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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Tajikistan

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
EY-102 Mil 8AMT .. ..??.., EY-102
EY-106 Mil 8MTV-1 .. ..??.., EY-106 w/o
EY-122 Mil 17-1V 148M01 TT-OAL, EY-122, OB-2028-P
EY-123 Kamov 27PP > 32AO 5235001382601 ...(CCCP), EY-123, OB-2046-P cnx
EY-124 Kamov 32T > 32AO 5504 CCCP-31003, RA-31003, LZ-MRC, EX-03201, EY-124, OB-2068-P
EY-219 Mil 8T 9754637 ...(CCCP), UR-MRF, ST-MRF, EY-219
EY-221 Mil 8T 9754525 ...(CCCP), UR-DRW, ST-DRW, (EY-221), ST-DRW
EY-224 Mil 8MTV .. ..??.., EY-224
EY-225 Mil 8MTV .. ..??.., EY-225
EY-22691 Mil 8T 8150 CCCP-22691, EY-22691
EY-22826 Mil 8T 7626 CCCP-22826, EY-22826
EY-22838 Mil 8T 7638 CCCP-22838, EY-22838
EY-24404 Mil 8T 98625146 CCCP-24404, EY-24404
EY-24495 Mil 8T 98628987 CCCP-24495, EY-24495, UN-24495(?), 9Q-CXN
EY-25149 Mil 8MTV-1 95190 CCCP-25149, EY-25149
EY-25167 Mil 8MTV-1 95378 CCCP-25167, EY-25167
EY-25168 Mil 8MTV-1 95379 CCCP-25168, EY-25168, EX-40018, YA-KAK, 4L-AVG cnx
EY-25169 Mil 8MTV-1 95380 CCCP-25169, EY-25169 w/o
EY-25427 Mil 8MTV-1 95459 CCCP-25427, EY-25427
EY-25438 Mil 8MTV-1 95579 CCCP-25438, EY-25438
EY-25549 Mil 8T 2885 CCCP-25549, EY-25549
EY-25635 Mil 8T 3048 CCCP-25635, EY-25635
EY-25713 Mil 8T 4192 CCCP-25713, EY-25713
EY-25766 Mil 8MTV-1 96137 RA-25766, EY-25766, 9Q-CXO
EY-72103 Mil 172 ? 762C01 ..??.., EY-72103
EY-..... Mil 8MTV 94695 ..??.., CCCP-25527, EY-.....
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