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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Vietnam

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
VN-417 PZL-Swidnik W-3AM Sokol 37.08.04 SP-SYN[2], VN-417, HL9265, EC-JUN w/o
VN-7028 Mil 8 .. ..??.., VN-7028
VN-7278 Mil 8 .. ..??.., VN-7278
VN-7828 Mil 8 20114 7828(VN), VN-7828
VN-7846 Mil 8MTV-1 95930 VN-7846
VN-8402 Mil 8MT 201001 VN-8402
VN-8404 Mil 8S 201002 VN-8404, 8404(VN)
VN-8406 Mil 8MT (Mil 17) 223M43 8406(VN), VN-8406
VN-8408 Mil 8MT (Mil 17) 223M44 8408(VN), VN-8408
VN-8410 Mil 17 201M07 VN-8410
VN-8411 Mil 17 201M08 VN-8411, 8411(VN)
VN-8412 Mil 17 201M09 VN-8412
VN-8414 Mil 8MTV (Mil 17-1V) 96167 VN-8414
VN-8415 Mil 8MTV 96168 VN-8415 w/o
VN-8416 Mil 8MTV-1 96052 RA-22940, ...(YL), VN-8416
VN-8420 Mil 172 .. ..??.., VN-8420
VN-8424 Mil 172 .. ..??.., VN-8424
VN-8425 Mil 172 .. ..??.., VN-8425
VN-8426 Mil 172 704C07 VN-8426, VT-MAH cnx
VN-8427 Mil 172 .. ..??.., VN-8427
VN-8428 Mil 172 .. ..??.., VN-8428
VN-8601 Eurocopter 155B > 155B1 6645 F-WWOI, F-WQDF, VN-8601
VN-8602 Eurocopter 155B > 155B1 6647 F-WWOE, VN-8602
VN-8605 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1610 HB-XKF, (D-HORA[3]), VN-8605 w/o
VN-8606 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1611 ZS-HIZ, (...(ZS)), ZS-HIZ, VN-8606, ZS-HIZ, SX-HSA, ZS-HIZ, N1624S
VN-8607 Sud Aviation 330G Puma > 330J 1407 PT-HRL, F-GBLS, HC-BNP, F-GBLS, PT-HUB, F-GBLS, VN-8607, F-GJON
VN-8608 Aerospatiale 332L2 Super Puma 2348 F-GLHS, F-WTNR, VN-8608
VN-8609 Aerospatiale 332L2 Super Puma 2366 F-WKQF, VN-8609, LN-OHH, VN-8609, 9M-STR[2]
VN-8610 Aerospatiale 332L2 Super Puma 2380 VN-8610
VN-8614 Aerospatiale 332L2 Super Puma 2664 F-WQDK, F-OISY, VN-8614
VN-8616 Aerospatiale 332L2 Super Puma 2672 F-WWOR, F-OISZ, VN-8616
VN-8618 Eurocopter 225LP 2730 F-WWOZ, F-OKEY, VN-8618
VN-8619 Eurocopter 225LP 2735 F-WJXR, F-OKEZ, VN-8619
VN-8620 Eurocopter 225LP 2857 F-WWOZ, VN-8620
VN-8621 Eurocopter 155B1 6869 F-WWPO, VN-8621
VN-8622 Eurocopter 130B4 3815 ZK-HKX[2], N919V, VN-8622, N10614, XY-AFH w/o
VN-8622 Eurocopter 225LP 2934 VN-8622
VN-8624 Eurocopter 155B1 6900 VN-8624
VN-8629 Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1436 F-WWXU, 9M-HAC, VN-8629, 9V-HBO, 4R-AYS
VN-8629 AgustaWestland AW189 49029 I-EASO, VN-8629, 9M-AWX, LN-ODJ[3]
VN-8630 Guimbal Cabri G2 1075 F-WWHZ, VN-8630
VN-8631 Guimbal Cabri G2 1076 F-WWHG, VN-8631
VN-8632 Eurocopter 130T2 8002 F-WTCS, VN-8632 w/o
VN-8635 Guimbal Cabri G2 1177 F-WZED, VN-8635
VN-8640 AgustaWestland AW189 49033 I-RAIW, VN-8640
VN-8641 AgustaWestland AW189 49035 I-EASN, VN-8641
VN-8768 Eurocopter 225LP ? 2808 F-WJXJ, F-WTAG, VNT-768(VN), VN-8768
VN-D667 Eurocopter 130T2 7936 VN-D667, RP-C6209
VN-D668 Eurocopter 155B1 6885 F-WWOL, I-PHLO, VN-D668, N188CF, N916LL
VN-D686 Eurocopter 135 P2+ (135 P2i) 0880 N419QE, VN-D686, 9V-HBD, XA-UTN, N880TV, JA151T
VN-.... Eurocopter 225LP .. ..??.., VN-...., 9M-STK cnx
VN-.... AgustaWestland AW189 89010 I-EASO, (VN-....)
VN-.... Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13870 76-22652(N), EV-7705(YV), N270SA, VN-....
VN-.... Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13872 76-22654(N), EV-7707(YV), N470SA, VN-....
VN-.... Mil 8MTV-1 95897 CCCP-27079, VN-....
VN-.... Mil 8MTV-1 95920 CCCP-27084, VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C01 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C02 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C03 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C04 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C05 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C06 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C08 VN-....
VN-.... Mil 172 704C09 VN-....
XV-GCU Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10295 68-15365(N), XV-GCU, 68-15365(N) w/o
XV-... Hiller UH-12C 794 XV-...
XV-... Hiller UH-12C 795 XV-...
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