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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Kyrgyzstan

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
EX-503 Mil 8T 10953 12359(YU), EX-503 cnx
EX-504 Mil 8T 10961 12308(YU), EX-504 cnx
EX-506 Mil 8T 10977 12410(YU), EX-506 cnx
EX-507 Mil 8T 10948 12302(YU), 12302(4O), EX-507 cnx
EX-508 Mil 8T 10945 12303(YU), 12303(4O), EX-508 cnx
EX-801 Mil 8T 1447 ..??.., EX-801, YA-KHA
EX-802 Mil 8T 9744015 EX-802, YA-KHB
EX-803 Mil 8T 9754943 EX-803, YA-KHD
EX-804 Mil 8T 3186 ..??.., EX-804, YA-KHC
EX-902 Mil 8MTV-1 95521 CCCP-25182, EX-25182, EX-902 w/o
EX-905 Mil 8MTV-1 96155 EX-25148, EX-905 w/o
EX-911 Mil 8MTV-1 95490 CCCP-25180, EX-25180, EX-911, YA-WTF, ZS-HJE[2], HK-...., UR-CMN, ZT-RAU, UR-CMN
EX-912 Mil 8MTV-1 96270 208(RA), RF-31208(RA), EX-912, EX-08017 cnx
EX-920 Mil 8MTV-2 95341 ..??.., 70 yellow(?)(RA), EX-920 cnx
EX-921 Mil 8MTV-1 95617 CCCP-25473, 4K-25473(?), RA-24029, ST-BDH, EX-921, ER-MHU
EX-1000 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil .. ..??.., EX-1000 cnx
EX-03201 Kamov 32T > 32AO 5504 CCCP-31003, RA-31003, LZ-MRC, EX-03201, EY-124, OB-2068-P
EX-08001 Mil 8 .. ..??.., EX-08001 cnx
EX-08002 Mil 14BT > 14PZh > 14GP 74035 ...(CCCP), ...(RA), UR-CBE, EX-08002 cnx
EX-08003 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95724 CCCP-25108, RA-25108, 9N-ADO, EX-08003, 4L-KNM
EX-08004 Mil 8MT > 8MTV 93507 LZ-MOY, N507SL, ER-MGH, EX-08004, ER-MGH
EX-08005 Mil 8MTV-1 95533 CCCP-25423, UK-25423, EX-08005, ER-MHY
EX-08006 Mil 8AMT 59489607093 RA-27118, EX-08006
EX-08007 Mil 17-1V 229M01 XU-170, MH-806(XU), EX-08007, OB-1993-P
EX-08008 Mil 8T 99357492 RA-22506, B-7826, EX-08008 cnx
EX-08009 Mil 8 93878 ..??.., EX-08009 cnx
EX-08010 Mil 8MTV-1 95986 ..??.., H-253(9A), EX-08010
EX-08011 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95604 CCCP-25460, RA-25460, 9N-ADT, EX-08011, 4L-AVN
EX-08012 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95603 CCCP-25459, RA-25459, 9N-ADS, YA-MGA, EX-08012, ER-MGQ
EX-08014 Mil 8MTV-1 95726 CCCP-25110, 4K-25110, EX-08014
EX-08015 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M04 404(LZ), EK-17104, EX-08015 cnx
EX-08016 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) 103M07 407(LZ), EK-17107, EX-08016
EX-08017 Mil 8MTV-1 96270 208(RA), RF-31208(RA), EX-912, EX-08017 cnx
EX-08020 Mil 8MTV-1 95663 CCCP-25515, RA-25515, PF-303(XA)/XC-PFF, EX-08020 cnx
EX-08021 Mil 17-1V 229M02 ...(XU), EX-08021, OB-2048-T, OB-2048-P, ER-MYM cnx
EX-08022 Mil 8T 98308688 CCCP-22724, RA-22724, EX-40017, EX-08022 cnx
EX-08023 Mil 8MTV-1 95644 CCCP-25499, RA-25499, J2-..., EX-08023, 4L-AVE
EX-08024 Mil 171C 171C00066432107U RA-22447, HK-5169, EX-08024
EX-08025 Mil 171C 171C00066432108U RA-22448, HK-5170, EX-08025
EX-08026 Mil 8MTV-1 96109 4K-AZ6, 20152(4K), EX-08026
EX-08027 Mil 8MTV-1 96122 4K-AZ7, 20153(4K), EX-08027
EX-22329 Mil 8T 7154 CCCP-22329, EX-22329 w/o
EX-22398 Mil 8T 7407 CCCP-22398, EX-22398, RA-22398
EX-22621 Mil 8T 7968 CCCP-22621, EX-22621, RA-22691
EX-22835 Mil 8T 7635 CCCP-22835, EX-22835, RA-22835
EX-23415 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 538937114 CCCP-23415, EX-23415, UP-MI208 prs
EX-23497 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 526314099 CCCP-23497, EX-23497 wfu
EX-24690 Mil 8T 9815750 CCCP-24690, EX-24690, RA-24690
EX-25148 Mil 8MTV-1 96155 EX-25148, EX-905 w/o
EX-25178 Mil 8MTV-1 95488 CCCP-25178, EX-25178 cnx
EX-25179 Mil 8MTV-1 95489 CCCP-25179, EX-25179 w/o
EX-25180 Mil 8MTV-1 95490 CCCP-25180, EX-25180, EX-911, YA-WTF, ZS-HJE[2], HK-...., UR-CMN, ZT-RAU, UR-CMN
EX-25182 Mil 8MTV-1 95521 CCCP-25182, EX-25182, EX-902 w/o
EX-25428 Mil 8MTV-1 95460 CCCP-25428, EX-25428 cnx
EX-25720 Mil 8 4224 CCCP-25720, EX-25720 wfu
EX-25791 Mil 8T 4524 CCCP-25791, EX-25791 b/u
EX-25920 Mil 8T 5555 CCCP-25920, EX-25920 wfu
EX-40001 Mil 8T 9744109 EX-40001, YA-KHE
EX-40002 Mil 8T 98308422 CCCP-22715, UR-22715(?), UR-AAD, ER-MGR, EX-40002, ER-MGR
EX-40003 Mil 8AMT 8AMT00804092601U EX-40003, YA-KMH, UR-CMT cnx
EX-40004 Mil 8AMT 8AMT00804092602U EX-40004, YA-KME, UR-CMU cnx
EX-40005 Mil 8AMT 8AMT00804092603U EX-40005, YA-WTA, (HK-4902X), UR-CRT cnx
EX-40006 Mil 8AMT 8AMT00804092604U EX-40006, YA-WTB, (HK-4903X), UR-CRW cnx
EX-40007 Mil 8MTV-1 95632 CCCP-25487, RA-25487, HL9282, ST-BDU, EX-40007
EX-40008 Mil 8AMT (Mil 171) 59489611156 RA-25755, RA-27158, ST-DKL, EX-40008 w/o
EX-40009 Mil 8T 8116 CCCP-22664, RA-22664, ST-VAG, EX-40009 cnx
EX-40010 Mil 8T 98203855 CCCP-25319, RA-25319, ST-VAC, EX-40010 cnx
EX-40011 Mil 8MTV-1 95483 CCCP-25173, RA-25173(?), RA-24030, ST-BDI, EX-40011, 4L-AVH cnx
EX-40012 Mil 8T 98415421 CCCP-22858, RA-22858, ST-BDM, EX-40012, ST-BDM
EX-40013 Mil 17V-5 084M01 N213XX, EX-40013, ER-MHT, N213XX
EX-40014 Mil 8T 10720 720(YR), ER-MGE, ST-BDF, EX-40014 cnx
EX-40015 Mil 17V-5 084M02 N214XX, EX-40015, ER-MHI, N214XX
EX-40016 Mil 8T 7884 CCCP-22591, RA-22591, EX-40016
EX-40017 Mil 8T 98308688 CCCP-22724, RA-22724, EX-40017, EX-08022 cnx
EX-40018 Mil 8MTV-1 95379 CCCP-25168, EY-25168, EX-40018, YA-KAK, 4L-AVG cnx
EX-77005 AutoGyro Europe MTO3 [gyro] .. EX-77005
EX-77007 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00086 EX-77007
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