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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Costa Rica

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History [last one most recent] Fate
TI-ACE Bell 47G-5 RL368831 TI-ACE(?) cnx
TI-AIL Hughes 269B 54-0084 YS-1004A, TI-19C, TI-AIL cnx
TI-AIO Hughes 369HS .. ..??.., TI-AIO cnx
TI-AIP Hughes 369HS .. ..??.., TI-AIP cnx
TI-AJZ Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 792 55-4091(N), N121WA, TI-AJZ
TI-AKR Hughes 269C 840347 TG-BAJ[2], TI-AKR, N.....
TI-AMD Hughes 369HS 750761S N76HH, TI-AMD cnx
TI-AOE Bell 47G-5 7934 N1468W, TI-AOE, HP-959, HP-959P
TI-AOF Bell 47G-5 7805 N8563F, TI-AOF cnx
TI-ASA Bell 47D1 212 N614B, N9567C, TG-H-CUW, N9567C, TI-01F, AN-AYR, N9567C, TI-ASA cnx
TI-ASB Bell 47D > 47D1 36 NC182B, TG-H-CUL, N182B, TG-H-FAW, N182B, AN-AYS, N182B, TI-ASB, N182B
TI-ASC Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 411 51-13816(N), N902B[2], TI-03F, AN-AYT, N902B[2], TI-ASC cnx
TI-ASJ Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 847 > 847-17 51-14082(N), N903B, TG-H-COE, N903B, HR-FU-82, N903B, AN-BIC, N903B, TI-ASJ
TI-ASK Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 837 51-14072(N), N6329D, HR-FU-44, N12088, AN-BNH, YN-BNH, TI-ASK cnx
TI-ASL Bell 47D > 47D1 20 NC166B, N166B, ZK-HAD, N12888, TI-ASL
TI-ASM Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 > 47G > 47G-2 829 51-14064(N), N904B, TG-H-COF, N904B, HR-FU-40, N12085, AN-BPZ, N12085, TI-ASM
TI-ASN Bell 47G-2 1475 CF-INX, N5479V, C-FINX, ..??.., TI-ASN
TI-AUB Hughes 369E (500E) 0009E G-OMJH, G-OEPF, G-SUTT, N33MM, TI-AUB, N500LK
TI-AUP Bell 47G > 47G-2 > Bell-Daytona Beach Aviation 47G 1277 > 1277DBA N959B, CF-KGY, (N959B), CF-KGY, N73DB, TI-AUP
TI-AUQ Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3693 67-17011(N), N200AP, N25BJ, N93HA, TI-AUQ
TI-AUR Bell 47G-2 > Bell-Campbell CH-G2 2 N5235N, TI-AUR
TI-AVB Bell 47D1 > 47G-2 221 CF-GXA, N17271, TI-AVB
TI-AVE Bell 47G > 47G-2 > Continental Copters El Tomcat 1453 YV-P-BPN, N4837, TI-AVE w/o
TI-AVN Bell 206B JetRanger III 3573 N2267B, TI-AVN, N56MC w/o
TI-AVR Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-2A-1 3294 64-15426(N), TF-MUN, G-WYTE, TI-AVR
TI-AVS Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 364 51-13777(N), N88929, TI-AVS cnx
TI-AVS Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-2A-1 3295 64-15427(N), TI-AVS[2]
TI-AVT Bell 47B > 47B (Modified) > 47G-2 50 NC130B, N130B, CF-HDP, N47GX, (F-GFHN), N47GX, TI-AVT, TG-BGD cnx
TI-AWC Bell 47G-2 1414 CF-INA, N2973G, AN-BSF, YN-BSF, TI-AWC
TI-AWD Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 > 47G-2 804 51-14039(N), N62K, G-AVDO, N7739, TI-AWD, TI-RAG
TI-AWD Bell 47G-2 1998 N5158B, YN-..., ..??.., TI-AWD
TI-AWF Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H > 205 5396 66-00913(N), N5517Z, TI-AWF
TI-AWJ Bell 47J Ranger 1432 N2863B, TI-AWJ
TI-AWZ Hughes 269C 700019 N9612F, TI-AWZ
TI-AXC Bell 47G > 47G-2 699 Z.7-3(EC), HE.7-3(EC), TI-AXC w/o
TI-AXD Bell 47G > 47G-2 700 Z.7-2(EC), HE.7-2(EC), TI-AXD
TI-AXF Agusta-Bell 47G-2A 1523 Z.7-23(EC), HE.7-23(EC), TI-AXF w/o
TI-AXG Agusta-Bell 47G-2A-1 1610 Z.7A-24(EC), HE.7-24(EC), HE.7A-24(EC), TI-AXG
TI-AXH Bell 47J-2 Ranger 2840 N73968, N76HA, TI-AXH
TI-AXW Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2591 N5770B, G-BNNF, N345RA, TI-AXW
TI-AYC Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2569 VR-HIP, N348RA, TI-AYC w/o
TI-AYX Robinson R44 Raven 0935 N7189N, TI-AYX
TI-AZA Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 3060 N402LH, TI-AZA, N122HC, TI-AZA w/o
TI-AZF Eurocopter 130B4 (AS350B4) 3681 TI-AZF
TI-AZH Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2488 N506W, N3128G, TI-AZH, N3128G cnx
TI-AZJ Bell 407 53173 C-FOFE, N8694V, TI-AZJ, HR-AVE w/o
TI-AZK Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois > Southwest Florida Aviation SW204HP 773 63-08551(N), N8156E, TI-AZK wfu
TI-AZM Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4648 65-09604(N), N7232Z, HI-714SP, TI-AZM
TI-AZP Bell 407 53368 C-GLZY, N6055Z, (N407RC), TG-EMR, TI-AZP
TI-AZZ Robinson R22 Beta II 3142 N7191J, TI-AZZ w/o
TI-BAC Robinson R44 Raven II 10927 ..??.., HP-1594, TI-BAC w/o
TI-BAD Bell 407 53403 C-GAJN, N998SP, N501TH, TI-BAD, N501TH, TI-...
TI-BAI Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II > 315B Lama 2338 > 2338/36 XB-LAE, F-GLEV, SE-JDN, LN-OTE[2], D-HUAI, OE-XHF, TI-BAI, OB-1892-P b/u
TI-BAR Robinson R44 Raven II 11119 N74627, HP-...., TI-BAR
TI-BAT Bell 206B JetRanger III 2301 N555BH, N206BW, TI-BAT
TI-BAU Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2558 168(CC), N74AL, TI-BAU, N483BA
TI-BAV Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II > 315B Lama 2179 > 2179/30 F-WKQI, 5V-MAF, LN-OCE, OE-XHC, TI-BAV, OE-XHW[2] cnx
TI-BAW Enstrom 280FX Shark 2123 TI-BAW
TI-BAX Enstrom 480B 5093 TI-BAX, N306RP cnx
TI-BAZ Robinson R22 Beta II 3734 YN-CGL, TI-BAZ
TI-BBA Robinson R44 Raven II 11430 TI-BBA
TI-BBB Robinson R44 Raven II 11431 TI-BBB w/o
TI-BBM Robinson R44 Raven II 11807 TI-BBM
TI-BBP Robinson R44 Raven II ? 11892 TI-BBP
TI-BBT Bell 206B JetRanger II 1034 N83146, (N206WH), N83146, TI-BBT w/o
TI-BBU Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 4325 TI-BBU
TI-BBV Bell 206B JetRanger III 2309 N70BC, N444GC, N206RP, HP-1244, TI-BBV
TI-BBY Robinson R22 Beta 2287 N23635, LQ-BJS, N344VH, TI-BBY
TI-BCA Robinson R44 II 12070 TI-BCA
TI-BCC Robinson R44 II 12133 TI-BCC
TI-BCR Robinson R44 Raven II IFR Trainer 11057 N157HP, TI-BCR, N157HP
TI-BCZ Robinson R44 II 12579 TI-BCZ
TI-BDB Bell 206B JetRanger III 2849 N162BC, N515LV, N142JF, TI-BDB
TI-BDC Bell 206B JetRanger III 3158 N3888Q, JA6188, N2456Y, TI-BDC
TI-BDG Bell 212 30844 ..??.., XA-SSH and/or XC-CAF, N405RA, HK-4124X, TI-BDG, HK-4124, HP-....
TI-BDI Robinson R44 Raven II 12652 TI-BDI
TI-BDJ McDonnell-Douglas 900 Explorer (MD902) 900-00120 N9017P, N690BJ, TI-BDJ
TI-BDN Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52260 C-GAHJ, N91450, N96JJ, (N401JJ), TG-RIC, TI-BDN
TI-BDP Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 3981 ZK-HBT[4], N209M, TI-BDP
TI-BDQ Bell 206B JetRanger II 1641 N90313, 9Y-TGO, N31779, XA-SLF, N31779, XA-TLC, N212KK, HP-1644, HP-1644BL, TI-BDQ cnx
TI-BDS Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > Northwest Rotorcraft UH-1H 11411 69-15123(N), N6180Z, TI-BDS
TI-BEA Bölkow 105C S-37 (D-HJBN), D-HBAG, HB-XHE, CP-1523, HB-XHE, CC-PSB, N81890, CC-PKQ, N81890, TI-BEA
TI-BEB SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1425 1425(F), F-GLED, (TI-BEB), F-GLED
TI-BED SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1929 F-WIEO, V-51(HB), HB-XBJ, N313SE, HP-...., TI-BED
TI-BEE Robinson R66 Turbine 0053 TI-BEE
TI-BEG SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1403 F-WIEI, PB+134(D), PB+202(D), 75+53(D), N920LA, HP-...., TI-BEG
TI-BEK Hughes 369D 380276D N58215, YV-89CP, YV1747, TI-BEK cnx
TI-BEQ Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 504 N8105J, D-HAST, F-GAPT, N206AT, TG-NEW, TI-BEQ cnx
TI-BES Robinson R44 Clipper II 10052 N154CC, TI-BES
TI-BET Robinson R66 Turbine 0050 N4481Q, TI-BET
TI-BEY SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1461 F-WIEJ, PB+140(D), QW+733(D), QW+228(D), 75+69(D), N829LA, (TI-BEY) cnx
TI-BFB Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 5087 N1CG, SE-JGT, N260MH, C-FXTO, TI-BFB, C-FXTO
TI-BFD SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II > 313B 1545 F-WIEM, PN+131(D), PZ+201(D), 76+00(D), D-HHAB, F-GDHM, (TI-BFD) cnx
TI-BFI Robinson R66 Turbine 0406 TI-BFI
TI-BFM Mil 171E 171E00196105208U 4L-AVB, (TI-BFM), 4L-AVB
TI-BFS Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52153 C-GLZK, N4181X, HR-ASV, TI-BFS[2]
TI-BGD Robinson R44 Raven 0755 N744JH, TG-BUG[2], HP-...., TI-BGD
TI-BGH Bell 47G-2 1459 N2483B, XA-..., TI-BGH w/o
TI-BGN Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51434 N352AL, XA-RVD, N364AL, C-GWZO[2], TI-BGN
TI-BGS Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil 7299 CC-AGZ, HP-3012HF, TI-BGS
TI-BGW Bell/K-Copter 47D1 K6112 N4421E, TI-BGW
TI-BGY Bell 407 53938 C-GADL, N365UH, XB-LJR, TI-BGY
TI-BHA Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3651 67-15932(N), N99631, XB-IMR, TI-BHA
TI-BHG Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51181 N3202U, N206LR, N1430C, N60TV, N60YJ, TI-BHG
TI-BHN Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA > Heli-Lynx 350FX2 (AS350BA) 1994 JA9468, ZK-HKQ[3], VH-ZDN, C-FDJQ, N426U, C-FSQC, TI-BHN
TI-BHO Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA > Heli-Lynx 350FX2 (AS350BA) 2407 JA6041, VH-XKW, VH-ENX[2], VH-TVP[2], VH-LEE[3], C-FDKI, N427U, C-FSQD, TI-BHO
TI-BHV Bell 47G-5 .. ..??.., TI-BHV
TI-BIE Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1543 TG-..., HP-2121, TI-BIE
TI-BIF Bell 47G-2 > 47G-2A > 47G-4A 1283 YV-E-CPL, YV-55A, YV-122C, YV-107A, YV-2213P, ..??.., TI-BIF
TI-BIK Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52031 N7059H, JA6134, N206TL, TI-BIK
TI-RAG Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 > 47G-2 804 51-14039(N), N62K, G-AVDO, N7739, TI-AWD, TI-RAG
TI-SPH Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 236 TI-18[3], TI-SPH cnx
TI-SPI Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > HH-34J > S-58ET 581050 145707(N), TI-SPI w/o
TI-SPJ Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > HH-34J > S-58ET 581353 148957(N), TI-SPJ prs
TI-SPL Hughes 269C 970631 TI-SPL w/o
TI-SPM Hughes 269C 970632 TI-SPM cnx
TI-SPO Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 213 60-03567(N), (FAP-103(HP)), TI-SPO, N39137, N846MC w/o
TI-SPP Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 426 62-01906(N), FAP-111(HP)(?), TI-SPP, N4242T, LV-WED, PR-H-005(ZP)
TI-SPX Hughes 369E (500E) 0081E TI-SPX, MSP012(TI) wfu
TI-SPY Hughes 369E (500E) 0142E TI-SPY, MSP018(TI), MSP013(TI) w/o
TI-TNT Hughes 369D 670151D N88CN, JA9381, N936M, TI-TNT, N369CR
TI-TVC Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1231 N3609U, N69TL, N68SA, N79AJ, TI-TVC
TI-... Agusta-Bell 47G-2 272 H-109(EC), Z.7-9(EC), HE.7-9(EC), TI-...
TI-... Agusta-Bell 47G-2 281 H-110(EC), Z.7-15(EC), HE.7-15(EC), TI-...
TI-... Bell YR-13-BE Sioux > Bell-Barnes 47D1 12 46-238(N), N12512, TI-...
TI-... Bell H-13B-BE Sioux > 47D1 117 48-833(N), N4252A, TI-...
TI-... Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1087 52-7860(N), N90641, TI-...
TI-... Bell 47G > 47G-2 1519 Z.7-4(EC), HE.7-4(EC), TI-...
TI-... Bell 47J-2A Ranger 3108 N73990, TI-...
TI-... Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3557 66-8057(N), N2266A, YN-..., TI-..., N2266A
TI-... Bell 47G-5 7848 N7914S, TI-...
TI-... Bell 205A-1 30300 EV-8017(YV), EC-8017(YV), N4378T, TI-..., N490SA
TI-... Bell 205A-1 30301 EV-8015(YV), EC-8015(YV), N4378W, TI-..., N16BU, N205CE
TI-... Bell 206B JetRanger III 2809 N2778X, N349WM, N77CR, TI-..., N206DB, N73AJ, N79AJ, N94PH w/o
TI-... Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51577 C-GLZU, TC-HAO, N41046, N416TT, N1AH, N828TG, TI-..., HK-4653
TI-... Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52121 C-FOEP[11], N55EA, N206AT, PT-YBM, N206VV, TI-...
TI-... Bell 407 53403 C-GAJN, N998SP, N501TH, TI-BAD, N501TH, TI-...
TI-... Hughes 369D 1109D N98765 and/or N5135X, (YV-538CP), N5135X, TI-...
TI-... Robinson R44 Astro 0116 C-FTKQ[2], N7184N, TI-...
TI-... Robinson R44 Raven II 11086 N89CP, N133AA, TI-..., N134AA
TI-... Robinson R44 II 14202 N20GH, TI-...
TI-... SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1513 F-WIEL, PQ+931(D), PQ+131[2](D), QA+207(D), 75+88(D), N355DB, TI-...
TI-... SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1528 F-WIEJ, PL+140(D), PK+209(D), 75+93(D), N349DB, TI-...
TI-... SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II 1762 F-WJDF, PP+143[2](D), PX+211(D), 76+78(D), N351DB, TI-...
TI-01F Bell 47D1 212 N614B, N9567C, TG-H-CUW, N9567C, TI-01F, AN-AYR, N9567C, TI-ASA cnx
TI-02F Bell 47D1 ? 36 ..??.., TI-02F cnx
TI-03F Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 411 51-13816(N), N902B[2], TI-03F, AN-AYT, N902B[2], TI-ASC cnx
TI-04F Bell 47D > Bell-World Helicopters 47D1 29 NC175B, N175B, TG-H-COO(or TG-H-COU), N5246N, TI-04F, N5246N, AN-BEN cnx
TI-05F Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 954 51-14189(N), N907B, TI-05F, N907B cnx
TI-06F Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 743 51-13978(N), TI-06F, AN-AYU cnx
TI-07F Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 > Bell-Allied Helicopter 47D1 900 51-14135(N), N3657F, TG-H-DOB, TI-07F, N3657F, AN-AYV, N3657F
TI-10C Hiller UH-12A 123 N8123H, XB-SIR, N8087E, (TI-10C) w/o
TI-10F Hughes 269 .. ..??.., TI-10F cnx
TI-11C Hiller UH-12A 147 N8147H, XB-SIS, N8088E, (TI-11C) w/o
TI-11C Bell 47G-2 2222 N6726D, TI-11C, TI-11F cnx
TI-11F Bell 47G-2 2222 N6726D, TI-11C, TI-11F cnx
TI-12C Bell 47G-2 > Bell-Campbell CH-G2 1 N5234N, TI-12C, TI-12F cnx
TI-12F Bell 47G-2 > Bell-Campbell CH-G2 1 N5234N, TI-12C, TI-12F cnx
TI-14C Bell 47G-3B-1 > 47G-4 2814 N73941, TI-14C, N1216W, 910(HR) prs
TI-15F Bell 47G-2 1462 N2486B, TI-15L, TI-15F, HP-638, HP-638P wfu
TI-15L Bell 47G-2 1462 N2486B, TI-15L, TI-15F, HP-638, HP-638P wfu
TI-16C Hiller UH-12E > UH-12ET 2009 N5335V, TI-16C, N5335V cnx
TI-17F Bell 47G-4A 7530 N1345X, TI-17F, HP-720, N58874, JA7620 wfu
TI-18 Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 236 TI-18[3], TI-SPH cnx
TI-19C Hughes 269B 54-0084 YS-1004A, TI-19C, TI-AIL cnx
UL-TI-040 RotorWay Exec 162F 35 ..??.., UL-TI-040
UL-TI-044 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX [gyro] .. ..??.., UL-TI-044
UL-TI-049 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX-SE [gyro] .. ..??.., UL-TI-049 w/o
UL-TI-056 ... [gyro] .. ..??.., UL-TI-056
UL-TI-058 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-058
UL-TI-060 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-060
UL-TI-063 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-063
UL-TI-064 AutoGyro Europe MTO3 [gyro] D08G19 UL-TI-064
UL-TI-069 AutoGyro Europe MTO3 [gyro] .. UL-TI-069
UL-TI-071 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-071
UL-TI-072 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-072
UL-TI-073 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-073
UL-TI-086 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] .. UL-TI-086
UL-TI-093 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport 912 [gyro] .. UL-TI-093
UL-TI-094 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-094
UL-TI-096 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] .. UL-TI-096
UL-TI-098 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-098
UL-TI-101 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] .. UL-TI-101
UL-TI-102 AutoGyro Europe MTOsport [gyro] .. UL-TI-102
UL-TI-111 Magni Gyro M-24C Orion [gyro] .. UL-TI-111
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