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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Sudan

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent] Fate
ST-AEX Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II 581102 N947, PC+204(D), PB+206(D), PH+262(D), PH+218(D), 80+37(D), (ST-AEX) wfu
ST-AEY Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58FT 58748 PB+203(D), QB+463(D), QW+413(D), 80+07(D), N40809, (ST-AEY) wfu
ST-AEZ Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I 58834 PB+213(D), QB+467(D), QA+470(D), 80+17(D), (ST-AEZ) cnx
ST-AFC Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III 581594 150775(N), QA+479(D), QW+410(D), 80+91(D), (ST-AFC) cnx
ST-AGQ Bell 47D1 > 47G > 47G-2 636 CF-GXG, D-HAKE, ST-AGQ, (D-HAHB)
ST-AGT Bell 47G-2 1703 D-HEDU, ST-AGT w/o
ST-AOT Agusta-Bell 205A-1 4205 ...(HZ), TC-HGA, ST-AOT
ST-AOU Agusta-Bell 205A-1 .. ..??.., TC-HG., ST-AOU
ST-ASN Mil 8PS 22613 ..??.., ST-ASN
ST-AXA MBB BK117 C-2 9222 D-HADC[2], N956AL, 9M-..., ST-AXA, 5Y-EXQ
ST-AXU Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1596 D-HAXU[2], ST-AXU prs
ST-BDC Mil 8T 98308882 CCCP-22733, RA-22733, ST-BDC
ST-BDD Mil 8T 98415700 CCCP-22872, RA-22872, ST-BDD w/o
ST-BDF Mil 8T 10720 720(YR), ER-MGE, ST-BDF, EX-40014 cnx
ST-BDG Mil 8T 98628934 CCCP-24486, RA-24486, ST-BDG
ST-BDH Mil 8MTV-1 95617 CCCP-25473, 4K-25473(?), RA-24029, ST-BDH, EX-921, ER-MHU
ST-BDI Mil 8MTV-1 95483 CCCP-25173, RA-25173(?), RA-24030, ST-BDI, EX-40011, 4L-AVH cnx
ST-BDJ Mil 8T 98841412 CCCP-24141, RA-24141, ST-BDJ
ST-BDM Mil 8T 98415421 CCCP-22858, RA-22858, ST-BDM, EX-40012, ST-BDM
ST-BDR Mil 8PS 10733 (733(YR)), 911[2](DDR), 93+50(D), LY-HBB, ST-BDR
ST-BDU Mil 8MTV-1 95632 CCCP-25487, RA-25487, HL9282, ST-BDU, EX-40007
ST-DKL Mil 8AMT (Mil 171) 59489611156 RA-25755, RA-27158, ST-DKL, EX-40008 w/o
ST-GFA Mil 17 202M27 RA-70958, ST-GFA
ST-GFB Mil 8MTV (Mil 17) 202M25 RA-70956, ST-GFB w/o
ST-GFC Mil 17 212M147 CCCP-70891, RA-70891, ST-GFC
ST-GFE Mil 17 212M148 CCCP-70892, RA-70892, ST-GFE
ST-GFK Mil 17 .. ..??.., ST-GFK
ST-HLS Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II 8492 OE-BXT, D-HAFI[2], ST-HLS, D-HAFI[2], AF-317(5X)
ST-MGA Mil 8MT 10928 12240(YU), ST-MGA
ST-MGB Mil 8T 10954 12360(YU), ST-MGB
ST-MGC Mil 8T 98203673 CCCP-25301, OK-MYN, OM-MYN, UR-25301, UP-MI837, ST-MGC
ST-MHD Mil 8MTV .. ..??.., ST-MHD
ST-MSA Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6469 F-WYMT, HL9203, PH-FMD, ST-MSA, PH-FMD, PK-TSB, N599AR, ZS-HJW[2]
ST-MSC Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6526 F-WQDK[5], 090(CX)/CX-BTE, PH-FMA, ST-MSC, PH-FMA, PK-TSC, 5Y-EXJ
ST-PRN Mil 8AMT .. ..??.., ST-PRN
ST-PRZ Mil 8P .. ..??.., ST-PRZ
ST-SAA Safat 02 .. ST-SAA
ST-SAB Safat 02 .. ST-SAB
ST-SAC PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 528919104 OK-OIT, OM-OIT, HA-BGB, OK-OIT, ST-SAC wfu
ST-SAC Safat 02 .. ST-SAC
ST-SAD Safat 02 .. ST-SAD
ST-SFA Mil 8PS 10728 728(YR), 01(YR), 728(YR), ER-MGF, ST-SFA
ST-SFB Mil 8 20408 20408(MT), ST-SFB
ST-SFD Mil 8 .. ..??.., ST-SFD
ST-SFE Mil 8 .. ..??.., ST-SFE
ST-SHL Mil 8 .. ..??.., ST-SHL
ST-SHR Mil 8T 98308444 CCCP-22716, RA-22716(?), ST-SHR, YA-KMW
ST-SHS Mil 8T 7295 CCCP-22393, RA-22393, ST-SHS
ST-SOE Mil 8 .. ..??.., ST-SOE
ST-SWS Mil 8 .. ..??.., ST-SWS
ST-VAC Mil 8T 98203855 CCCP-25319, RA-25319, ST-VAC, EX-40010 cnx
ST-VAG Mil 8T 8116 CCCP-22664, RA-22664, ST-VAG, EX-40009 cnx
ST-VAH Mil 8T 98520650 CCCP-06134, RA-06134, ST-VAH
ST-VAM Mil 8T 98206003 CCCP-25330, RA-25330, ST-VAM
ST-VAS Mil 8P 7644 CCCP-22843, RA-22843, ST-VAS
ST-... Agusta A109BA 3009 H09/OT-ARI(OO), ST-...
ST-... Agusta A109BA 3034 H34/OT-AKB(OO), ST-...
ST-... Agusta-Bell 205A-1 .. ..??.., (TC-HGB), ST-...
ST-... Agusta-Bell 205A-1 .. ..??.., (TC-HGC), ST-...
ST-... Mil 8MTV-1 95621 CCCP-25476, RA-25476, ST-..., D2-PRH
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