSK, EP-BAB, ...(EP)
EP-BAC Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.2 WA/269 G-APPZ, EP-CSK, EP-BAC, ...(EP)
EP-BSK Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.2 WA/268 G-APPY, EP-BSK, EP-BAB, ...(EP)
EP-CSK Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.2 WA/269 G-APPZ, EP-CSK, EP-BAC, ...(EP)
EP-GSH Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil .. ..??.., EP-GSH
EP-GSI Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil .. ..??.., EP-GSI
EP-HAA Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 3 WA/116 G-AODO, VR-BBZ[2], (EP-HAA), EP-HAB w/o
EP-HAA Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 3 WA/295 G-APRV, VR-BBE, EP-HAA w/o
EP-HAB Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 3 WA/116 G-AODO, VR-BBZ[2], (EP-HAA), EP-HAB w/o
EP-HAC Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 3 WA/113 G-AODA, EP-HAC, 9Y-TDA, G-AODA prs
EP-HAD SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III > SA.316B 1258 G-ATFC, EP-HAD w/o
EP-HAE Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 2 > Srs.3 WA/115 G-AOCZ, EP-HAE, G-AOCZ, VR-BDF, 5N-AIM w/o
EP-HAF Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/412[2] G-ATIU, EP-HAF, G-ATIU, 5N-AIV, VR-BFD, EP-HAF w/o
EP-HAG Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.1 > 3 WA/299 G-APWO, EP-HAG, 'G-APWO' prs
EP-HAH Hiller UH-12E 2114 VR-BBO, ZS-HAV, (5N-AGJ), EP-HAH, G-AZSV w/o
EP-HAI Hiller UH-12E 2123 VR-BBR, VP-YXS, 5N-AGH, G-ATVM, EP-HAI, G-ATVM w/o
EP-HAK Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind HAR.2 Srs.3 WAD/97-WA/125 & F8 (XK933(G)), WAD97(F), 8.000.106(F), G-ATLZ, EP-HAK, G-ATLZ, 5N-AJH b/u
EP-HAL Hiller UH-12E 2191 5N-ABX, VP-YVP, 5N-ABX, G-ATVG, EP-HAL, G-ATVG w/o
EP-HAM Agusta-Bell 204B 3013 I-MINB, EP-HAM
EP-HAN Westland-Sikorsky 55 Whirlwind Srs.3 WA/493 G-ATKV, EP-HAN, G-ATKV, VR-BEU, 'G-ATKV' prs
EP-HAN Agusta-Bell 204B 3205 I-ENOV, VR-BDW, EP-HAN[2] b/u
EP-HAO Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8027 G-AVSX[3], EP-HAO w/o
EP-HAP Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8096 I-EVBA, VR-BDZ, EP-HAP, VR-BDZ, EP-HAP w/o
EP-HAQ Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8060 EP-HAQ wfu
EP-HAR Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8063 EP-HAR, 15-1306(EP)
EP-HAS Bell 47G-2 1624 N2843B, 1624(F), ...(4X), N6761, EP-HAS
EP-HAT Bell 47G-2 1628 N2847B, 1628(F), ...(4X), N6762, EP-HAT, G-BEUF, F-GANV wfu
EP-HAU Bell 47G-2 1631 N2850B, 1631(F), ...(4X), N6763, EP-HAU, G-BEUE, F-GBLM[2], F-GFLM
EP-HAV Bell 47G-2 1633 N2852B, 1633(F), ...(4X), N6764, EP-HAV, G-BEUG, F-GANU, 5V-TWT, OO-MBE
EP-HAW Bell 47G-2 1635 N2854B, 1635(F), ...(4X), N6765, EP-HAW, G-BEUH, F-GANY
EP-HAX Bell 47G-2 1640 N2859B, 1640(F), ...(4X), N6766, EP-HAX
EP-HAY Bell 206A JetRanger 289 (G-AWRI), EP-HAY
EP-HAZ Bell 47G-2 2410 CF-LMB, PI-C...., VH-KNU, EP-HAZ
EP-HBA Agusta-Bell 47G-2 244 3B-XK(OE), G-AXCF, EP-HBA, G-AXCF, F-GANS w/o
EP-HBB Agusta-Bell 47G-2 234 3B-XG(OE), G-AXCE, EP-HBB w/o
EP-HBC Agusta-Bell 47G-2 220 3B-XF(OE), G-AXCD, EP-HBC, G-AXCD, F-GANT cnx
EP-HBD Bell 47G-2 1413 N985B, OE-BXA, 3B-XA(OE), G-AXCC, EP-HBD, G-AXCC w/o
EP-HBE SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1511 F-WJAU, LN-OQB, EP-HBE, LN-OQB w/o
EP-HBF SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 03 SE-HDC, LN-ORQ, EP-HBF b/u
EP-HBG Bell 204B 2049 N7938S, XC-DEX, N3656, VR-BEF, EP-HBG cnx
EP-HBH SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1061 F-WIPB, 1061(South Vietn.), G-AXLK, ZS-HDA, N14840, VR-BEC, EP-HBH, (G-AXLK), EP-HBH
EP-HBI Bell 212 > 212HP AH.1 30549 N14840, VR-BEL, EP-HBI, G-BGMG, VR-BEL, VH-BEL[2], G-BGMG, ZH816(G), G-BGMG, ZH816(G)
EP-HBJ Bell 212 30504 N8112J, VR-BEG, EP-HBJ
EP-HBK Bell 205A-1 30086 N8120J, VR-BEO, EP-HBK, G-BGLU, VR-BGU, PK-HCG, C-GFHA[2], VH-NHA, C-GFHA[2], VH-NHA, C-GFHA[2], VH-NHA, C-GFHA[2], N386HQ
EP-HBL Bell 212 30601 VR-BEX, EP-HBL, G-BGML, 5N-AJW b/u
EP-HBM Bell 212 30631 N6081N, VR-BFC, EP-HBM, G-BGLM, 5N-AJY w/o
EP-HBN Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2236 EP-HBN, (G-BGEG), EP-HBN
EP-HBO Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2198 EP-HBO
EP-HBP Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2199 F-WTNP, EP-HBP
EP-HBQ Bell 212 30670 N18091, VR-BFN, EP-HBQ, G-BGMF, 5N-ALQ cnx
EP-HBR Bell 205A 30026 N4766R, VR-BGE, EP-HBR w/o
EP-HBS Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1658 N6182, CF-MQE, C-FMQE, VR-BFQ, EP-HBS w/o
EP-HBU Bell 212 > 212HP AH.1 30512 N7099J, VR-HGL, PK-OAK, N7099J, VR-BGH, EP-HBU, G-BGMH, 5N-AJZ, G-BGMH, (VR-BGH), G-BGMH, 9Y-THH, G-BGMH, ZH814(G), G-BGMH, ZH814(G)
EP-HBV Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8199 G-AYIY, VR-BDR, EP-HBV cnx
EP-HBV Bell 205A > 205A-1 30032 N4762R, VR-BGK, EP-HBV, PK-HCE, VH-NSQ, C-GFHT, VH-NSQ, C-GFHT, VH-NSQ, C-GFHT w/o
EP-HBW Bell 212 30600 9M-ATB, VR-BGB, EP-HBW, G-BGLL, VR-BGB, PK-HCI, (VR-BGB), P2-PHJ, G-BGLL, 5N-AQW w/o
EP-HBX Bell 212 30615 N18090, VR-BEZ, EP-HBX, VR-BEZ, VH-BEE[2], G-BTYA, 9Y-TIF, HK-4428X, 9Y-TIF, C-GAZX[2], OB-1965-P
EP-HBY Bell 212 30636 N18091, G-BCLG, VR-BFK, 9M-ATV, G-BCLG, VR-BFK, EP-HBY, G-BCLG, 5N-AJT b/u
EP-HBZ Bell 212 > 212HP AH.1 30548 N2956W, VR-BEJ, EP-HBZ, G-BGLJ, VR-BEJ, 5N-AJX, G-BGLJ, 9Y-TIJ, G-BGLJ, EC-295[3], (EC-GHP), G-BGLJ, (EC-HCP), EC-HCZ, G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G), G-BGLJ, ZJ969(G)
EP-HCA Bell 212 30632 9V-BGE, B-2309, 9V-BGE, G-BFDJ, VR-BGP, EP-HCA, G-BFDJ, 5N-AJU b/u
EP-HCB Bell 212 30533 N2916W, VR-BEE, EP-HCB, G-BGMI, PK-HCK, C-FZPX, EC-IYP
EP-HCC Bell 212 30868 N18096, VR-BGR, EP-HCC, G-BGMK, 5N-AJV b/u
EP-HCG Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2440 F-WXFO, EP-HTF, EP-HCG
EP-HCH Bell 212 30894 JA9534, N894AJ, C-FRWF, EP-HCH, (C-....), ZS-RXB, C-FRWF
EP-HCJ Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6419 F-WYMC, JA6675, SE-JFH, (OY-HJP), SE-JFH, OY-HRH, PH-FMB, EP-HCJ, 5N-BJF, C-FYQC, LN-OKM, D-HFKG
EP-HCK Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6446 F-WYMN, OY-HMY, 5N-BBR, EP-HCK, 5N-BJE, LN-OCM[3], D-HOAR
EP-HCS Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ 760297 HKG-15(VR-H), VR-HZB, C-GKWS, EP-HCS, C-GKWS
EP-HDS Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6540 F-GIZU, EP-HDS, F-GXXB, OO-NHC, 6540(F)/F-HCHN, OO-NHC, TU-VHX
EP-HDT Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6468 F-GJBU, LX-..., F-GMBU, LX-HUN, F-GLIP[2], EP-HDT
EP-HDU Sud-Aviation 365N Dauphin 2 6220 JA9913, F-GNOF, EP-HDU, F-GSYA, LV-BMY, TU-HAA w/o
EP-HDV Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6467 F-WYMH, (F-GJRF), F-GJGD, F-WYMH, F-WQEB, F-GJGD, F-WQDP[2], 3A-MSY, F-GLMZ, EP-HDV, F-GPLG dbf
EP-HEA Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3048 F-WQDN[5], EP-HEA
EP-HEB Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3050 F-WQDA[6], EP-HEB
EP-HEC Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3621 F-WQDD, EP-HEC
EP-HED Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3629 F-WQDJ, EP-HED
EP-HEE Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3644 F-WQDK, EP-HEE
EP-HEF Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3655 EP-HEF
EP-HEG Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3658 EP-HEG
EP-HEH Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3668 EP-HEH
EP-HEU Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3449 F-GNMI, EP-HEU, F-GJTU, HB-ZTU
EP-HEV Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3817 F-WWPT, F-WQDE, EP-HEV
EP-HGA Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1777 F-WKQI, EP-HGA
EP-HGB Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1932 F-WKQD, PH-SCG, EP-HGB
EP-HGC Sud-Aviation 330G Puma 1287 F-WMHK, EP-HGC cnx
EP-HGD IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5246 F-WTNS, EP-HGD cnx
EP-HGE Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2339 EP-HGE
EP-HHC Bell 212 .. ..??.., EP-HHC
EP-HHD Bell 412 .. ..??.., EP-HHD
EP-HIB IAR (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III .. ..??.., EP-HIB
EP-HIF IAR (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III .. ..??.., EP-HIF
EP-HIO Agusta-Bell 212 .. ..??.., EP-HIO
EP-HIS Agusta-Bell 412 25556 658(Z), EP-HIS
EP-HKV Bell 212 30782 N18092, N9925K, G-BERF, 9Y-TFW, G-BERF, VR-BIJ[2], 5N-AQV[2], A6-BAW, EP-HKV wfu
EP-HRA Mil 171 59489617202 ..??.., EP-HRA
EP-HRB Mil 171 59489617226 ..??.., EP-HRB w/o
EP-HRJ Robinson R44 Raven II 12614 N4435A, TC-..., EP-HRJ
EP-HRK Robinson R44 II 13158 OE-XYD, EP-HRK
EP-HRL Robinson R44 Raven II 13171 N4482V, TC-..., EP-HRL
EP-HRM Robinson R44 Raven II 13185 EP-HRM
EP-HSA Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II 1973 PH-IOV, EP-HSA w/o
EP-HSB Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II 1974 PH-IOW, EP-HSB, F-BPIY, CF-ZIS, C-FZIS, ZS-HIS, LV-ARE, ZS-HIS cnx
EP-HSC SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1976 F-WIEJ, (PH-IOX), EP-HSC, (PH-NNE), PH-NNR, 5N-ACG, '5Y-AKK'
EP-HSD SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II > 313B 1977 F-WKQD, EP-HSD, PH-SCB, 5N-AEY wfu
EP-HSE SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 2000 F-WKQE, EP-HSE w/o
EP-HSF SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1487 PH-ACO, EP-HSF
EP-HSG SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1496 PH-ACR[2], EP-HSG w/o
EP-HSH SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1519 PH-NNF, EP-HSH
EP-HSI Sud-Aviation 318C Alouette II 1886 F-BLOP, PH-HEF[2], EP-HSI, PK-TPT cnx
EP-HSJ SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III 1633 PH-NNN, EP-HSJ
EP-HSK SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III > SA.316B 1647 PH-NNO, EP-HSK
EP-HSL SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1201 H-1(PH), F-WNLO, F-BNLO, EP-HSL, F-BNLO cnx
EP-HSM SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II .. ..??.., EP-HSM cnx
EP-HSO Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1951 F-WIEK, EP-HSO cnx
EP-HSP Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1763 F-BSUE, PH-SCA, EP-HSP w/o
EP-HSQ Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1841 F-WKQI, EP-HSQ b/u
EP-HSR Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2329 F-WKQE, PH-SCL, EP-HSR cnx
EP-HSS Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2136 F-WKQD, (PH-SNN), PH-SCN, EP-HSS w/o
EP-HST Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2153 F-WMHI, PH-SCO, EP-HST
EP-HSU Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2154 F-WMHG, PH-SAU, EP-HSU, (PH-SAU), EP-HSU
EP-HSV Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2399 F-WTNK, EP-HSV w/o
EP-HSW Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2223 F-WMHE, EP-HSW cnx
EP-HSX IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5192 F-WTNE, EP-HSX cnx
EP-HSY IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5199 F-WTNP, EP-HSY
EP-HSZ IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5206 F-WXFC, EP-HSZ w/o
EP-HTA Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1936 F-OCSL, EP-HTA cnx
EP-HTB Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 1942 F-OCSM, EP-HTB
EP-HTC Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2246 F-WXFP, EP-HTC
EP-HTD Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2249 F-WXFZ, EP-HTD cnx
EP-HTE Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2258 F-WXFP, EP-HTE
EP-HTF Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2440 F-WXFO, EP-HTF, EP-HCG
EP-HTI ... [h/c] .. ..??.., EP-HTI
EP-HTN Bell 212 30885 N5009K, EP-HTN
EP-HTO Bell 205A-1 30163 YV-C-GAE, YV-103C, N64743, EP-HTO
EP-HTP Sud-Aviation 330G Puma 1272 F-WTNI, (N88008), F-WTNI, PH-EVS, EP-HTP cnx
EP-HTQ Bell 205A-1 30189 N90039, EP-HTQ
EP-HTR IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5260 F-WTNZ, EP-HTR
EP-HTS IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5267 F-WTNN, EP-HTS cnx
EP-HTT IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5253 F-WTNZ, EP-HTT
EP-HTU IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5239 F-WMHE, EP-HTU cnx
EP-HTV Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2232 F-WXFZ, EP-HTV cnx
EP-HTW Sud-Aviation 315B Lama 2384 HB-XEU, F-BUZJ[4], EP-HTW
EP-HTX Sud-Aviation 316B Alouette III 2231 F-WXFU, EP-HTX
EP-HTY IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5232 F-WXFC, EP-HTY cnx
EP-HTZ IRMA (Sud-Aviation) 316B Alouette III 5213 F-WXFC, EP-HTZ cnx
EP-HUA Bell 212 31176 N3910K, C-GELR, C-GBPH, N3910K, HB-XPO, EP-HUA
EP-HUB Bell 412 33016 N2079D, N412GC, HB-XNB, EP-HUB w/o
EP-HUC Bell 412SP 33117 N3198N, VH-EEP, SE-JBI, (A7-HAX), A7-HBA, EP-HUC, A7-HBL w/o
EP-HUD Bell 412SP 33116 N3197N, VH-EEH, (SE-JCC), A7-HAU, EP-HUD, A7-HBK, A7-HBS
EP-HUE Bell 212 30911 A7-HAM, EP-HUE, A7-HBO
EP-HUF Bell 412SP 36016 N6611A, A7-HAR, EP-HUF, A7-HBP
EP-HUG Bell 412SP 36017 C-GLZM, N66104, A7-HAQ, EP-HUG, A7-HBR
EP-HUH Bell 412 ? 33102 ..??.., EP-HUH
EP-NAA Mil 8AMT (Mil 171) 59489602238 RA-25520, EP-NAA
EP-NAB Mil 8MTV-1 95932 RA-27108, EP-NAB
EP-NAC Mil 8T 99254442 RA-27024, EP-NAC, ..??.., RA-25547
EP-NAD Mil 8T 99254471 RA-27025, EP-NAD, ..??.., RA-25548
EP-NAE Mil 171 59489617279 ..??.., EP-NAE
EP-NAF Bell 212 31231 EP-NAF and/or A6-BAA, P2-HFV cnx
EP-NAJ Mil 171E .. ..??.., EP-NAJ
EP-PGB PADC-Bölkow 105C P8/S-100 D-HDCY, RP-1667, RP-C1667, A6-ALQ, EP-TRT, EP-PGB
EP-PGD Bell 412EP Sentinel > 412EP 36173 N63177, (HN-...(HC)), N63177, XA-CVM, EP-PGD
EP-PGE Bell 412 .. ..??.., EP-PGE
EP-PGF Bell 212 .. ..??.., EP-PGF
EP-SPS Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4441 F-WWXJ, F-WQDC, SE-HJG, TC-..., OE-XBH, EP-SPS
EP-SPX Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4961 SE-JLS, TC-..., OE-XBF, EP-SPX
EP-TPC Bell 212 30516 N7120J, ABDB-106(V8), 9V-BDG, ABDB-106(V8), VR-UEM, V8-UEM, N7120J, N212CR, H-101(TG), 6-9202(EP), EP-TPC
EP-TRA Kamov 32T > 32A > 32A11BC 8902 > 8902/010 > 523324..8902/017 RA-31071, EP-TRA, HL9401, B-70HX
EP-TRB Agusta A109E Power 11007 HB-XQH, D-HOBM, EP-TRB
EP-TRF Kamov 32 .. ..??.., EP-TRF(?) cnx
EP-TRI MBB-BK117 B-2 .. ..??.., EP-TRI(?)
EP-TRJ MBB-BK117 B-2 .. ..??.., EP-TRJ
EP-TRK Agusta A109E Power 11023 I-MALL, EP-TRK w/o
EP-TRM Kamov 32T > 32A 8604 > 8604/011 CCCP-31582, RA-31582, EP-TRM, HL9404 cnx
EP-TRS Kamov 32S > 32A 5902 > 5902/009 CCCP-31015, RA-31015, EP-TRS, HL9295
EP-TRT PADC-Bölkow 105C P8/S-100 D-HDCY, RP-1667, RP-C1667, A6-ALQ, EP-TRT, EP-PGB
EP-TRV Kamov 32T > 32A 9005 > 9005/008 RA-31079, EP-TRV(?), LZ-MRB, HL9290
EP-TRZ Kamov 32T 8901 RA-31070, EP-TRZ cnx
EP-... Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 8023 (G-AVSX[2]), (G-AVSZ), EP-..., ..??.., 1205(HZ)
EP-... Bell 212 30584 N58121, C-FADC, N58121, YS-1003P, N58121, HK-3729X, N58121, EC-GVV, F-GOTB, D-HAMM, (EP-...), D-HAGT, P2-HCX
EP-... Bell 212 30964 N2766K, N60RF, (N68RF), N2069S, N102TV, C-GBDS[3], N102TV, C-GBDS[3], ZS-HDF[3], EP-...
EP-... Bell 212 31126 OE-FXG, EP-...
EP-... Bell 212 35001 C-GLZS, VH-NSN[3], EP-...
EP-... Bell 212 35057 C-FOKX, EP-..., 35057(HS)
EP-... Bell 212 35059 C-FOLA, EP-...
EP-... Bell 412 33102 PK-HMP, A6-BAY, EP-..., A6-BAY, EC-MGI
EP-... Chayair Sycamore .... [gyro] SYCA-0044 EP-...
EP-... Kamov 32S 6002 CCCP-31018, RA-31018(?), EP-..., RA-31018
EP-... Kamov 32T 9002 RA-31078, EP-..., RA-31078, YA-KAG, RA-31078
EP-1151 Alpi Aviation Syton AH130 .. EP-1151
Q-G001 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] .. [EP-]Q-G001
Q-G004 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX-SE [gyro] .. [EP-]Q-G004
Q-G006 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX-SE [gyro] .. [EP-]Q-G006
Q-G008 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX-SE [gyro] .. [EP-]Q-G008
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