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Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Paraguay

b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled, fate unknown
dbf = destroyed by fire
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registr. unknown (if any)
Reg. Type C/N History Fate
ZP-HAA Bell 206L LongRanger 45042 N9985K, ZP-HAA, N26590, N10HA, C-FKAW
ZP-HAB Bell 206B JetRanger III 2381 ZP-HAB, N9044Z, N76KM, (N75KN), N76KM, N76KN, (N70TS), N76KN, N206TS, C-FZHK
ZP-HAC Hughes 269C 300909 ZP-HAC(?), H-029(ZP) wfu
ZP-HAC Rogerson-Hiller UH-12E > UH-12E-4T (Soloy) 5179 N40320, ZP-HAC, H-022(ZP) w/o
ZP-HAD Schweizer 269C S1653 N69A, N60638, ZP-HAD[2]
ZP-HAE Eurocopter 120B Colibri .. ..??.., ZP-HAE
ZP-HAF Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1708 64-15199(N), N51606, CC-CAW, ZP-HAF, ZP-HHF
ZP-HAH Robinson R44 Raven II 12844 N4266E, ZP-HAH w/o
ZP-HAL Robinson R44 II 10524 N7531X, XB-KKI, XC-LKJ, A-01[2](ZP), ZP-HAL
ZP-HBH Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51006 N2235V, N206CM, N2210H, N314LS, ZP-HBH
ZP-HBV Robinson R22 Beta 1638 N4045R, ZP-HBV
ZP-HCH Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51314 N93CH, ZP-HCH
ZP-HCN Bell 206B JetRanger III 3328 N2057Q, ZP-HCN, VH-CHA[3], VH-ZBB[7]
ZP-HDH Robinson R44 Raven II 13375 ZP-HDH, CC-AUW
ZP-HHF Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1708 64-15199(N), N51606, CC-CAW, ZP-HAF, ZP-HHF
ZP-HIE Bell 206B JetRanger III 3788 N55TV, N824DM, ZP-HIE
ZP-HLN Bell 206B JetRanger III 4250 C-GLZM, N910CA, ZP-HLN, N910CA, N31LA, N15FH
ZP-HMC Robinson R44 Astro 0495 ZP-HMC, CX-DMF, LV-CCN
ZP-HMD Agusta A109A Mk.II+ 7414 JA9919, N88FA, H-001(ZP), ZP-HMD, N250SC, TC-HBO
ZP-HRA Robinson R44 Raven 0786 ZP-HRA w/o
ZP-HRB Robinson R22 Beta II 3071 ZP-HRB, LV-ANZ
ZP-HRC Robinson R44 Raven 0808 ZP-HRC, CC-PNC
ZP-HVR Robinson R44 II 11126 EC-JRB, ZP-HVR
ZP-... Robinson R44 Raven II 12152 OK-NAT, SP-HAP[2], ZP-...
ZP-X054 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon [gyro] V00241 ZP-X054
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