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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Moldova

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
ER-AHA Mil 26T 34001212478 CCCP-06184, RA-06184, ER-AHA, XU-268, MH-268(XU) wfu
ER-AHB Mil 26T 34001212485 CCCP-06262, RA-06262, ER-AHB, XU-269, MH-269(XU) wfu
ER-AND Mil 8 .. ..??.., ER-AND cnx
ER-EOT Enstrom F-28F Falcon 817 D-HVHM[2], ER-EOT cnx
ER-KCU Mil 8 .. ..??.., ER-KCU cnx
ER-KGA Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235002991101 ...(CCCP), UR-CBK, HA-HSB, ER-KGA
ER-KGB Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235001788613 ...(CCCP), UR-CBM, HA-HSD, ER-KGB
ER-KGC Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235002788617 ...(CCCP), UR-CBL, HA-HSC, ER-KGC, YA-AJA
ER-KGD Kamov 32T > 32A 5235004991117 CCCP-31578, LZ-MST, UR-31578, LZ-MST, ER-KGD w/o
ER-KGE Kamov 32A 8708 CCCP-31586, RA-31586, ER-KGE
ER-KGF Kamov 27PS > 32T 5235001583602 ...(CCCP), ER-KGF, UR-AAC, ER-KGF
ER-KLR Kamov 26 7706119 CCCP-24327, UR-24327, ER-KLR, UR-CAV, 'CCCP-24325' prs
ER-KLZ Kamov 26 6900403 CCCP-24064, UR-24064, ER-KLZ, UR-CAU prs
ER-KMA Kamov 26 7404419 CCCP-19424, YR-19424, UR-19424, ER-KMA, YR-CYA cnx
ER-KMB Kamov 26 7504914 CCCP-19587, YR-CXO, UR-19587, ER-KMB, YR-CYB cnx
ER-KMC Kamov 26 7404409 CCCP-19415, UR-19415, ER-KMC, YR-CYS, YR-LGT
ER-KME Kamov 26 7202306 CCCP-19355, UR-19355, YR-19355, UR-....., YR-CZO, ER-KME, YR-COH, YR-DOD[2] w/o
ER-KMR Kamov 26 6900404 CCCP-24065, UR-24065, ER-KMR, YR-DOG cnx
ER-MCV Mil 26T 34001212611 RA-06288, ER-MCV w/o
ER-MGA Mil 14PS 20601 ..??.., ER-MGA, 601(7O)
ER-MGB Mil 14PS 20602 ..??.., ER-MGB, 602(7O)
ER-MGC Mil 17 211M03 ..??.., ER-MGC cnx
ER-MGD Mil 17 211M06 ..??.., ER-MGD cnx
ER-MGE Mil 8T 10720 720(YR), ER-MGE, ST-BDF, EX-40014 cnx
ER-MGF Mil 8PS 10728 728(YR), 01(YR), 728(YR), ER-MGF, ST-SFA
ER-MGG Mil 8MT > 8MTV-1 ? 94041 ...(CCCP), ER-MGG, YA-94041, 041(YA)
ER-MGH Mil 8MT > 8MTV 93507 LZ-MOY, N507SL, ER-MGH, EX-08004, ER-MGH
ER-MGI Mil 8PS 10729 729(YR), ER-MGI cnx
ER-MGJ Mil 8PS 10734 08(YR), ER-MGJ, ...(ER), ER-MGJ, ...(ER), ER-MGJ
ER-MGK Mil 8PS 10732 732(YR), ER-MGK, S9-...
ER-MGL Mil 17-1V 498M01 ER-MGL
ER-MGM Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 96621 ER-MGM w/o
ER-MGN Mil 8P 7666 CCCP-22847, RA-22847, LZ-CAX, ER-MGN, 4L-BGB, LZ-CAX cnx
ER-MGP Mil 14PS > 14 75097 ...(CCCP), ER-MGP, RA-....., TN-AJI(?)
ER-MGP Mil 8T 98417135 CCCP-22897, OK-OYO, UR-22897, ER-MGP, HA-HSE, ER-MGP, HA-HSE
ER-MGQ Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95603 CCCP-25459, RA-25459, 9N-ADS, YA-MGA, EX-08012, ER-MGQ
ER-MGR Mil 8T 98308422 CCCP-22715, UR-22715(?), UR-AAD, ER-MGR, EX-40002, ER-MGR
ER-MGT Mil 8T 98625233 CCCP-24413, UN-24413, LZ-AYR, ER-MGT, UR-AID
ER-MGU Mil 8T 98522993 CCCP-24559, UN-24559, LZ-AYS, ER-MGU, UR-AYR
ER-MGV Mil 8MT > 8MTV-1 93284 ..??.., 9Q-CXC, ER-MGV cnx
ER-MGW Mil 8MT > 8MTV-1 93309 ...(CCCP), ...(UP), LZ-CDN, 9Q-CXD, ER-MGW, ER-MYB cnx
ER-MGX Mil 8MT > 8MTV-1 93292 ..??.., ...(UP), 9Q-CXG, ER-MGX cnx
ER-MGY Mil 8PS 10731 731(YR), YR-MLA, ER-MGY
ER-MGZ Mil 8T 98417101 CCCP-22895, UR-22895, ER-MGZ cnx
ER-MHA Mil 8MTV-1 95626 CCCP-25481, RA-25481, ER-MHA, 9N-AHT w/o
ER-MHB Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 415M01 LZ-MOE, ER-MHB, UR-APT
ER-MHC Mil 17TRV > 17P 150P04 434(LZ), ER-MHC
ER-MHD Mil 8MTV-1 95864 CCCP-27030, LZ-..., 02 black(ER), ER-MHD, (9N-AGV), 02 black(ER), ER-MHD
ER-MHE Mil 8MTV-1 95865 CCCP-27031, LZ-..., ER-MHE, (9N-AGW), ER-MHE
ER-MHF Mil 8MTV-1 95862 CCCP-27028, LZ-..., ER-MHF
ER-MHG Mil 8MTV-1 95861 CCCP-27027, LZ-..., ER-MHG
ER-MHH Mil 8MTV-1 96121 RA-25746, ER-MHH
ER-MHI Mil 17V-5 084M02 N214XX, EX-40015, ER-MHI, N214XX
ER-MHJ Mil 8MTV-1 93448 ..??.., UR-CFK, YA-AJD, ER-MHJ cnx
ER-MHK Mil 8MTV-1 95863 CCCP-27029, LZ-..., 01 black(ER), ER-MHK, UR-CIN, ER-MHK
ER-MHL Mil 8MTV-1 95721 CCCP-25105, RA-25105, ER-MHL, P2-MHL
ER-MHM Mil 8MTV-1 95881 CCCP-27047, RA-27047, ER-MHM, P2-MHM
ER-MHO Mil CH-178 (Mil 17V-5) > 17V-5 084M04 178404(C), ER-MHO cnx
ER-MHP Mil 8MTV-1 95872 CCCP-27038, 4K-27038, ER-MHP, UR-AIT
ER-MHQ Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M10 LZ-FAA, LZ-CDH, 510(LZ), ER-MHQ cnx
ER-MHR Mil 8MTV-1 95952 CCCP-27125, RA-27125, ..-27125, ER-MHR w/o
ER-MHS Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M11 410(LZ), ER-MHS
ER-MHT Mil 17V-5 084M01 N213XX, EX-40013, ER-MHT, N213XX
ER-MHU Mil 8MTV-1 95617 CCCP-25473, 4K-25473(?), RA-24029, ST-BDH, EX-921, ER-MHU
ER-MHV Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M13 412(LZ), ER-MHV
ER-MHW Mil 8MTV-1 95637 CCCP-25492, RA-25492, ER-MHW, ER-MYA
ER-MHX Mil 8T 98628099 CCCP-24444, UR-24444, UR-CCI, UP-MI848, 3X-GFL, ER-MHX cnx
ER-MHY Mil 8MTV-1 95533 CCCP-25423, UK-25423, EX-08005, ER-MHY
ER-MHZ Mil 8MTV-1 96078 RA-22503, ER-MHZ
ER-MLQ PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210827019 CCCP-14116, UR-14116, ER-MLQ cnx
ER-MLR PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 548720064 CCCP-20955, UR-20955, ER-MLR, HL9607
ER-MLT PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5410217047 ...(CCCP), RA-15735, YL-LHV, SP-SEV, ER-MLT, HL9622
ER-MYA Mil 8MTV-1 95637 CCCP-25492, RA-25492, ER-MHW, ER-MYA
ER-MYB Mil 8MT > 8MTV-1 93309 ...(CCCP), ...(UP), LZ-CDN, 9Q-CXD, ER-MGW, ER-MYB cnx
ER-MYJ Mil 8MTV-1 96067 RA-....., ER-MYJ cnx
ER-MYL Mil 171 59489619851 ..??.., 4L-LLL, ER-MYL, 4L-LLL
ER-MYM Mil 17-1V 229M02 ...(XU), EX-08021, OB-2048-T, OB-2048-P, ER-MYM cnx
ER-RPA Robinson R44 Astro 0164 YR-RDV, ER-RPA
ER-15697 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522301022 CCCP-15697, ER-15697 w/o
ER-15707 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522311032 CCCP-15707, ER-15707 w/o
ER-15709 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522313032 CCCP-15709, ER-15709 w/o
ER-15713 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522317032 CCCP-15713, ER-15713 w/o
ER-15732 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 542507072 CCCP-15732, ER-15732 w/o
ER-15781 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522835033 CCCP-15781, ER-15781 w/o
ER-15796 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 522850033 CCCP-15796, ER-15796 cnx
ER-19106 Kamov 26 7102208 CCCP-19106, YR-CXS, ER-....., YR-CYH, ER-....., YR-CTD, ER-19106, YR-CSJ w/o
ER-19107 Kamov 26 7102209 CCCP-19107, ER-19107, UR-CCW cnx
ER-19262 Kamov 26 7102004 CCCP-19262, ER-19262, YR-CSH[2], ER-19262, ..-19262, ER-19262 cnx
ER-19274 Kamov 26 7001204 CCCP-19274, ER-19274, YR-NCI, ER-.....
ER-19282 Kamov 26 7001606 CCCP-19282, YR-19282, CCCP-19282, ER-19282 wfu
ER-19292 Kamov 26 7101805 CCCP-19292, ER-19292 wfu
ER-19294 Kamov 26 7101807 CCCP-19294, YR-19294, ..-19294, YR-19294, YR-CXE, YR-CTE, ER-19294, YR-CSA, ER-19294 cnx
ER-19296 Kamov 26 7101809 CCCP-19296, ..-19296, ER-19296 cnx
ER-19298 Kamov 26 7101903 CCCP-19298, YR-19298, CCCP-19298, ER-19298 wfu
ER-19316 Kamov 26 7203105 CCCP-19316, YR-19316, ER-....., YR-19316, ER-19316, YR-CZM, ER-19316, YR-CZM, ER-19316, YR-CYN, ER-19316 and/or YR-CYV, ER-19316 wfu
ER-19322 Kamov 26 7303205 CCCP-19322, ER-19322, YR-19322 w/o
ER-19323 Kamov 26 7303206 CCCP-19323, YR-19323, ER-....., YR-CXG, ER-19323, YR-CYK, ER-19323, YR-CTC, ER-19323, YR-VAL, ER-19323 cnx
ER-19327 Kamov 26 7303309 CCCP-19327, YR-19327, ER-19327, YR-CZD, ER-19327, YR-CZD, ER-19327, YR-CYM, ER-19327, YR-CTI, ER-19327, YR-CSB, ER-19327 cnx
ER-19328 Kamov 26 7303310 CCCP-19328, YR-19328, CCCP-19328, ER-19328, YR-CZE, ER-19328, YR-CZE, ER-19328 w/o
ER-19329 Kamov 26 7303401 CCCP-19329, ER-19329, YR-CXI, ER-19329, YR-CYI, ER-19329 cnx
ER-19330 Kamov 26 7303402 CCCP-19330, YR-19330, ER-19330, YR-CZG, ER-19330, YR-CTF, ER-19330, YR-CSC, ER-19330 w/o
ER-19340 Kamov 26 7303506 CCCP-19340, YR-19340, CCCP-....., ER-19340 w/o
ER-19343 Kamov 26 7303509 CCCP-19343, ..-19343, ER-19343, YR-CZH, ER-19343, YR-CYL, ER-19343, YR-CTA, ER-19343 cnx
ER-19344 Kamov 26 7303510 CCCP-19344, ER-19344, YR-19344, YR-CZN, ER-19344, YR-CZN, ER-19344, LZ-BBC cnx
ER-19345 Kamov 26 7303601 CCCP-19345, ER-19345, YR-19345, ER-19345, YR-CZI, ER-19345, YR-CYC, ER-19345, YR-COP w/o
ER-19346 Kamov 26 7303602 CCCP-19346, ..-19346, ER-19346, YR-19346, ER-19346, YR-CZJ, ER-19346, YR-COC, ER-19346, YR-CTJ, ER-19346, YR-CSE, ER-19346 cnx
ER-19347 Kamov 26 7303603 CCCP-19347, YR-19347, ER-19347, YR-19347, ER-19347, UR-.....
ER-19356 Kamov 26 7202307 CCCP-19356, ..-19356, YR-CXR, ER-19356 w/o
ER-19358 Kamov 26 7202309 CCCP-19358, YR-19358, ER-19358, YR-NCV
ER-19360 Kamov 26 7202401 CCCP-19360, ER-19360, UR-SAF cnx
ER-19369 Kamov 26 7202508 CCCP-19369, ER-19369, UR-TIB cnx
ER-19370 Kamov 26 7202509 CCCP-19370, ER-19370 cnx
ER-19377 Kamov 26 7202701 CCCP-19377, ER-19377, UR-LNZ cnx
ER-19378 Kamov 26 7202702 CCCP-19378, YR-19378, CCCP-19378, ER-19378, UR-19378 cnx
ER-19381 Kamov 26 7202705 CCCP-19381, YR-19381, YR-CZK, ER-19381, LZ-VAB, ER-19381 cnx
ER-19385 Kamov 26 7202709 CCCP-19385, ER-19385 cnx
ER-19387 Kamov 26 7202801 CCCP-19387, YR-19387, ER-19387, YR-CXF, ER-19387 wfu
ER-19406 Kamov 26 7404320 CCCP-19406, ER-19406, LZ-EMA, YR-DDD
ER-19416 Kamov 26 7404410 CCCP-19416, ER-19416, YR-19416, ER-19416, YR-CZA, ER-19416, YR-CZA, ER-19416 cnx
ER-19466 Kamov 26 7303802 CCCP-19466, ER-19466, YR-19466, ER-19466, YR-CZL, ER-19466, YR-CYO, ER-19466, YR-CSF, ER-19466 cnx
ER-19467 Kamov 26 7303803 CCCP-19467, YR-19467, ER-19467, YR-19467, ER-19467, YR-CXH, ER-19467, YR-CYJ, ER-19467, YR-CSI, ER-19467, YR-CSO, ER-19467 cnx
ER-19475 Kamov 26 7303904 CCCP-19475, ER-19475 cnx
ER-19476 Kamov 26 7303905 CCCP-19476, ER-19476, LZ-VAD, ER-19476 cnx
ER-19486 Kamov 26 7404101 CCCP-19486, YR-19486, ER-19486, YR-19486, ER-19486 cnx
ER-19494 Kamov 26 7404110 CCCP-19494, YR-19494, ER-....., YR-19494, ER-19494, LZ-VAC, UR-19494 cnx
ER-19496 Kamov 26 7404202 CCCP-19496, ER-19496, YR-19496, ER-19496, YR-CZB, ER-19496, YR-CYR, ER-19496, YR-CTG, ER-19496, YR-CSP, ER-19496 wfu
ER-19500 Kamov 26 7404206 CCCP-19500, ER-19500, YR-CSL, ER-19500 cnx
ER-19502 Kamov 26 7404208 CCCP-19502, ER-19502, UR-.....
ER-19503 Kamov 26 7404301 CCCP-19503, ER-19503 cnx
ER-19505 Kamov 26 7404315 CCCP-19505, YR-19505, ER-19505, YR-19505, ER-19505, YR-19505, ER-19505, YR-CXJ, ER-19505, YR-CXJ, ER-19505, YR-CXJ, ER-19505, UR-.....
ER-19506 Kamov 26 7404316 CCCP-19506, YR-19506, ER-19506, YR-CZU, ER-19506, YR-CYF, ER-19506, YR-CSK, ER-19506 cnx
ER-19507 Kamov 26 7404317 CCCP-19507, ER-19507, YR-19507, ER-19507, YR-CZF, ER-19507, YR-CZF, ER-19507, YR-CZF, ER-19507 cnx
ER-19518 Kamov 26 7404509 CCCP-19518, YR-19518, ER-19518, YR-19518, ER-19518, YR-CZC, ER-19518, YR-CZC, ER-19518, YR-CYG, ER-19518, YR-CSG, ER-19518 cnx
ER-19521 Kamov 26 7404513 CCCP-19521, ER-19521 cnx
ER-19534 Kamov 26 7404607 CCCP-19534, YR-19534, CCCP-19534, ER-19534 cnx
ER-19547 Kamov 26 7404706 CCCP-19547, YR-19547, CCCP-....., YR-CTB, ER-19547, YR-CSD, ER-19547, UR-CDJ, ER-19547 cnx
ER-19611 Kamov 26 7505014 CCCP-19611, ER-19611 cnx
ER-19622 Kamov 26 7505110 CCCP-19622, ER-19622 cnx
ER-20121 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 543022073 CCCP-20121, ER-20121
ER-20162 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 523428034 CCCP-20162, ER-20162 w/o
ER-20164 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 523430034 CCCP-20164, ER-20164 cnx
ER-20170 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 523437034 CCCP-20170, ER-20170 wfu
ER-20204 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526843100 CCCP-20204, ER-20204 cnx
ER-20223 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527012011 CCCP-20223, ER-20223 cnx
ER-20257 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547215071 CCCP-20257, ER-20257 wfu
ER-20288 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547407111 CCCP-20288, ER-20288 w/o
ER-20289 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547408111 CCCP-20289, ER-20289 cnx
ER-20293 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527428121 CCCP-20293, ER-20293 w/o
ER-20680 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526645050 CCCP-20680, ER-20680 cnx
ER-20726 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527543032 CCCP-20726, ER-20726 wfu
ER-20727 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527544032 CCCP-20727, ER-20727
ER-20728 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 527545032 CCCP-20728, ER-20728 wfu
ER-20739 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547636052 CCCP-20739, ER-20739, EW-20739, ER-20739
ER-20740 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 547637052 CCCP-20740, ER-20740 cnx
ER-20819 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 528023013 CCCP-20819, ER-20819 wfu
ER-20820 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 528024013 CCCP-20820, ER-20820 cnx
ER-20821 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 528025013 CCCP-20821, ER-20821 cnx
ER-20830 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 548103033 CCCP-20830, ER-20830
ER-23211 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210132037 CCCP-23211, ER-23211 cnx
ER-23237 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210238057 CCCP-23237, ER-23237
ER-23238 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210239057 CCCP-23238, ER-23238 cnx
ER-23264 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210338087 CCCP-23264, ER-23264 cnx
ER-23265 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5210339087 CCCP-23265, ER-23265 cnx
ER-23313 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 529144045 CCCP-23313, ER-23313 cnx
ER-23334 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 529223055 CCCP-23334, ER-23334
ER-23429 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 529344085 CCCP-23429, ER-23429 cnx
ER-23430 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 529345085 CCCP-23430, ER-23430 w/o
ER-23469 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526208069 CCCP-23469, ER-23469 cnx
ER-23470 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526209069 CCCP-23470, ER-23470 cnx
ER-23471 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526210069 CCCP-23471, ER-23471 wfu
ER-24073 Kamov 26 6900602 CCCP-24073, ER-24073 cnx
ER-24092 Kamov 26 7001107 CCCP-24092, YR-24092, ER-24092, LZ-VAA, ER-24092 wfu
ER-..... Aerokopter AK1-3 0048 (ER-.....)
ER-..... Kamov 26 7001204 CCCP-19274, ER-19274, YR-NCI, ER-.....
ER-..... Kamov 26 7102305 CCCP-19113, YR-19113, UR-19113, YR-CXU, ER-....., UR-19113 cnx
ER-..... Kamov 26 7203003 CCCP-19307, EW-19307, YR-CXA, ER-....., LZ-HAK cnx
ER-..... Kamov 26 7203105 CCCP-19316, YR-19316, ER-....., YR-19316, ER-19316, YR-CZM, ER-19316, YR-CZM, ER-19316, YR-CYN, ER-19316 and/or YR-CYV, ER-19316 wfu
ER-..... Kamov 26 7303206 CCCP-19323, YR-19323, ER-....., YR-CXG, ER-19323, YR-CYK, ER-19323, YR-CTC, ER-19323, YR-VAL, ER-19323 cnx
ER-..... Kamov 26 7303409 CCCP-19333, YR-UKG, ER-....., UR-19333 wfu
ER-..... Kamov 26 7404110 CCCP-19494, YR-19494, ER-....., YR-19494, ER-19494, LZ-VAC, UR-19494 cnx
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