updated 01-Nov-2023

Historical (complete) civil rotorcraft register for USA (part 15)

3587 records


broken up
destroyed by fire
ground test vehicle
instructional airframe
not built
not taken up
withdrawn from use
written off
reg. unknown (if any)
registration not active
reg. type c/n history fate
N39009 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N39009 cnx
N39015 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45606 N39015, N45EA, ZS-REN w/o
N39017 Bell 222 47047 N39017, N850E, 4X-BCG, N70692 b/u
N39033 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45618 N39033, YV-497CP, N12TE, TG-ORJ, TG-GOL[3] w/o
N39049 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3101 N30VA, N39049
N39059 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3224 N39059, N905WP w/o
N39071 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3241 N39071, N207SH, N31PH, N579TR, XB-NGE
N39076 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45635 N39076, C-FECZ, N75AJ, LV-WGF w/o
N39080 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3261 N39080
N39081 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3262 N133RY and/or N39081, XC-KAN, ...(XA), XC-KAN, N133RT cnx
N39082 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3265 N39082, C-FMUO, N53TC, HI-812, HI812, N992MR
N39084 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45602 N39084, N255AL, N144TV
N39085 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3267 N39085, N13AT w/o
N39086 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3276 N39086, XC-..., ...(XA)
N39088 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3277 N39088, N181AA, N277RL
N39089 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3279 N39089, XC-KAO, 1609(XA) prs
N39093 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3280 N39093, C-FCOY, N7023J, C-FCOY
N39096 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3283 N39096 cnx
N39097 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3286 N39097, N432TV
N39100 RotorWay Scorpion II 2697 N39100 cnx
N39101 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3289 N39101
N39102 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3291 N39102, N866H
N39103 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3292 N39103, PT-HRR cnx
N39105 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3297 N39105, D-HHCW, I-MIGE, I-HPWG
N39107 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3298 N39107 cnx
N39108 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3294 N39108, C-GINF, ZS-HNO[3]
N39109 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3295 N39109, N10AT, N95AT cnx
N39110 Bell 205A-1 30332 N39110, 30332(RP)
N39112 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45652 N39112, N4QY, N39112, (N318LS), N39112, C-GWCR[4] cnx
N39114 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3293 N39114 cnx
N39115 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II > 206L-3 LongRanger III 45643 N39115, C-GQZT, N39115, C-GQZT, N2630, C-FYYH, VH-YBO
N39116 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45656 N39116, HI-397SP, HI397
N39117 Bell 222 47058 N39117, XA-STH cnx
N39118 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45659 N39118, 5N-PAA, N850SS, N335AE w/o
N39121 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45660 N39121, C-GFCS, N194H, N192AE
N39122 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3312 N39122 w/o
N39123 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3313 N39123, CC-CIP, CC-PJI w/o
N39125 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3321 N39125 w/o
N39126 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3322 N39126 cnx
N39128 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45663 N39128, N32GT w/o
N39137 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 213 60-3567(N), (FAP-103(HP)), TI-SPO, N39137, N846MC w/o
N39142 Bell 230 23037 C-GADP, N39142, (JA....), N39142, N911RC, YV151T, N230GS
N39175 Sikorsky H-34A > S-58ET SKY-354 354(F), N1149U, CF-OKO, N39175 cnx
N39180 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 > BK117 B-2 > BK117 B-2D 7002 D-HBKD, N39180, (N117LF), N39180, N122LF, ZK-..., D-HLFR, C-FKCM[2]
N39181 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7003 D-HBKE, N39181, (N921US), N39181, N986LF, N986LE cnx
N39183 MBB BK117 A-1 7004 D-HBKF, N39183, PK-XKA, PK-FGW
N39184 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7006 (D-HBKH), D-HMUZ, D-HBKH, N39184, HK-3081P, D-HBKH, HK-3081P, ARC218(HK)
N39186 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 B-2 7008 D-HBKJ, (N39186), PK-NZH, D-HDDD[5], OE-XAS, D-HNNN[3], ..??..
N39187 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7010 D-HBKL, N39187 w/o
N39188 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7011 D-HBKM, N39188 b/u
N39189 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7012 D-HBKN, N39189, N116SR
N39218 Lisko L-10 042957 N39218 cnx
N39251 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7023 D-HBKY, N39251, N117M cnx
N39252 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7024 D-HBKZ, N39252, N117US, (N117AE), N117US, N932CJ b/u
N39253 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7025 D-HBKR[2], N39253, N21FR, N7025L, (N800MF), N7025L w/o
N39256 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 > BK117 A-4 7026 D-HBMA, N39256, N117BK, (N26BK), N117BK, N720H, N911NC wfu
N39257 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 7027 D-HBMB, N39257, ..??.., N71709, ..??.., N39257, N117LC cnx
N39268 Bell 47G-3B-1 2957 CF-RQY, N39268 cnx
N39281 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 > BK117 B-2 7022 D-HBKX, N39281, N117UV, EC-527, EC-EZT, D-HTIB[2], ..??..
N39314 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 1780 F-WMHK, PH-NNY, 5N-AEW, PH-NNY, N39314, CC-CJD, EC-EEB, CC-CJD, EC-456[2], EC-FST, F-GMHP, 5R-MHX cnx
N39337 Bensen 8M [gyro] 5 N39337 cnx
N39338 Vanek Vancraft N-3 [gyro] A6938V256B N39338 cnx
N39405 Bensen 80 [gyro] SA001 N39405 cnx
N39417 Ken Brock 2 [gyro] JBH1 N39417 cnx
N39441 RotorWay Scorpion 133 11574 N39441 cnx
N39502 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 776 63-8554(N), N39502 b/u
N39784 Bell 214B Big Lifter 28041 9V-BKJ, JA9242, N39784, N314RM w/o
N39790 Sikorsky H-34A > S-58ET SKY-328 328(F), N1144U, HB-XDT, N39790, N58AH
N39802 Bensen 6 [gyro] AF1 N39802 cnx
N39914 Vanek Vancraft [gyro] 4 N39914 cnx
N40000 Robinson R22 Beta 1434 N40000
N40009 Robinson R22 Beta 1376 N40009 w/o
N40009 Hughes 369FF 0319FF N40009 cnx
N40014 Robinson R22 Beta 1332 N40014, ZK-HCZ[2], ZK-HCD[2], N40014, ZK-HCD[2], ZK-IPS, ..??..
N40027 MBB BK117 C-1 7514 N40027, D-HLPY, D-HSML[2], XA-UEU w/o
N40030 Robinson R22 Beta 1438 N40030, OB-1632, OB-1632-P, ZK-HYT[3], ZK-IIZ, ZK-HGQ[4], VH-MZW[2]
N40032 Hughes 369FF 0335FF N40032, N681HB
N40042 Enstrom F-28 > F-28A 2 N40042 w/o
N40043 Enstrom F-28 3 N40043 w/o
N40047 Robinson R44 Raven II 13181 N40047, HB-ZMQ w/o
N40048 Hughes 369FF 0334FF N40048, (N530F), N40048, TU-...
N40049 Robinson R22 Beta 1462 N40049 w/o
N40089 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4541 C-GLZQ, N40089, N305FD, N206CD, N526HA
N40089 Eagle R & D Helicycle 029 N40089 cnx
N40090 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0627E N40090
N40094 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 3776 67-17069(N), N40094 cnx
N40125 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0625E N40125, (N500AZ)
N40129 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0626E N40129
N40132 Hughes 369FF 0323FF N40132, N530F, N623TM
N40166 Robinson R22 Beta 1452 N40166, N806EH
N40172 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 971 57-3013(N), N40172, (N803) cnx
N40173 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1089 58-5440(N), N40173, N49JH cnx
N40184 Robinson R22 Beta 1453 N40184, C-FNHJ
N40216 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00132 N40216, OY-HMS, G-16(OO)/OO-POI
N40225 Robinson R22 Beta 1403 (N4021A), N40225, I-SRHA, G-CIRA wfu
N40230 Robinson R22 Beta 1470 N40230 cnx
N40231 Robinson R22 Beta 1476 N40231 cnx
N40233 Robinson R22 Beta 1489 N40233, HB-XYZ, EC-GVR cnx
N40235 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0587E N40235, N5277F
N40238 Robinson R22 Beta 1474 N4023S, N40238
N40241 RotorWay Exec 90 5094 N40241 cnx
N40244 Robinson R22 Beta 1437 N40244, OO-VCF, F-GNMQ b/u
N40253 Robinson R22 Beta 1466 N40253, VH-ZRT
N40257 Robinson R22 Beta 1468 N40257, VH-LLF w/o
N40261 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5056 N40261, B-31007 w/o
N40262 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5057 N40262 cnx
N40263 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5063 N40263 cnx
N40264 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5065 N40264 cnx
N40265 Robinson R22 Beta 1523 N40265, N713K, N40265, VH-HVR[2] cnx
N40266 Robinson R66 Turbine 1212 N40266, (PS-WCW) cnx
N40268 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5062 N40268 w/o
N40269 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5064 N40269, JA7656 w/o
N40274 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5085 N40274, C-FKDR, N893FW
N40277 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5087 N40277
N40282 Robinson R66 Turbine 1204 N40282
N40284 Robinson R44 I 2683 (N40284), VH-ZRU[2]
N40287 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5119 N40287 w/o
N40287 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2911 N40287, N911NF, VH-OCS[2]
N40289 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5096 N40289, (N702MJ), N40289 w/o
N40290 Hiller UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET HA3081 N40290
N40292 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5145 N40292, C-FLRW cnx
N40296 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5149 N40296, N922MT, B-....
N40297 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5110 N40297, LV-OOW
N40298 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5152 N40298 w/o
N40299 Robinson R66 Turbine 1199 N40299, P2-...
N40300 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5165 N40300, ME-...(XA), N40300 cnx
N40302 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E > Rogerson Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 5169 N40302, LV-AMJ, D-HBUE w/o
N40317 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5162 N40317, JA7676 wfu
N40320 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E > Rogerson Hiller-Soloy UH-12E4T 5179 N40320, ZP-HAC, H-022(ZP) w/o
N40323 Robinson R22 Beta 1555 N40323, JA7828
N40327 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5176 N40327, B-12112 cnx
N40328 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5177 N40328, B-12116, N6145G
N40338 Robinson R22 Beta 1556 N40338, C-FFGO, N40338
N40339 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E-4 5183 N40339, 4X-BHF, (N504BC), PH-AJE[2], N666MA, N875WE
N40339 Robinson R22 Beta 1563 N40339, RP-C1195, RP-C1165, VH-HTG[2]
N40345 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5191 N40345, 3102(SU) wfu
N40346 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5192 N40346, (YV-404A), N40346
N40347 Robinson R44 II 14372 N40347, B-....
N40350 Robinson R22 Beta 1535 N40350, ZK-HDC[2] w/o
N40351 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5203 N40351, 3107(SU) wfu
N40353 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5204 N40353, 3108(SU) wfu
N40353 Robinson R22 Beta 1574 N40353
N40355 Robinson R44 II 14373 N40355, B-....
N40357 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5205 N40357, 3109(SU) wfu
N40359 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4566 C-GLYY, N40359, PP-MSA w/o
N40360 Robinson R22 Mariner > R22 Mariner II 1585M N40360, YV-671CP, XB-LBN w/o
N40361 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5211 N40361, 3114(SU) wfu
N40362 RotorWay Scorpion 777 N40362 cnx
N40363 Robinson R22 Beta 1667 N40363, N131JB cnx
N40363 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2936 N40363, N4TV
N40363 Robinson R44 Raven I 2108 N40363
N40364 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5212 N40364, 3115(SU) wfu
N40365 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5213 N40365, 3116(SU) wfu
N40374 Robinson R22 Beta 1668 N40374
N40380 American Autogyro SparrowHawk II [gyro] 114 N40380
N40381 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > H-13K > 47G-3 2555 59-4972(N), N40381 cnx
N40385 Robinson R44 II 14376 N40385, B-721H
N40390 Robinson R44 .. N40390 cnx
N40390 Robinson R66 Turbine Marine .. N40390
N40393 Robinson R44 Cadet 30047 N40393, G-ICEZ
N40398 Robinson R22 Beta 1590 N40398
N40405 Bell 430 49077 C-GADH, N40405, PP-MDL cnx
N40405 Robinson R44 II 13045 N40405, N4536G, C-FSHA
N40410 Bell 407 53479 N40410, N404AL, N663RL
N40411 Robinson R22 Beta 1606 N40411 w/o
N40411 Robinson R44 Cadet 30030 N40411, G-CKZW, I-LIDH
N40414 Bell 407 53480 N40414, N405AL, (5N-BSU), N405AL, 5N-BSU, N405AL, N671RL
N40414 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95840 CCCP-70909, RA-27034, UN-27034, N40414, N52173, 840(N), 840(YA)
N40416 Robinson R22 Beta 1609 N40416, JA7849, RA-....., N7849C, N224BW, C-GESC[4], N114AZ cnx
N40417 Robinson R22 Beta II 4756 N40417, B-70ZY
N40419 Robinson R22 Beta 1617 N40419, VH-HKM[2]
N40423 Robinson R22 Beta 1618 N40423, N224BC, N554SA cnx
N40430 Robinson R22 Beta 1637 N40430, N950CW w/o
N40431 Robinson R44 II 14197 N40431, TS-HAE w/o
N40433 Robinson R22 Beta 1639 N40433 w/o
N40436 Robinson R22 Beta 1674 N40436, PP-ATX
N40440 Robinson R22 Beta II 4811 N40440, VH-HGI[5], VH-VNT
N40445 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1110 N3596G, C-GGIS[2], N40445, C-GGIS[2]
N40445 Robinson R22 Beta II 4788 N40445, VH-HLV[3]
N40446 Helibras (Aerospatiale) 350B2 Esquilo 2953 PT-HZS, N40446, PT-HZS, N40446, PT-HZS
N40450 Robinson R22 Beta 1649 N40450 cnx
N40461 Robinson R44 II 12245 N40461, RA-04252
N40466 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3004 N40466, N945AE, ZK-HSO[4], ZK-HCP[5]
N40466 Bell 407 53752 C-FMQW, N40466, OO-SAM[2], RA-01935
N40467 Eurocopter 135 P1 0018 N40467, N914ET
N40467 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0592E N40467, N20FL
N40470 Robinson R66 Turbine 0967 N40470, XC-LPS
N40475 Kamov 32T 9101 HK-4089X, N40475, HK-4231X
N40480 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil > 350B2 3018 N40480, N555LH, C-GIRL[4], C-GRHL[3] cnx
N40482 Hughes 369HS 310309S CF-ZXD, N40482, (T8A-...), N40482, RP-.....
N40483 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00134 N40483, (D-H...), N40483, G-LNCT, G-EHEM
N40488 Bell TH-1F-BF Iroquois > Tamarack-Bell TH-1F 7312 66-1236(N), N40488, VH-LIY
N40488 Bell 407 53619 N40488, N730KT, N703KT, N489DM
N40489 Hughes 369FF 0157FF N40489, C-GLGF[4], N530AR
N40490 Hughes 369HS 820400S N9129F, C-GJJY, N40490, RP-.....
N40495 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 3001 C-FXAH, N40495, N444LH, HC-CDK cnx
N40495 Bell TH-1F-BF Iroquois 7304 66-1228(N), N40495 cnx
N40506 Robinson R22 Beta 1753 N40506 w/o
N40521 Robinson R44 II 14582 N40521
N40528 Robinson R22 Beta 1768 N40528 cnx
N40535 Robinson R22 Beta 1627 N40535, ZK-HRR[3], VH-LVR
N40535 Hughes 369FF 0159FF N40535, PN-116(HC), N702SH, N53HP
N40542 Robinson R22 Beta 1628 N40542, ZK-HEH[2], ZK-IFM, VH-DRT[5]
N40543 Bell 407 53488 N40543, N17LW, C-FKOP
N40543 Hughes 369D 1145D N5189G, XB-DGI, N5190C, N40543, C-GYJC[2]
N40544 Robinson R44 Cadet 30080 N40544, N244RH
N40560 Bell 427 56028 C-GLZA, N40560, HC-CBT, N928SC cnx
N40563 Robinson R66 Turbine 0966 N40563, XC-LPR
N40565 Bell 430 49080 C-GADL, N40565, PP-MGR
N40568 Robinson R66 Turbine 0965 N40568, XC-LPQ
N40572 Robinson R44 Raven II 14359 N40572, F-HCCR
N40577 Robinson R66 Turbine 0944 N40577, RP-C8468
N40584 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2924 F-OHNT, N40584
N40593 Hughes 369FF 0162FF N40593, PN-118(HC)
N40593 Robinson R44 II 14363 N40593, B-....
N40595 Robinson R22 Mariner 1573M N40595, C-FAHJ
N40596 Bell 427 56029 N40596, JA427K
N40598 Bell 427 56030 C-GAEP, N40598, (OY-HTL), N777BC, N275JC, N54LV cnx
N40600 Robinson R22 Beta 1686 N40600, JA7859 w/o
N40600 Bensen BM8 [gyro] LC01 N40600 cnx
N40611 Robinson R44 II 14371 N40611, B-....
N40630 Robinson R22 Beta 1681 N40630, I-...., N40630 cnx
N40690 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 5299 66-0816(N), N40690
N40706 Bell 222U ('222UT') 47514 VH-LAH, N8153B, JA9960, N40706, C-GVIN, N7XM, N404EM, (N404EN) cnx
N40707 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 5619 66-1136(N), N40707
N40710 Robinson R22 Beta 1746 N40710 cnx
N40722 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11544 69-15256(N), N40722
N40725 Robinson R22 Beta 1830 N40725 cnx
N40729 Robinson R22 Beta 1909 N40729, N225CM, ZS-RIK
N40729 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3142 N40729, N911CV
N40729 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > Williams Helicopter UH-1H 11521 69-15233(N), N40729
N40731 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0594E N40731, N421KY
N40732 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 630 51-16380(N), (N40732) cnx
N40734 RotorWay Scorpion Too MB-1 M3305 N40734 cnx
N40737 Robinson R22 Beta 1888 N40737, N54BA
N40751 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3154 N40751, ZK-HAN[2]
N40753 Robinson R22 Beta 1780 N40753, G-BUKG, N1118N
N40761 Robinson R22 Beta 1761 N40761, SX-HCQ
N40766 Robinson R22 Beta 1762 N40766, VH-LPU
N40772 Robinson R22 Beta 1907 N40772, N805EH cnx
N40773 Robinson R22 Beta 1758 (N40773), JA7852 cnx
N40777 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') > 369FF 0595E > 0713FF N40777, N556CP
N40778 RotorWay Scorpion Too 72924 N40778 cnx
N40789 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00137 N40789, OO-NHI, G-17(OO)/OO-POJ
N40790 Robinson R22 Beta 1782 N40790, F-GJBI, I-....
N40809 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58FT 58748 PB+203(D), QB+463(D), QW+413(D), 80+07(D), N40809, (ST-AEY) wfu
N40814 Robinson R22 Beta 1779 (N40814), VH-NST[2], VH-BAG[3], N40814, ZK-HHH[3], ..??..
N40815 Robinson R22 Beta 1775 N40815, G-RSWW, G-TGRC
N40818 Bell HTL-6 > TH-13M 1332 142374(N), N40818, N99612 cnx
N40820 Robinson R22 Beta 1800 N40820, G-BTNA, G-NIKL
N40833 Robinson R22 Beta 1774 N40833, G-FISS w/o
N40854 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10846 68-16187(N), N40854 w/o
N40863 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 1201 68-17241(N), (N40863), N691PD, N331AB, N369LE
N40864 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 201371 69-16001(N), (N40864), N690PD, N330AB, N278KC
N40892 Bensen 80A [gyro] CW-AB1 N40892
N40898 Hughes 369FF 0173FF N40898, N911HK
N40899 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0610E N40899, 50(YS)
N40920 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41635 71-20774(N), N40920
N41030 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0189FF N41030, 0189(HZ)
N41034 Bell 47J-2A Ranger 3719 N8571F, CF-ZRJ, C-FZRJ, N41034, N470RA, N470WW
N41045 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1965 F-WZKY, CS-HBA, N41045 cnx
N41046 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51577 C-GLZU, TC-HAO, N41046, N416TT, N1AH, N828TG, TI-..., HK-4653
N41060 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52051 N7078J, VT-AMA[3], N41060, EC-GNR, OK-AHD cnx
N41060 Bell 210 21003 ..??.., N41060, N510WW
N41061 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52069 C-GLZK, N41061, XA-ZZZ, F-GPGC, PK-YRQ, PK-URZ, N744MH, C-GWXH[4]
N41062 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52096 N41062, JA6148, 9M-BCA[2], VH-SKU[3]
N41062 Bell 210 21004 ..??.., N41062, N610WW
N41066 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52356 C-FNXW, (N41066), TC-HSC, N453RR
N41109 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11968 69-15680(N), N41109, (N977WM)
N41128 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51134 HL9128, N41128 w/o
N41128 Robinson R22 Beta II 4228 N41128, ZK-IJC, VH-PNF[5]
N41132 Robinson R22 Beta 1614 JA7832, N41132, G-BXOA
N41132 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4312 C-FTAE, N41132, PT-YDD
N41138 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52098 C-GLZE, N41138, XA-SYK, N68964, LQ-YSA, (PR-CBT), LV-YSA
N41144 Bell 230 23028 C-GLZU, N41144, XA-IKA, N21380, N14UH, (N420XM), N393AA cnx
N41150 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52097 N41175, N41150, PT-YMP, YS-1001P, (N52AJ), YS-1005P, N246BH, YS-...., HB-ZAV, D-HEDC
N41158 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0190FF N41158, 0190(HZ)
N41171 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2323 N41171, C-GGNU, N9059H, ZS-HIH, LV-ARC, F-GHIL cnx
N41175 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52097 N41175, N41150, PT-YMP, YS-1001P, (N52AJ), YS-1005P, N246BH, YS-...., HB-ZAV, D-HEDC
N41176 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52094 N41176, XA-SWN, N3310, C-GESH[6], VH-PMH[3], (2401[2](HS)), 2402[3](HS)
N41183 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1035 N41183, N112VT, TG-ASM, N46ZZ, F-....
N41184 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1036 N41184, CF-TGB, C-FTCS cnx
N41188 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0192FF N41188, 0192(HZ)
N41238 Robinson R44 Raven II 11995 N41238, CS-HGL, EC-KQM
N41244 Robinson R22 Beta II 4229 N41244, ZS-PZI w/o
N41245 Robinson R44 Clipper II 11996 N41245, SX-HOT
N41247 Robinson R22 Beta II 4232 N41247, CS-HGK, EC-KUF
N41248 Robinson R22 Beta II 4242 N41248, OE-UXP, EC-KOF
N41254 Robinson R44 I 1799 N41254, VH-YBB[2], VH-YHQ, ZK-HSY[3]
N41255 Robinson R44 I 1800 N41255, (9M-...), N41255, (PK-...), N41255, 9M-NKT, VH-TGI
N41257 Robinson R44 II 12301 N41257, C-FZAL
N41261 Robinson R22 Beta II 4307 N41261, VH-CSI[2]
N41263 Robinson R22 Beta II 4309 N41263, I-WWWW
N41266 Robinson R22 Beta II 4310 N41266, VH-RHC[3]
N41268 Robinson R44 II 12210 N41268, VT-ZJM
N41268 AgustaWestland AW139 41268 N388SH, VT-HLF, RP-C2013, N41268, G-SNSJ, 5N-CHO
N41272 Robinson R44 II 12343 N41272, B-7525
N41274 Robinson R44 II 12297 N41274, (N696GM), N504WD, N504HS, N805HD
N41276 Robinson R44 I 1906 N41276, C-FKSA
N41277 Robinson R44 Clipper II IFR Trainer 12378 N41277, C-FLLV
N41278 Robinson R22 Beta II 4403 N41278, HB-ZKL w/o
N41279 Robinson R44 I 1909 N41279
N41280 Robinson R44 II 12372 N41280, LV-BSB w/o
N41281 Robinson R44 Raven I IFR Trainer 1918 N41281, CC-PVB
N41284 Robinson R44 I 1920 N41284, VP-LV., HP-3007HF cnx
N41286 Robinson R44 Raven II 12366 N41286, B-7496
N41289 Robinson R44 Raven II 12357 N41289, N567WM, N678WM, N772CB
N41299 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3806 N161AE, N41299, ZK-IDW[2]
N41302 Robinson R44 II 12361 N41302, C-GJHL[2], C-FIIC, C-GRHM[3]
N41307 Robinson R22 Beta II 4241 N41307, TG-TNT cnx
N41310 Robinson R44 Raven II 12025 N41310, RP-C2958
N41311 Bensen 8MG [gyro] 01 N41311
N41315 Robinson R44 II 12027 N41315, RP-C2948
N41319 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 433 51-16241(N), N41319
N41321 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0198FF N41321, 0198(HZ)
N41324 Robinson R22 Beta II 4257 N41324, F-HALD
N41325 Robinson R44 Raven II 12336 N41325, SP-MPX, YR-CDD
N41330 Robinson R22 Beta II 4317 N41330, ZK-IHC, VH-IGF
N41332 Robinson R44 II 12379 N41332, TS-...
N41337 Robinson R22 Beta II 4353 N41337, PP-JLB
N41338 Robinson R22 Beta II 4356 N41338, (N626KC)
N41339 Robinson R44 II 12365 N41339
N41346 Robinson R44 Clipper II 12369 N41346, C-FKKA
N41350 Robinson R44 Raven II 12371 N41350, C-GBOU[2]
N41351 Robinson R44 II 12351 N41351 w/o
N41352 Robinson R44 II 12352 N41352
N41353 Robinson R44 Raven II 12405 N41353, C-GLAL[4]
N41354 Robinson R22 Beta II (IFR Trainer) 4357 N41354, B-70CT
N41378 Robinson R22 Beta II 4365 N41378, (OE-...), N42329, VH-HYS[5], ZK-IGT[2], VH-HBS[5]
N41381 Robinson R22 Beta II 4330 N41381, CS-HGS, ZS-HGS[2]
N41387 Robinson R22 Beta II 4369 N41387, VH-HQR[2], B-7059
N41395 Robinson R22 Beta II 4379 N41395
N41398 Robinson R22 Beta II 4345 N41398, VH-YBM w/o
N41402 Robinson R44 Clipper I 1934 N41402
N41403 Robinson R44 Clipper II 12413 N41403, C-GXEE[2], C-GMTJ[3], C-GKLC[6]
N41406 Robinson R44 Raven II 12414 N41406, N28HH
N41407 Robinson R44 Raven II 12424 N41407, TI-BKD
N41409 Robinson R44 II 12425 N41409, B-7042
N41411 Robinson R44 II 12429 N41411 w/o
N41417 Robinson R44 I 1930 N41417, RA-04284
N41422 Robinson R44 I 1932 N41422, RA-04285
N41423 Barnett J4B-2 [gyro] 377 N41423
N41431 Robinson R44 Raven II 12441 N41431
N41436 Robinson R44 II 12445 N41436, PR-INV
N41438 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 42075 72-21409(N), N41438, N598PC, N616WC
N41461 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4581 C-FBXY, N41461, N206DU, PP-YES
N41461 Robinson R22 Beta II 4268 N41461, ZS-SCS
N41462 Robinson R44 Raven II 12231 N41462, C-FCGA, N208KS
N41485 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-3B 3047 63-9161(N), N41485, N41845(?), XA-...
N41489 Robinson R44 Raven II 12243 N41489, CC-CAU
N41491 Robinson R22 Beta II 4314 N41491, C-FUAB
N41494 RotorWay Exec 3205 N41494 wfu
N41524 Robinson R22 Beta II 4283 N41524, OK-NIS
N41526 Robinson R22 Beta II 4287 N41526, EC-KPR
N41536 Robinson R22 Beta II 4323 N41536, C-FSID
N41544 Robinson R22 Beta II 4326 N41544, PR-JBC
N41559 Robinson R44 Raven II 12177 N41559, ZS-HAX[2]
N41571 Robinson R22 Beta II 4303 N41571, VH-HFP[2]
N41572 Robinson R22 Beta II 4304 N41572, VH-CYF[3], VH-CYM[3]
N41574 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13208 72-21509(N), N41574, G-UHIH
N41574 Hughes 369FF 0204FF N41574, 0204(Kurdistan)
N41582 Sikorsky S-76B 760333 N7268P, N75CE, N583KD, N198CE, N583KD, N41582, N476CA, N159CM
N41582 Robinson R44 Raven II 12208 N41582, G-LAVH w/o
N41584 Robinson R44 I 1897 N41584
N41626 Hughes 369FF 0205FF N41626, 0205(Kurdistan)
N41628 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0617E N41628, N911GJ, N911BY
N41631 Robinson R44 Raven II 12294 N41631
N41632 Robinson R22 Beta II 4305 N41632, F-HAEM cnx
N41659 Robinson R44 Raven II Police 12313 N41659, ZS-RII[2]
N41699 Bell 204B 2040 N8595F, CF-CBK, N681PH, CF-KHX, C-FKHX, N54623, N204AH, N41699, C-FRER
N41709 Robinson R44 Raven II 12322 N41709, ZS-HBT[2]
N41717 Robinson R44 II 12383 N41717, ZS-HBZ[2]
N41721 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47G-2 815 51-14050(N), N41721 w/o
N41736 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H > Southwest Florida SW205 8581 66-16387(N), N41736
N41740 Robinson R44 Raven II 12310 N41740, ZS-HCU[2] w/o
N41744 Robinson R22 Beta II 4344 N41744, OE-XPT, 4X-BDK, N7858, 4X-BDK
N41750 Bell 412EP 36358 N41750, N911RA, N237LC, VH-UCH[2]
N41750 Robinson R44 II 12286 N41750, PR-GRG
N41751 Bell 412EP 36359 N41751, 786-217(AP)
N41751 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0616E N41751, ZS-HXT[2], N616MD, RP-C5553
N41755 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0194FF N41755, 0194(HZ)
N41757 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 342 51-16182(N), N41757 cnx
N41758 Bell 412EP 36361 N41758, 786-2..(AP)
N41758 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0195FF N41758, 0195(HZ)
N41761 Robinson R44 II 12285 N4031R, N41761, PR-DZV
N41762 Robinson R44 Raven II 12385 N41762, CS-HGT, EC-LTL, OK-MLE
N41763 Robinson R22 Beta II 4351 N41763, ZS-HCW[2]
N41770 Taggart Gyrobee [gyro] 001 N41770 cnx
N41776 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1003 F-OCRX, N41776, (F-OCOO), N68375, N194VH, N341FR w/o
N41776 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 1080820 67-16435(N), N41776
N41777 Robinson R22 Beta II 4362 N41777, VH-NZO
N41786 Bell 430 49102 C-GLZY, N41786, D2-EYI w/o
N41786 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0196FF N41786, 0196(HZ)
N41791 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51465 N41791, N204PH, N204RH, N315WC
N41810 Robinson R44 II 12483 N41810, HC-CNI w/o
N41812 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator Single Place [gyro] DW01 N41812 cnx
N41814 RotorWay Exec 162F 6811 N41814, (N587DE), N41814 cnx
N41830 Bell OH-13H-BF Sioux > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.5A > El Tomcat Mk.6C CCI-73-2 N41830 w/o
N41834 Chaladoff Chala -S1 GWL15C N41834 cnx
N41835 Bell 407 52901 C-GFOS, N41835, C-GFOS
N41841 Bensen 8M [gyro] RE1 N41841 cnx
N41842 Robinson R44 Astro 0010 N7YM, C-FYNG, N41842
N41843 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > H-34C > CH-34C > S-58E 58673 56-4305(N), N41843, C-GRNW
N41843 Robinson R44 Raven II 12489 N41843, PR-TRR
N41844 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > CH-34C > S-58E 58815 57-1692(N), N41844, N58HF
N41845 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-3B 3047 63-9161(N), N41485, N41845(?), XA-...
N41845 Robinson R44 II 12482 N41845, C-FSKV w/o
N41848 Goodwin 2000 015 N41848
N41852 Robinson R44 Clipper II 12485 N41852, I-HTEC
N41852 Rotor Flight Dynamics Condor [gyro] 41852 N41852 w/o
N41854 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-835 D-HFCS, N41854, N297EH w/o
N41856 Gyrocycle One 0251 N41856
N41870 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 3111 65-12853(N), 853(LN), N41870 w/o
N41885 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 357 51-13770(N), N31622, N41885 cnx
N41890 Robinson R44 Raven II 12502 N41890, XA-CSJ w/o
N41893 Robinson R44 II 12511 N41893, C-GJMP[4] w/o
N41899 Robinson R22 Beta II 4352 N41899, I-HEFQ
N41909 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13497 73-21809(N), N41909
N41923 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4167 C-GAEP, (N41923), N130TM, XB-FWK
N41948 Robinson R44 Raven II 12387 N41948, VH-FLJ[3]
N41964 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] H20030008K N41964 w/o
N42001 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-548 D-HDNW[2], N42001, N424EH cnx
N42010 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-550 D-HDNY[2], N42010, N378RL, LN-OSQ[4], D-HIFA[4], D-HUAM, N378RL, N911PN, N911BN, N105
N42018 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-543 D-HDNR[2], N42018, N423EH cnx
N42030 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2850 N42030, XC-DAQ
N42054 Hughes 369HS 520379S CF-DNW, N42054 w/o
N42059 Robinson R22 Beta II 4363 N42059, ZS-RVB w/o
N42066 RotorWay Scorpion RW133 2721 N42066 cnx
N42077 Bell 407 53629 N42077, LQ-BBP, LV-BBP
N42077 Robinson R44 Raven II 12437 N42077, ZS-RFA[2], A2-...
N42113 Bell 205A-1 30120 (CF-DXV), N58038, N42113, C-GSIT, N42113, C-GSIT
N42122 Air Command [gyro] 0332 N42122
N42135 Robinson R44 Raven II 12439 N42135, I-ARBJ, F-HJPL, EC-NTD
N42149 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 58522 144632(N), N42149 wfu
N42152 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581076 147160(N), N42152 wfu
N42153 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581140 147184(N), N42153 wfu
N42155 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581187 148073(N), N42155 wfu
N42163 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581425 149328(N), N42163 wfu
N42171 Sikorsky UH-34D Seahorse 581684 150557(N), N42171 wfu
N42186 Robinson R22 Beta II 4376 N42186, VH-RZU[3]
N42193 Bensen 8M [gyro] AG-001 N42193 b/u
N42215 Vanek Vancraft V7246B [gyro] V4000A138B N42215 cnx
N42217 Robinson R44 Raven II Newscopter 12320 N42217, PR-HTG
N42224 Robinson R44 Raven II Newscopter 12353 N42224, SP-TVN[2] w/o
N42236 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-04-15-619 N42236
N42237 Bensen 8GD [gyro] GD-001 N42237 cnx
N42243 Robinson R22 Beta II 4380 N42243, D-HAAI, OH-HFC
N42244 Bensen Gyrocopter [gyro] 1 N42244 cnx
N42254 Robinson R44 Raven II 12480 N42254, N457WT
N42266 Hughes 369FF 0207FF N42266, 0207(Kurdistan)
N42276 Bensen Gyrocopter [gyro] 040431 N42276 cnx
N42288 Hughes 369HM 190019M JA9032, N42288, N17340 cnx
N42294 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11463 69-15175(N), N42294 cnx
N42307 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 12129 69-15841(N), N42307, ...(OD)
N42321 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 12594 70-16289(N), N42321, ...(7O)
N42322 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11299 69-15011(N), N42322, AE-459(LV)
N42324 Robinson R44 Raven I 1990 N42324, N808WT
N42329 Robinson R22 Beta II 4365 N41378, (OE-...), N42329, VH-HYS[5], ZK-IGT[2], VH-HBS[5]
N42331 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4695 65-9651(N), N42331, N651MH
N42333 Robinson R44 II 12601 N42333 w/o
N42336 Robinson R44 Raven II Newscopter 12604 N42336, (OY-HKM), PR-HRG
N42337 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12203 69-15915(N), N42337, (CC-...), N42337 cnx
N42338 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11531 69-15243(N), N42338, (CC-...), N42338, AE-492(LV)
N42348 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0418 64-18106(N), N42348 cnx
N42357 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12504 70-15932(N), N42357 cnx
N42372 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12605 70-16300(N), N42372 cnx
N42389 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 12719 70-16414(N), N42389, FAC4528(HK)
N42391 Robinson R44 Raven II 12803 N42391, N440AH w/o
N42396 Bensen 8M [gyro] S19161946 N42396
N42403 Bell 47H > 47H-1 1534 N2834B, CF-YPL, C-FYPL, N42403 cnx
N42403 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12787 70-16482(N), N42403 cnx
N42405 Hughes 369HS 920416S OB-T-1012, N42405, C-GMAI, N42405 b/u
N42406 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12829 71-20005(N), N42406 cnx
N42420 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 13214 72-21515(N), N42420, FAC4527(HK)
N42426 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0388 64-18076(N), N42426 w/o
N42434 Bell 212 30768 PT-HIF, N42434, C-GERH
N42451 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13509 73-21821(N), N42451 cnx
N42472 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 13705 74-22381(N), N42472, ...(OD)
N42483 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00141 N42483
N42489 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51474 N42489, C-GMSX[3], CC-ARR w/o
N42527 Bell 407 53384 C-GADL, N6390D, XA-JMN, ..??.., XA-TUX, N42527, (N390MH), N928CM
N42573 Bensen Gyrocopter [gyro] 43147716 N42573 cnx
N42573 Bell 412 ('412HP') 36031 C-GLZU, N42573, D-HHLL[2], N4603T, EC-GOP
N42575 Bell 412EP 36375 N42575, LV-BDH, (H-101(LV)), LV-BDH
N42583 Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 67 1513(HS), C-GKJV, N42583 cnx
N42601 Bensen 80A [gyro] 1 N42601 cnx
N42626 Sikorsky CH-3C Sea King > CH-3E > JCH-3E > S-61R 61522 63-9690(N), N42626 wfu
N42657 Robinson R44 Raven II Police 13039 N42657, PB-001(CP)
N42664 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52204 N42664, TG-BER, N304CP, HL9307, VH-PBU[2], (2402[2](HS)), 2401[3](HS)
N42666 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0615E N42666, N907BH
N42686 Bensen 8M [gyro] 149 N42686 cnx
N42695 Air Command [gyro] 0015 N42695
N42780 RotorWay Exec > Exec 90 .. ..??.., N42780, N.....
N42788 Robinson R44 II 13008 N42788, PR-OLU
N42791 Bell 47G-3B-1 2823 N73963, N3FG, N42791, N48LL cnx
N42805 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2947 (N42805), CC-KKH, CC-CHG, CC-CQC cnx
N42814 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51028 N2267U, JA9361, N42814, C-GRLK
N42824 McDonnell Douglas 600N RN078 N42824, S2-AFZ, N678SK
N42825 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58ET > S-58JT 581539 150753(N), QA+481(D), QW+768(D), PY+342(D), 80+69(D), N82828, G-BCLN, OD-AGK[2], N42825, N581SR, N902CH, N943BW, N58S
N42825 Bell 407 53244 C-GBUB, N42825, YV-2569P, YV1873
N42825 Hughes 369D 510978D ..??.., N3999T, JA9485, N42825, N230MD
N42830 RotorWay Exec 001 N42830 cnx
N42830 RotorWay Exec 3216 N42830, ZK-HUR[3]
N42830 Sud Aviation 330J Puma > 330L 1570 RP-C753, N42830 cnx
N42838 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4585 C-FEMF, N42838, JA127Y, SP-GPO, SP-VPG, SN-17XP(SP)
N42845 Bell 412EP 36197 C-FOFG, N42845, PNC-801(HK), PNC0801(HK)
N42897 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-813 D-HDZW, N8198B, HK-3563X, N42897, N234JL, N494HL, N327MH
N42923 Sport Copter Vortex [gyro] 066 N42923 w/o
N42928 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51497 N42928, N700EA, OK-DEN
N42928 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0301E ..??.., N312JP, N42928 w/o
N42936 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-95-6-158 N42936 cnx
N42937 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 731 54-2937(N), O-3(PH), N42937 cnx
N42939 North American Rotorwerks Pitbull [gyro] 003-2005 N42939 b/u
N42943 Robinson R44 Raven II 12951 N42943, PR-AND
N42957 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator [gyro] 001 N42957 cnx
N42978 Bell 407 53241 (N42978), C-GBLC[3], I-FREC, EC-JBU
N42981 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-90-1-25 C-FIUV, N42981 cnx
N42996 RotorWay Exec 162F 6444 N42996 w/o
N43011 Bell 430 .. ..??.., N43011 cnx
N43027 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45227 G-LONG, N43027, TG-MIX w/o
N43031 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1437 XA-LIS, N43031 cnx
N43142 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1577 N90076, C-GHHA, N43142
N43144 Bell 407 53631 N43144, N139PD
N43162 Bell 205A > 205A-1 30011 N4007G, ...(4X), N43162, EC-554, EC-FQO, C-GREU
N43165 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2815 N27733, YV-731C, N43165, TG-EMA
N43169 Hughes 369HS 130439S N9152F, C-GQCE, N43169 cnx
N43177 RotorWay Exec 162F 6813 N43177, N8888Z, C-....
N43188 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') > 369FF ('MD530G') 0181FF N43188, 181(YA), N43188, 181(YA)
N43223 Bell 407 53630 N43223, N138PD
N43229 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH2003024K N43229
N43244 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-03-14-597 N43244
N43259 Sport Copter Vortex [gyro] 058 N43259 w/o
N43266 Robinson R22 Beta 1268 N8064V, JA7812, N43266
N43273 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0182FF N43273, 182(YA) w/o
N43304 Bell 407 53642 (N43304), C-FDXG, VT-HCC, P2-HCM[3], PK-FUU, P2-HCM[3]
N43310 Bell 412EP 36372 N43310, (JA119S), JA119T
N43313 Bell 407 53238 N43313, LV-YRC, C-FNAK w/o
N43313 Bell 407 53317 ZS-RLM, N43313, HR-AXO, N781MH
N43385 RotorWay Exec E3413 N43385 b/u
N43391 Robinson R22 Beta 1454 C-FAAY, N43391, C-GCOA[3] w/o
N43400 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1424 62-3776(N), (N43400) cnx
N43406 van der Westhuizen SHTD 001 N43406 cnx
N43441 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1382 61-3196(N), N43441 cnx
N43442 Bell 407 53262 N43442, N10EW, N21BH
N43453 Agusta A109C 7613 9M-SJI, G-BXHV, N43453, LV-ZBB
N43453 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] HM3 > H2-04-15-624 N43453
N43482 Soll-Ernest MSS1908 19131908 (N43482) ntu
N43542 RotorWay Exec 90 5046 N43542 cnx
N43565 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 380359 66-17808(N), N43565, N435CS prs
N43570 Agusta-Bell 206A-2 (ERI-3) JetRanger > 206A-2 (ESC-1) > 206A 8156 MM80562[2](I), N43570, ZS-RVK
N43583 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4358 C-GLZH, (N43583), YS-1017P, HK-4391P
N43596 Bell 407 53073 C-FTVL, N43596, N9HE cnx
N43612 RotorWay Exec 90 RW7701S N43612 cnx
N43626 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1109 58-5460(N), N43626 cnx
N43642 Bell 407 53242 C-FOEP[28], N43642, N113TV, N20BH
N43656 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0608E N43656, 48(YS)
N43677 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 675 54-862(N), O-16(PH), N43677 cnx
N43677 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350B2 1382 N5773V, N354EH, C-FCYS, N43677, (ZK-...), N43677, (N7492L), N43677, ZK-HZZ[2], C-GIMG[3]
N43681 Bell 206B JetRanger II 773 CF-OAI, C-FOAI, N43681
N43691 RotorWay Exec 162F 6615 N43691 w/o
N43692 Gyro-Kopp-Ters [gyro] GK298S88003 N43692 cnx
N43738 Robinson R44 Clipper I 2053 (N43738), RA-04331 w/o
N43744 Sport Copter Vortex [gyro] 072 N43744 cnx
N43762 Bell-Watson 47G W1007 N43762 w/o
N43775 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58E 581607 150779(N), 27(4X), N4377S, N43775(?), C-GRJD, N70666, N703SC
N43791 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4481 C-GLZQ, N43791, N108LG, (4X-...), N108LG, 4X-BHR
N43792 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') > 369FF 0601E > 0718FF N43792, (N874SA), N43792, N19FF
N43823 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4235 C-GFNY, N43823, TG-ZIM
N43828 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51217 N701FS, N43828, N255GT
N43841 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > S-55 55972 55-3220(N), N43841 cnx
N43842 Sikorsky H-19D-4-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B 551157 56-4264(N), N43842 cnx
N43846 Robinson R22 Beta II 4485 N43846, VH-HUS[3]
N43850 Hughes 369D 1070D ..??.., N5138U, HK-3287E, HK-3287W, HK-3287E, N43850, N53846
N43851 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1293 61-3107(N), (N27SP), N26SP, N43851 cnx
N43853 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1363 61-3177(N), N43853 cnx
N43858 Robinson R44 Astro 0019 C-FARC[2], N43858, VH-RBQ[3]
N43858 Robinson R66 Turbine 0021 N43858, N810AG w/o
N43861 Robinson R44 Raven 1030 C-FAEP, N43861, G-CDSE, G-OBSM
N43861 Robinson R44 Raven II 13137 N43861, (PP-ATW), PR-LIO
N43865 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52307 C-GFNK, N43865, YV-1182C, YV1223, TG-AJS
N43870 RotorWay Exec 162F 6954 N43870, N813CM
N43883 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-98-9-359 N43883
N43884 Hiller OH-23G Raven 1482 63-12767(N), N43884 cnx
N43895 RotorWay Exec 3405 N43895 cnx
N43904 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51330 C-GLZC, JA9859, N43904, EC-FRY, F-GXXL[2]
N43905 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4483 C-GLZM, N43905, YR-GRP w/o
N43905 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH20030030K N43905
N43914 RotorWay Scorpion Too 11300 N43914 cnx
N43917 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 470 N2262W, N22JC, C-GBSH, N43917, VH-...
N43921 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 76-003 ..??.., N43921
N43926 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52309 C-GLZY, N43926, B-7712
N43926 Robinson R44 Raven II 12884 N43926, VH-LYO[3]
N43930 Bell 412EP 36369 N43930, ...(AP)
N43930 Robinson R44 II 12940 N43930, C-GXMG[2] cnx
N43938 Robinson R44 II 12945 N43938, C-FRYL
N43939 Bell 412EP 36370 N43939, A7-HBJ cnx
N43944 Bell 430 49107 C-FOFB, N43944, RP-C8030
N43944 Robinson R44 Raven I 1996 N43944, PP-AAE
N43947 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH20040007K N43947
N43949 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1554 XA-MOX, N43949, N15VH, C-GKAR[3]
N43958 Robinson R44 Raven I 2049 N43958, C-GDOE[7]
N43960 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4475 64-13768(N), N43960 prs
N43997 Bell 412EP 36368 C-FDXM, N43997, ...(AP)
N43997 Robinson R66 Turbine 0138 N43997, PR-HML
N44074 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N44074 b/u
N44088 Seace Gyroplane [gyro] DAS 2 N44088
N44094 Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe > Aviation International Rotors CH-54A 64023 67-18421(N), N44094 cnx
N44115 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52207 C-FEXW[33], N44115, HC-BYQ, N207RT, N207RL, ZS-HNV[2]
N44115 Schweizer 269C S1875 N9WZ, N44115, C-GHHA[3], N322CP
N44162 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator [gyro] 427427 N44162
N44227 Robinson R22 0189 N90762, N44227 w/o
N44270 Robinson R22 Beta 0733 JA7731, N44270 cnx
N44316 Bell 407 53275 N44316, JA01AH, N8TY, N405S, N406LS, N493AE
N44319 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52209 N44319, JA31MP, VH-HEH[2]
N44367 Robinson R44 II 12916 N44367, C-GCRW[3], C-FDOY
N44392 Bensen 80 [gyro] 04 N44392 b/u
N44402 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4490 C-FOFH, N44402, PT-YZC
N44405 Robinson R44 Raven II 12734 N44405, PR-DDM
N44406 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4489 C-GLZU, N44406, N55NN, LV-...
N44434 Bell 430 49112 C-GLZM, N44434, (LV-...), N804CL, LV-BPI, N430AJ, TC-HDL
N44434 Robinson R44 Raven II 12782 N44434, PR-VVB
N44438 Bell 412EP > UH-1Y Venom > 412EP 36380 C-GFNO, N44438, PP-PRF
N44447 Robinson R44 Raven I 1998 N44447, PR-MLM
N44454 Bell 412EP 36210 C-FOFG, N44454, JA17MP
N44454 Bell 407 53657 C-GAJH, N44454, XA-ADL, N44454, XB-JCU, XB-PTY, N911BA
N44454 Robinson R44 II 13116 N44454, PR-AGD
N44477 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4484 C-GFNO, N44477, PT-YTT w/o
N44482 Robinson R44 II 12923 N44482, C-GOCR[2]
N44501 Bell 407 53272 N44501, XB-MTT, N827DS, N409UT, N522MT
N44504 Bell 407 53282 N44504, EI-STR, N937GR, C-FVZQ
N44515 Bell ARH-70 Arapaho (445) 53903 N44515 cnx
N44516 Bell 412EP 36205 C-GLZY, N44516, N83713, C-GKCX[3], C-GTQK
N44536 Robinson R44 Raven II 12783 N44536, PR-VVC
N44545 Bensen Tractor Benson [gyro] 001 N44545 cnx
N44548 Bell ARH-70 Arapaho (445) 53904 N44548 cnx
N44569 Robinson R44 Raven II 12947 N44569, CC-ABO
N44645 Robinson R44 Raven II 12856 N44645, HR-AWE
N44688 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B > Orlando Helicopter Airways OHA-S-55 Nite-Writer 551205 57-5928(N), N62204, C-GBSC, N2632Z, C-GBSC, N44688 cnx
N44689 Sikorsky S-55B > Orlando Helicopter Airways OHA-S-55 Nite-Writer 55912 N751A, C-GBHA, N44689 wfu
N44700 Robinson R44 Raven I 2123 N44700, C-GMET[4]
N44765 Robinson R66 Turbine 0029 N44765, ZS-HHN[2], G-CMEA, N37AF
N44811 Robinson R44 Raven II 13148 N44811, PP-JBN
N44818 RotorWay Exec 2933 N44818 cnx
N44823 RotorWay Scorpion Too 1 N44823 cnx
N44828 Robinson R44 Raven II 13149 N44828, PR-MIR
N44829 Robinson R66 Turbine 0034 N44829, (D-HRGG), N44829
N44830 Bensen 8M [gyro] 183 N44830 cnx
N44857 Robinson R22 Beta II 4514 N44857, VH-JBW[3]
N44868 Robinson R66 Turbine 0183 N44868, C-GWPV[2], C-FRWL
N44878 Robinson R66 Turbine 0132 N44878, XA-LNX
N44882 Robinson R66 Turbine 0030 N44882, PR-NZO
N44885 Robinson R44 II 13174 N44885, B-7252
N44924 Robinson R44 II 13164 N44924, B-7251
N44925 Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 3838 N167AE, N44925, N679AM, (PS-IBN), C-....
N44932 MBB BK117 A-1 > BK117 A-3 > BK117 A-4 7051 D-HBMZ, N44932, N117CJ cnx
N44932 Robinson R44 Raven II 12727 N44932, PR-TCS
N44934 Robinson R44 Raven II 12920 N44934, B-7046
N44939 Robinson R44 II 13060 N44939, PR-SFR, N318RN
N44940 Robinson R44 Raven II 13069 N44940, PR-ARF
N44942 Robinson R44 Raven II 13059 N44942, PP-CIL
N44946 Robinson R44 Clipper II 12998 N44946, PR-CAD
N44947 Robinson R44 Raven II 12896 N44947, PR-VVE
N44955 Robinson R44 Raven II 12877 N44955, PR-WCD
N44957 Robinson R44 Raven II 13046 N44957, C-GUEE[2], N28WF
N44967 Robinson R44 Raven II 13004 N44967 cnx
N44976 Robinson R44 Raven II 13100 N44976, LV-CRU
N44977 Robinson R44 I 2093 N44977, C-GJEU[2]
N44982 Robinson R44 Raven II 12964 N44982, PR-JMG
N44989 Robinson R44 Raven II 13013 N44989, PR-VVF
N44993 Robinson R44 II 13036 N44993, PR-AON
N44997 Robinson R44 II 13314 N44997
N45003 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760654 N45003, G-CEOR, 9M-SPV, G-CEOR, PR-LDN, N45003, C-GUKS[3]
N45008 Robinson R66 Turbine 0161 N45008, C-FJAA, N696BA
N45012 Hughes 269C 900962 C-GDHG, (PH-HBH), C-GDHG, N45012 w/o
N45012 Robinson R66 Turbine 0070 N45012, PP-SJG
N45039 Bensen 8M [gyro] 01RMB N45039 cnx
N45049 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760656 (N882AL), N45049, N76TZ, G-CGRU, 5N-BQJ w/o
N45049 Robinson R66 Turbine 0077 N45049, PR-HMR
N45063 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760660 N45063, 5N-BKM, N823KA, C-GUKQ[2], N53CL, VT-...
N45067 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760661 N45067, 9M-SPP, PR-OMT
N45094 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920069 N45094, MOI-02(HZ)
N45114 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920071 N45114, 3C-RGE
N45118 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920072 N45118, KAF-993(9K)
N45138 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760675 N45138, N790P, C-GHJL[3]
N45138 Robinson R66 Turbine 0076 N45138, NAF578(5N), 5N-MDU
N45139 Guard Airborne 200 [gyro] 1001 N45139 wfu
N45140 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760666 N45140, G-CFDV, N895BG, N782RL
N45147 Sikorsky S-76C++ 760665 N45147, N176AM
N45147 Robinson R44 Clipper I 2154 N45147, HP-1782SS
N45148 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920066 N45148, G-IACE
N45149 Robinson R66 Turbine 0065 N45149, PR-GZP
N45157 Ranger Cadet Gyrocopter A [gyro] 1 N45157 cnx
N45158 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920063 N45158, G-IACC, PR-JKE
N45160 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920061 N45160, C-GTCH[3], N920VH
N45165 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920051 N45165, G-CGOC, EI-ICR w/o
N45168 Sikorsky S-92A Helibus 920052 N45168, G-SARC, EI-ICD
N45200 Robinson R66 Turbine 0038 N45200, C-FLCA
N45205 Robinson R44 Clipper I 2155 N45205, HP-1783SS
N45209 Robinson R66 Turbine 0055 N45209, PR-PRP
N45219 Robinson R66 Turbine 0069 N45219, PR-FRR
N45224 Bensen 8M [gyro] 0001 N45224 cnx
N45236 Robinson R22 Beta II 4540 N45236, PP-POA
N45241 Robinson R44 I 2162 N45241, C-FSYO
N45244 Robinson R44 II 13188 N45244, (OB-....), FAB-765(CP), (PR-FPI)
N45252 Robinson R44 Raven II 13189 N45252, PR-TGV
N45257 Bell 412EP 36104 C-GLZU, N45257, S5-HGO, H2-38(S5)
N45257 Robinson R44 Raven II 12804 N45257, PR-EFE
N45267 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois > VH-1B 767 63-8545(N), N45267 cnx
N45272 Robinson R22 Beta II 4418 N45272, PR-DCW
N45275 Robinson R22 Beta II 4422 N45275, EC-LAY w/o
N45282 Robinson R22 Beta II 4428 N45282, VH-HGI[2], B-7099
N45290 Robinson R22 Beta II 4417 N45290, VH-WAB[3], VH-BTF[5]
N45295 Robinson R44 Raven II 12656 N45295, LV-CAU
N45314 Robinson R22 Beta II 4425 N45314, G-KTSG, ZK-IGB, VH-IGV[4]
N45325 Robinson R22 Beta II 4426 N45325, HK-4617, HK-4617G
N45329 Robinson R22 Beta II 4431 N45329, HL6144, N45329
N45330 Robinson R22 Beta II 4432 N45330, LN-OZM[2], OK-ZYZ cnx
N45346 Robinson R22 Beta II 4433 N45346, JA7207, N45346, JA7207
N45354 Robinson R44 Raven II Police 12665 N45354, G-POLI, 5B-...
N45356 Robinson R22 Beta II 4401 N45356, OE-XPV
N45357 Robinson R66 Turbine 0026 N45357, C-GEHE[3]
N45360 Robinson R22 Beta II 4443 N45360, B-7096
N45365 Robinson R44 Raven II 12682 N45365, (C-....), N893P, (N741LS)
N45369 Robinson R44 Raven II 12659 N45369, N294PJ
N45371 Bell 412EP 36330 C-GLZU, N45371, XA-UCF, OB-1980-P
N45371 Robinson R44 Raven II 12769 N45371, C-FGWT, XB-MGA
N45377 Bell 412EP 36334 N45377, XA-UCE, OB-2013-P, XA-HSL
N45378 Bell 407 53076 C-FZMD, N45378, CC-CSS, CC-PTS, CC-CTS, CC-PTK, N407HK
N45378 Bell 412EP 36338 C-GFNN, N45378, XA-UCC, XA-HCC, N266MS, ZS-HNC[3]
N45378 Robinson R66 Turbine 0028 N45378, ZS-HGX[2], N641RZ
N45381 Robinson R44 Raven II 12778 N45381, TG-FRD[2]
N45383 Bell 412EP 36333 N45383, 36333(HS), 94302(HS)/HS-MVK, 94304(HS)/HS-MVK
N45383 Robinson R44 Raven II 12792 N45383, PR-CVK
N45388 Bell 412EP 36337 C-GFNM, N45388, XA-UCB, XA-HSI
N45388 Robinson R22 Beta II 4406 N45388, VH-RJD[2]
N45389 Bell 412EP 36340 C-GADL, N45389, XA-UCD, XA-HSK, N267MS, ZS-HND[4]
N45391 Bell 412EP 36335 C-GFNL, N45391, XA-UBM
N45401 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10810 68-16151(N), N45401, CC-CBW w/o
N45428 Bell 412EP 36332 N45428, 36332(HS), 94301(HS)/HS-CPV, 94303(HS)/HS-CPV
N45448 Brantly B-2B 2003 N45448
N45457 Hughes 369HS 140557S N500WH, N500AH, C-GCXK, N22352, ZK-HCM[5], N45457, G-TVEE, G-GECO
N45575 Gyrobee Bee Different [gyro] 1 N45575
N45579 RotorWay Exec 162F 6713 N45579 cnx
N45593 Gyro-Kopp-Ters [gyro] GK0404S82010 N45593 cnx
N45645 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH20030006K N306SH, N8QL, N45645
N45655 Bell 407 53626 N45655, N409PH
N45674 Rotary Air Force 2000 GT [gyro] H2-94-5-140 N45674 cnx
N45684 Bensen 8M [gyro] 495584628 N45684 w/o
N45726 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > H-34C > CH-34C > S-58B > 'H-34J' 58675 56-4307(N), N45726 cnx
N45731 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 330 61-0750(N), N45731
N45741 RotorWay Scorpion 133 10799 N45741 cnx
N45744 RotorWay Scorpion 133 RW-05 N45744 cnx
N45746 Bensen 8M [gyro] JBA-1 N45746 cnx
N45762 RotorWay Scorpion 133 2561 N45762 cnx
N45770 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7004 63-13144(N), N45770 cnx
N45773 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7014 63-13154(N), N45773 cnx
N45774 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7038 64-15488(N), N45774 b/u
N45776 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7047 64-15497(N), N45776 b/u
N45777 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 370036 65-12951(N), N45777, RP-.....
N45780 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 570053 65-12968(N), N45780
N45784 Bensen 80 [gyro] 1380 N45784
N45827 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3259 C-GEAS, N45827, N4TV, N29RP, N414TV, N870WA, UP-BL015 cnx
N45855 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 511 62-1991(N), N2266T, N45855
N45867 Bell-Moore 47D1 H277 N45867 cnx
N45895 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52175 N45895, 9M-EKF, N483TJ, N119SP, N119NP, N59AJ, EI-GPH, N652HA
N45910 Licht H-C101 JDL-1 N45910 cnx
N45917 Sikorsky S-61V > S-61V-1 61271 N10047, ...(PK), N45917
N45919 Sport Copter Vortex M912 [gyro] 146 (N45919), N977ST
N45998 RotorWay Scorpion Too 8467 N45998 cnx
N46029 Robinson R44 Clipper II 12695 N46029, VT-BDP
N46048 Bell 407 53628 N46048, LQ-BBR
N46051 Bell 407 53627 N46051, N369PC, N613PA
N46052 Bell 412EP 36351 N46052, OH8(A2)
N46073 Bell 47G-3B-2 6797 N7926J, CF-QCO, N46073, VH-...
N46076 Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4607 N46076, N512PH, C-FIRC
N46110 RotorWay Exec 162F 6850 N46110
N46160 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1742 N396EH, N46160, N304MH, N204PA, N204S
N46339 Bell 407 53645 N46339, RA-01893 w/o
N46340 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52311 C-GLZA, N46340, N206EV, N131WM
N46341 Bell 407 53643 N46341, RA-01892
N46354 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH20050002K N46354
N46358 Bensen 8M [gyro] 2197 N46358 cnx
N46372 Bell 412EP 36376 C-FEOD, N46372, EC-JJQ
N46373 Bell 430 49110 C-GFNN, N46373, RA-01921
N46375 Bell 407 53649 N46375, LV-BDI, N407JG, VH-EXV[2]
N46376 Bell 412EP 36377 (N46376), C-FENJ, SU-CBL
N46421 RotorWay Exec 162F 6814 N46421 cnx
N46445 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-05-16-635 N46445 b/u
N46496 Gyro-Kopp-Ters Midnight Hawk [gyro] GK505MD82IS0014 N46496 cnx
N46516 Doty Chopper 001 N46516 cnx
N46560 Robinson R44 Astro 0407 JA45YH, T8A-201, N46560, VH-DOH[2], VH-ROO[4]
N46564 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51479 C-FKJZ, D-HEBB[2], HB-XJL, N46564, N36R, HK-4448 w/o
N46630 Enstrom 280FX Shark 2036 H-174(CC), N46630, C-GHCM[3], N46630, C-GMBD[3]
N46637 Enstrom 280FX Shark 2037 H-175(CC), N46637, C-GFVU[2]
N46641 Westland Wasp HAS.1 F9568 XS541(G), (N46641) cnx
N46662 Hughes 369D 590510D YV-241CP, N214CR, N59RF, N46662
N46666 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 8535 66-16341(N), N46666, CC-CLE cnx
N46690 Air Command Commander [gyro] 2385 N46690 cnx
N46698 Morenis Bladerunner III EYM006 (N46698) ntu
N46754 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > SH-34G > UH-34G > S-58 58600 143900(N), N46754 cnx
N46755 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J 581245 147998(N), N46755 cnx
N46756 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > S-58 581365 148962(N), N46756 b/u
N46804 Bell 407 53120 N46804, PT-YRP, N30EH, C-FAVY
N46821 RotorWay Scorpion RW133 11309 N46821 cnx
N46841 RotorWay Scorpion Too 1 N46841 cnx
N46842 RotorWay Scorpion 133 505763570 N46842 cnx
N46855 Bensen 8M [gyro] 001 N46855 cnx
N46863 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3584 66-8084(N), (N46863) cnx
N46865 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3737 67-17030(N), N46865, N10HD wfu
N46870 Revolution Mini 500 0354 N46870 cnx
N46884 Bell VH-1B-BF Iroquois 1181 64-14057(N), N46884 cnx
N46890 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 551196 57-1634(N), N46890 cnx
N46891 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N46891 cnx
N46905 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 12050 69-15762(N), (N46905) cnx
N46911 Sikorsky H-19D-2-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 55821 54-1417(N), N46911 cnx
N46912 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B 551046 ...(F), 55-5240(N), N46912, N443FD
N46914 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > SH-34G > UH-34G 58048 138490(N), N46914, N58SH, '143974(N)' prs
N46916 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > SH-34G > UH-34G 58016 138474(N), N46916, XB-DZX cnx
N46918 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > HSS-1N > SH-34J > UH-34J > S-58 58725 143944(N), N46918 wfu
N46919 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > S-58 58947 145684(N), N46919, '145684(N)' prs
N46920 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J 58997 145694(N), N46920, '145694(N)' prs
N46921 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > SH-34J > HH-34J > S-58 581246 147999(N), N46921 b/u
N46922 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J 581069 145712(N), N46922
N46928 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 292 61-0712(N), N46928
N46931 Hughes 369HS 320372S CF-DNR, N46931, ZK-HWB w/o
N46937 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 862 56-2260(N), N46937, C-GBGI, N112BK
N46942 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 743 63-8521(N), N46942 cnx
N46960 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3597 66-8097(N), (N46960) cnx
N46960 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3585 66-8085(N), N46960 cnx
N46968 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 281 61-0701(N), N46968, N619ME cnx
N46969 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 770 63-8548(N), N46969 w/o
N46970 Hiller UH-12E > UH-12L-4 2153 XC-COL, N46970 cnx
N46972 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-339 D-HDJQ, N46972, N430TL, N440CH, N440QH, N911AG, N105HH w/o
N46974 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-340 D-HDJR, N46974, N400WK, N340WA, N912ET, N915SH, A6-..., UP-EC108
N46975 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-341 D-HDJS, N46975, D-HMED, D-HMVC, SE-JFD, OH-HMC, 4X-BJZ prs
N46977 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-342 D-HDJT, N46977 w/o
N46978 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-343 D-HDJU, N46978, N6BX, HI-505TX, HI-505SP, YV199T, YV2717 w/o
N46979 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-344 D-HDJV, N46979, N777VE, N41N cnx
N46980 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-345 D-HDJW, N46980, XC-CAQ, YV-O-GEM-1, YVO146
N46981 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-5 S-346 D-HDJX, N46981, XC-CAR, N6170K, D-HHBW, (PH-BOO), PH-AHB
N46982 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-347 D-HDJY, N46982, N40EG, VH-ZXW
N46983 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-348 D-HDJZ, N46983, N50EG, HK-4746
N46984 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105 CDN-BS-4 S-349 D-HDHX[3], N46984, N3537T, C-FNHE
N46985 Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-350 D-HDHY[3], N46985, N3538T
N46988 Bell 47G-5 > 47G-3B-1 7903 ZK-HCM, N46988 cnx
N46991 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 962 57-3004(N), N46991 cnx
N46992 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 974 57-3016(N), N46992, C-FBVO
N46993 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1110 58-5461(N), N46993 cnx
N46994 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3655 67-15936(N), N46994 cnx
N47000 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois 3209 XW-PFG, N47000 w/o
N47001 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > 205 3210 XW-PFH, N47001 wfu
N47004 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > 205D 3211 XW-PFJ, N47004 cnx
N47010 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47010 cnx
N47013 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1075 52-7848(N), N47013 cnx
N47014 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 842 56-2246(N), N47014 cnx
N47016 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3587 66-8087(N), N47016 cnx
N47017 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3654 67-15935(N), N47017 cnx
N47018 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3615 66-8115(N), N47018 cnx
N47019 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3621 66-8121(N), N47019 cnx
N47025 Bensen 8M [gyro] SU-1 N47025 b/u
N47035 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12DT 1074 58-5425(N), N47035, C-GIPG, N47035 cnx
N47036 RotorWay Scorpion Too 1975 N47036 cnx
N47038 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3827 67-17120(N), N47038
N47039 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 > Bell-Intermountain 47G-3B-1 3831 67-17124(N), N47039 cnx
N47041 RotorWay Scorpion Too 6887 N47041 cnx
N47042 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1530 N47042, JA9141 prs
N47042 Bell 47G-3B-1 6608 CF-XKN, N47042 cnx
N47043 Hiller UH-12E-4 4706 ..??.., N47043 cnx
N47049 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > 47G-2 2173 57-6244(N), N47049 cnx
N47056 Bensen 8M [gyro] BC1 N47056 cnx
N47062 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3848 67-17141(N), N47062 cnx
N47063 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1422 62-3774(N), N47063
N47065 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2423 N47065, EC-DNZ, F-OIOM
N47066 Bell 47G-5A 25111 N58079, HL6115, N47066, HP-706 w/o
N47069 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2307 N47069 cnx
N47073 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1529 N47073, JA9140, N7250E
N47077 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 947 57-2990(N), N47077
N47078 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1371 61-3185(N), N47078 w/o
N47081 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1094 58-5445(N), N47081, N501AG cnx
N47083 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3640 67-15921(N), N47083 cnx
N47087 RotorWay Scorpion Too REF3191938 N47087 cnx
N47088 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47088 cnx
N47091 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 714 54-2923(N), N47091, N922TE, (C-GLYA), N922TE, N212TG, N922TE, RP-.....
N47096 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1030 52-7803(N), N90789, N47096 cnx
N47107 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3673 67-15954(N), N47107 cnx
N47108 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3652 67-15933(N), N47108, N31PC, N74HL, N4003X cnx
N47113 RotorWay Scorpion Too 9289 N47113 cnx
N47116 Bensen 8M [gyro] MG-1 N47116 cnx
N47122 Bell 206B JetRanger II 971 N18091, G-BARO, N47122, VH-ZRF
N47123 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 > 47G-2 > 47G-2A-1 3458 64-17892(N), N47123, N500CD, N50SD
N47127 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47127
N47135 Bensen 8M [gyro] 35-62241 N47135
N47143 Eich JE-2 [gyro] 771 N47143 w/o
N47145 Bensen 8M [gyro] JRH1 N47145 cnx
N47146 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1-JA N47146 cnx
N47171 Van Hoten Double Duber 2941 N47171 cnx
N47172 Hughes 369HS 450739S N9257F, C-GMXR, N47172 cnx
N47191 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47191 cnx
N47197 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47197 cnx
N47198 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N47198 cnx
N47199 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1977 N47199 cnx
N47203 Hughes 369D 800777D (ZK-HOQ), C-GPRR, N47203 cnx
N47239 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 508 51-13867(N), N47239 cnx
N47240 Bensen 8M-1 [gyro] FN002 N47240 cnx
N47242 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 491 51-16298(N), N47242
N47245 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 624 51-16374(N), N47245 wfu
N47246 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > CH-34 > S-58JT 58960 57-1743(N), N47246 w/o
N47251 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1207 N47251, C-GXED, N931DB cnx
N47256 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2433 N47256 w/o
N47258 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1226 N47258, N119SF cnx
N47260 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1238 N47260, N76WH, N762H cnx
N47261 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1245 N47261, N15WC, G-BKLT, (F-GGGB[2]), (F-GMJL), G-BKLT, F-GMJL w/o
N47263 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1246 N47263, C-GVRG, N552T cnx
N47264 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1250 F-WMHB, N47264, N341FR, C-FBHI[2] cnx
N47266 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1259 N47266, C-GUMH, N976SF, (ZS-...), G-CMMX
N47267 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1260 N47267, JA9153 w/o
N47267 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 1227 68-17267(N), N47267
N47268 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1264 N47268, N123TY, (N123TX), C-GOLN, N123TY, (LN-OHT), N123TYLN-ORT[6] w/o
N47270 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2434 N47270, F-GHCD b/u
N47271 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2435 N47271, HB-XRB b/u
N47272 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2438 N47272, N42PL, (N42PM), N42PL
N47273 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2446 N47273, H-68(LV)
N47274 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2449 N47274, I-CTEC, (F-GIQU) cnx
N47276 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2439 N47276, G-BMUB, D-HBRA, HB-XYT, (D-HPLA) wfu
N47278 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1262 F-WXFN, N47278, N369PL, C-GWLI, C-GTDE, G-SFTF, F-GDXX, C-GEPX, N341ZL
N47281 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1263 N47281, N606SP, N686SP, C-GUSA, N569RD, N341L
N47284 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1004 F-WZAN, N47284, (F-GIHL) b/u
N47285 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2447 N47285, XC-BOF, N50843, (N315SH), N50843 cnx
N47287 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1005 N47287, D-HAAH[2] cnx
N47288 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2452 N47288, XC-BOG(?)
N47290 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2456 N47290, XC-BOH, JA6141, N315CH
N47291 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2463 N47291, XC-BOI, EC-IME, HB-ZHT, F-ORPB
N47292 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2464 N47292, XC-BOJ, HC-CBR, OB-1925-P
N47293 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2468 N47293, C-GUON, N3602C, D-HAFA[3], N4183N, G-BUOY w/o
N47294 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2448 N47294 cnx
N47295 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1274 N47295, N341SG, (N341P), N341SG, F-GEQA[2], G-BRGS, G-OCJR, G-OGAZ, N71FR
N47297 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1275 N47297, G-SFTB w/o
N47298 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1289 N47298, G-SFTC, G-LOYD
N47300 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1310 N47300, N341SG, N776SM, N2LN cnx
N47304 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2472 N47304, HB-XVP, C-FKIG, N1217N, P2-PHP cnx
N47305 Sud Aviation 330G Puma > 330J 1371 F-WVKX, F-BVKX, N47305 w/o
N47307 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1402 N47307, (PT-HQA)(?), N47307 w/o
N47308 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1137 N90776, C-GVIT, N47308, C-GVHC, ..??.., N71PU, ZU-ROU
N47309 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2476 N47309, N403AH, G-BLXJ, (N.....), F-GHCN, D-HLEO[2], F-GHFI[2]
N47310 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2480 N47310, ZK-HKG w/o
N47311 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1418 N47311, F-WYMB, JA6696, N330KW, YR-...
N47312 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2484 N47312, N402AH and C-FZXZ, N402AH cnx
N47314 Sud Aviation 315B Lama (parts to I-JJOB) 2491 N47314, N218RM, N401AH, F-GFCA, I-APEX b/u
N47315 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1278 N47315 cnx
N47316 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1295 F-WKQH, N47316, N444JJ, N4QQ, N4DQ, G-BKLW, G-MANN, YU-HVZ
N47317 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2257 N47317, F-GHBH, F-WYMY, OK-FIT, OM-FIT w/o
N47318 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1021 N47318, OH-HMR wfu
N47319 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2462 N47319, G-BMSN, HB-XRE, N76RE, TI-BKP
N47320 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2473 N47320, DQ-FCO, ZK-HNQ, PK-TSA cnx
N47345 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 76-002 ..??.., N47345 cnx
N47496 Bell 407 53095 N47496, N121HS, N407MZ, N407CP
N47713 Bell 47G-3B-1 2954 N1172W, CF-SCY, N47713
N47776 RotorWay Scorpion Too 3791 N47776 cnx
N47778 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3487 65-8054(N), N47778 cnx
N47779 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3422 64-17856(N), N47779 cnx
N47780 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET > 58JT 58827 PB+210(D), QB+464(D), PY+335(D), 80+14(D), (N47780), N47788, G-BCWD, C-GBSM, N17FT, C-GLOG[2], N827MW w/o
N47781 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET 58855 PB+215(D), QB+473(D), 80+18(D), N47781, N129NH
N47782 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET 58879 PB+218(D), QB+470(D), PZ+334(D), 80+21(D), N47782 w/o
N47783 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II 581112 N969, PF+209(D), PF+210(D), QB+476(D), PZ+340(D), 80+47(D), N47783 cnx
N47785 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58ET 581570 150767(N), QA+478(D), PZ+473(D), 80+82(D), N47785, PT-HFQ w/o
N47786 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1368 61-3182(N), N47786 cnx
N47787 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET 58721 PB+201(D), QB+461(D), PM+461(D), PL+331(D), 80+04(D), N47787, PH-POC, PK-OBO wfu
N47788 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET > 58JT 58827 PB+210(D), QB+464(D), PY+335(D), 80+14(D), (N47780), N47788, G-BCWD, C-GBSM, N17FT, C-GLOG[2], N827MW w/o
N47795 Bensen 8M [gyro] RB1 N47795 b/u
N47796 Bensen 8M [gyro] HB-1 N47796 cnx
N47798 Bensen 8M [gyro] 001 N47798 cnx
N47814 Bensen 8M [gyro] 407582860 N47814 cnx
N47861 Hughes 369D 310915D C-GWKS, N47861, C-GJMP, C-FOHD
N47957 Bell 206A JetRanger 308 CF-KHK, C-FKHK, N47957, N49PH, N555SJ
N48001 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 1018 57-3059(N), C-GHTF, N48001 b/u
N48010 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N48010 cnx
N48012 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2324 N48012, C-GHVG, PT-HOL cnx
N48017 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II > 315B Lama 2316 > 2316/33 N48017, C-GGNT, PT-HKI, F-GDUJ, HB-XVW, LN-OPU[3], B-HJV
N48018 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1218 N48018, N840SC w/o
N48020 Bell 47G-3B-1 2812 N73935, ZK-HFF, N48020
N48022 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 953 51-14188(N), N48022 cnx
N48048 Bensen Gyrocopter [gyro] 1 N48048 b/u
N48048 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3668 67-15949(N), N64289, N48048, N710SF wfu
N48049 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3647 67-15928(N), N48049, N709SF cnx
N48056 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3003 63-9117(N), N48056 cnx
N48057 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3012 63-9126(N), N48057 cnx
N48077 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3231 64-15363(N), N48077 cnx
N48079 Hiller OH-23G Raven > Hiller-Fisher UH-12E 1452 62-3804(N), N48079 cnx
N48082 Piasecki/Vertol H-21C Shawnee > CH-21C C.6 51-15886(N), N48082, '51-15886(N)' prs
N48085 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2169 N48085 cnx
N48086 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2186 N48086, HB-XOH w/o
N48087 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2396 N48087, E-319(HC)
N48089 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2397 N48089 cnx
N48095 Hughes 369HS 350720S N48095, C-GXWF
N48096 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3563 66-8063(N), N48096 cnx
N48104 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3243 64-15375(N), N48104 cnx
N48105 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3252 64-15384(N), N48105 cnx
N48109 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3607 66-8107(N), N48109 cnx
N48113 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1041 67-16934(N), N48113 cnx
N48114 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 0867 67-16760(N), N48114 cnx
N48121 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1542 63-12827(N), N48121, XB-AGX
N48123 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1544 63-12829(N), N48123, C-....
N48131 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3641 67-15922(N), N48131
N48132 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3618 66-8118(N), N48132 cnx
N48135 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3648 67-15929(N), N48135, N119SP, N119SB cnx
N48147 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3223 64-15355(N), N48147 cnx
N48150 Bensen 8M [gyro] 001 N48150 cnx
N48151 Bensen 8M [gyro] T009172 N48151 cnx
N48155 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 160433 64-18121(N), N48155
N48158 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7037 64-15487(N), (N48158) cnx
N48164 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 > TH-13T 3678 67-15959(N), N48164, N208PS cnx
N48166 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3008 63-9122(N), N48166, N58LL cnx
N48167 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1699 64-15190(N), N48167, N7086 cnx
N48173 Piasecki HUP-3 Retriever 512539(?) ..??.., N48173 cnx
N48174 Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever .. 129925(?)(N), (N48174) cnx
N48175 Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever 'NY-9505' ..??.., (N48175), '129521(N)' prs
N48181 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3813 67-17106(N), N48181 cnx
N48183 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3559 66-8059(N), N48183 cnx
N48184 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 1906 CF-TVQ, N48184, CC-CFB, N48184, CC-CFB, N48184, C-GLZZ, N48184 cnx
N48185 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N48185
N48192 Bensen 8M [gyro] 44824 N48192 cnx
N48194 Vanek Vancraft [gyro] 534584487 N48194 cnx
N48197 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1142 58-5493(N), N48197 cnx
N48202 Bensen 8M [gyro] LEA19751 N48202 cnx
N48208 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1383 61-3197(N), N48208 cnx
N48209 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 508 51-16302(N), N48209 cnx
N48210 Hiller OH-23G Raven 1815 64-15306(N), N48210 cnx
N48215 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 926 56-2309(N), N48215 cnx
N48217 Bell 47G-3B > 47G-3B-1 2760 CF-ONM, N48217
N48219 Hiller UH-12E > UH-12E-4 2166 N9773C, XC-CUT, N48219, C-....
N48220 Hiller UH-12E > UH-12E-4 2162 N9772C, XC-CUS, N48220
N48221 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > Bell-Soloy TH-13T 3503 65-8070(N), N48221, N28TV cnx
N48223 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3510 65-8077(N), N48223, N46HB cnx
N48234 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1453 62-3805(N), N48234, N5594N cnx
N48236 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3242 64-15374(N), N48236 cnx
N48263 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1208 59-2728(N), N48263
N48265 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1060 58-5411(N), N48265 w/o
N48266 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1084 58-5435(N), N48266 cnx
N48267 RotorWay Scorpion Too 4968 N48267
N48269 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 1181036 67-16929(N), N48269 cnx
N48278 Bell-Transworld Helicopters 47G-2 TWH-3 N48278 cnx
N48281 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 1910 N3058, CF-BQD, N48281, N981CF w/o
N48298 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 760625(?) (66-9076(N)), 66-18313(N), N48298 cnx
N48304 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3519 66-4278(N), N48304 cnx
N48313 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1213 59-2733(N), N48313 w/o
N48315 Bensen Gyroplane [gyro] 538 N48315 cnx
N48316 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3628 66-8128(N), N48316 w/o
N48323 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 580877 67-16770(N), N48323 cnx
N48334 Bensen 8M [gyro] 61433 N48334 cnx
N48335 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2558 N4833, N48335, N52Q w/o
N48351 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 544 N4835, N48351 cnx
N48352 RotorWay Scorpion Too 10053 N48352 cnx
N48357 Bell 206B JetRanger II 776 N4835[2](?), N48357, C-....
N48358 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3638 67-15919(N), N48358
N48359 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3596 66-8096(N), N48359 cnx
N48366 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 580869 67-16762(N), N48366, N69HJ cnx
N48470 Bensen 80 [gyro] 208128520 N48470 cnx
N48552 Bell TH-67A Creek 5275 C-GFNO, N48765, N48552
N48591 RotorWay Exec 1670 N48591 w/o
N48644 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1006 57-3048(N), N48644 cnx
N48765 Bell TH-67A Creek 5275 C-GFNO, N48765, N48552
N48801 Enstrom F-28A 031 N4880, N48801 cnx
N48864 Bell 47G-3 2611 N9B, SE-HAY, N48864 w/o
N48917 RotorWay Scorpion 133 RW2986 N48917 cnx
N48930 Hughes 269A 1210033 N8720F, N48930, N575PF w/o
N48951 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10191 68-15261(N), N48951 cnx
N49007 Robinson R44 II 14658 (N49007)
N49051 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk .. ..??.., N49051
N49234 Sikorsky HRS-3 > CH-19E 55938 144250(N), N49234 cnx
N49240 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1159 N49240 cnx
N49241 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1163 N49241, 9M-AUX, VH-NVH w/o
N49247 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1246 52-7978(N), N49247 b/u
N49254 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1724 64-15215(N), N49254 cnx
N49293 Sikorsky S-76A 760033 N49293, PT-HKE cnx
N49494 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1280 N49494, F-GEQB[2], G-ZELL, SX-HDK w/o
N49495 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1459 N49495, XB-BWD, N3263P, P2-PAZ cnx
N49496 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1463 N49496 w/o
N49497 Sud Aviation 330J Puma > 330L > Atlas XTP-1 Beta 1466 N49497, XB-BWF, N3263W, ZS-HNK, 189(ZS) wfu
N49499 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1286 N49499, C-GXQE, ..??.., N341CF, G-CMNA, N.....
N49503 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1308 N49503, N341JT, C-FWYN, F-GHGU w/o
N49504 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2474 N49504, F-GHCC, LN-...
N49505 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1006 N49505, F-GIHL[2] w/o
N49507 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1319 N49507, C-GXRS w/o
N49508 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1320 N49508, N905X, N905XX, F-GEHF, YU-HEY[2]
N49509 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2477 N49509, F-GFCE, I-ROEU b/u
N49511 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2485 N49511 cnx
N49512 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1007 N49512, N222MY, N11MY, F-GGKT w/o
N49513 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1010 N49513, G-BRMP, (F-GHXQ), F-GHXR prs
N49516 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1391 N49516, N747MN, N61DR cnx
N49517 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2297 N49517, 68(CC), EC-746, EC-FJA w/o
N49518 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2312 N49518, 69(CC)
N49519 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2322 N49519, 60(CC), EC-FHJ cnx
N49520 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2332 N49520, 61(CC) wfu
N49521 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2489 N49521, (F-GEEK), I-LOGI, (EI-...), B-HJO
N49523 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1407 N49523, N869, N869GT, F-GIJR, G-EHUP, YU-HWF
N49524 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2490 N49524, G-BMUA, HB-XRF, OE-KXD, HB-XRF cnx
N49525 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2492 N49525 w/o
N49526 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1410 N49526, C-GXTW, N49526, N901B
N49527 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1390 N49527, N6KT, F-GEHD, G-WCRD, YU-HOT
N49529 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2498 N49529, G-BMUC, I-MROS, (F-GOEM) b/u
N49531 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2497 N49531, F-GFCV, I-EFLY wfu
N49532 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2500 N49532, C-GLAY w/o
N49533 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1027 N49533, F-GKOZ wfu
N49534 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1392 N49534, N2TV, G-BZLA, YU-PJB, HA-PJB, 2-PJBA, HA-PJB
N49536 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') 1417 N49536, N341AT, F-GEHC, G-BXJK, G-OGEO
N49537 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2505 N49537, (F-GHCF), (D-HAWZ), D-HFWZ, (F-GTBE), HB-ZDG, N316DJ, RA-2165G cnx
N49538 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2503 N49538, F-GFCR b/u
N49539 Sud Aviation 330J Puma 1502 N49539, XB-BWE, N3263U, P2-PAY, N10248
N49539 Enstrom F-28C-2 493-2 C-GCVX, N49539, N57WW, N20PZ w/o
N49540 Sud Aviation 360C Dauphin 1029 N49540, N360CP w/o
N49542 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2369 N49542, 66(CC), EC-757, EC-FHI cnx
N49543 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2265 N49543, HB-XNW w/o
N49548 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1408 N49548, N505NM
N49549 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle ('stretched') (parts of N341BB[2]) 1455 N49549, N14MT, N17MT, G-BKLS, G-TURP, G-BKLS, 'G-TURP' wfu
N49550 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2271 N49550 cnx
N49552 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2275 N49552, IGM-275(HC)(?), N49552 cnx
N49556 Aerospatiale 350C AStar > 350D 1008 N49556, ZK-HEA[2] w/o
N49557 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2296 N49557 cnx
N49558 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2507 N49558, (HB-XPC), I-ELTA, HB-XPC cnx
N49559 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1456 N49559, N76WH, N16KH
N49561 Aerospatiale 350C AStar > 350D > 350BA Ecureuil 1011 F-WKQE, N49561, C-FQHC[2]
N49563 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2269 CF-EDG, N49563 cnx
N49564 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2510 N49564, F-GEEZ, I-MAEL wfu
N49565 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle (parts to G-BKLS) 1421 N49565, N641HM, N641HX, N341BB[2], (N341SV), N341BB[2] w/o
N49570 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1668 (C-GAZQ), N49570 cnx
N49573 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1665 (C-GAZP), N49573 w/o
N49574 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1661 (C-GGBH), N49574, 9Q-CSQ
N49575 Bell 206L LongRanger 45022 N49575, C-....
N49576 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1752 N49576 cnx
N49577 Bell 212 30720 N49577 cnx
N49578 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1856 N49578 b/u
N49579 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1770 N49579, N3RE, N111PM
N49581 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1857 N49581, N213ML, N89TT
N49582 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1761 N49582, N281C, EI-CJM, EI-ONE w/o
N49584 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1758 N49584, C-GBHI
N49585 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1754 N49585 cnx
N49587 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1766 N49587, OH-HLP
N49588 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1726 N49588, N788BD w/o
N49589 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1912 N49589
N49590 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1714 N49590, G-BTFY w/o
N49591 Bell 212 30695 N49591 cnx
N49592 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1717 N49592, SE-HTP
N49593 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1760 N49593 cnx
N49596 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1771 N49596, N206BJ, G-RIKK, G-BSTG dbf
N49597 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1774 N49597, N307TV, N887LB, N887EH
N49599 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1772 N49599, HP-....
N49604 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1780 N49604, N20MZ, ZK-HBE[2], VH-DPS[2]
N49606 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1775 N49606 w/o
N49607 Bell 206L LongRanger 45004 N49607, VH-HJL cnx
N49608 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1733 N49608 cnx
N49609 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1784 N49609, C-GMHL[2], C-FHRR
N49610 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1788 N49610, C-GGXX, G-BVWS, OO-KBM w/o
N49611 Bell 206B JetRanger .. ..??.., N49611 cnx
N49613 Bell 212 30754 N49613 b/u
N49615 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1777 N49615, C-FKNF w/o
N49616 Bell 205A-1 30212 N49616, PT-HHZ, C-GMHE
N49617 Bell 212 30713 N49617, PK-DBT, PK-HMY, N20851, C-GLFT[2]
N49619 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1787 N49619, N700BB, VH-HKB
N49620 Bell 214B Big Lifter 28002 (N49620), ...(EP) cnx
N49622 Bell 214B Big Lifter 28003 (N49622), ...(EP) cnx
N49623 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1880 N49623, N86AF, (N145LT)
N49625 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1803 N49625, N833AP, N206EE, N6WE, N2VC, N357DC cnx
N49626 Bell 205A-1 30209 N49626, N205KA, C-GPET[2], C-GLVI
N49629 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1790 N49629, C-GKGI
N49631 Bell 214B-1 Big Lifter 28001 N49631, N214RM w/o
N49633 Bell 206L LongRanger 45013 N49633, HB-XFK, OE-DXH, SE-HVF, OH-HHJ, RP-C1400, N3GH, C-GWHO
N49634 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1805 N49634, C-GBNS[3], N183TC w/o
N49635 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1806 N49635, N20HU, ZK-HYH, ZK-HHZ[2] w/o
N49636 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1810 N49636, C-GHDD
N49637 Bell 206L LongRanger 45006 N49637, C-GGZQ
N49638 Bell 212 30765 N49638, 30-765(SX)
N49641 Bell 205A-1 30206 N49641, N205AH, D-HOOK[3], LN-OPR[3]
N49642 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1814 N49642 cnx
N49643 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1813 N49643 w/o
N49644 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1827 (N49644), A4O-AR, SE-HOZ, EC-NVV
N49645 Bell 206L LongRanger 45014 N49645, A4O-AT, N49695, SE-HOL, OY-HSH, SE-HOL, OY-HSH, N259MH, C-GHNQ
N49648 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1817 (N597MC) and/or N49648, N340EB, VH-STE[2], ZK-IIK
N49651 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1804 N49651
N49654 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1796 N49654, N841YT
N49655 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1830 N49655, C-GOKE[2] w/o
N49656 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1819 N49656 cnx
N49657 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1820 N49657 cnx
N49660 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1825 N49660
N49661 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1826 N49661 w/o
N49662 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1871 N49662, (A6-ALT), N49662, N27UK
N49663 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1828 (N49663), A4O-AS
N49664 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1831 N49664, OY-HCZ w/o
N49665 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1837 N49665 cnx
N49667 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1843 N49667, N1219W
N49667 Hughes 369D 1260067D C-GXNV, N49667 w/o
N49669 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1846 N49669 cnx
N49669 Robinson R44 Astro 0562 N49669, N843FR
N49670 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1847 N49670, N919FS, VH-HEO[2] b/u
N49671 Bell 212 30737 N49671, PNC-186(HK), PNC0486(HK)
N49673 Bell 212 30728 N49673, C-FRUQ, N8223V, C-FJUR cnx
N49675 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1862 N49675, N41AA cnx
N49676 Bell 212 30741 N49676, C-GGSM[2], C-GYHF[3]
N49678 Bell 212 30743 N49678, C-FADZ, N49678 w/o
N49682 Bell 206L LongRanger 45009 (N49682), F-BXPH, D-HAFV, SE-HUE, OH-HKR, SE-HUE wfu
N49686 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1905 N49686, N496CH
N49687 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1945 N49687, N414TV, N404DJ, N404AD, C-GMIE
N49688 Bell 212 > Eagle Copters Eagle Single (B212) 30759 N49688, HC-BJQ, N21601, C-GJDC, N21601, EC-GXG, OB-1973-P, EC-MDV, C-GKUY[2], N515
N49690 Bell 212 30761 N49690, PT-HJN w/o
N49691 Bell 212 30742 (N49691), PP-ENI, PT-HSR wfu
N49692 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1879 N49692, N617 cnx
N49693 Bell 206L LongRanger 45026 N49693, C-GVYG, N66KH cnx
N49694 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1964 N49694, C-GLQI w/o
N49695 Bell 206L LongRanger 45014 N49645, A4O-AT, N49695, SE-HOL, OY-HSH, SE-HOL, OY-HSH, N259MH, C-GHNQ
N49698 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1903 N49698, YV-O-MMH-10, YV-O-FMO-4 w/o
N49699 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1900 N49699, N12DY, C-GBJZ[2], C-GFWZ[3]
N49702 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1907 N49702, HK-4594 w/o
N49703 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2062 N16748, N49703, PT-HUM cnx
N49710 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1909 N49710, N11TY, N3298G, N1909R
N49711 Bell 206L LongRanger 45007 N49711, YV-O-PM-4, YV-40CP[2], N39EA, N19NG
N49712 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1911 N49712, C-GTWM, N3254P, (N206AJ), N3254P, G-BNYD
N49715 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1921 N49715, N60BJ, N95SK
N49716 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1924 N49716, F-OGNI, F-GIRT
N49718 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1917 N49718, C-GIFZ, N49718, ZK-IRJ
N49719 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1895 N49719, C-GPHB dbf
N49720 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1899 N49720 w/o
N49721 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1943 N49721, C-GUMO cnx
N49723 Bell 206L LongRanger 45020 N49723 cnx
N49725 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1897 N49725, EI-BYJ, F-HCRH
N49727 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1955 N49727 cnx
N49729 Bell 206L LongRanger 45023 N49729, C-GSHU w/o
N49732 Bell 214B-1 Big Lifter 28005 N49732, 101(A4O), 751(A4O), N49732
N49734 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1915 N49734 cnx
N49735 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2000 N49735, C-GXCH
N49737 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2024 N49737, (F-GFBP), N49737 cnx
N49740 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2023 N49740, N111FH cnx
N49741 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1976 N49741, C-GTYV
N49742 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1972 N49742, C-GKLQ[2]
N49744 Bell 212 30770 N49744, 1972(YV), ARV-0311(YV), (N49744) cnx
N49745 Bell 206L LongRanger 45015 N49745, C-GIVX, CC-CNR, CC-PXU, CC-CNR
N49746 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1928 N49746, (N60WT), N49746 w/o
N49748 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1927 N49748, N206KS
N49749 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1925 N49749, ZK-HRP, P2-NHC cnx
N49750 Bell 212 30757 N49750, 9V-BHG, B-2311 w/o
N49751 Bell 212 30758 N49751, 8R-GEO, N5306T, C-GAHZ[2] w/o
N49753 Bell 212 30760 N49753, 8R-GEQ, N27EA, N212EA, N42EA, 001[2](TG), 103(TG) w/o
N49754 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1929 N49754, N100LA, N49754, N295CA
N49755 Bell 206B JetRanger II 2021 N49755 cnx
N49756 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1913 N49756 cnx
N49757 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1920 N49757 cnx
N49759 Bell 206L LongRanger 45005 N49759, C-GUGP cnx
N49763 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1008 N49763 cnx
N49766 Bell 205A-1 30239 N49766, N66HJ
N49768 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D > S-58DT 581487 149385(N), N49768, N63CH, P2-PDY, N63CH, PT-HJQ, N58CH, N581BG w/o
N49770 Bell 206L LongRanger 45030 N49770, N66LJ, N66BH, N221AM, C-GIIP, OH-HOH, G-CYRS, G-DSTN, G-UNZZ
N49773 Hiller UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 2109 > 2109R XC-COB, XB-COB(?), N49773, ZK-HGI w/o
N49774 Hiller UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 2195 XC-COW, N49774, ZK-HHM, N7173J b/u
N49775 Hiller UH-12E-4 2359 XC-SOP, N49775 cnx
N49777 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1137 58-5488(N), N49777 wfu
N49779 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1937 N49779, C-GKCU, N.....
N49779 Babineaux A184 92236 N49779 cnx
N49833 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N49833
N49834 RotorWay Scorpion Too-133 12152 N49834 cnx
N49882 Bell 47G-3 > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.5 2612 CF-MZE, N14FL, N49882, HP-1956IM
N49890 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B 551209 57-1640(N), N49890, C-GWWH w/o
N49891 Bensen 8M [gyro] R6917 N49891 cnx
N49913 SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III > Sud Aviation 316B 1091 F-WKQA, 9252(CS), N49913 cnx
N49968 SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III > Sud Aviation 316B 1311 9275(CS), N49968 cnx
N49983 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 850 56-2251(N), N49983
N50005 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2401 N50005, EI-BFK, G-BKPF, G-NORM w/o
N50006 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2406 N50006, EC-EKO cnx
N50006 Sikorsky S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk 701574 N50006, 2305(Taiwan)
N50011 Bensen 8M [gyro] 067315 N50011
N50013 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2427 N50013, ZS-HWV
N50013 Sikorsky S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk 701580 N50013, 2306(Taiwan)
N50017 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2422 N50017 cnx
N50022 Robinson R22 Alpha 0500 N50022, G-BMHN, G-IBED
N50023 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 473 62-1953(N), N50023 prs
N50029 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2436 N50029, C-GFQZ cnx
N50032 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2437 N50032, N49CH, N64JB
N50032 RotorWay Scorpion Too 5695 N50032 cnx
N50034 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45169 N50034, N62AE w/o
N50045 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45172 N50045, N43RC, VR-BOY, N4605Z, N20LN, C-FHNN, C-FWCE
N50045 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage .. 64-18214(N), N50045 cnx
N50045 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 760610 (66-9088(N)), 66-18325(N), N50045
N50046 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45173 N50046
N50050 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2461 N50050, ZS-HRY w/o
N50051 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2463 N50051, C-GDBP, N2404U w/o
N50054 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2537 N50054, N8NF
N50056 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2470 N50056, YV-457C, YV-1048CP, YV1483
N50056 Sikorsky S-70A-28 701882 N50056, ...(TC)
N50060 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2473 N50060, N206AF, C-GFEC[2]
N50070 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45194 N50070, N333WM, N77PA, N992PA, N77PA, N177PA w/o
N50070 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 970719 67-15375(N), N50070, N1070N prs
N50070 Sikorsky S-70C-5 701029 N7265E, V8-MHB, V8-HBV, N50070, N2FH
N50070 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58A+ 41562 71-20701(N), N50070, N388DK
N50071 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2511 N50071, C-GALU, N608RA
N50075 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0004E N50075 w/o
N50075 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45180 N50075, N73MM, C-FKHB
N50084 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2504 N50084, JA9215 w/o
N50085 Sikorsky S-76C+ 760562 N50085, N866AL
N50086 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56078 55-641(N), N50086 wfu
N50088 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2618 N50088 cnx
N50093 Bell 212 30924 N50093, XC-HFI, XA-SSK
N50093 Sikorsky S-76C+ 760557 N50093, N864AL, C-GVIG[4]
N50094 Bell 212 30921 N50094, PNC-194(HK), PNC0494(HK)
N50094 Bell UH-1N-BF Iroquois 31003 68-10774(N), N50094, PNC5000(HK), N50094, N774WL cnx
N50109 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2576 N50109 cnx
N50119 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56010 54-994(N), N50119 wfu
N50124 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4623 C-GLZW, N50124, XC-CUL
N50126 Bell 212 30923 N50126, HB-XKG, HZ-..., HB-XKG, N50126, XB-ECQ, C-FCAP, ZS-RNH[2], C-FCAP, ZS-RNH[2], C-FCAP, HC-CFF, C-FCAD, DQ-EAF, C-FCAD
N50135 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2591 N50135, YV-O-MTC-26, YV-O-MIF-26, YVO117
N50137 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2551 N50137, ZS-HHW, A2-HOP, ZS-HGI, ZS-HHW w/o
N50139 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2600 N50139, N162BH, N8264U, C-GAHL[2], C-GTNK[2]
N50141 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2603 N50141
N50144 Bell 212 30907 N50144, XC-DDF w/o
N50153 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2619 N50153, ...(OB)
N50161 Hughes 269C 711061 N50161, ZK-HHE[2]
N50161 McDonnell Douglas AH-64DHA Apache HA006 03-01026(N), N50161, ES1026(SX)
N50163 Bell 222 47011 N50163, C-GPRH, N981AB, N222ZX cnx
N50165 McDonnell Douglas AH-64DHA Apache HA007 03-01027(N), N50165, ES1027(SX) w/o
N50173 McDonnell Douglas AH-64DHA Apache HA008 03-01028(N), N50173, ES1028(SX)
N50174 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56014 54-996(N), N50174 wfu
N50178 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2608 N50178
N50179 Hughes 269C 511056 (N50179), D-HOME cnx
N50179 Bell 212 30909 N50179, PT-HJU w/o
N50182 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45242 N50182, N206DD w/o
N50218 Hughes 369D 610991D N50218, N369LR
N50220 McDonnell Douglas AH-64DHA Apache HA012 03-01032(N), N50220, ES1032(SX) w/o
N50226 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56018 54-997(N), N50226 wfu
N50235 RotorWay Exec EXEC-3099 N50235 w/o
N50253 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56022 54-998(N), N50253 wfu
N50281 Hughes 369D 711004D N50281, N50FE cnx
N50293 CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 > 105CBS-4 S4-677 (D-HDUS[2]), ECT-703, N50293, AP-BIG
N50330 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois > Hawkins & Powers UH-1B 598 62-2078(N), N50330, N204HT
N50353 RotorWay Exec 162F 6409 N50353 cnx
N50446 Boeing CH-47SD Chinook M4281 N50446, ES911(SX)
N50456 Bensen 8MV [gyro] 1 N50456 cnx
N50466 RotorWay Exec 162F 6235 N50466, N103RW w/o
N50495 Sport Copter Vortex [gyro] 122 N50495
N50499 RotorWay Exec ES002 N50499 w/o
N50512 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH20040019K N50512 cnx
N50513 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4849 65-9805(N), N50513
N50516 RotorWay Scorpion 133 82634 N50516 cnx
N50518 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 5664 66-1181(N), N50518, H-82(CC)
N50519 RotorWay Scorpion 133 1312-53 N50519 cnx
N50527 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N50527 cnx
N50548 Hughes 369D 711023D N50548, N541
N50558 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4637 65-9593(N), N50558, N207PJ, N516MB
N50561 Butterfly Golden Butterfly [gyro] GB2001 N50561 cnx
N50588 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-780 D-HDYP, N50588, CC-CVY, LV-CQO
N50600 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 41282 71-20421(N), N50600
N50605 Hughes 369D 711019D N50605, VR-HHM[3], B-HHM, G-HKHM
N50634 Hughes 369HS 220368S CF-DNE, C-FDNE, N50634, HP-1295PA
N50638 Hughes 269C 811073 N50638 w/o
N50713 Hughes 369D 710982D N50713
N50722 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 1224 64-14100(N), FAP-115(HP), N50722 cnx
N50785 Bell 407 53110 C-FKMN, C-FMBG, N50785, (N407MT), N534MT, N1416
N50792 Hughes 369D 811049D N50792, YV-531CP, YV1791, N108EC
N50807 Davis RAF Davis 01 N50807
N50823 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 13349 73-21661(N), N50823, EJC-425(HK)
N50829 Bell 407 53746 C-FLZC, N50829, JA6407
N50843 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2447 N47285, XC-BOF, N50843, (N315SH), N50843 cnx
N50851 Bensen 8M [gyro] 62050 N50851 cnx
N50852 Haller Haller-Copter HC101 6 (N50852) ntu
N50867 Hughes 369D 811041D N50867, SE-HSI, D-HAFE[2], SE-HSI, C-FWNQ
N50899 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH2003010K N50899 cnx
N50902 Hughes 369D 811043D N50902, YV-530CP, YV-695C cnx
N50908 Bell 427 56060 C-GAJH, N50908, PE-01[2](LV)/LQ-BII, PE-02[2](LV)/LQ-BII
N50913 Ferguson Hawk 001 N50913, VH-...
N50924 Boeing CH-47SD Chinook M4285 N50924, ES915(SX)
N50928 Hughes 369D 811044D N50928, HP-933, YV-627CP, N9107J, HL9134, (N8259U) cnx
N50930 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1872 C-GNMH, N50930, TG-ORA, TG-ESP, 117(TG)
N50932 Bell 212 30746 N90145, C-GZRC, N50932, C-GZRC, 4X-BJN, C-FBEP
N50972 SnoBird 636 [gyro] 5100636D N50972 cnx
N50979 SnoBird 503S [gyro] 5100503S N50979 cnx
N50993 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N50993 w/o
N51005 RotorWay Scorpion 133 1030 N51005 b/u
N51008 RotorWay Exec 162F 6684 N51008, N17VH
N51013 Gyro-Kopp-Ters Midnight Hawk [gyro] GK0306MD82IS0015 N51013 cnx
N51014 Sikorsky CH-3C Sea King > CH-3E > S-61R 61515 63-9683(N), N51014 wfu
N51017 RotorWay Scorpion 133 F883417 N51017
N51076 Hughes 369D 1094D N51076, N502RB, N51076 cnx
N51114 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > UH-1H Huey II 13266 72-21567(N), N51114, PNP-349(OB)/N51114
N51140 American Autogyro SparrowHawk [gyro] SH2005006K N51140 w/o
N51158 Bell 47G-3B-2 > 47G-3B-2A > Bell-Soloy 47G-3B-2A 6867 XC-GEO, N51158, C-...., N8101G, N72MU b/u
N51181 Bell 47G > 47G-2 694 N51181(?), N35D, (C-....), JA7300 wfu
N51191 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350B1 2061 JA9718, N51191, N335WC, N227BT, HI1002
N51241 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > Hughes/Dudley 369A 380394 > 380394D 67-16009(N), N51241, VH-AUF[5]
N51248 Robinson R22 0062 G-BISF, N51248, N16MT, I-A535
N51269 Parsons Two Place Gyro [gyro] 93 > 93-1442 N51269, (SE-XJN), SE-HZA, SE-VRK
N51335 Bell 430 49094 C-FZSS, N51335, UR-UZE, UR-PSUZ, UR-CWC
N51338 Hughes 369D 1098D N51338, (YV-536CP), N51338, JA9419, C-FGHS, N89ZC w/o
N51340 Bell 427 56038 C-GFNM, N51340, PR-YBY, N864VP, (PR-YBT), N4KA, N216, (OK-..., )P4-PVI
N51351 Boeing CH-47SD Chinook M4143 N51351, 7303(Taiwan)
N51421 Air Command 532 Elite [gyro] 100692 N51421 cnx
N51450 Mara A C 2 [gyro] CRM-3 N51450
N51484 Bell 430 49100 C-GBUB, N51484, JA06CH
N51516 Hughes 369D 610998D N51516, (SE-...), VH-CSY
N51540 RotorWay Exec 162F 6714 N51540 cnx
N51591 Kasuboski Gyro [gyro] MK 071 N51591 cnx
N51606 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1708 64-15199(N), N51606, CC-CAW, ZP-HAF, ZP-HHF
N51607 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1804 64-15295(N), N88819, N51607 cnx
N51651 Enstrom 280C Shark 1096 N51651 cnx
N51657 Enstrom 280C Shark 1097 N51657, C-....
N51659 Enstrom 280C Shark 1098 N51659
N51661 Enstrom F-28C 398 N51661, G-BONF, G-WSEC dbf
N51662 Enstrom 280C Shark 1101 N51662 cnx
N51663 Enstrom F-28C 397 N51663 w/o
N51665 Enstrom F-28C 404 N51665
N51666 Hughes 369D 1122D N51666 b/u
N51667 Enstrom F-28C 405 N51667, ZS-HRM
N51668 Enstrom F-28C 407 N51668 cnx
N51669 Enstrom F-28C 403 N51669 cnx
N51669 RotorWay Exec 3253 N51669
N51671 Enstrom F-28C 402 N51671, (N112LM), N51671 cnx
N51673 Enstrom 280C Shark 1106 N51673 cnx
N51674 Enstrom F-28C 401 N51674 cnx
N51674 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41933 72-21267(N), N51674 b/u
N51677 Enstrom 280C Shark 1107 N51677, C-FCQF
N51678 Enstrom F-28C 408 N51678, N534JS, N51678, N90BZ
N51680 Enstrom 280C Shark 1108 N51680, N1101Q, C-FURS, N280WR
N51682 Enstrom 280C Shark 1109 N51682, N175BM w/o
N51682 Bell 412EP 36453 N51682, D2-EYY
N51683 Enstrom 280C Shark 1110 N51683 cnx
N51684 Enstrom F-28C 409 N51684 w/o
N51685 Enstrom 280C-UK Shark > 280C 1119 N51685, G-SHNN, 9Y-HHA, N280CX, VH-OCX
N51686 Enstrom 280C Shark 1113 N51686 cnx
N51687 Enstrom 280C Shark 1114 N51687, D-HENS, SP-GAG w/o
N51688 Enstrom 280C Shark 1111 N51688 cnx
N51689 Enstrom 280C Shark 1115 N51689, JA7609 w/o
N51689 Bell 407 53763 C-FNGJ, N51689, D-HHMS[3]
N51691 Enstrom 280C Shark 1120 N51691, HB-XHC, D-HIJG w/o
N51691 RotorWay Exec 162F 6670 N51691
N51692 Enstrom F-28C 410 N51692, D-HOMM w/o
N51693 Enstrom F-28C 411 N51693
N51694 Enstrom 280C Shark 1116 N51694, ZS-HRL
N51694 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41994 72-21328(N), N51694, N615WC
N51696 Enstrom 280C Shark 1121 N51696, (9G-...), ZS-...
N51697 Enstrom F-28C 415 N51697, C-....
N51698 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4010 N51698 w/o
N51699 Enstrom F-28C 416 N51699
N51702 Enstrom F-28C > F-28F Falcon 427 N51702, G-BSHZ, G-PASN
N51702 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator [gyro] UK-1 N51702 cnx
N51703 Enstrom 280C Shark 1118 N51703, (N91FG) b/u
N51704 Enstrom 280C Shark 1122 N51704, (N505D), N51704, VH-NBJ, VH-CZK[3]
N51705 Enstrom F-28C 414 N51705, YV-1470P, YV-128A cnx
N51708 Enstrom 280C Shark 1124 N51708 cnx
N51709 Enstrom 280C Shark 1125 N51709, ZS-HWI w/o
N51710 Enstrom F-28C 417 N51710, YV-1471P, YV-129A, YV-1136P[3] cnx
N51711 Bell 47J-2 Ranger 2629 XC-VER, N51711 w/o
N51715 Enstrom F-28C 428 N51715, C-FBGT w/o
N51715 Enstrom 280C Shark 1128 N51715 cnx
N51716 Enstrom F-28C 424 N51716, C-GAWT, N51716 w/o
N51717 Enstrom F-28C 418 N51717 cnx
N51720 Enstrom 280C Shark 1131 N51720, C-GCUI, N51720, C-FHMC, N1577E cnx
N51720 Hughes 369D 1150D N51720, C-FASX
N51721 Enstrom 280C Shark 1127 N51721 w/o
N51722 Enstrom 280C Shark 1135 N51722, C-GDMK, N280MG
N51723 Enstrom 280C Shark 1136 N51723
N51724 Enstrom 280C Shark 1132 N51724, JA7617 cnx
N51726 Enstrom F-28C 419 N51726 cnx
N51727 Enstrom F-28C 393 N51727 w/o
N51728 Enstrom F-28C 430 N51728, C-...., N51728 cnx
N51729 Enstrom F-28C 420 N51729 cnx
N51730 Enstrom 280C Shark 1126 N51730 cnx
N51732 Enstrom 280C Shark 1138 N51732, HA-MIT
N51734 Enstrom 280C Shark 1137 N51734, N170Q
N51735 Enstrom 280C Shark 1139 N51735
N51737 Enstrom F-28C 426 N51737 cnx
N51738 Enstrom 280C Shark 1140 N51738 cnx
N51739 Enstrom 280C Shark 1141 N51739
N51740 Enstrom 280C-UK Shark 1144 N51740, G-MHCL cnx
N51741 Enstrom 280C Shark 1145 N51741, C-FCJU, N4426W, N613LG, C-GCNR, HB-ZFH
N51741 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 40989 70-15438(N), N51741
N51742 Enstrom 280C Shark 1148 N51742, N43MH
N51743 Enstrom F-28C 433 N51743, G-BURI
N51744 Enstrom 280C Shark 1142 N51744, N976BT w/o
N51747 Enstrom F-28C 434 N51747, VH-ENM[2]
N51747 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41552 71-20691(N), N51747
N51750 Enstrom F-28C 422 N51750, ZK-HKQ, ZK-IPJ w/o
N51751 Ripley Gyrocopter [gyro] DER001 N51751 cnx
N51752 Enstrom 280C Shark 1150 N51752 cnx
N51754 Enstrom F-28C 425 N51754, SE-HIO w/o
N51755 Enstrom F-28C 436 N51755 cnx
N51756 Enstrom F-28C 437 N51756, N552CS cnx
N51757 Enstrom F-28C 423 N51757
N51758 Enstrom F-28C 435 N51758
N51759 Enstrom F-28C 441 N51759 cnx
N51761 Enstrom 280C Shark 1146 N51761, VH-SHK[2] wfu
N51762 Enstrom 280C Shark 1147 N51762, S5-HCP, N767SA, N221MP
N51763 Enstrom 280C Shark 1153 N51763 w/o
N51764 Enstrom F-28C-2 458-2 N51764 cnx
N51765 Enstrom F-28C-2 438 N51765, ZS-HNL
N51765 RotorWay Exec 3030 N51765 cnx
N51767 Enstrom F-28C 447 N51767, C-FBHD, N51767, C-FBHD, N51767 cnx
N51768 Enstrom F-28C 446 N51768
N51769 Enstrom F-28C 443 N51769
N51770 Enstrom F-28C 445 N51770
N51772 Enstrom F-28C 439 N51772 w/o
N51773 Enstrom 280C Shark 1152 N51773, N100WZ, G-MHCI, VH-BTX[2]
N51774 Enstrom F-28C 440 N51774 w/o
N51775 Enstrom F-28C 448 N51775, S5-HCO, D-HHPC
N51775 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > EH-1H 11866 69-15578(N), N51775 cnx
N51776 Enstrom 280C-UK Shark 1155 N28WR, N51776, G-BPOX, G-HAYN, G-MHCG, ZS-HWS
N51778 Enstrom F-28C-2 451-2 N51778
N51779 Enstrom 280C Shark 1156 N51779, C-GBTS, N51779, SE-HVP, N277RD
N51780 Enstrom 280C Shark 1157 N51780, N911BT w/o
N51781 Enstrom 280C Shark 1158 N51781, C-GMSK, (N3110G), C-GMSK, N17YB
N51781 Hughes 369FF 0006F N51781, N970BW cnx
N51782 Enstrom 280C Shark 1151 N51782, N66JV cnx
N51784 Enstrom 280C Shark 1161 N51784 cnx
N51786 Enstrom F-28C 450 N51786 cnx
N51787 Enstrom 280C Shark 1172 (N5690N/N51787), (C-....), N51787
N51788 Enstrom F-28C-2 452-2 N51788, C-FBQJ, N51788
N51789 Enstrom F-28C-2 454-2 N51789
N51791 Enstrom 280C Shark 1162 N51791, ZS-HNV, V5-HFT
N51792 Enstrom F-28C-2 455-2 N51792 w/o
N51803 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > SH-34J > HH-34J > S-58 581280 148021(N), N51803 wfu
N51804 Bell 427 56037 C-GLZO, C-GZDK[2], N51804, D2-EYA
N51811 Bensen 8M [gyro] 51344 N51811 cnx
N51818 RotorWay Scorpion 133 RW-2602 N51818 cnx
N51821 RotorWay Scorpion Too 133 43702 N51821 cnx
N51824 RotorWay Scorpion Too 2847 N51824 w/o
N51831 RotorWay Scorpion RW-133 RW-2506 N51831 cnx
N51834 Bensen 8M [gyro] TF100 N51834 cnx
N51841 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > MH-6B > OH-6 301385 69-16015(N), N51841 w/o
N51843 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-014 ..??.., N51843 cnx
N51843 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > MH-6B > OH-6A 1427 69-16057(N), N51843 cnx
N51844 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > MH-6B > OH-6 1127 68-17167(N), N51844, N17167
N51846 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-015 ..??.., N51846
N51847 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-016 ..??.., N51847 cnx
N51849 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-017 ..??.., N51849 cnx
N51850 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-018 ..??.., N51850
N51851 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp > OH-13H/M74L 78-019 ..??.., N51851
N51852 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 78-020 ..??.., N51852
N51853 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 78-021 ..??.., N51853 w/o
N51855 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 78-022 ..??.., N51855 cnx
N51856 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 78-023 ..??.., N51856, XB-SBP
N51857 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 78-024 ..??.., N51857, (N1201Y)
N51858 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 79-025 ..??.., N51858 cnx
N51859 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 79-026 ..??.., N51859
N51860 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 79-027 ..??.., N51860
N51861 Gullick Gyro Plane [gyro] RG1 N51861 cnx
N51862 Bell OH-13H Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13H/M74A Wasp 79-028 ..??.., N51862 cnx
N51867 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0037E N51867, N77MK, N808SB
N51868 Bensen 8M [gyro] RAY-1 N51868 cnx
N51881 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II > S-58E > S-58J 581097 N941, PE+154(D), QA+468(D), PZ+338(D), 80+32(D), N51881, N8292, C-GQCJ
N51882 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II > S-58T 581109 N966, PC+205(D), PC+206(D), PH+269(D), PY+340(D), 80+44(D), N51882, HP-660, N51882
N51883 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II 581110 N967, PC+206(D), PF+208(D), QB+474(D), PZ+339(D), 80+45(D), N51883, HP-.... cnx
N51884 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II > S-58 > S-58T 581135 N973, PC+204(D), QB+475(D), PZ+341(D), 80+48(D), N51884, HP-633 cnx
N51885 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58T 581548 150755(N), QW+769(D), QW+405(D), 80+71(D), N51885, HP-715
N51886 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58T > S-58ET > S-58JT 581564 150764(N), QB+485(D), PZ+008(D), PZ+350(D), 80+77(D), N51886, 912(HS), N903CH, N945BW, N758AC
N51891 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56028 54-1000(N), N51891 wfu
N51892 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56043 55-616(N), N51892 wfu
N51893 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56051 55-623(N), N51893 wfu
N51894 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56071 55-636(N), N51894 wfu
N51896 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56080 55-643(N), N51896 wfu
N51897 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56085 55-647(N), N51897 wfu
N51899 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56090 55-650(N), N51899 wfu
N51900 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56104 57-1646(N), N51900 prs
N51901 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56116 57-1652(N), N51901 wfu
N51905 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56117 57-1653(N), N469, N51905 wfu
N51907 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56122 57-1657(N), N51907 wfu
N51908 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56124 57-1658(N), N51908 wfu
N51910 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56125 57-1659(N), N51910 wfu
N51912 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56128 58-0983(N), N51912 wfu
N51914 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56130 58-0985(N), N51914 wfu
N51915 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56134 58-0989(N), N51915 wfu
N51916 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56137 58-0992(N), N51916 wfu
N51917 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56129 58-0984(N), N51917 wfu
N51918 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56132 58-0987(N), N51918 wfu
N51919 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56135 58-0990(N), N51919 wfu
N51921 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56136 58-0991(N), N51921 wfu
N51923 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56144 58-0999(N), N51923 prs
N51925 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56145 58-1000(N), N51925 wfu
N51926 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56147 58-1002(N), N51926 wfu
N51927 Sikorsky H-37A-SI Mojave > H-37B > CH-37B 56149 58-1004(N), N51927 wfu
N51929 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 1194 64-14070(N), N51929 wfu
N51932 Bensen Gyrocopter [gyro] 11326 (N51932) ntu
N51936 Bell 47G-4A 7760 CF-ZXS, N51936, JA7612 cnx
N51940 Bell 47G-3B-1 2817 N73939, ('CF-ZIR'), CF-ZRR, C-FZRR, N51940 cnx
N51946 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0010E N51946, G-MRAJ, G-DNWH, G-ODNM
N51946 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 525150047 SP-SBO, N51946, SP-SBO wfu
N51948 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-774 D-HDYJ, N51948 cnx
N51950 Bell 205A-1 30213 HK-1809X, HK-1809E, N51950, LV-MLL, AE-428(LV), N205LM
N51953 Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King > SH-3A 61172 149903(N), N51953
N51956 RotorWay Scorpion Too RW 133 13016 N51956 cnx
N51967 Hughes 369D 1136D N51967, N25MP w/o
N51974 Bensen 8MX BG5 [gyro] 1941 N51974 cnx
N51981 RotorWay Scorpion Too 133 > Scorpion Too BGH1 RW2509 N51981 b/u
N51993 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4249 C-GFNP, N51993, N860, N868, C-FCSL w/o
N52000 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN023 N52000, N302HF
N52007 Bell 407 ('407GXi') 56334 C-GNIR, N52007
N52024 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN033 N52024, OO-MRI, OE-XKI
N52024 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 40241 68-16927(N), N52024 cnx
N52030 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN039 N52030, LV-DMF, LV-WEP, (N520MD) w/o
N52038 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN040 N52038, N272BP, ZK-III[4], VH-8WP
N52042 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN049 N52042, C-FPSG, C-GFWP[3]
N52045 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0083E N52045 b/u
N52053 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN051 N52053, VT-TEX, N520NH
N52075 Hughes 369FF 0014F N52075, N5378P cnx
N52077 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN060 N52077, A2-HWL w/o
N52078 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN061 N52078, VR-HMK, B-HMK
N52091 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN069 N52091, HB-XGQ w/o
N52091 Bell 412EP 36189 (N52091), C-GADL, A6-BAP
N52092 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52200 N52092, VT-BNK[2]
N52097 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN065 N52097, N520HC, N78HC, ZK-IRS[2], N455GR, B-70FD
N52097 Bell 430 49038 C-GLZA, N52097, LV-ZPV w/o
N52110 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN016 N52110, C-FMYW, ZK-IJW, ZK-IEG[2]
N52110 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN019 N52110, C-FMYX, ZK-HEN[3], ZK-IET[2]
N52113 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN022 N52113, N520QP, VR-CPD, G-NOTA, OY-HEP[2], ZK-IDB[2], ZK-IEK
N52114 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN025 N52114, V5-HFF, ZT-RFL
N52141 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN037 N52141, N500XP, D-HNBF, N520N, HB-ZBI w/o
N52142 Bell 412EP 36190 (N52142), C-GLYY, A6-BAQ
N52161 Bell 412EP 36188 C-GAEP, N52161, GN-97118(YV)
N52163 Hughes 269C 1089 N52163, D-HERM, F-GFLK w/o
N52166 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0087FF N52166, BRE-1134(XA), 1134(XA) w/o
N52173 Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17-1V) 95840 CCCP-70909, RA-27034, UN-27034, N40414, N52173, 840(N), 840(YA)
N52176 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0088FF N52176, BRE-1135(XA), 1135(XA) w/o
N52184 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN044 N52184, TG-DIS, HL9135, ZK-HSB[3]
N52184 Bell 412EP 36187 C-GADH, N52184, GN-97117(YV)
N52192 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN048 N52192, C-FPSE, N166SL, N513PJ
N52192 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52192 N52192, N192RL
N52194 Bell 412EP 36186 C-GFNU, N52194, GN-97116(YV)
N52201 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3198 N52201, ZK-IHT[2], ZK-HNU[3]
N52210 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN050 N52210, VR-CDC, VP-CDC, N37AH, 5R-MKZ, F-WQVK, 5R-MKZ, F-GKSE, G-SZON, YV1194[2]
N52211 Rotor Hawk RH-1 Falcon [gyro] LDG-001RH N52211 cnx
N52222 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52164 (N52222), C-FXZU, 8R-GJS[2]
N52229 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0494E N52229, N500TP, C-GRID[2], ZS-...
N52234 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN057 N52234, N69JD, N520MH
N52244 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN058 N52244, TC-HIB, VH-ZMM[2], ZK-HHY[3], ..??..
N52244 Bell 412EP 36185 C-GADQ, N52244, GN-97115(YV)
N52245 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0513E N52245, N40NT w/o
N52245 Bell 407 53186 N52245, G-GAJW, VH-CJN[2], P2-HBT, VH-VOT[2]
N52247 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0096FF N52247, H-189(CC)
N52247 Bell 412EP 36183 C-FOEP[25], N52247, EC-HFD, CS-HHK, EC-MAZ
N52248 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0097FF N52248, H-190(CC), CC-CVP, N97FF, N530KF w/o
N52248 Bell 412EP 36184 C-GFNQ, N52248, SU-CAZ
N52249 Bell 407 53200 N52249, N982ST, N982SY, N73LP
N52249 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN063 N52249, N3MC, N663J, N69TP
N52257 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0101FF N52257, H-191(CC)
N52262 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52201 N52262, PT-YYE, N9047C
N52262 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0102FF N52262, H-195(CC)
N52263 Hughes 369FF ('MD530MG') 0108FF N52263, BRE-1146(XA), 1146(XA) w/o
N52263 Bell 407 53210 N52263, VT-PHH
N52265 Hughes 369FF ('MD530MG') 0109FF N52265, BRE-1147(XA), 1147(XA)
N52265 Bell 407 53212 N52265, VT-PHI
N52268 Hughes 369FF ('MD530MG') 0110FF N52268, BRE-1148(XA), 1148(XA)
N52268 Eurocopter 135 P1 0086 N52268, N135N
N52281 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0103FF N52281, H-196(CC), CC-CVV, N303FF, N975BW, N530MP
N52281 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3249 N52281, N105LN w/o
N52285 Hughes 369FF ('MD530MG') > 369FF 0113FF N52285, BRE-1151(XA), 1151(XA), N392MZ, N20AT
N52285 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3251 N52285, N106LN w/o
N52294 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3228 N413LP, N52294, N413LP
N52296 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN067 N52296, PT-YAD, I-BLAK, G-CLEJ, N150WF, ZK-IKE
N52302 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0521E N52302, ZS-RFI
N52302 Eurocopter 135 P1 0129 N52302, N312MS, N841LF
N52303 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0522E N52303, ZS-RFJ w/o
N52303 Eurocopter 135 T1 0094 N52303, N127TS w/o
N52319 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN076 N52319, D-HVST, ZK-IZO, HB-ZRM
N52323 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0523E N52323, N504MP, N377LW
N52323 Eurocopter 135 T1 0138 N52323, N911CK
N52330 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0166E N52330(?), N52550, N757TB
N52356 Aerospatiale 355N Ecureuil 2 5683 N52356, N824AH, N824AF, C-GWYU[2]
N52374 Tompkins 503 Sport RCT-001 N52374 cnx
N52385 Hughes 269C 240280 1247(HH), N52385
N52461 Bell 205A > 205A-1 30033 N4764R, N52461, C-FADV, N205BR w/o
N52550 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0166E N52330(?), N52550, N757TB
N52591 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0190E N52591, P2-PAM, VH-ONZ, PK-IWR, ZK-IDV[2]
N52705 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0189E N52705 w/o
N52798 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0180E (N52798), N91DK, N2163Q, N54PD, (N430JB), N54PD
N52810 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0191E N52810, N421KY, N705KP, N393AB, OK-PKS
N52817 Bensen 8M [gyro] 61059 N52817 cnx
N52874 Hughes 369D 911074D N52874, HK-2886X, HK-2886W, HK-2886P and/or HK-2886W, N500GK
N52910 Air Command [gyro] RIG 1 N52910 w/o
N52934 Hughes 369D 911065D N52934 cnx
N52972 Bell 412 ('412HP') 36079 C-GLZM, N52972, RP-1998[2]
N52973 Bell 412 ('412HP') 36080 C-GFNR, N52973, RP-2000[4] cnx
N52988 RotorWay Exec 90 1 N52988 w/o
N53022 RotorWay Exec 90 395609494 N53022, PR-ZHJ
N53038 Bensen 8M [gyro] 487 N53038 cnx
N53046 Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II 61719 N53046, LN-OSK, 9M-SSR, N61NW, OB-1994-P, N61NW
N53054 Hughes 369FF 0054F N53054, ...(N)
N53063 Tamarind International TRC-503 RC-503-101 N53063 cnx
N53068 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 2077 8R-GEX, N53068, C-FIHL w/o
N53070 Bell 407 53078 N53070, ZS-RIB, ZT-RPL
N53081 Bell 407 53088 N53081, N808TV, C-GAQT[2]
N53094 Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II 61715 N53094, LN-OSJ, C-FLHA, N614CK
N53095 Bell 407 53133 C-GADH, N53095, HC-BXQ, N456KB
N53096 Bell 407 53136 N53096, PT-YKB, UR-WAL, UR-KVV, C-GTWC
N53098 Bell 407 53149 N53098, N384TV, N34TV
N53104 Bell 214B Big Lifter 28046 N5019F, JA9228, N53104, HL9158
N53114 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4406 C-GAED, N53114, G-BWZH, G-TUSK, ZS-OTB[2], A2-HAS, ZT-RBA
N53119 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51575 C-FNIS, N5096N, XA-SFW, N53119, N215PH, ZT-RBP
N53284 RotorWay Scorpion 133 121147 N53284 cnx
N53318 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C 904 56-2287(N), N53318 cnx
N53697 Bell 230 23033 C-FOFB, N53697, RP-C3887, N230GH, (OE-...), N230GH, D-HVRG, OM-VRG, ZT-RPM
N53702 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51249 N53702
N53796 Bell 407 53796 C-GADP, N8066G, G-PATR, N53796, PK-OIB, PK-WSE, N407BG
N53846 Hughes 369D 1070D ..??.., N5138U, HK-3287E, HK-3287W, HK-3287E, N43850, N53846
N53931 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1120 58-5471(N), N53931 cnx
N53936 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N53936 cnx
N53937 Bensen 8M [gyro] AJ611 N53937
N53939 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 385 51-16205(N), N53939 cnx
N53940 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1389 61-3203(N), N53940 b/u
N53947 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N53947 cnx
N53963 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 3963 N854HW, N251H, (N3846), N350MV, N53963, ZK-ILP
N53989 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3421 64-17855(N), N53989, XB-ACP
N53990 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3684 67-15965(N), N53990
N53991 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 643 51-16392(N), N53991, (N5578X), N53991, B-....
N53992 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3579 66-8079(N), N53992, N311JP b/u
N53993 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3581 66-8081(N), N53993, N312JP, N301JP, VH-AKN[7]
N53994 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3598 66-8098(N), N53994, N314JP, N304JP
N53995 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3582 66-8082(N), N53995, N313JP, N302JP
N53997 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 > Bell-Intermountain 47G-3B-1 > 47G-2A-1 3778 67-17071(N), N53997
N54026 Sikorsky S-76A 760144 N54026, XC-HED, XA-SRS, PT-YIM
N54045 Bell-Florida Helicopters 47D1 001 ..??.., N54045 cnx
N54047 Bell-Florida Helicopters 47G 002 ..??.., N54047 cnx
N54053 Bensen 8 [gyro] 007 N54053 cnx
N54057 Bensen 8 [gyro] FLA-1 N54057 cnx
N54059 Sikorsky HO5S-1G > HO5S-1 > S-52-3 52058 1251(N), 128610(N)(?), N54059 prs
N54060 Sikorsky HO5S-1 > S-52-3 52063 130105(N), N54060 cnx
N54061 Sikorsky HO5S-1 52033 128603(N), N54061 cnx
N54062 Sikorsky HO5S-1 > S-52-3 52062 130104(N), N54062 cnx
N54063 Sikorsky HO5S-1 52076 130118(N), N54063 cnx
N54065 Sikorsky HO5S-1 52068 130110(N), N54065 prs
N54066 Sikorsky YH-18A-SI > HO5S-1 52006 49-2889(N), N54066 cnx
N54113 MBB BK117 B-1 > BK117 B-2 7195 D-HIML, N54113, N217MC, C-FBHS
N54114 MBB BK117 B-1 > BK117 B-2 7199 D-HIMP, N54114, D-HIMP, I-BKBO, D-HDRH[3]
N54125 Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ 760148 N54125, N31HA, VH-JXL, HS-HTI, (C-FZAN) cnx
N54125 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-785 D-HDYU, N54125, PT-HXK cnx
N54132 Bell 407 ('407GX') 54453 C-GFNP, C-GXUC[2], N54132, N654PF, N654PE, N40KD
N54133 Bell 407 ('407GX') 54455 C-FOFB, C-GXYK, N54133, N401GC
N54136 Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-787 D-HDYW, N54136, C-FMAG, N4391S, N131AE
N54145 Sikorsky S-76A 760139 N54145, C-GSLB, N27422 w/o
N54146 Bensen 8M [gyro] T8-3 N54146 cnx
N54154 Bell-Regan 47D1 HRB-1 N54154 cnx
N54160 Bensen 8MJ [gyro] 584933 N54160 cnx
N54169 Bell 412EP 36161 C-GLZM, N54169, VT-AZC[2], D-HAFO[3], EC-NAU
N54173 Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-799 D-HDZI, N54173, C-GTMN, N155BG, N5BG
N54178 Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4178 N54178
N54191 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-804 D-HDZN, N54191
N54197 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-805 D-HDZO, N54197 w/o
N54216 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-809 D-HDZS, N54216, N125KB, N493HL cnx
N54226 RotorWay Scorpion 133 6-86 N54226 cnx
N54315 Aerospatiale 350B3+ Ecureuil 4315 N54315 cnx
N54331 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5270 C-GFNP, N9176U, N54331 w/o
N54370 Sikorsky S-76A 760162 N54370, XC-HEG, XA-SRV, PP-MBC
N54387 Bell 230 23031 C-GADH, N54387, TC-HZA, N230FC, PR-VHL
N54399 Calderon Girocopter [gyro] 0001 N54399 cnx
N54434 RotorWay Exec 1127646 N54434 cnx
N54439 Sikorsky S-76A > S-76A+ 760165 N54439, N544WL, N299FB, N20FB, C-FTGD, G-BVRX, C-FTGD wfu
N54455 Bensen 80 [gyro] C-1934 N54455 cnx
N54491 RotorWay Scorpion II BG-1 N54491 cnx
N54492 Schindlbeck 'Schindlbeck A' 1 N54492 cnx
N54498 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1491 XA-MOZ, N54498, ZK-HDE[2], VH-FMF[3]
N54516 Sikorsky S-62A 62079 N10058, CF-ELO, N54516 w/o
N54522 Bell 47G-2 1375 CF-ICP, N54522, N312SH cnx
N54524 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > HSS-1N > SH-34J > UH-34J > S-58 58742 143946(N), N54524 cnx
N54526 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > S-58 581055 145709(N), N54526 prs
N54528 Hughes 369D 390464D C-GVOS, N54528
N54529 Bell 47G-2A 2707 CF-OIT, N54529, N7878 w/o
N54529 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N54529 cnx
N54530 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N54530 cnx
N54533 Bell 47G-4A 7644 N4736R, CF-YMI, C-FYMI, N54533, JA7619 wfu
N54534 Hughes 369D 310913D C-GMGP, N54534, ZK-HTN w/o
N54534 Agusta A109A Hirundo 7132 N54534, N808GM w/o
N54535 Agusta A109A Hirundo 7133 N54535, N293W, N293G b/u
N54536 Bell 47G-4A > Bell-Soloy 47G-4A 7506 N8564F, CF-YPN, C-FYPN, N54536, N23PH w/o
N54548 Bensen 8M [gyro] CG-1 N54548 cnx
N54571 Hiller UH-12E 2282 N9798C, CF-OKX, N54571 cnx
N54574 Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-455 D-HDNI, A6-SKZ, D-HDNI, N54574, N455BH, N25SE, LV-FKS
N54591 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2194 N65184, CF-KCN, C-FKCN, N54591 w/o
N54592 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 780 55-4082(N), N54592, N780C
N54594 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 873 56-2268(N), N54594
N54618 Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II 8342 G-BAKU, (A6-...), AP-AYX, N54618, N730HP cnx
N54623 Bell 204B 2040 N8595F, CF-CBK, N681PH, CF-KHX, C-FKHX, N54623, N204AH, N41699, C-FRER
N54623 Bell CUH-1N Twin Huey > CH-135 > UH-1N 32011 70-15660(N), 135111(C), N54623, PNC5006(HK), N54623 cnx
N54641 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51184 N661DT, JA9471, N54641, (N207PH), N54641, N229PH, N229RH, ZT-RBN
N54683 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52190 N54683, PT-YML
N54740 RotorWay Scorpion RW-133 13362180 N54740 cnx
N54808 Hughes 369D 900785D N1096G, YV-587CP, N54808, G-FEDL, ZS-RCD w/o
N54949 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1340 N54949, 9V-BGK, 1614(HS)
N54987 Bell 230 23035 C-GBUQ, N54987, PT-YDH, N9202N, N447MY, C-FGWT, N230MK
N55132 Sikorsky S-76A 760043 N55132, C-GIMG, N348AA, C-FZAA
N55201 Bell TH-1L Iroquois 6401 157806(N), N55201, ..??.., N106SR, N204FW, ..??.., N457CC cnx
N55230 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 940 51-14175(N), N55230 prs
N55231 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 789 51-14024(N), N55231 cnx
N55232 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N55232 cnx
N55233 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19B 55520 52-7602(N), N55233 prs
N55237 RotorWay Scorpion CGI001 N55237 cnx
N55343 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N55343 cnx
N55714 Kaman HH-43B Huskie > HH-43F > Timber Choppers Kaman HH-43B/F 154 62-4528(N), N55714 w/o
N55751 Limehouse Gyro-Copter SC-50552 N55751 w/o
N55766 Bensen 8M [gyro] ATC-1 (N55766) ntu
N55781 Bell TH-1F-BF Iroquois 7326 66-1250(N), N55781, ..??.., N84PA, ..??.., N84PF b/u
N55782 Hiller OH-23G Raven 1631 64-15122(N), N55782 cnx
N55782 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage .. (66-9077(N)), 66-18314(N), N55782 cnx
N55813 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > 47G-2 2331 58-5318(N), N10674, N104MF, N55813 cnx
N55815 Bensen 8M [gyro] M-1 (N55815) ntu
N55860 RotorWay Scorpion Too 4679 N55860 cnx
N55886 Bell UH-1C-BF Iroquois > UH-1M 1660 66-0678(N), N55886, N58RF cnx
N55927 Vertol YHC-1A Sea Knight > YCH-46C > 107 413-2 58-5515(N), N55927 wfu
N55929 Sud Aviation 330G Puma > 330J 1301 N330RM, C-GUMP, N55929, C-GSLA, PT-HPW, F-GBET[2], PT-HSE, F-GBET[2], HC-BNQ, F-GBET[2], PT-HUC, F-WQEC, (F-GPLH[2]), (F-OPLH), (F-GJOD), F-WQDZ, F-OICR, F-WQEI, F-GPLH[2], F-GSYF, N300EV
N55931 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1206 N55931, N3WL, N3WU, F-GFCI
N55931 Hughes 269A 720116 XC-CUP, ...(XA), N55931 cnx
N55947 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0496 64-18184(N), N55947, N5594W cnx
N55949 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 160452 64-18140(N), N55949, (N1879W) cnx
N55963 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2428 F-WXFJ, N55963
N56070 Revolution Mini 500 0073 N56070, N370BB cnx
N56151 Bell 412 33061 XB-HAV, N32EA, N120LA, N56151, N412LA w/o
N56156 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4641 C-FEXW[58], C-FPUK, N56156, TG-RPR
N56157 Bell 430 49129 C-GLZY, N56157, JA88CX
N56168 Bell 407 53797 C-FPXZ, N56168, N802DS
N56261 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52365 C-FPVQ, N56261, TG-RSC
N56266 Bell 407 53800 C-GAHJ, C-FQYR, N56266, JA6408
N56267 Bell AH-1S-BF Cobra > AH-1P 24001 76-22567(N), N56267, N567CF
N56269 Bell AH-1S-BF Cobra > AH-1F 22256 79-23211(N), N56269, N211AR
N56300 Bell 407 53798 C-FPZA, N56300, N617DE, N618DE
N56346 PZL-Swidnik (Mil) 2 5411031099 07 yellow(CCCP), FLA-07(RA), N56346, 98-41532(N)
N56757 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52072 N56757, PT-YAV, N56757
N56781 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator [gyro] 8292007 N56781 cnx
N56862 Enstrom F-28C-2 457-2 N56862 cnx
N56872 Enstrom 280C Shark 1169 N56872, C-FCYJ
N56874 Enstrom F-28C-2 467-2 N56874
N56876 Enstrom F-28C-2 482-2 N56876 cnx
N56895 Enstrom F-28C 471 N56895 w/o
N56921 Enstrom 280C Shark 1186 N56921, ZK-HSE, C-FQGY
N56926 Enstrom 280C Shark 1188 N56926
N56927 Enstrom F-28C-2 488-2 N56927 cnx
N56932 Enstrom 280C Shark 1196 N56932, C-FKQI cnx
N56948 Enstrom F-28C-2 501-2 N56948 cnx
N56999 Enstrom F-28F Falcon 517 N56999
N57150 Bell 412EP 36160 C-GAJN, N57150, 101(TG) and/or 102(TG)
N57165 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3816 N57165
N57334 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45445 N57334 b/u
N57340 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2998 N57340 w/o
N57341 Bell 429 GlobalRanger 57341 C-FZDT, N57341, N100WG
N57362 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3017 N57362, N301JR and/or N57362, N206HW, ..??.., N57362 w/o
N57365 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45498 N57365, 5N-AQA b/u
N57377 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45458 N57377, C-....
N57380 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3027 N57380, N163BH, OM-ARI
N57384 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3028 N57384, N27WC, (N911FC), N911EC, N911TJ, JA6187, N24651, C-GRFF[3], C-GLAQ cnx
N57397 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45460 N57397 cnx
N57400 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45464 N57400, V2-LEV
N57413 Bell 412 33067 N57413, N421EH, EC-MKC
N57414 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3038 N57414, ZK-HCA[2] w/o
N57416 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45475 N57416, C-GPGO
N57416 Bell 407 53070 C-FZKG, N57416, C-FNOB, C-FNQN cnx
N57437 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3049 N57437, N500NR
N57441 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45438 N57441
N57478 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45422 N57478, (N108SA), N52478, N56SP, N9129T, C-...., N9129T, HK-4639, P4-POL
N57480 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45501 N57480, YV-121C[2], YV2411 w/o
N57485 Bell 212 31119 N57485, PT-HKV
N57487 Bell 212 31120 N57487, PT-HKW w/o
N57491 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II > 206L-3 LongRanger III 45505 N57491
N57494 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45509 N57494, N96TH, VH-HJQ, VH-TCE, P2-HSC
N57497 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45510 N57497, HK-3633X cnx
N57499 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3086 N57499
N57510 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45530 N57510 b/u
N57520 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3116 N57520, C-FSNR cnx
N57521 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3128 N57521, N20WW, D-HOLY, G-BWBX, OY-HHT, (OH-...), OY-HHT, OH-HUI
N57526 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3132 N57526, RP-C1526
N57531 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3109 N57531, N213SD w/o
N57533 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3114 N57533, N6TC w/o
N57536 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3124 N57536 w/o
N57556 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3094 N57556, N96PH cnx
N57558 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3131 N57558, N81AJ, C-GPWH
N57612 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 437 51-16245(N), N57612 prs
N57684 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1298 N57684, N151BH, N113PH, C-FXGO[3], N113PH
N57686 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1271 N57686, N146BH, C-GHCT[2], N....., C-GHCT[2]
N57687 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil 1313 N57687, N909BA[2], N222TV, N900BA, C-GGPF[2]
N57688 Boeing-Vertol CH-46F Sea Knight > CH-46E > HH-46E 2587 157688(N), N57688
N57689 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1312 N57689 w/o
N57692 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2590 N57692, G-BOEO, ZS-HSK, G-BOEO, F-GINN[2] b/u
N57708 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1358 N57708, N84DS, N57708, N301EX, C-....
N57711 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1348 N57711, N805DB, C-GDEH
N57717 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil > Aerospatiale-Soloy 350BA 'Super D' 1334 F-WZFW, N57717, N112SH, N57717, VH-XLM[2]
N57720 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1378 N57720, N44LR, N57720, N730SB, C-FETG[3]
N57731 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350RM AllStar 1434 N57731, C-....
N57737 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1364 N57737, N755RG, C-FHUB
N57745 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5011 N57745, N11FH, N28FH, G-BVLG wfu
N57752 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1307 N57752, N97UC, N4428V, ZK-HJE[2]
N57756 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 5028 N57756, N355DU, N3355, C-FVHV, N59JF, N372CA w/o
N57764 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5015 N57764, N321HC[3], N355TS cnx
N57768 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar 5031 N57768 cnx
N57790 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B2 Ecureuil 1376 N57790, N920EM, ZK-HHT[4], C-GOOO[2]
N57807 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5039 N57807, ZK-HVZ[2], VH-NJL w/o
N57809 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5100 N5789X, N57809, N355MF w/o
N57810 Aerospatiale 332C Super Puma 2003 F-WZLC, N57810, C-GSLH cnx
N57812 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5016 F-WZKR, N57812, ZK-HMB[2] wfu
N57818 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5042 N57818, G-PASE, G-KGMT, F-GYES
N57820 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5072 N57820, N219EH, VH-BLU[2], ZK-HBA[3], N72CG, D-HEAD[2] w/o
N57823 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar 5078 N57823, N220EH cnx
N57825 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1414 N57825, N666GB, N41PA, N902BA w/o
N57826 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F2 5046 N57826, F-GFEY
N57827 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5047 N57827, N380AA, (C-....), N380AA, VH-...
N57843 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1430 N57843, N203CH
N57853 Bensen 8M [gyro] 424176382 N57853 cnx
N57857 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1331 N57857, N26FH w/o
N57863 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5095 N57863, C-GLCA[3], N321HC[2], C-FVHQ, N3117H, C-FMHP, N7090T, F-GJGU w/o
N57863 Hughes 369D 1113D N395AC, N57863, C-GBSA, YV-697C, YV1715
N57869 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil > 350B2 > Heli-Lynx 350FX2 (AS350B2) 1324 N57869, C-GRGK[2], N9511, VH-...
N57876 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5085 N57876, N900HH, F-OGRP cnx
N57881 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar 5075 N57881, N130US, N102UM
N57892 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1281050 67-16943(N), N57892, ZS-HVM
N57893 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 715 54-2924(N), N57893
N57894 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1081000 67-16893(N), N57894, C-GGLF
N57894 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 > Starflex 355F2R (AS355F1) 5079 N57894, G-BUZI, F-GJFU, EC-KAF
N57896 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1181018 67-16911(N), (N57896), N62188, N2256W w/o
N57897 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1181017 67-16910(N), (N57897), N62187 cnx
N57898 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5093 N57898, N53LH w/o
N57901 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 5103 N57901 w/o
N57902 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 5108 N57902, (F-GHCH), F-GHMC, G-PASL
N57903 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 553 9V-BDF, XW-PHO, N57903, C-GAHV, N553PC, YV-501P
N57904 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1109 N57904, N9988F, G-SFTE w/o
N57904 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5112 N57904, G-BUFW, 5N-BAK, G-BUFW wfu
N57905 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5114 N57905, N709AC
N57906 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5107 N57906, ZK-HPZ[2]
N57908 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5091 N57908, 9Y-TIV, N355WH, (PZ-...), N355WH cnx
N57910 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5127 N57910, N355AP, PT-HTD cnx
N57915 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3810 67-17103(N), N57915 cnx
N57918 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3826 67-17119(N), N57918, XB-FWT
N57919 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3828 67-17121(N), N57919, N750HP, N57919 cnx
N57920 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3843 67-17136(N), N57920, N760HP, N57920, HP-....
N57921 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3845 67-17138(N), N57921 cnx
N57923 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 5137 N57923, C-GXPO, N355EH w/o
N57925 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 834 51-14069(N), N57925 cnx
N57927 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 > Heli-Lynx 355FX (AS355F2) 5122 N57927, C-FXXU, C-FXRJ, N65LG, C-GCZS[2] w/o
N57928 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 782 55-4084(N), N57928, N103JA
N57931 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5144 N57931, N355BP, 9V-BOX, F-OHET, 9M-BAV, VH-HRU[2], 9M-BDN, VH-HRU[2]
N57933 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F2 5150 N57933, N916EG, VH-NPS, VH-PHM[2] w/o
N57936 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1066 F-WKQD, N57936, N37LR, N51BT b/u
N57936 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5129 N57936, C-....
N57948 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2628 N57948
N57949 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5153 N57949, N111EP[2], N111EH, N355MT
N57951 Sud Aviation 365N Dauphin 2 6018 (F-GDMO), N57951, N365SJ, (N906LL), N365SJ
N57952 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 1012 67-16905(N), N57952 cnx
N57953 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A-1 1081015 67-16908(N), N57953 cnx
N57954 Bell 205A-1 30231 C-GOKR, N57954, C-GPWT
N57954 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1127 N35977, N57954
N57955 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1538 N57955, C-GAVK[3] w/o
N57958 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1512 N57958, N350NT
N57959 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 764 55-4072(N), N57959, N82SD cnx
N57959 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1466 N57959, N888EP, N888EB, F-ODVZ, ZK-HDK[2], XU-WLA, VH-VWA, (A3-...), VH-VWA cnx
N57960 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 761 55-4070(N), N57960, N82SH cnx
N57967 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 5169 N57967, F-WYMD, VR-CCM, SX-HNP, G-BYKH, G-EMHH, G-JESE, G-UKTV
N57968 Piasecki H-21B-PH Workhorse > CH-21B B.45 52-8683(N), N57968, '52-8683(N)', YV-.....
N57972 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1345 61-3159(N), N57972 w/o
N57973 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5172 N57973, N302PS, SE-JDM, F-GXCC
N57974 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 662 51-16409(N), N57974 cnx
N57975 Bensen Gyrocopter B- [gyro] 007KPG N57975 cnx
N57977 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5173 N57977, N84MH, C-....
N57978 Hiller UH-12L-4 2530 N90485, CF-YGX, N57978 cnx
N57980 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > Bell-Action 47G 1228 53-3790(N), N57980, N13766 w/o
N57981 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1302 61-3116(N), N57981 cnx
N57983 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1716 N753P, N57983, N75SP, N860DP
N57983 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2638 YV-732C, N57983, N230US, C-GPHQ, N230US, C-....
N57985 Vaughn Rotorcraft 1 N57985 cnx
N57986 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > H-23G-UH > OH-23G > UH-12E 1364 61-3178(N), N57986, RP-C362, RP-362, N196FT
N57987 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1428 62-3780(N), N57987 cnx
N57990 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2135 N57990 cnx
N57993 RotorWay Scorpion Too 6171 N57993 cnx
N57995 Bensen 8M [gyro] 111 N57995 b/u
N57996 Kaman H-43B-KA Huskie > HH-43B > HH-43F 75 60-0251(N), N57996 w/o
N57997 Kaman H-43B-KA Huskie > HH-43B 76 60-0252(N), N57997 cnx
N57998 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N57998 cnx
N57999 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1434 N57999, N59474, C-GIGS
N58000 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2639 N58000, C-FSWN, N58000
N58000 Bell 206B JetRanger II 927 N58000, JA9091, PK-EBH cnx
N58001 Sud Aviation 365N Dauphin 2 6026 N58001, N365S, N87SV, PK-TSI, N365NC, F-ONCY
N58003 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1020 N58003, 9M-AVV, 9M-PID, 9M-BST, VH-HRZ, N58003
N58004 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 999 N58004, N206PA, N250DP, N250DE
N58005 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1004 N58005 cnx
N58006 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1028 N58006, C-GBHF
N58008 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1010 N58008, C-GXOI, ZS-HMS, G-HMSS, N89SS
N58009 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1012 N58009, C-GXKM, N29906 cnx
N58009 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1636 N58009, N351SM, N61CU, N132TV
N58010 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1016 N58010, C-GMOR, N90819, C-GMOR, ZK-HVD, N90819, C-FFBV
N58010 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 5196 N58010 cnx
N58011 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1025 N58011 cnx
N58012 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1027 N58012 cnx
N58013 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1033 N58013 cnx
N58015 Bell 47G-5A 25105 N58015, VR-CAI, N1015X, N715BH
N58015 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5202 N58015, (5N-...), N58015, (5N-AYZ[2]), 5N-MAX
N58016 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1120 N58016, C-GSMQ dbf
N58017 Aerospatiale 350D AStar 1332 N58017, N889AT w/o
N58018 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA > Heli-Lynx 350FX1 (AS350BA) 1675 N58018, N52CS, ZK-HBT[2], C-GYYR[2], N369BD w/o
N58019 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil 1330 N58019, (N6363F), N58019, G-BTHO, EC-727 w/o
N58020 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5227 N58020 w/o
N58021 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1071 N58021, 1004(XA), EBRE-1164(XA)
N58021 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 5229 N58021, ZK-HPE[2], VH-YUS[2], VH-ELP[4]
N58022 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1075 N58022, 1005(XA), EBRE-1165(XA), 1665(XA) wfu
N58022 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350BA Ecureuil 1468 N58022, N700WW, C-GHSM
N58023 Aerospatiale 332L Super Puma > 332L1 Super Puma Mk.I 2087 N58023, N77GY, N25AN, F-WQEP, F-WQDU, G-CHCC, F-WYMR, B-7959
N58024 Bell 212 30572 N58024, LN-OQG[2], SE-JCF, LN-OQG[2], EC-GVP, 'OY-HMD', OY-HGY, C-FCSZ
N58024 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1714 N58024, N333PA, N700RS, N669WG, N5FX, ZK-ITA
N58025 Aerospatiale 332L Super Puma > 332L1 Super Puma Mk.I 2084 F-WKQB, N58025, N721SW, TPH-06[2](XA)/XC-UHP, TPH-05(XA)/XC-UHP, XB-EBP, XC-UHP, C-FCSN
N58025 Bell 212 30574 N58025, LN-ORG[3], EC-552, EC-FBM w/o
N58026 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350B2 1682 N58026, N123TV, N450CC
N58027 Bell 212 30577 N58027, N18090, G-BBBP, PK-HCJ w/o
N58027 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1723 N58027, JA6018, ZK-HIH[3]
N58030 Bell 212 30579 (N58030), LN-ORL[3], N8476A cnx
N58030 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1600 N58030, (F-GGBR), (F-GHCO), F-GHBR[2], I-MIAO
N58031 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1127 N58031, PK-DBB cnx
N58034 Bell 205A-1 30132 N58034 w/o
N58038 Bell 205A-1 30120 (CF-DXV), N58038, N42113, C-GSIT, N42113, C-GSIT
N58041 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2655 N58041, JA9754, VH-TUR[2], PK-IWW
N58041 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0238E N58041, JA9760, N9460T
N58043 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1556 N58043, N911NT w/o
N58045 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1602 N58045, N111LN
N58046 Aerospatiale 350D Astar 1604 N58046, N67GE w/o
N58049 Aerospatiale 355F Ecureuil 2 > 355F1 > 355F2 5110 N58049, N117SB[2], N355DS, F-WQDM, SX-HEP, OE-XWS[2]
N58049 Bell 212 30582 N58049, 01(CN)/CN-APA
N58050 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1864 N58050, N1889A, N1839A, N270SH w/o
N58050 Bell 212 30585 N58050, 02(CN)/CN-APB
N58052 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1022 N58052, N206SX, VH-ZSK
N58055 Bell 212 30581 N58055, JDF H-6(6Y), N214SJ, C-GUVK[2]
N58055 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil 1481 N58055, N48B
N58056 Bell 205A-1 30127 N58056, C-GXNE, N765H, N205RH
N58057 Bell 205A-1 > 205A-1++ 30128 N58057, C-FNMO, C-FYHD
N58058 Bell 206B JetRanger II 933 N58058, JA9100, N456A, RP-C1678 cnx
N58058 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 1923 N58058, N989WC w/o
N58061 Bell 206B JetRanger II 940 N58061, JA9116, (G-....), N888LH, C-FZGP
N58062 Bell 206B JetRanger II 941 N58062, JA9117 wfu
N58063 Bell 206B JetRanger II 942 N58063, JA9118, VH-YAW
N58064 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 947 N58064, JA9119, N211KR, G-CBDF, G-RNME, G-TTMB, SE-JPL, (LN-ORI[5]]
N58076 Bell 212 30583 N58076, JA9516, N17SL, N212SX, (VH-...), P2-HCK[2]
N58077 Bell 47G-5A 25109 N58077 cnx
N58078 Bell 47G-5A 25110 N58078
N58079 Bell 47G-5A 25111 N58079, HL6115, N47066, HP-706 w/o
N58080 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1171 N58080, 1171(HL)
N58081 Bell 47G-5A 25112 N58081, HL6126, N58081, HP-806 wfu
N58083 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1134 N58083 cnx
N58086 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1089 N58086, XC-GEA, N1347U cnx
N58086 Bell 212 30587 N58086, JA9517, N605LH, EC-GLV wfu
N58087 Bell 205A-1 30134 N58087, D-HOEB, EC-756[2], EC-GAA, CC-CIQ
N58089 Bell 212 30596 N58089, JDF H-8(6Y), N60154, N212SJ, CP-2635, N914DM
N58090 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1032 N58090, C-GHZT cnx
N58091 Bell 47G-5A 25144 N58091, N18091, G-BBIK, (SX-...), 5B-CCT, G-BBIK, SX-HBC, SX-HBN, 5B-CEU, SU-BHC
N58093 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1041 N58093, N215AL cnx
N58096 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1046 N58096, C-GALX, TG-GDG
N58099 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1052 N58099 cnx
N58101 Bell 47G-5A 25114 N58101, HL6116 cnx
N58102 Bell 47G-5A 25115 N58102, HL6117 cnx
N58103 Bell 47G-5A 25116 N58103, HL6118 w/o
N58104 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1064 N58104 cnx
N58105 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1069 N58105, TG-VEB
N58106 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1085 N58106, PT-HPY, N58106 cnx
N58110 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1066 N58110, N213AL w/o
N58111 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1082 N58111, N214AL, N58111, N281RL cnx
N58113 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1080 N58113, C-FGGC w/o
N58114 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1086 N58114, C-GARB, 4X-BJS, C-GARB, N4452
N58115 Bell 47G-5A 25117 N58115
N58116 Bell 205A-1 30133 N58116, (PK-...), N58116, HL9164, N58116, ZS-RBE[2], 5N-...
N58117 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1098 N58117, CR-APG, CR-HAK, C9-HAK cnx
N58117 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3851 N3196B, (N53GR), N3196B, N500DV, N6BR, N58117, ZS-BAC[2]
N58118 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1140 N58118, VR-HHH, PK-DBC[2] w/o
N58118 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45277 N2761N, N412KK, (N58118)
N58119 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1099 N58119, (SE-HPK), CR-APH, CR-HAL, C9-HAL cnx
N58120 Bell 212 30578 N58120, C-GFQP
N58121 Bell 212 30584 N58121, C-FADC, N58121, YS-1003P, N58121, HK-3729X, N58121, EC-GVV, (F-GOTB), D-HAMM, (EP-...), D-HAGT, P2-HCX
N58122 Bell 212 30586 N58122, HK-3185X, HK-3185, HK-3709 cnx
N58124 Bell 47G-5A 25124 N58124
N58125 Bell 47G-5A 25125 N58125, CF-SKX, N58125 cnx
N58126 Bell 47G-5A 25126 N58126(?), N58128, N615BH cnx
N58126 Bell 205A-1 30136 N58126, (N304FD), N58126, C-GCZG[2], OB-1939-P, CC-ATF
N58127 Bell 47G-5A 25127 N58127, HL6135, N58127 cnx
N58128 Bell 47G-5A 25126 N58126(?), N58128, N615BH cnx
N58128 Bell 47G-5A 25156 N58128, VH-AET[3]
N58129 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1136 N58129, VH-KPA[2], VH-CGW[3], VH-WYW[2]
N58131 Bell 47G-3B-2A 6865 N58131 w/o
N58132 Bell 47G-5A 25128 N58132 cnx
N58133 Bell 47G-5A 25129 N58133
N58135 Bell 47G-5A 25130 N58135, (ZK-HGW), VH-AAW[3], VH-NAG w/o
N58136 Bell 47G-5A 25131 N58136, N18090, G-BBER, SX-HAT, 3D-...
N58137 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1277 N58137 w/o
N58138 Bell 212 30613 N58138, N212CR, N212HV, N415B w/o
N58139 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1106 N58139, YV-TAIN, YV-251C, YV1475
N58140 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1108 N58140
N58143 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1110 N58143, CF-IQF, C-FIQF, N226WA
N58144 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1109 N58144, C-GMXE w/o
N58145 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1170 N58145, RP-R804
N58148 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1055 N58148, C-GZQH
N58150 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1059 N58150, PT-HPX, N58150, PT-HUS
N58151 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1067 N58151 cnx
N58153 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1112 N58153, N32TV cnx
N58155 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1056 N58155, CF-PQV, C-FPQV w/o
N58156 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1051 N58156, HP-1533-71, F-BVUE, HB-XFH, EC-DXZ cnx
N58158 Bell 212 30593 N58158, JA9520 w/o
N58159 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1175 N58159, 1175(HL)
N58160 Hughes 269C 740324 N58160
N58161 Hughes 269C 740325 N58161, F-GHIS
N58163 Hughes 269C 740334 N58163 cnx
N58164 Hughes 269C 940348 N58164 cnx
N58165 Hughes 369D 1070209D N58165, C-GVZD, N369D
N58167 Hughes 369D 1070217D N58167, 902(HR) wfu
N58168 Hughes 369D 1070218D N58168, C-GLSM, N58168, XB-HCS
N58169 Hughes 369D 1170220D N58169, N644WA, G-CCUN, N369HL, EC-LXF w/o
N58170 Hughes 269C 380673 N58170, G-BOVX, F-HLLE
N58171 Hughes 269C 480681 N58171, C-GELO
N58172 Hughes 269C 480683 N58172, I-GRAB
N58174 Hughes 269C 280667 N58174, D-HOYH, OY-HCM, D-HMAR, F-GGSR[2]
N58174 Hughes 269C 480685 N58174
N58177 Hughes 269C 380674 N58177 cnx
N58181 Hughes 269C 480682 N58181 cnx
N58182 Hughes 269C 390777 N58182, N7178F, JA7766, ZK-HYQ, ZK-IMG[3]
N58183 Hughes 369D 280268D N58183 w/o
N58184 Hughes 369D 280270D N58184 w/o
N58185 Hughes 369D 280258D N58185, C-FLDW w/o
N58186 Hughes 369D 280259D N58186, C-GLCB
N58188 Hughes 269C 380675 N58188, C-GREA cnx
N58190 Hughes 369D 980334D N58190, N112TV, N112TN, C-GGHC, N811CA, C-FQHB, HP-1616HF, HP-1616PT, HP-1616PA
N58191 Hughes 369D 1070187D N58191
N58192 Hughes 369D 280186D N58192, 78-0077(HL)
N58193 Hughes 369D 1170233D N58193, C-FCVV, N369HL, ZK-HXZ[2] w/o
N58195 Hughes 269C 480687 N58195 cnx
N58196 Hughes 269C 480689 N58196, ZS-HWK
N58197 Hughes 269C 680697 N58197 cnx
N58198 Hughes 269C 590788 N58198, C-GOFC cnx
N58201 Hughes 269C 880710 N58201, VH-THV w/o
N58203 Hughes 269C 1080732 N58203 w/o
N58204 Hughes 269C 1280743 N58204, G-OSHE, EC-FNQ cnx
N58205 Hughes 269C 190757 N58205, F-GBLT[2]
N58205 Bell TH-1L Iroquois 6444 157849(N), N58205 w/o
N58206 Hughes 269C 190768 N58206
N58208 Hughes 269C 390780 N58208
N58209 Hughes 369D 280262D N58209, CC-CAB, LV-WBL cnx
N58210 Hughes 269C 1270662 N58210, SE-HNK, OH-HAY[2] w/o
N58211 Hughes 269C 880702 N58211 cnx
N58213 Hughes 369D 380288D N58213, N211EH w/o
N58214 Hughes 369D 880318D N58214, N622PD, N622PB
N58215 Hughes 369D 380276D N58215, YV-89CP, YV1747, TI-BEK cnx
N58215 Ken Brock 2 [gyro] BS2284 N58215
N58216 Hughes 369D 480303D N58216 cnx
N58217 Hughes 269C 980717 N58217, ZK-HSB, VH-IHS w/o
N58218 Hughes 369D 480301D N58218, N121VT, N151JP
N58220 Hughes 369D 480304D N58220 cnx
N58221 Hughes 369D 880319D N58221, HK-3228X, HK-3228, HK-3491X wfu
N58222 Hughes 269C 1280737 N58222, OH-HLT
N58223 Hughes 269C 1280740 N58223, RP-.....
N58225 Hughes 269C 1280741 N58225, N751AM b/u
N58227 Hughes 269C 1280742 N58227, C-GEMN, N6163A cnx
N58228 Hughes 269C 290771 N58228 w/o
N58229 Hughes 369D 480292D N58229, 9M-AWZ w/o
N58230 Hughes 369D 1080378D N58230, JA9385 w/o
N58231 Hughes 369D 880321D N58231, N90AL
N58234 Hughes 269C 680696 N58234 cnx
N58235 Hughes 369D 780323D N58235, 78-0086(HL)
N58236 Hughes 369D 1180379D N58236, ..??.., C-GDNW, N9413F
N58236 Bell 407 53069 C-FZKE, N58236, N436AL, N311RL w/o
N58237 Hughes 369D 1180381D N58237, YV-.....
N58239 Hughes 369D 1280392D N58239, ZK-HQA[2] w/o
N58240 Hughes 369D 890560D N58240 w/o
N58241 Hughes 369D 580316D N58241, YV-1043C, YV1413, N105AC
N58242 Hughes 369D 980348D N58242, N861MC
N58243 Hughes 369D 1080349D N58243 w/o
N58243 Hughes 369D 410934D N5000N, N58243
N58245 Hughes 369D 1080358D N58245, N505RM b/u
N58246 Hughes 369D 580315D N58246, C-GVXT, C-FFYO, N36KR
N58247 Hughes 369D 1080386D N58247 cnx
N58250 Hughes 369D 1080361D N58250, N212EH, N215EX, N526CS cnx
N58251 Hughes 369D 880317D N58251
N58252 Hughes 369D 1080364D N58252
N58253 Hughes 369D 1280405D N58253, (N625RE), C-GOPC, N107SF
N58254 Hughes 369D 1280403D N58254, OH-HCA[2], N67HF
N58256 Hughes 369D 1080380D N58256 w/o
N58257 Hughes 369D 1180384D N58257 cnx
N58258 Hughes 369D 1180389D N58258, CC-CHY, N7163K cnx
N58259 Hughes 369D 1180390D N58259, N512SB, C-FXOT cnx
N58260 Hughes 369D 1280416D N58260 cnx
N58261 Hughes 369D 1280417D N58261, N701KP
N58262 Hughes 369D 390483D N58262, F-GFYR, N64QC, N458HW
N58263 Hughes 369D 490484D N58263, ZK-HPF, VH-LLC, VH-MDL[2], OH-HZO, N502TA, (N451HA)
N58264 Hughes 369D 490485D N58264, C-GTNM cnx
N58265 Hughes 369D 390471D N58265, I-ECHI cnx
N58266 Hughes 369D 390472D N58266, N88CN(?), JA9380 w/o
N58267 Hughes 369D 390473D N58267 cnx
N58268 Hughes 369D 1280420D N58268 cnx
N58269 Hughes 369D 1280421D N58269 cnx
N58270 Hughes 369D 1280401D N58270, N322KB, C-FMFK
N58272 Hughes 269C 1180735 N58272, N95KS, G-OSHA cnx
N58273 Hughes 369D 1280415D N58273, ZK-HUW, ZK-HOT[8]
N58273 Canadian Home Rotors Safari 2119 N58273
N58274 Hughes 269C 1180719 N58274, XB-RZG
N58275 Hughes 269C 1190849 N58275 cnx
N58276 Hughes 369D 390462D N58276, N58808, N571HC, N510PM, N362MN
N58277 Hughes 369D 290463D N58277, LV-WFU w/o
N58278 Hughes 269C 790809 N58278, N86PB, C-GDII, N9277R, N999PP, N9277R w/o
N58281 Hughes 269C 1180734 N58281, F-OGXU, N58281
N58282 Hughes 369D 1280432D N58282 cnx
N58283 Hughes 369D 1280433D N58283, JA9387, ZK-HRI[3]
N58283 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1015 CF-CWN[2], C-FCWN[2], N58283 wfu
N58286 Hughes 369D 490489D N58286, N70TV, N58286, N7299A cnx
N58287 Hughes 369D 490490D N58287, JA9386 w/o
N58288 Hughes 369D 290455D N58288, C-FRZP, N124AL, N511SH
N58289 Hughes 369D 290456D N58289, N500DC
N58290 Hughes 369D 290457D N58290, I-BELF, N957RJ, C-GGOB[2], OH-HZW
N58291 Hughes 369D 290459D N58291, C-GHFA
N58292 Hughes 369D 1200861D N58292, HK-2941P, N369EH
N58292 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 560553 64-18216(N), (N58292) cnx
N58293 Hughes 369D 390476D N58293, C-GXKF w/o
N58293 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 960659 (65-13059(N))(?), 65-18254(N)(?), (N58293) cnx
N58295 Hughes 369D 490494D N58295, N116RS b/u
N58296 Hughes 369D 590500D N58296, YV-173CP, YV1564, N333TA
N58297 Hughes 269C 1290857 N58297, C-GBXR, N58297 cnx
N58298 Hughes 369D 0664D N58298 cnx
N58298 Hughes 369D 600703D N58298, C-GPHE[3]
N58300 Hughes 369D 880335D N58300, CC-CBF
N58302 Hughes 269C 1180736 N58302, C-GKTC, N90570 w/o
N58303 Hughes 369D 1180409D N58303, 78-0094(HL)
N58305 Hughes 369D 1280406D N58305, N925KF, VH-PPD, ZK-HNJ[2]
N58306 Hughes 369D 100651D N58306 cnx
N58308 Hughes 369D 100654D N58308, JA9394 cnx
N58311 Hughes 369D 490505D N58311, C-GIFZ[2], N520PA
N58314 Hughes 369D 1080362D N58314, N28MP, N28ML
N58315 Hughes 369D 490495D N58315 w/o
N58316 Hughes 369D 490496D N58316, N5313Y
N58317 Hughes 369D 490498D N58317 b/u
N58318 Hughes 369D 590499D N58318 w/o
N58319 Hughes 269C 390761 N58319
N58320 Hughes 269C 390760 N58320 b/u
N58322 Hughes 369D 1280394D N58322, 30(YS) prs
N58323 Hughes 269C 790803 N58323 w/o
N58324 Hughes 269C 690804 N58324, N796 b/u
N58325 Hughes 269C 100886 N58325, VH-WHR[2] cnx
N58326 Hughes 369D (500MD/ASW) 990430D N58326, 6906(Taiwan) prs
N58326 Bell 206L LongRanger 45150 N71JH, C-GDJZ, N58326, N38Q, C-GFEG
N58327 Hughes 269C 1090838 N58327, ZK-HVM wfu
N58328 Hughes 269C 1090842 N58328, (ZK-HOD), N58328 b/u
N58329 Hughes 269C 290769 N58329 cnx
N58330 Hughes 269C 390773 N58330 cnx
N58331 Hughes 269C 490775 N58331, D-HIGH w/o
N58332 Hughes 269C 490778 N58332 w/o
N58333 Hughes 369D 1280419D N58333 cnx
N58334 Hughes 369D 890559D N58334, ZS-HXN, N338HW w/o
N58335 Hughes 269C 390762 N58335 cnx
N58336 Hughes 369D 990581D N58336, HB-XVR b/u
N58337 Hughes 369D 1090582D N58337
N58338 Hughes 369D 390482D N58338, C-GVIJ, HL9146, ..??..
N58339 Hughes 369D 290428D N58339, 78-0100(HL)
N58340 Hughes 269C 490765 N58340, D-HOOM, F-GHIZ
N58341 Hughes 369D 790544D N58341
N58342 Hughes 269C 190759 N58342, F-GBLI, N58342 cnx
N58343 Hughes 269C 790811 N58343, C-...., N58343, 6Y-JLI, N58343, D-HMON w/o
N58344 Hughes 269C 1090836 N58344
N58345 Hughes 369D 690531D N58345, C-GKHR, N7070N cnx
N58346 Hughes 369D 690532D N58346, N54WK, HA-RTL, ZK-HAY[3]
N58348 Hughes 369D 790545D N58348, N6AL, N107FC, N25MP cnx
N58349 Hughes 369D 1280429D N58349, C-GKHT, ZK-HUZ
N58350 Hughes 369D 790546D N58350
N58351 Hughes 369D (500MD/ASW) 390340D N58351, 6901(Taiwan) w/o
N58352 Hughes 369D 1290626D N58352 cnx
N58355 Hughes 369D 1190627D N58355, JA9436, ZK-HRF[2]
N58357 Hughes 369D 1290628D N58357, F-GFII, D-HOME[4]
N58358 Hughes 269C 890815 N58358 cnx
N58359 Hughes 269C 1290861 N58359
N58360 Hughes 269C 1290875 N58360, D-HEIK, I-GRAF cnx
N58363 Hughes 269C 690796 N58363
N58366 Hughes 269C 690797 N58366, N169H, HK-4075I w/o
N58367 Hughes 269C 690782 N58367, ZS-HTW
N58369 Hughes 369D (500M-D Defender) 1200848D N58369 w/o
N58370 Hughes 269C 690787 N58370, (ZK-HQM), N58370, ZS-HVD
N58371 Hughes 269C 690794 N58371
N58373 Hughes 269C 790810 N58373, C-GETD w/o
N58375 Hughes 369D (500MD/ASW) 590402D N58375, 6902(Taiwan) w/o
N58377 Hughes 369D 1290646D N58377, N138TX
N58384 Hughes 269C 990829 N58384
N58388 Hughes 369D 200674D N58388, N833RW, N622WA, G-CCPY wfu
N58389 Hughes 369D 200661D N58389, N500NR, N55FC, N911AP, C-GFKN[2], N337SH, N369FC, (N765BW)
N58390 Hughes 269C 1190853 N58390, F-GFCF w/o
N58393 Hughes 369D 1190619D N58393, C-GLHM w/o
N58394 Hughes 369MD Defender 790468D N58394, 201(4X) w/o
N58395 Hughes 369D 890563D N58395 cnx
N58396 Hughes 269C 1190854 N58396, VH-AHQ[4] w/o
N58397 Hughes 269C 1090833 N58397, (N404BW)
N58398 Hughes 369MD Defender > 369D 890470D N58398, 203(4X), RP-S5725
N58399 Hughes 369D 890565D N58399, N4AK, N64MK w/o
N58400 Hughes 369D 1200862D (ZK-HQJ), N58400 w/o
N58402 Hughes 369D 1090592D N58402, N511SB, N421VS
N58404 Hughes 269C 1190845 N58404 b/u
N58405 Hughes 269C 690795 N58405, N269SF
N58406 Hughes 369D 1090587D N58406, (N963JS), D-HIRM, OE-XAA prs
N58407 Hughes 269C 1190846 N58407, B-....
N58408 Hughes 269C 1090837 N58408 w/o
N58409 Hughes 269C 1190858 N58409 cnx
N58411 Hughes 269C 1090839 N58411, HI-625SP, N839H
N58412 Hughes 369D 480299D N58412, PT-..., N58412, N41AJ
N58413 Hughes 369D 480302D N58413, PT-HOG w/o
N58414 Hughes 369D 480306D N58414 w/o
N58415 Hughes 369D 480312D N58415
N58418 Hughes 369D 780320D N58418, PT-HOF w/o
N58419 Hughes 369D 780333D N58419 cnx
N58420 Hughes 369D 880337D N58420 w/o
N58421 Hughes 369D 880338D N58421 cnx
N58422 Hughes 369D 790541D N58422, N11AS
N58424 Hughes 369D 1090593D N58424 cnx
N58425 Hughes 369D 1090591D N58425 w/o
N58428 Hughes 369D 1290624D N58428
N58429 Hughes 269C 100889 N58429, ZK-HBB[3], ZK-HRL[2]
N58430 Hughes 369D 1290636D N58430
N58431 Hughes 369D 1290647D N58431
N58432 Hughes 369D 100648D N58432 cnx
N58433 Hughes 369D 1190623D N58433, F-GCGV, HL9120 cnx
N58435 Hughes 369D 1290625D N58435 cnx
N58436 Hughes 369D 100634D N58436, N81GG w/o
N58436 Bell 407 ('407GX') 54394 C-GFNQ, C-GVBJ[2], N711BE, N58436
N58468 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 13122 71-20298(N), N144MA, N58468
N58478 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 380387 67-16002(N), N58478, RP-C6284
N58479 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 0421 67-16036(N), N58479
N58521 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN001 N58521, N521FB, C-GSXC[2], ZK-IRS[3] b/u
N58522 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN002 N58522, N522FB, VH-INY[3] wfu
N58523 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN003 N58523, N523FB, N523CP
N58595 RotorWay Exec 90 5162 N58595 cnx
N58672 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-95-6-179 N58672 cnx
N58765 Bell TH-67A Creek 5276 C-FOFE, N58765
N58795 Bell 412EP 36103 C-GBUP, N58795, S5-HMB, H2-37(S5)
N58808 Hughes 369D 390462D N58276, N58808, N571HC, N510PM, N362MN
N58848 Bell 47G-4A 7632 N4092G, CF-YAU, N58848, JA7621, ZK-HSO[2], VH-AHL[4] w/o
N58874 Bell 47G-4A 7530 N1345X, TI-17F, HP-720, N58874, JA7620 wfu
N58963 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 691211 68-17251(N), N58963 w/o
N58968 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52062 N58968, G-OCOP, (N58968), G-OCOP, G-BXMP, EC-HCT w/o
N59157 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1354 N59157, N881SP, N881SR, N311F
N59159 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1263 N59159, C-FPQR
N59193 Bensen 8 [gyro] WSV1407 N59193 cnx
N59201 Aerospatiale 350B3 Ecureuil 3853 N59201, N351MM
N59202 Eurocopter 120B Colibri 1425 N59202
N59224 Sikorsky S-62A 62105 N59224, 5B-CBV, 5B-CEB, A7-HAD, 3D-HAA, ZS-HII w/o
N59227 Sikorsky S-62A 62107 N59227, 5B-CBU, A7-HAE, 3D-HAB w/o
N59261 Bensen 8M [gyro] F-1 N59261
N59278 Bensen 8M [gyro] 19458 N59278 cnx
N59321 Bell-Carson 47G Super C-4 C-5018 N59321
N59326 Bell 47D1 45 ..??.., N59326 b/u
N59329 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > H-34 581150 147632(N), (8-6(PH)), 142(PH), N59329 wfu
N59330 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > S-58BT 581158 147634(N), (8-8(PH)), 144(PH), N59330 b/u
N59331 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > H-34 581373 149131(N), 138(PH), N59331 wfu
N59332 Sikorsky SH-34J Seabat 581611 135[2](PH), (N59332) b/u
N59333 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > H-34 581442 149842(N), 137(PH), N59333 cnx
N59338 Agusta A109A Hirundo 7151 N59338, N77CS, N77QS, N4GH cnx
N59339 Agusta A109A Hirundo 7153 N59339, N39P, N35P, N39P, N35P, N6FF, N53RX cnx
N59340 Agusta A109A Hirundo 7154 N59340, (N43BL), N59340, N33SV, I-CELB, I-AVJJ, N754AM, G-DNHI cnx
N59351 Bell 47G-3B-1 6571 N1360X, CF-BVO, C-FBVO, N821C, N59351, N821C
N59353 Bensen 8M [gyro] 6655 N59353, G-BKSW
N59358 Bell 206L LongRanger 45070 C-GQHI, N59358 w/o
N59362 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2222 N8398, CF-CJA, N59362 cnx
N59366 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1069 58-5420(N), N59366 cnx
N59367 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 229 60-3583(N), N59367 and/or HP-....
N59368 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 448 62-1928(N), N59368 cnx
N59380 RotorWay Scorpion 133 526-46 N59380 cnx
N59382 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1149 N59382 cnx
N59383 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1150 N59383, N333SW, N59383
N59384 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1154 N59384, C-FJSL
N59385 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1156 N59385, CF-GNP, N100TH, N5047V cnx
N59386 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1157 N59386 cnx
N59387 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1548 N59387, VH-JWE[2]
N59388 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1162 N59388, C-GZPX, EC-FEV, F-GZPF
N59389 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1158 N59389 cnx
N59391 Bensen 8M [gyro] 826 N59391 cnx
N59394 Bensen 8M [gyro] 325 N59394 cnx
N59395 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1166 N59395, N121HD, HP-...., HK-4183X, HK-4183 w/o
N59396 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1168 N59396 w/o
N59397 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1203 N59397, C-GAII cnx
N59398 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1173 N59398, N555TH
N59399 Bell 47G-5A 25137 N59399, (C-....), N59399 cnx
N59400 Bell 47G-5A 25138 N59400 cnx
N59402 Bell 47G-5A 25139 N59402
N59403 Bell 47G-5A 25140 N59403
N59404 Bell 47G-5A 25136 N59404, VH-NKE
N59405 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1151 N59405, N414TV, N59405, N1080Y, F-GHTP b/u
N59407 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1201 N59407, CR-HAM, C9-HAM cnx
N59408 Bell 205A-1 30144 N59408, 1712(HS)
N59408 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1493 N59408, C-GEHK, XA-STL, XA-AFK
N59409 Bell 205A-1 30145 N59409, 1713(HS) prs
N59409 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1522 N59409, G-BOLO
N59410 Bell 47G-3B-2A > Bell-Soloy 47G-3B-2A 6868 N59410
N59413 Bell 47G-3B-2A 6869 N59413 cnx
N59414 Bell 47G-3B-2A 6870 N59414 cnx
N59415 Bell 47G-3B-2A 6871 N59415 w/o
N59416 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1152 N59416 b/u
N59417 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1174 N59417, C-GTGA cnx
N59422 Grudieaire GH4 [gyro] 101 N59422 cnx
N59423 Bell 47G-5A 25145 N59423, N2NF, N59423, N222GW, N444GW w/o
N59424 Bell 47G-5A 25143 N59424 w/o
N59425 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1118 N59425, C-GHPF, N3206G, 1118(HS) w/o
N59426 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1126 N59426 cnx
N59427 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1132 N59427
N59428 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1259 N59428, C-GSHP, N259CH, C-GSHP cnx
N59429 Bell 205A-1 30147 N59429 cnx
N59430 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1137 N59430, PT-HHT cnx
N59431 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1164 N59431, RP-C1789 cnx
N59432 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1139 N59432, CF-GYD, C-FGYD, HC-CHH cnx
N59433 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1212 N59433, C-FCHQ
N59434 Bell 212 30595 N59434, 600(OB), N59434 cnx
N59435 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1165 N59435, N40LM, N402M, C-GTPA, N3254N, C-FDRZ, TG-CHJ
N59436 Bell 205A-1 30149 N59436 w/o
N59438 Bell 205A-1 30150 N59438 w/o
N59439 Bell 205A-1 30151 N59439, LV-MLH(?), AE-425(LV) w/o
N59440 Bell 205A-1 30152 N59440, LV-MLI(?), AE-426(LV), 'AE-424(LV)', N205CK cnx
N59441 Bell 205A-1 30153 N59441 w/o
N59442 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1406 N59442, VH-NRS cnx
N59443 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1415 N59443, PT-HHM cnx
N59444 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1269 N59444, N54PH, N126SH
N59446 Bell 212 30658 N59446, PNC-181(HK) w/o
N59447 Bell 212 30641 N59447, N708H, C-GTHK
N59449 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1236 N59449, N220CT, N165HS, F-GEXH wfu
N59450 Bell 212 30616 (N59450), AMDB-108(V8), ABDB-108(V8), ATUDB-108(V8), TUDB-108(V8)
N59452 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1556 N59452, VH-JWS[3]
N59454 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1275 N59454 cnx
N59456 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1252 N59456 cnx
N59458 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1215 N59458, PT-HFO cnx
N59459 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1176 N59459, PT-HHI cnx
N59460 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1183 N59460, CF-ANE cnx
N59462 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1184 N59462, F-GHUX, F-OGUM, G-BWEJ, EC-GEF w/o
N59465 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1278 N59465, C-GQAA
N59470 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1199 N59470, N600SW cnx
N59471 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1377 N59471 cnx
N59473 Bell 205A-1 30162 N59473, LV-MLJ, AE-427(LV), N205JL cnx
N59474 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1434 N57999, N59474, C-GIGS
N59475 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1208 N59475, C-GMNA cnx
N59476 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1213 N59476, N62SH, C-FPHB w/o
N59477 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1088 N59477, C-GOLU
N59479 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1194 N59479
N59481 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1193 N59481, DU-103(A6)
N59481 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1646 N59481 cnx
N59482 Bell 212 30643 N59482, N709H w/o
N59484 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1264 N59484 b/u
N59485 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1266 N59485 cnx
N59486 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1379 N59486, 9Q-CSQ cnx
N59487 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1254 N59487, YV-602C
N59488 Bell 205A-1 30158 N59488 cnx
N59489 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1301 N59489, N68TJ, (N68ER), N68TJ, G-GEZZ
N59490 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1279 N59490, C-GHUD cnx
N59491 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1291 N59491, N206JR
N59492 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1292 N59492 cnx
N59494 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1293 N59494 cnx
N59495 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1373 N59495
N59498 Bell 212 30630 N59498, G-BCGE, N99041, C-GBPH, N947AA, C-GBPH, HC-BZN, C-GBPH, HC-CEF, C-GBPH, P2-PAY[2]
N59498 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1472 N59498, N158P, (N157P), N158P, VH-WHU[2] w/o
N59499 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1300 N59499, 1300(HS) wfu
N59500 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1391 N59500, C-GQLF, N2474V, N3456M w/o
N59501 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1303 N59501, GN-7429(YV), GNBV-7429(YV), GNB-7429(YV)
N59503 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1304 N59503, GN-7430(YV), GNBV-7430(YV) w/o
N59504 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1341 N59504 w/o
N59506 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1347 N59506 cnx
N59507 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1361 N59507, A6-ALF, VH-JVH[2]
N59508 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1371 N59508, N867CH
N59509 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1378 N59509, N206SR, YV-456P, YV-267CP, YV2123
N59510 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1435 N59510, ZK-...
N59512 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1324 N59512, N202AL, N231RL
N59513 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1331 N59513, N203AL, N70711, C-FJMH
N59515 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1360 N59515, N205AL, N36MU, (N446JB), N100RW, N36MK
N59516 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1365 N59516, N207AL, N48SV, (SP-...), N48SV, T7-...
N59516 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41067 70-15516(N), N162CC, N59516
N59517 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1388 N59517, N209AL, PT-HUQ cnx
N59518 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1322 N59518 w/o
N59520 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1329 N59520, N358ST, N12AT
N59521 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1332 N59521 cnx
N59522 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1336 N59522, PT-HHL cnx
N59524 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1337 N59524, ZK-HDU[2]
N59525 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1338 N59525, C-GJMM cnx
N59526 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1651 N59526, VH-OCA[2]
N59527 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1663 N59527, N301JT, N59527, C-GEHZ, N7091D, N206GS, N206XX, C-GINV
N59529 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1362 N59529, C-GPGX cnx
N59530 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1353 N59530, VH-JMN, VH-JKK[2]
N59531 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1352 N59531, N41SJ
N59532 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1369 N59532, N722JC, N63FH, N61PP b/u
N59533 Bell 205A-1 30164 N59533, N809KA, C-FVIH, N205WW, C-FVIH, N905VH, N932CH, N679H
N59536 Bell 205A-1 30165 N59536, N17AL, C-GENZ, C-GSHG
N59538 Bell 205A-1 > 205B 30166 N59538, N19AL
N59539 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1432 N59539, (N727LA), N59539 w/o
N59540 Bell 205A-1 30178 N59540 cnx
N59541 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1412 N59541, HC-AZK, N59541, N301AL, N59541 w/o
N59542 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1380 N59542, ZS-HTS, VH-EWH[3], VH-JIU[2]
N59543 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1505 N59543 w/o
N59545 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1385 N59545, C-GIZE
N59548 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1386 N59548
N59549 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1387 N59549 cnx
N59550 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1449 N59550, N206EC, HR-AVC
N59551 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1392 N59551 w/o
N59552 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1543 N59552, C-GRJH, C-FEBH
N59552 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1664 N90186, N802KA, N59552 w/o
N59553 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1451 N59553
N59554 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1401 N59554, G-RAMY w/o
N59555 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1455 N59555 w/o
N59556 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1372 N59556 w/o
N59557 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1384 N59557, C-GJKN, N106AM, HC-BUC, N106AM
N59558 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1413 N59558 w/o
N59559 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1395 N59559, C-GNMF wfu
N59560 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1456 N59560 w/o
N59562 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1423 N59562 cnx
N59563 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1427 N59563, N969YC, N968YC w/o
N59564 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1389 N59564
N59566 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1442 N59566, N310PC, C-GPGA w/o
N59568 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1419 N59568 w/o
N59569 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1425 N59569, N974WB
N59570 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1430 N59570 cnx
N59571 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1433 N59571, XA-SVF, N59571 w/o
N59572 Bell 212 30621 N59572, N801KA, XA-VVM, N212HL
N59573 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1457 N59573, HB-XVO, EC-EXC w/o
N59574 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1459 N59574, N205LT, (N661HD), N205LT cnx
N59575 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1466 N59575 cnx
N59576 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1473 N59576 cnx
N59577 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1474 N59577, N339HP, N898PS, XA-...
N59578 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1475 N59578
N59579 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1480 N59579
N59580 Bell 212 30648 N59580, PK-DBZ, PK-HMC, EC-HTJ, C-GKUX[2], EC-NLC
N59581 Bell 212 30652 N59581, PK-DBX w/o
N59582 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1460 N59582
N59584 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1463 N59584, C-FHCF, N59584, C-FBDY, N83CK
N59585 Bell 212 30662 N59585, PK-DBV, PK-HMZ w/o
N59586 Bell 212 30645 N59586, D-HBWP
N59588 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1544 N59588, N41PH
N59589 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1482 N59589, N521HS, N167AG w/o
N59590 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1469 N59590 cnx
N59591 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1488 N59591 cnx
N59592 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1478 N59592 cnx
N59595 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1485 N59595, YV-113C
N59596 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1486 N59596, G-ODIL, N.....
N59600 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1420 N59600, C-GLES[2], N59600 w/o
N59601 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1438 N59601, PT-HJT w/o
N59604 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1490 N59604
N59605 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1471 N59605, ZS-HVY
N59606 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1495 N59606, N58WW
N59607 Bell 205A-1 > 205A-1++ 30215 N59607, C-GAHM, N549RL
N59608 Bell 212 30654 N59608, HK-3204X, HK-3303X
N59609 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1839 N59609, N970FM, N25PM cnx
N59610 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1487 N59610 cnx
N59611 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1515 N59611 w/o
N59612 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1500 N59612 cnx
N59613 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1502 N59613 b/u
N59614 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1508 N59614, (N89DC), N98DC, HK-3986X and/or HK-3986W
N59615 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1513 N59615, G-BNIR, G-STOX, G-JAES, T7-FAZ
N59616 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1523 N59616, N342WC, C-FHFH, N342WC w/o
N59617 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1517 N59617, (N217LH), N59617, N533TT
N59618 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1521 N59618, C-GGPB, ZK-HZJ, VH-FJE[2], ZK-HWK[4]
N59619 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1681 N59619 cnx
N59620 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1541 N59620, C-FCHV
N59621 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1562 N59621 cnx
N59622 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1533 N59622, C-GAHT cnx
N59623 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1525 N59623, C-FWHF w/o
N59624 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1532 N59624, N219SH, (N219MH), N219SH
N59626 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1494 N59626, N200PC, SE-HOX, OH-HSR w/o
N59627 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1501 N59627, C-....
N59628 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1535 N59628, N901CA w/o
N59629 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1531 N59629, C-GTPH cnx
N59630 Bell 212 30656 N59630, N811KA
N59631 Bell 212 30660 N59631, PK-DBU, N59631 cnx
N59632 Bell 212 30674 N59632, PK-DBW, PK-HMA, EC-HXV, CC-ATN
N59633 Bell 212 > Eagle Copters Eagle Single (B212) 30676 N59633, C-FRYH, N212DF
N59636 Bell 212 30678 N59636 w/o
N59638 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1524 N59638 cnx
N59639 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1547 N59639, N98DC, N190X, N898DC, N22NH
N59640 Bell 206B JetRanger II > 206B JetRanger III 1563 N59640, C-GALZ
N59642 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1557 N59642, (N444NH) cnx
N59643 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1550 N59643, N666MP, N4435V, N59643, C-FRVI cnx
N59668 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51445 C-FJQR, D-HHBB[3], N59668, PT-YCL, HK-4327 dbf
N59715 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2581 N59715, N63AP w/o
N59805 Bell 214ST 28141 B-744, B-7724, N59805, N823H
N59806 Bell 214ST 28140 B-743, B-7723, N59806, VH-...
N60004 Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk 70343 81-23621(N), (N60004), VH-UHR
N60015 Schweizer 269C S1497 N60015, N280CA, C-FJKX, N888ZW w/o
N60022 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0222FF N60022, 222(YA)
N60031 Aerospatiale 355E TwinStar > 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5098 N60031, C-GVHK[2] cnx
N60035 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5216 N60035, 3119(SU) wfu
N60035 Sud Aviation HH-65A Dolphin > Aerospatiale 366G1 > HH-65B Dolphin > MH-65C > MH-65D 6002 F-WZJT, 4101(N), N60035, 901(4X)/4X-FJA, 6598(N)
N60041 Sikorsky S-76B 760335 N7266Z, N98VT, N667MA, N9122D, N60041, N122AS, N812RB, N269FL
N60049 Bensen 8M [gyro] 100-2229 N60049
N60064 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5353 N60064, N56CD, RP-C1408
N60064 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0264FF N60064, 264(YA)
N60070 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5221 N60070, B-12119(?), B-31031, ZK-HRB[2] w/o
N60080 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E > Rogerson Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 5220 N60080, HS-TZA w/o
N60080 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 2030 N60080, N163DW, N118CP, N492TV, HP-1806BL, HP-1806RK w/o
N60090 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0624E N60090, N50XB
N60098 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5219 N60098, ME-...(XA), N9281P cnx
N60098 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350B2 2035 N60098, N840BP w/o
N60124 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10419 68-15489(N), N60124
N60126 Schweizer 269C S1625 N60126, ZK-HTY[2] wfu
N60126 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 42035 72-21369(N), N60126, N911SL
N60132 Sud Aviation 365N1 Dauphin 2 6298 N60132, N365SC, N365SB, N97SV, G-CEYU wfu
N60154 Bell 212 30596 N58089, JDF H-8(6Y), N60154, N212SJ, CP-2635, N914DM
N60162 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F+') 0316FF N60162, 316(OD), L1706(OD)
N60169 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0299FF N60169, 299(YA)
N60181 Sud Aviation 365N1 Dauphin 2 6286 N60181, N93SV cnx
N60204 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil 2135 TG-ESM and/or N60204, TG-KUL
N60220 Hughes 369ER ('MD500ER') 0622E N60220, ZS-HNT[2]
N60237 Schweizer 269C S1619 N60237, 9M-FAG, N17YS
N60270 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0270FF N60270, N911VB
N60302 Hughes 369E ('MD500E') 0623E N60302, N155NR
N60321 Aerospatiale 350B1 Ecureuil 2241 N60321, N152TA, C-GZAH[2]
N60321 Bell 407 53357 N60321, N647AL, C-GUJC[3], N406AP
N60322 RotorWay Exec 162F 6214 N60322, N162PD
N60325 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0225FF N60325, 225(YA) w/o
N60391 Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6396 N60391, N2XJ, N199SM
N60419 Bell 407 > Eagle Copters Eagle 407HP (B407) 53370 C-GLZQ, N60419, N54LM, EC-JAR, CC-AUI, C-GFUF[2], N407AP
N60426 Hughes 369FF 0226FF N60426, N507MP
N60454 Bell 412 ('412SP') 33180 N412PD, N414PD, N60454, PP-MBB, D-HAFW[5], (5Y-...), N508MF, ZS-HNK[3], AF720(9J)
N60491 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F+') 0311FF N60491, 311(OD), L1701(OD)
N60506 Bell 412EP 36237 C-GOZF, N60506, JA01HP
N60507 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4513 C-GAJR, N60507, EI-MER, 401(Z3)
N60552 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5423 N60552, N62358, N355CH, VH-OFA[3], VH-SDG[3]
N60556 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0256FF N60556, (...(YA)), N60556, 256(YA), N60556
N60563 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5371 N60563, XA-MDE, CC-CIB, LV-CUT
N60576 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0305FF N60576, 545(5Y)
N60609 Sikorsky S-76A 760077 N1547D, PP-MCS, N60609
N60618 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2565 N60618, C-FNBR, ZK-HCN[3]
N60619 Aerospatiale 365N2 Dauphin 2 6425 N60619, N365DU[2], N89SM
N60638 Schweizer 269C S1653 N69A, N60638, ZP-HAD[2]
N60638 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10704 68-15774(N), N60638
N60648 Bell 407 53356 C-GLZE, C-GEXB, N60648, ZS-RLA w/o
N60660 Schweizer 269C S1606 N60660, JA7895
N60661 Robinson R22 Beta 0818 (G-OJVJ), G-OJVI, N60661, G-TUNE
N60662 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2654 N60662, N93LG, N937AM, C-GHEH cnx
N60664 Bell 407 53313 N60664, XA-TPC, XC-MTT
N60664 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0306FF N60664, 546(5Y)
N60665 MBB BK117 C-1 7502 D-HMBN[8], N60665, N911AC[2], N911RR, VH-EHQ[2]
N60683 McDonnell Douglas 600N RN083 N60683, (9M-...), (N198SK), N60683, XB-GNE
N60696 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN113 N60696, (N912PG), N60696, N33C
N60718 Schweizer 269C S1618 N60718, (ZK-...), (N60718), ZK-IIL[2]
N60724 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0224FF N60724, 224(YA)
N60739 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-97-8-312 N60739 w/o
N60745 Kappella KC 002 N60745 cnx
N60759 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0259FF N60759, 259(YA)
N60762 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0276FF N60762, 276(YA)
N60792 MBB BK117 C-1 7503 D-HMBM[5], N60792, N911LT, N141LG w/o
N60809 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 2696 N60809, C-FFIT, CC-CLH
N60856 Bell 230 23005 C-FPOI, D-HHEH, N230E, 9M-BCN, (N60856), SX-HTG, N9161X, PP-LBP, ..??..
N60863 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F+') 0313FF N60863, 313(OD), L1703(OD)
N60864 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F+') 0314FF N60864, 314(OD), L1704(OD)
N60877 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 2711 N60877, N8TV, N11963, N613TV, HI900
N60881 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0281FF N60881, 281(YA)
N60887 Bell 430 49071 C-FOFH, N60887, N430ST
N60894 Hughes 369FF ('MD530F') 0294FF N60894, 294(YA)
N60901 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > Northwest Rotorcraft UH-1H 12537 70-16232(N), N60901
N60928 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2728 N60928, N94LG, N350FS
N60932 RotorWay Exec 162F 6429 N60932
N60951 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2771 N60951, C-GSLY w/o
N60952 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 2791 N60952, N500XP, N32FX, N7QK, CC-ANU
N60953 MBB BK117 C-1 7506 D-HMBH[2], N60953, N911TG[2], N914TG
N60954 Hughes 369FF 0254FF N60954, N530MJ, TU-...
N60957 RotorWay Exec 162F 6470 N60957 cnx
N60972 Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil 2827 N60972, D-HERI[2], C-FCUO
N60986 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 10661 68-15731(N), N60986, VH-UHH[3], ZK-ILV
N60987 Bell 407 53441 N60987, PP-MNM, N141AP
N60992 Aerospatiale 350BA Ecureuil 2822 N60992, N5NY, N417HA, N315TV, C-GFXK[2], N223PC cnx
N60992 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51280 N7061B, N99TV, N60992, XA-ROY, N60992, C-GHLJ[3]
N61002 Bell 407 53445 C-GBUB, N61002, N408AM, N445SL
N61003 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5434 N61003, RA-04108
N61006 Hughes 369FF ('MD530G') 0261FF N61006, 261(YA) w/o
N61036 Bell 407 53429 C-GLZH, N61036, PP-MRJ, ZS-HJA[2]
N61039 Bell 407 53437 C-FOFE, N61039, PP-MCC
N61044 Bell 427 56015 C-GFNM, N61044, RP-C1608, N427RG, VH-JJS[2], N427TP, UR-WIGA, UR-IGA, D-HANA[3]
N61049 Bell 407 53430 C-GAJH, N61049, CC-CRW, CC-PCF
N61161 Bell 407 53375 C-GADP, N61161, N407RB, G-IORB, N491GM, C-GPVS, N405PJ
N61161 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52251 N61161, N995PM
N61185 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52252 N61185, N604HP, N61185, N604HP, N863H w/o
N61193 Schweizer 269C S1593 N61193 w/o
N61195 Bell 407 53436 C-GBUH, (N61195), VH-WOQ w/o
N61198 Bell 407 53376 C-GFNL, N61198, (N6119B), VH-NSH[3] w/o
N61201 Bell 407 53447 C-GAHY, N61201, XA-ADL, P2-HCN
N61203 Bell 412EP 36264 C-GLZK, N61203, JA908A
N61226 Bell 407 53448 C-GLZW, N61226, PP-MJL
N61236 RotorWay Exec 90 001 N61236 cnx
N61245 Schweizer 269C S1654 N61245 cnx
N61256 Bell 407 53452 N61256, N407GF
N61280 Robinson R44 0705 JA777D, N61280 w/o
N61295 Air Command Commander 2 [gyro] 001 (N61295) ntu
N61309 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-00-11-471 N61309 w/o
N61316 Bell 412EP 36268 C-GAJH, N61316, XA-TXQ, C-GUQH
N61327 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-94-5-128 N61327 cnx
N61328 Schweizer 269C S1673 N61328, VT-HIA cnx
N61342 Schweizer TH-300C S1662 N61342, 1662(AP)
N61343 Bell 412EP 36267 C-GADP, N61343, N506AL, 5N-BDY
N61348 Schweizer TH-300C S1663 N61348, 1663(AP)
N61352 Schweizer 269C S1652 N61352, N931CP
N61369 Schweizer 269C S1690 N61369, (VT-...), N46A, N61369, N383T w/o
N61376 Schweizer 269C S1691 N61376, (VT-...), (N61376), N61460, SX-HNA
N61376 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-98-9-380 N61376 w/o
N61380 Bell 407 53515 C-GLYY, N61380, XC-JDZ, XA-RIC[2]
N61386 Revolution Mini 500 0285 N61386 cnx
N61390 Schweizer 269C S1702 N61390 cnx
N61397 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-98-9-377 N61397 cnx
N61398 Ken Brock 2 [gyro] 008 N61398
N61404 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') > 269C-1 ('300CBi') 0010 N61404, HA-SCH
N61408 Schweizer 269C S1714 N61408, (N155T) cnx
N61413 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0027 N61413 w/o
N61414 Schweizer 269C S1614 N61414 w/o
N61415 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0018 N61415 w/o
N61416 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0006 N61416 w/o
N61417 Air Command 532 Elite [gyro] JPG-100 N61417 cnx
N61421 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0028 N61421 cnx
N61425 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0029 N61425 cnx
N61426 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0062 N61426, C-FSIL, N61426, RP-.....
N61429 Schweizer 269D ('330') > 269D ('330SP') 0009 N61429, C-FZQG, N449MA, N418WC, JA333M
N61431 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0064 N61431 w/o
N61433 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 450 51-16258(N), N11221, N61433, '51-16258(N)' prs
N61434 Schweizer 269C S1634 N61434 cnx
N61436 Rogerson Hiller UH-12E 5017 N517HA, JA7606, N77606, B-12119, N61436 w/o
N61439 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0009 N61439, (ZK-...), N7862K cnx
N61440 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0020 N61440, JA7931, VH-KHU[3], ZK-HJU[5] wfu
N61442 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0002 N61442 w/o
N61446 Bell 407 53174 N5984M, PT-YLR, N61446, N615AC, N407SK
N61447 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0007 N61447
N61448 RotorWay Exec 90 5048 N61448
N61450 North American Rotorwerks Pitbull [gyro] CRM-4 N61450 cnx
N61453 Agusta A109C 7632 JA6611, N61453, (N109AP), N61453, TC-HCA, N109TT, YV-.....
N61456 Schweizer 269D ('330') > 269D-A ('333') 0019 N61456, SE-JGS, SP-SSI
N61458 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0008 N61458
N61460 Schweizer 269C S1691 N61376, (VT-...), (N61376), N61460, SX-HNA
N61463 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0003 N61463 cnx
N61466 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0067 N61466 w/o
N61472 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4275 C-GLZY, N61472, PT-YMS
N61472 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger > AMT OH-58A 44003 > AMT 011 71-20868(N), 136203(C), N61472, VH-BRD[3], VH-BJX[3]
N61475 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4272 N61475, PT-HCZ
N61475 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger 44002 71-20867(N), 136202(C), N61475, ...(HI)
N61476 Schweizer 269C S1477 N61476, PT-HVJ w/o
N61477 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0074 N61477, SX-HLX
N61478 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4274 N61478, PT-HSM[2] w/o
N61478 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger > AMT OH-58A 44053 > AMT 006 71-20918(N), 136253(C), N61478, VH-FFZ[2] wfu
N61480 Schweizer 269C S1765 N61480 cnx
N61482 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0081 N61482
N61484 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0004 N61484 w/o
N61486 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0084 N61486
N61487 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0080 N61487, N614TA w/o
N61489 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0085 N61489, RP-C337 w/o
N61495 Schweizer 269C-1 ('300CB') 0005 N61495, LV-ZOX w/o
N61502 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51605 C-GFNY, N61502, N215H, XB-FZG, N62538, YV-915C, YV1468
N61504 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52261 C-GLZY, N61504, 9M-BDM w/o
N61509 Bell 222U ('222UT') 47544 N222UT, N3196A, 9M-HSM, (JA9934), 9M-HSM, N61509, C-GUXH[2], N222LN, ZT-RES b/u
N61513 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4265 C-FEXW[6], N61513, N581H, XB-FWL
N61514 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1947 N61514 cnx
N61519 Bell 407 53516 C-GLZY, N61519, VT-LJK
N61528 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5269 C-GBUP, N61528, N890SP
N61533 Bell 407 53485 C-GAJR, N61533, XA-RUR
N61555 Ken Brock 3 [gyro] 1 N61555
N61564 Barnett J4B-2 [gyro] 268 N61564 cnx
N61589 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 626 62-4566(N), N61589 cnx
N61597 Bell 407 53517 C-GADL, N61597, XC-CSA, XC-XAO
N61598 Bell 407 > Eagle Copters Eagle 407HP (B407) 53513 C-GJTW[2], N61598, XA-TUS, N407RL
N61617 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51199 N3203K, JA9476, N61617, N93EA, N45MH, N116TV, UP-BL014, RA-01627
N61650 Bell HH-1K Iroquois > Garlick Helicopters HH-1K 6308 157184(N), N61650
N61654 Bell HH-1K Iroquois > Garlick Helicopters HH-1K 6314 157190(N), N61654, N540FU
N61702 Aerospatiale 350D AStar > 350B Ecureuil > 350BA 1506 N513WW, N61702, C-FRQM[2], N61702, N397MA, (F-....), YV-O-GEC-1[2]
N61717 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4273 C-GADP, N61717, (HA-...), N818RL
N61732 Bell 407 53257 C-GLZU, N61732, PT-YSZ, N1TY, N999XX, (PP-CSC), P2-HSE w/o
N61735 Hughes 369D 690534D C-GTZD, N61735 w/o
N61757 Kaman HUK-1 Huskie > UH-43C .. 146317(N), N6175, N61757 w/o
N61779 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C > Hiller-Stanley UH-12C 779 > 779GS 55-4081(N), N61779
N61790 RotorWay Exec RW2982 N61790 cnx
N61800 Schweizer 269D ('330') > 269D-A ('333') 0025 N61800, N6150Q, HP-1354HT, SE-JIN, (D-HAHS[2]), SE-JIN, RA-.....
N61802 Bell 212 35061 C-FOLQ, N61802, N749H, N249H
N61818 Sikorsky S-61N/A .. ..??.., N61818 cnx
N61865 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 1357 69-15987(N), N61865 w/o
N61869 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 1372 69-16002(N), N61869 w/o
N61887 Sport Copter [gyro] 070 N61887
N61905 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF > Southwest Florida UH-1B 269 61-0689(N), 273(9V), N61905, ..??.., CC-CCX cnx
N61970 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52021 C-GLZS, N61970, 9N-RAL cnx
N61974 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52019 C-GLZU, N61974, VT-PHA
N61981 Bell 407 53027 N61981, N407WH, N427MY, N79LP w/o
N62031 Bell 47J-2A Ranger 3716 N8569F, 14(CC), CC-CIP, N62031 cnx
N62036 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 40231 68-16917(N), N62036, EN-1901(HI)
N62080 Bell 407 53530 C-GAJN, N62080, N11SP
N62108 Bell 47G > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.5A TC-HFS-1 N62108 w/o
N62110 Bensen 8M [gyro] 001 N62110 cnx
N62111 Bensen 8M [gyro] 01 N62111 cnx
N62116 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 > 47G-3B-1 3771 67-17064(N), N62116, N473B, ZS-HUL, N96785
N62117 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 > 47G-3B-1 3840 67-17133(N), N62117 cnx
N62118 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > Bell-Huddleston-Wilson 47G-3B-1 3836 67-17129(N), N62118 cnx
N62124 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3783 67-17076(N), N62124
N62125 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3790 67-17083(N), N62125 cnx
N62126 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4280 C-FOEP[2], N62126, YV-813CP, YV-O-PEM-2, POLIM-2(YV), PEM-9302(YV)
N62126 Schweizer 269C S1440 N115SP, N62126 cnx
N62127 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52023 C-GFNR, N62127, N203PH, N203EH
N62131 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 0866 67-16759(N), N62131 cnx
N62132 Bensen 8M [gyro] WCD-1 N62132 cnx
N62135 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3734 67-17027(N), N62135 cnx
N62137 Hiller UH-12L-4 2515 N90481, CF-XQW, N62137 cnx
N62139 Bell 47G WW-1 N62139 cnx
N62141 RotorWay Scorpion One Place 101B N62141 cnx
N62151 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3811 67-17104(N), N62151 cnx
N62158 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4378 C-FOFH, N62158, N29S
N62166 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-2A-1 3839 67-17132(N), N62166, N28LB, N18LB, XB-AAH
N62168 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3740 67-17033(N), N62168 cnx
N62170 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3772 67-17065(N), N62170 cnx
N62171 Hiller-Felt UH-12C GF-2 N62171
N62176 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1144 N62176 cnx
N62177 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3769 67-17062(N), N62177, N32434, XB-FWW
N62177 RotorWay Scorpion Too 133 1007 N62177 w/o
N62178 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3832 67-17125(N), N62178, N838LL, (N267TH)
N62180 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3801 67-17094(N), N62180, XA-...
N62181 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3803 67-17096(N), N62181, XB-FWU, N16228 cnx
N62183 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 3758 67-17051(N), N62183, ..??.., XB-FDV
N62184 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3746 67-17039(N), N62184, N770HP, N62184 cnx
N62187 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1181017 67-16910(N), (N57897), N62187 cnx
N62188 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1181018 67-16911(N), (N57896), N62188, N2256W w/o
N62188 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] 001LP N62188 w/o
N62190 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2366 N62190, F-GILX, CP-2402, F-GPIX, CP-2402 w/o
N62191 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3753 67-17046(N), N62191 cnx
N62192 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3749 67-17042(N), (N62192) cnx
N62193 Bensen 8MV [gyro] 1 N62193 cnx
N62198 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3833 67-17126(N), N62198 cnx
N62199 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3738 67-17031(N), N62199, N201MC cnx
N62199 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek 5102 C-GADP, N62199, N67014, FAC4614(HK)
N62200 Bell 212 35065 C-GLZA, N62200, (HZ-...), N62200, A6-ALW
N62203 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 55987 55-4939(N), N62203 wfu
N62204 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B > Orlando Helicopter Airways OHA-S-55 Nite-Writer 551205 57-5928(N), N62204, C-GBSC, N2632Z, C-GBSC, N44688 cnx
N62205 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 551105 56-1564(N), N62205 wfu
N62206 Sikorsky H-19D-2-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 55836 54-1422(N), N62206
N62207 Sikorsky H-19D-2-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 55817 54-1413(N), N62207 cnx
N62208 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 551188 57-1627(N), N62208
N62214 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 551203 57-5926(N), N62214 cnx
N62216 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 0961 67-16854(N), N62216 cnx
N62221 Bell 47B > 47G 16 NC21H, N21H, G-ASDM, N62221
N62231 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3726 67-17019(N), N62231 cnx
N62232 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-2A-1 3750 67-17043(N), N62232, N1385N, N124CD cnx
N62233 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3760 67-17053(N), N62233, '67-17053(N)' prs
N62234 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D > S-58T 581225 148106(N), N67CH, N62234, N67CH cnx
N62234 Air Command Commander 618 Tandem [gyro] WAR052751 N62234 cnx
N62236 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 40348 69-16127(N), N62236, N656HA
N62237 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 580860 67-16753(N), N62237, N110ES
N62243 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > CH-34C > S-58J 58756 56-4333(N), N62243 cnx
N62245 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1138 58-5489(N), N62245 cnx
N62246 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 343 51-16183(N), N62246 cnx
N62248 Sud Aviation 316C Alouette III 2146 N62248, F-GIFF, EC-555, EC-FAL cnx
N62249 Sud Aviation 316C Alouette III > 315B Lama 2155 > 2155/46 N62249, (F-GIJJ), (F-OJCK), F-GJLD, JA6143 w/o
N62250 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2334 N62250, (N502HA), N62250, F-GEOI, HB-XVL cnx
N62250 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 65038 152411(N), (N62250) prs
N62251 Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw > CH-34C > S-58J 58439 55-4478(N), N62251 cnx
N62252 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 3691 67-17009(N), N62252, XB-EYR, N62252 cnx
N62253 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-2 3453 64-17887(N), N62253, XB-EBQ
N62253 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 65094 153708(N), (N62253) prs
N62254 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D > S-58H 581193 148079(N), N62254, C-FCHD, N9081Y, C-FCHD, N4582B, N6BY, N6BL, N506
N62255 Sikorsky HO4S-2G > HH-19G 55096 1255(N), N62255 cnx
N62256 Sikorsky H-19A-SI Chickasaw > S-55 55124 51-3868(N), N6680C, N62256, N6680C cnx
N62257 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0400 64-18088(N), N62257 cnx
N62259 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0476 64-18164(N), N62259 cnx
N62260 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0436 64-18124(N), N62260 cnx
N62261 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0458 64-18146(N), N62261 cnx
N62262 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0886 67-16779(N), N62262 cnx
N62265 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 65112 153726(N), (N62265) prs
N62268 Sud Aviation 316C Alouette III 2046 N62268 cnx
N62269 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 160449 64-18137(N), N62269
N62270 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 580875 67-16768(N), N62270, ZK-HYP, ZK-HQY[2] w/o
N62273 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 291096 67-16989(N), N62273
N62275 Hiller HTE-2 > H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 420 129791(N), 54-4028(N), N62275
N62276 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger > AMT OH-58A 44049 > AMT 001 71-20914(N), 136249(C), N62276, VH-JEH[2]
N62288 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger 44069 71-20934(N), 136269(C), N62288, 3063(HI), ...(HI)
N62292 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat > HSS-1N > SH-34J > UH-34J > HH-34J > H-34J 58706 143936(N), N62292
N62293 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > SH-34J > UH-34J > HH-34J > S-58J 581272 148014(N), N62293, C-GMMR w/o
N62293 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 880939 67-16832(N), N62293
N62294 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 191072 67-16965(N), N62294 b/u
N62304 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3586 66-8086(N), N62304 cnx
N62310 RotorWay Scorpion II 4817 N62310 cnx
N62311 Bensen 8M [gyro] HBH-2 N62311 cnx
N62312 RotorWay Scorpion Too 1 N62312 cnx
N62315 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1080989 67-16882(N), N62315, N47SD
N62316 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1391 61-3205(N), N62316 cnx
N62320 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3657 67-15938(N), N62320 cnx
N62322 Bensen 8M [gyro] 358 N62322 cnx
N62323 RotorWay Scorpion Too 009 N62323 prs
N62329 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 558 51-16326(N), N62329
N62331 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0414 64-18102(N), N62331 cnx
N62332 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A-1 260470 64-18158(N), N62332, N115ES w/o
N62333 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 0878 67-16771(N), N62333 cnx
N62334 Bell 47G-4A 7671 CF-YOM, N62334 cnx
N62335 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1287 61-3101(N), N62335 cnx
N62338 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2402 N62338, HB-XVN, EC-196[2], EC-FPS, OE-XHN[2] cnx
N62339 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2401 N62339, (SE-JAJ), N62339, C-GZXX[3], N62339 cnx
N62343 Bell 47G-5 7821 CF-UFV, N62343, HP-828 cnx
N62345 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2407 N62345, HB-XTN cnx
N62346 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1204 59-2724(N), N62346, C-GJHO cnx
N62347 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1247 59-2767(N), N62347
N62349 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1080 58-5431(N), N62349 cnx
N62351 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1077 58-5428(N), N62351 cnx
N62352 Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe 64055 68-18453(N), N62352 wfu
N62356 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1169 N62356 cnx
N62358 Aerospatiale 355F2 Ecureuil 2 5423 N60552, N62358, N355CH, VH-OFA[3], VH-SDG[3]
N62360 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1146 58-5497(N), N62360 cnx
N62361 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1067 58-5418(N), N62361
N62362 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1075 58-5426(N), N62362 cnx
N62372 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1229 59-2749(N), N62372
N62373 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1181 N62373, C-FEDG, (F-....), N341GG
N62375 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1419 62-3771(N), N62375, C-FDZY w/o
N62375 Sikorsky S-76C > S-76C+ 760377 (JA6692), N62375, I-PRLT, G-BXGR, VP-CHC, N803S, N50KH, SE-HAV, N4989
N62376 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1113 58-5464(N), N62376 cnx
N62377 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1152 58-5503(N), N62377 cnx
N62378 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1118 58-5469(N), N62378 cnx
N62380 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1228 59-2748(N), N62380 cnx
N62381 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1223 59-2743(N), N62381, C-FBWE
N62383 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 1181035 67-16928(N), N62383 cnx
N62385 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1004 57-3046(N), N62385 cnx
N62387 Kaman H-43B-KA Huskie > HH-43B > HH-43F 28 59-1547(N), N62387, (N561D), N62387 cnx
N62388 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1361 61-3175(N), N62388, C-GBFK, N920HA
N62389 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1163 59-2683(N), N62389 cnx
N62390 Revolution Mini 500 .. ..??.., N62390 cnx
N62391 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1134 58-5485(N), N62391 cnx
N62391 Revolution Mini 500 0059 N62391 cnx
N62392 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1591 63-12876(N), N62392
N62395 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 1788 64-15279(N), N62395, C-GWRY, N890LR, N133WH
N62397 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1192 59-2712(N), N62397 b/u
N62398 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > OH-23G 1005 57-3047(N), N62398 w/o
N62399 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1316 61-3130(N), N62399 cnx
N62401 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1133 58-5484(N), N62401 w/o
N62402 Hughes 269B 550196 N9462F, CF-AOK, N62402 cnx
N62404 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1033 57-3075(N), N62404 b/u
N62406 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1155 N62406, G-BLAP, G-SFTH, G-OAFY, G-PAGS, YU-MMY, HA-LFC
N62407 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2294 N62407, C-GHVA, N62407, ..??..
N62408 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1115 58-5466(N), N62408 b/u
N62409 Hiller OH-23G Raven > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 1455 62-3807(N), N62409
N62413 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1372 61-3186(N), N62413 w/o
N62416 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1170 N62416, F-GEHE w/o
N62417 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1158 59-2678(N), N62417, (N18MQ), N62417 w/o
N62421 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1731 64-15222(N), N62421 w/o
N62431 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 956 57-2998(N), N62431, N2093E b/u
N62432 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1375 61-3189(N), N62432, N106HH
N62436 Bell 430 49093 C-FWCP, N62436, N500TK, N430BP, N5RH
N62437 Kaman H-43B-KA Huskie > HH-43B > HH-43F 6 58-1846(N), N62437, N846D w/o
N62437 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4564 C-GLZU, N62437, N206SB, N205SB, C-FBDT, N531AG
N62442 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 680889 67-16782(N), N62442 cnx
N62445 Bell 47G-4A 7555 CF-VIT, N62445 w/o
N62446 Bell 47G-4A 7655 CF-YDS, N62446 w/o
N62450 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 780905 67-16798(N), N62450 cnx
N62452 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4815 65-9771(N), N62452 b/u
N62455 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1438 62-3790(N), N62455
N62456 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1234 59-2754(N), N62456 cnx
N62458 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1404 62-3756(N), N62458
N62461 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1549 63-12834(N), N62461 b/u
N62462 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3756 67-17049(N), N62462 cnx
N62467 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 950384 64-18072(N), N62467 cnx
N62468 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage > 269A 1050394 64-18082(N), N62468, D-HABN prs
N62470 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1373 61-3187(N), N62470 cnx
N62483 RotorWay Exec 2001 N62483
N62504 RotorWay Scorpion Too 24071 N62504 cnx
N62505 Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon 65517(?) ...(N), N62505, ...(N)
N62509 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 40079 68-16765(N), N62509, ..??.., N36FA
N62510 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3092 63-9206(N), N62510 cnx
N62510 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51239 TC-HTH, N2271M, OK-TIT, N62510, 4X-BJL
N62511 Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat > H-34G.III > S-58T 581458 150733(N), QA+464(D), QW+761(D), PZ+454(D), 80+49(D), N62511, PT-HGK w/o
N62512 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51606 N206KS, C-FLYO, N62512, HC-BXA, HK-4306
N62512 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 424 51-16232(N), N62512 cnx
N62520 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-3B 3219 64-15351(N), N62520 cnx
N62521 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1406 62-3758(N), N62521 cnx
N62522 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1437 62-3789(N), N62522 cnx
N62528 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 291016 67-16631(N), N62528 cnx
N62538 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II > S-58ET 581101 N946, QA+471(D), PH+217(D), PZ+...(D), 80+36(D), 'CH-1101', N62538, (D-HAMI), LN-OSA, PK-UHV w/o
N62538 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51605 C-GFNY, N61502, N215H, XB-FZG, N62538, YV-915C, YV1468
N62539 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55 551245 57-5980(N), MM57-5980(I), MM80120(I), (I-ELYC or I-ELYD), N62539, SE-... cnx
N62540 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55BT 551252 57-5981(N), MM57-5981(I), MM80121(I), (I-ELYC or I-ELYD), N62540, SE-HGZ wfu
N62573 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52176 N62573, 9M-EKG, N484TJ, N60SM, C-FTHU, C-FJPS
N62575 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 0497 67-16112(N), N62575, RP-.....
N62576 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52177 N62576, 9M-EKH, N485TJ, N121LP
N62588 RotorWay Exec 162F 6398 N62588, N162AZ w/o
N62615 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois > Garlick Helicopters UH-1H 9445 67-17247(N), N62615, CC-CBY
N62616 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 41010 70-15459(N), N62616, N626WC cnx
N62618 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3843 162818(N), (N62618), 162818(N) wfu
N62619 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11227 68-16568(N), N62619
N62628 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse > 369A 391119 68-17159(N), N62628 cnx
N62629 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 40076 68-16762(N), N62629, ..??.., N155SD wfu
N62645 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3675 162045(N), (N62645), 162045(N) wfu
N62646 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3690 162046(N), (N62646), 162046(N) wfu
N62649 SilverLight American Ranger AR-1 [gyro] 0024 N62649
N62655 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3728 162055(N), (N62655), 162055(N) wfu
N62685 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3780 162685(N), (N62685), 162685(N) wfu
N62686 Bell TH-57C SeaRanger 3781 162686(N), (N62686), 162686(N) wfu
N62703 Bell 412EP 36181 C-GLYY, N62703, ENBV-9751(YV)
N62709 Revolution Mini 500 0052 (G-HIAH), N62709 w/o
N62713 Revolution Mini 500 0006 N62713 w/o
N62734 Bell 412EP 36133 C-GLZY, N62734, OY-HSR, D-HAFL[4]
N62738 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4420 C-GBUK, N62738, N911FW
N62738 Bell 412EP 36179 C-GFNP, N62738, 2609(HS)
N62739 Bell 412EP 36128 C-FOFG, N62739, HL9253, N156WC, VH-LLB[3], D-HAFR[3]
N62754 Bell 412EP 36178 C-GLZW, N62754, ARV-0602(YV), ARBV-0602(YV)
N62760 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4400 C-GLZM, N62760, C-GBNR[2], N96ND w/o
N62761 Bell 430 49035 C-GBUP, N62761, VT-MPS, (N62761) wfu
N62767 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 435 62-1915(N), N31213, N62767
N62774 Bell 407 53206 N62774, ZS-RJO, N62774
N62809 Revolution Mini 500 0243 N62809 cnx
N62815 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4417 C-GLZU, N62815, PT-YEI
N62816 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4418 C-GFNO, N62816, RP-C8277
N62828 Bell 407 53006 C-FXDK, N62828, SE-JEB, N650BB, N191SF w/o
N62833 Bell 430 49008 C-GFNY, N62833, VP-BKQ, N430SY, N430PR, ZT-ROS
N62837 Bell 430 49009 C-GAHJ, N62837, JA121T
N62839 Bell 430 49010 C-GAJR, N62839, TC-HMD, N151MH, N208CM, N25CL, HC-...
N62844 Robinson R22 Beta 0642 D-HELO, N62844, VH-HEE[2], ZK-IAT[2], ..??..
N62870 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 2213 > 1275 61-3089(N), N62870 cnx
N62871 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1490 63-12775(N), N9778F, N62871 cnx
N62872 Robinson R22 Beta 0582 D-HCMP, N62872, C-GUNY
N62875 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1769 64-15260(N), N62875 w/o
N62881 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 42096 72-21430(N), N62881 cnx
N62883 Bell 47J Ranger 1752 N6737D, CF-YUM, N62883 cnx
N62886 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2295 N62886, F-GEJU, I-MICU, (C-....) b/u
N62900 Robinson R22 Beta 2051 JA7877, N62900, LN-OAJ w/o
N62902 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1096 58-5447(N), N62902 cnx
N62903 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1097 58-5448(N), N62903 cnx
N62908 Bensen 8BM [gyro] 1 N62908 cnx
N62929 Robinson R22 Beta 1327 JA7804, N62929, C-GEUE
N62939 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58A+ 42115 72-21449(N), N62939 w/o
N62969 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 396 N1499W, N99NW, N62969, N3RL cnx
N62991 Robinson R22 Beta 1020 F-GGAI, N62991, G-FOGY, OK-AKT
N63086 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41382 71-20521(N), N63086 cnx
N63097 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41965 72-21299(N), N63097
N63100 Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois 11526 69-15238(N), N63100 cnx
N63131 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-97-8-288 N63131
N63163 Bell 412EP 36177 C-GFNM, N63163, EV-9749(YV)
N63177 Bell 412EP Sentinel > 412EP 36173 C-GBUK, N63177, (HN-...(HC)), N63177, XA-CVM, EP-PGD
N63189 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator Performance [gyro] 21455 N63189 cnx
N63203 Bell 412EP 36172 C-GFNY, N63203, H.6Ng-1/41(HS)
N63212 Hughes 369E ('500E') 0127E N5244J, VH-FTS, D-HAUS[2], N63212 cnx
N63239 Barnett J4B [gyro] 009 N63239 cnx
N63261 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41285 71-20424(N), N63261, N410AK
N63300 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 841 51-14076(N), N63300
N63303 RotorWay Scorpion Too-F 5932 N63303 cnx
N63306 Farrington Twinstarr [gyro] TS97010 N63306 cnx
N63307 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 957 57-2999(N), N63307 cnx
N63314 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D > S-55B 55951 55-3207(N), N63314, OH-HSA cnx
N63318 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N63318 cnx
N63321 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1071 58-5422(N), N63321 w/o
N63322 Sikorsky H-19D-SI Chickasaw > UH-19D 551033 56-1533(N), N63322, YV-357C, N63322 cnx
N63323 Bensen 8 [gyro] 1 N63323 cnx
N63324 Bensen 8M [gyro] 0 N63324 cnx
N63326 Bensen 7M [gyro] 1 N63326 cnx
N63385 Bell 412 ('412SP') 33172 N32072, G-SPBA, 9M-SSP, N63385, VT-AZD[2], EC-MFU
N63413 Bell 407 53232 (N63413), N407PR b/u
N63446 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3439 N21153, N90WM, G-BPOR, N63446
N63494 Bell COH-58A Kiowa > CH-136 > 206A-1 JetRanger 44052 71-20917(N), 136252(C), N63494, ...(HI)
N63574 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 1857 9386(CS), SAF-500(PZ), PZ-HSH, N63574 cnx
N63643 Hughes 369HS 520384S (SE-HEZ), 9L-LAP, GSH-512(9L), GS-H1(9L), ZK-HMR, VH-HED, N369GJ, C-FYIS, N63643 cnx
N63744 Bell 407 53226 N63744, N513MT, N342AE
N63778 Garrett T2000 228669513-1 N63778 cnx
N63785 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 40257 68-16943(N), N63785, (HI...), N63785, HI867 cnx
N63786 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 40213 68-16899(N), N63786 cnx
N63793 RotorWay Exec 1986B N63793
N63799 Smith Gyro-1 [gyro] 223-94-9527-1 N63799 cnx
N63845 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 4624 65-9580(N), N63845 cnx
N63860 Bell 412EP 36240 C-GFNY, N63860, XA-TPH, ..??.., HK-4571, ..??.., XA-UNI w/o
N63861 Bell 412EP 36239 C-GAED, N63861, XC-FAW, XC-HGO, D-HAFN[6]
N63864 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4517 C-GFNM, N63864, TG-FEM cnx
N63865 Bell 407 53377 N63865, N22TZ, N29TZ, N20WH
N63873 Bensen 8M [gyro] 66-28 N63873
N63888 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3990 JA9720, RP-C2858, N63888
N63892 Bell 407 53382 N63892, N8NR, N575SH, (N454NC)
N63894 Bell 407 53383 N63894, N937AL, N668RL
N63901 Bell 412EP 36244 C-GLZE, N63901, JA21AP
N63906 Air Command 532 Commander Elite [gyro] 624 N63906 b/u
N63908 Bell 412EP 36245 C-GADQ, N63908, JA01FP
N63933 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] H2-99-10-416 N63933
N63948 Farrington Twinstarr [gyro] 06 > 97008 N63948 cnx
N63969 RotorWay Exec 162F 6342 N63969
N63990 Robinson R22 Beta 0664 I-LAVA, N63990
N63992 Robinson R22 Beta 1109 G-EVER, N63992, VH-HSP[2]
N63993 Robinson R22 Beta 1684 F-GHHM, N63993, G-ZBED
N63998 Albrecht Helicar 200 N63998 cnx
N64005 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4519 C-GLZA, N64005, XA-TQM, XA-MMB, HI951 w/o
N64033 Bell 407 53122 N64033, N221JB, N944H
N64038 Bell 407 53143 N64038, N407LG, N727AE
N64038 Robinson R22 Beta 2357 N8020Q, OO-CMQ, N64038, G-INKS, F-GOFE
N64047 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4190 C-GLZK, N3119T, ZS-RBX, A2-HAL, N64047, N61CL
N64049 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52147 N64049, JA6174, VH-BNK[4]
N64050 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52145 N64050, JA6173, ZK-HYR[4], C-FVHW
N64050 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350BA > 350B2 1495 9V-BMO, 9M-SKB, VR-HJD, F-OHCG, 9N-ADH, 9M-BMV, B-66501, N64050, HK-4215X, N3669F, HK-5210
N64070 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52144 N64070, JA6172 b/u
N64080 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52142 N64080, VT-PHD cnx
N64085 Southwest Florida SW204HP 99-100 ..??.., N64085
N64206 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4459 C-FOFG, N64206, N206ZZ
N64272 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1679 64-15170(N), N64272, (N4691N), N64272 w/o
N64275 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1243 59-2763(N), N64275
N64281 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C 920 56-2303(N), N64281 cnx
N64283 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > H-23G-UH > OH-23G 1336 61-3150(N), N64283 cnx
N64284 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > 47G-2 2261 58-1497(N), N64284, N99471 wfu
N64286 Bell HU-1A-BF Iroquois > UH-1A-BF 103 59-1644(N), N64286 cnx
N64289 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3668 67-15949(N), N64289, N48048, N710SF wfu
N64290 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3729 67-17022(N), N64290, N64676 cnx
N64292 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3730 67-17023(N), N64292, N473TT
N64352 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1294 61-3108(N), N64352 cnx
N64353 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581074 147158(N), N64353 cnx
N64409 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N64409 cnx
N64470 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois .. ..??.., N64470 cnx
N64488 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2293 N64488 cnx
N64489 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2306 N64489 cnx
N64494 RotorWay Scorpion Too JS1 N64494 cnx
N64578 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52169 C-FOEP[15], N64578, 9M-EKD, N481TJ, N73PH, N538TD
N64580 Bell-Transworld Helicopters 47D1 TWH-9 N64580 cnx
N64581 Bell-Transworld Helicopters 47G TWH-10 N64581 cnx
N64586 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > GUH-1H > UH-1H 4293 64-13586(N), N64586
N64589 Bell-Transworld Helicopters 47G-2 TWH-11 N64589 cnx
N64606 Piasecki H-21B-PH Workhorse B.154 54-4001(N), N64606
N64607 Hiller HTE-2 > H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 374 129779(N), 54-4021(N), N64607 cnx
N64610 Bensen 8M [gyro] K1 N64610
N64613 Bensen 8M [gyro] BC-2 N64613 w/o
N64627 RotorWay Scorpion 133 13006 N64627 cnx
N64636 Bensen 8M [gyro] 8814519 N64636 cnx
N64649 Bensen 8M-1 [gyro] 1 N64649 cnx
N64663 RotorWay Scorpion Too 0001PRS N64663 cnx
N64676 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3729 67-17022(N), N64290, N64676 cnx
N64685 Barnett Gyracar BG5 [gyro] 2 N64685 cnx
N64689 Bell 206L LongRanger 45077 A6-BCL, N64689, G-BFAL, G-TBCA, G-OLDN, C-GHGS[6]
N64690 Bell 47G-2A 2701 CF-NYM, N64690, VH-AKN[6], VH-RTK[4]
N64694 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.6B 1887 56-2175(N), N64694, N12PD, N64694 cnx
N64697 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1299 61-3113(N), N64697, N646JS cnx
N64701 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H 2066 57-1828(N), N64701, C-....
N64702 Bell 47G-2A 2706 CF-OIS, N64702 w/o
N64706 Bell 47G-5 7871 CF-WYO, N64706 cnx
N64707 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3666 67-15947(N), N64707, TG-DIH cnx
N64709 Bell UH-1F-BF Iroquois 7031 64-15481(N), N64709, ..??.., N19DL w/o
N64710 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3533 66-4292(N), N64710, N666SM
N64711 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3488 65-8055(N), N64711, N647TC w/o
N64713 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3442 64-17876(N), N64713 cnx
N64723 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3485 65-8052(N), N64723 cnx
N64724 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3819 67-17112(N), N64724 cnx
N64730 Bell 212 30646 613(OB), N64730, C-GBVU, N212HQ w/o
N64731 Hughes 269C 840339 ZK-HID, N64731 w/o
N64732 Hughes 269C 840341 > 840341R ZK-HIL, N64732
N64741 Hiller UH-12E-4 2189 N9775C, 4X-BHA, N64741
N64743 Bell 205A-1 30163 YV-C-GAE, YV-103C, N64743, EP-HTO
N64764 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 489 51-16296(N), N64764
N64770 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 946 63-8721(N), N64770
N64771 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois > S M & T Aircraft UH-1B 929 63-8704(N), N64771 w/o
N64777 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581367 148788(N), N64777 cnx
N64778 Sikorsky UH-34D Seahorse > S-58D 581609 150240(N), N64778, C-GWHM, N922BR cnx
N64779 Sikorsky UH-34D Seahorse > S-58D > S-58ET > S-58D 581716 150720(N), N64779, C-GPPQ, N58WH, N85HJ
N64780 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D > S-58ET 58577 144646(N), N64780 cnx
N64781 Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse > UH-34D 581378 148794(N), N64781 cnx
N64789 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 658 62-4598(N), N64789 b/u
N64801 Bensen 8M [gyro] BM8-TC-1 N64801 w/o
N64808 Bensen 8M [gyro] 38120 N64808
N64816 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G-3B-2A 1255 53-3807(N), N64816 cnx
N64817 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > 47G 1110 52-7883(N), N64817, N13AS
N64832 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47G 994 51-14219(N), N61H, CF-KNX, N64832 cnx
N64857 Bensen 8M [gyro] RT100 N64857 cnx
N64861 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1697 64-15188(N), N64861 cnx
N64863 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3455 64-17889(N), N64863 cnx
N64864 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 559 51-16327(N), N64864
N64865 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 478 51-16285(N), N64865 cnx
N64867 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1114 58-5465(N), N64867 cnx
N64868 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1400 61-3214(N), N64868 cnx
N64876 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1666 64-15157(N), N64876 cnx
N64877 Bell HTL-6 > TH-13M > 47G 1674 143159(N), N64877 cnx
N64878 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3787 67-17080(N), N64878 cnx
N64879 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1349 61-3163(N), N64879 cnx
N64881 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1485 63-12770(N), N64881
N65007 Rotor Hawk Gyrofalcon 202A [gyro] 102 N65007 cnx
N65008 Bensen 8M [gyro] GRH N65008 cnx
N65012 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3505 65-8072(N), N65012 cnx
N65016 Bensen 8 [gyro] 1 (N65016) ntu
N65026 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4122 C-GLZS, N65026, JA6021, (N321SL), ZS-RDM
N65026 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41813 72-21147(N), N65026, N911RW w/o
N65031 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1282 N18091, G-BCBE, N65031, C-GSHC cnx
N65035 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41964 72-21298(N), N65035, ..??.., N316LC
N65036 Bell 47G-3B-1 > Bell-Intermountain 47G-3B-1 6661 N6247N, HP-465, N65036 w/o
N65037 Bell 47G-4A 7548 HP-438, N65037 cnx
N65038 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3548 66-8048(N), N65038 cnx
N65039 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3595 66-8095(N), N65039 cnx
N65041 Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 97 XB-GIU, N65041, N650WS, N780SC, CC-PCG, N780SC cnx
N65048 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1722 64-15213(N), N65048
N65054 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3560 66-8060(N), N65054, N501H w/o
N65077 Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator UltraWhite [gyro] 2 N65077 cnx
N65095 Hughes TH-55A-HU Osage 1050411 64-18099(N), N65095 cnx
N65097 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3514 66-4273(N), N65097 cnx
N65098 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3474 65-8041(N), N65098 cnx
N65102 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1354 61-3168(N), N65102 b/u
N65108 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51379 C-FIPJ, N65108, EC-778, EC-FGL, CC-CEY, N513RA, N210MH
N65108 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41618 71-20757(N), N65108, ..??.., N319LC
N65110 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41477 71-20616(N), N65110 cnx
N65111 RotorWay Scorpion Too 0559 N65111 cnx
N65115 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 931 51-14166(N), N65115 cnx
N65116 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3532 66-4291(N), N65116 cnx
N65120 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1469 62-3821(N), N65120 cnx
N65137 Bensen 8M [gyro] 242768804 N65137 cnx
N65143 Lisby Gyroplane O-100 [gyro] 18362 N65143 cnx
N65144 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41511 71-20650(N), N65144
N65146 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1042 CF-BBN, N65146, C-GDUG, N341AS
N65148 Hiller UH-12E > UH-12ET 2364 N90473, CF-WEJ, N65148, N65NW
N65149 Hiller UH-12E > UH-12ET 2012 N....., CU-P5, CF-YOX, N65149 cnx
N65150 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41327 71-20466(N), N65150
N65155 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1183 59-2703(N), N65155 cnx
N65156 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1403 61-3217(N), N65156, AE-361(LV) wfu
N65157 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3610 66-8110(N), N65157 cnx
N65160 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 42145 73-21879(N), N65160, N380PD
N65163 RotorWay Scorpion Too 3148 N65163 cnx
N65168 Bell 47G-4 3369 CF-RXR, N65168, F-OGUQ cnx
N65168 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa 41004 70-15453(N), N65168
N65180 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2286 N65180 cnx
N65181 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II > 315B Lama 2287 > 2287/41 N65181, F-GEHY, F-GIBK
N65184 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2194 N65184, CF-KCN, C-FKCN, N54591 w/o
N65185 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2288 N65185, VR-HJM, N65185
N65186 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2289 N65186, C-GDEM w/o
N65196 Aircraft Designs Bumble Bee [gyro] 001 N65196 cnx
N65212 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3613 66-8113(N), N65212, ZS-RBD
N65213 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3536 66-4295(N), N65213 b/u
N65219 Bell 47G-3B-2 6680 VH-BLM[2], N65219 cnx
N65221 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3513 65-8080(N), N65221, N203SD w/o
N65226 Bell 47G-4A 7709 N8183J, (CF-AXM), N8183J, JA7689, N65226, VH-...
N65227 RotorWay Scorpion Too 103-2502 N65227 cnx
N65229 RotorWay Scorpion Too 75RJM N65229 prs
N65231 Bell TH-67A Creek 5281 C-GFNM, N65231
N65232 Bensen 8M [gyro] JCA-27 N65232 w/o
N65257 Bensen 8M [gyro] CM1 N65257 cnx
N65261 RotorWay Scorpion Too-1 197332 N65261 cnx
N65274 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1129 58-5480(N), N65274, N95TH cnx
N65275 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1148 58-5499(N), N65275, N96TH, AE-360(LV) wfu
N65277 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1211 59-2731(N), N65277, N94TH, N94AP
N65279 RotorWay Scorpion II 13377491 N65279 cnx
N65281 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3521 66-4280(N), N65281 cnx
N65282 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3558 66-8058(N), N65282, N91018, N65WC, N91018
N65283 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3508 65-8075(N), N65283 cnx
N65328 Sikorsky H-34B > H-34G.II > S-58ET 581093 N936, CA+350(D), 80+28(D), (D-HMBF), N65328, CF-ALH, C-FALH, N5594Z, PK-OBX cnx
N65329 Bell 47G-3B 2643 CF-NIS, N65329, N5449C, XB-RPM
N65341 Bell 230 23034 C-GLZY, N65341, N230GN, N230DM, D-HHHB, ZS-HPK[2], (EI-...), N449B
N65359 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3695 67-17013(N), N65359 cnx
N65360 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1776-1976 N65360 cnx
N65362 Bell 412 ('412HP') 36021 C-FJSO, N65362, H.6Kh2-2/34(HS) wfu
N65363 Bell 412 ('412HP') 36020 C-GLZH, N65363, EP-301(OB), 629(OB)
N65363 Rotary Air Force 2000 [gyro] 11476 N65363 cnx
N65366 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51422 N65366, 9M-TAN, P2-JNA w/o
N65372 Hughes 269A-1 150022 CF-SEG, N65372 cnx
N65375 Sikorsky S-55 ('HO4S-2') > S-55 ('HO4S-3') 55305 55305/962(C), N65375 cnx
N65376 SNCA Sud-Est 3160 Alouette III > Sud Aviation 316B 1592 FM1097(9M), 9M-ASI, N65376, C-GXGW, N4261E, G-BMMS, OE-EXT, HB-XXC w/o
N65377 MBB BK117 B-1 7223 D-HFDN, N65377, N911CH, C-....
N65380 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-847 D-HFHE, N65380, N295EH, LV-ZHO, LQ-ZHO
N65380 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1C > UH-1B 1124 64-14000(N), N65380, EC-EOH, CC-CIZ
N65385 Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-849 D-HFHG, N65385, N296EH, YV-.....
N65431 Bell 407 53118 N65431, JA407B, N402SH w/o
N65433 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51427 N65433, N77MN, N44NM, N44NQ cnx
N65452 Aerospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350B2 1598 N5804T, N65452, F-WQED[2], D-HEEH w/o
N65474 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51432 N65474, JA6059, (VH-...), P2-HBG w/o
N65501 Aerospatiale 350L1 Ecureuil > 350B > 350B1 > 350B2 1799 F-WYMP, MAAW-H07(7Q), N65501, F-WYMP, F-GIMY, CP-2374, OB-1853-P, CP-2701
N65504 Bell 212 35002 C-GADG, C-FHGC, N65504, 35002(HS)
N65507 Bell 212 35010 C-FHLU, N65507, 35010(HS)
N65520 Bell 47G-2 2012 N5195B, CF-MMN, CF-MMN-X, CF-MMN, N65520
N65521 Bell 47G-2 2014 N5181B, HP-830, N65521 cnx
N65526 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58ET 58750 PB+205(D), PJ+362(D), PY+334(D), 80+09(D), (D-HMBD), N65526 w/o
N65527 Sikorsky H-34A > H-34G.I > S-58J 58749 PB+204(D), PH+213(D), PJ+361(D), PY+333(D), 80+08(D), (D-HMBC), N65527, C-GDRJ w/o
N65532 Bensen 8M [gyro] 388869358 N65532
N65541 MBB BK117 B-1 7231 D-HFDV, N65541, N10UM cnx
N65556 Bensen 8 [gyro] M001 N65556
N65560 Bell 206B JetRanger III 4626 C-FOEP[53], C-FMQK, (N65560), (LV-...), N65560, G-REMH
N65562 RotorWay Scorpion Too 110749 N65562 cnx
N65603 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51428 N65603 cnx
N65612 Swanton Gyrocycle I 90002 N65612 cnx
N65678 Bell 47G-3B 2766 N73234, HL6138, N65678, VH-BFA[6]
N65686 Bell 206B JetRanger III 2457 N6TC, N5SM, N11H, N11HZ, (N2274B), JA9458, N65686, D-HHDV, N79EA, N206KS dbf
N65692 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51012 N2266Z, VH-CVN[2], N2266Z, N111JA, JA9750, N65692, XA-SHL, N82689, SE-HOR, P2-HBH
N65738 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1057 58-5408(N), N65738 cnx
N65739 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 2221 > 1278 61-3092(N), N65739 cnx
N65760 Sikorsky S-51 > HO3S-1G > S-51 5105 NC92803, 233(N), 1233(N), N4926E, N65760 prs
N65897 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5284 C-GAJN, N65897, N813RR
N65962 Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-842 D-HFCZ, N65962, N291EH, C-FIHC
N66001 Robinson R66 Turbine 0039 N66001
N66012 RotorWay Exec 162F 6876 N66012
N66013 Bell TH-67A Creek 5283 C-GLZW, N66013
N66104 Bell 412 ('412SP') 36017 C-GLZM, N66104, A7-HAQ, EP-HUG, A7-HBR
N66180 Hughes 369D 480295D TG-YES, N66180, N369SC, HP-1478PA
N66187 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 45693 TG-WOB, N66187, VH-SWL[3], VH-VDZ w/o
N66218 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > UH-1H 5897 66-16203(N), N66218, (N66UH), N990PS
N66372 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 0980 67-16595(N), N66372 w/o
N66377 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 0956 67-16571(N), N66377 w/o
N66426 RotorWay Exec 234RW N66426 cnx
N66435 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51455 C-GLZU, N66435, N911KP, N791CA, N295AE
N66436 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51456 N66436, D-HHSF, N67EA, N555TV, XB-LJX, HR-AWZ cnx
N66533 Sikorsky R-6A-NK > HOS-1 > R-6A 175(?) 43-45490(N), 75603(N) or 75596(N), N66533, JA7001 prs
N66675 Bell 214ST 28200 N66675, N746H, OB-2082-P, N746H
N66677 Bell 206B JetRanger II 1235 N645RA, N102TF, N66677, N65DD, N975TR
N66815 Hughes 369D 490487D N66815, C-GPCE, N4571V, C-FJJR, N4571V, C-FYED, HL9143, ZK-HZI[4], N715KV
N66920 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois > GUH-1H > UH-1H 5403 66-0920(N), N66920 w/o
N67001 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek 5101 C-GAHJ, N6220Q, N67001
N67009 RotorWay Scorpion Too 2208 N67009 cnx
N67010 Robinson R22 0001 N67010, N22RH w/o
N67014 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek 5102 C-GADP, N62199, N67014, FAC4614(HK)
N67016 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 492 51-16299(N), N67016
N67021 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > 47G-2A 3000 63-9114(N), N67021
N67025 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5103 C-GFNO, N7078Q, N67025, N488BC
N67033 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3745 67-17038(N), N67033 cnx
N67033 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3767 67-17060(N), ..??.., N67033, N110LB, XB-HSA
N67036 Sikorsky H-19B-SI Chickasaw 55716 52-7579(N), N67036 cnx
N67037 Bensen 8M [gyro] RG-14 N67037 w/o
N67041 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5104 C-GFNQ, N7078N, N67041
N67042 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1310 61-3124(N), N67042 cnx
N67053 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek 5105 C-FEXW[7], N7079X, N67053
N67058 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1022 CF-CCZ, N67058, JA9164, N505HA, (OO-PVI), N505HA
N67063 Bensen 8M [gyro] FSG-1 N67063 cnx
N67064 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1355 61-3169(N), N67064 w/o
N67065 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Osborn UH-12D 1023 57-3064(N), N67065 b/u
N67067 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1781 64-15272(N), N67067 w/o
N67071 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 2975 63-9089(N), N67071 cnx
N67073 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3671 67-15952(N), N67073, N27BJ, N24SD w/o
N67075 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2270 (N10067), CF-BID, C-FBID, N67075 cnx
N67077 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2184 N8658, CF-FDK, N67077 cnx
N67081 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2184 N67081, N67902, N67081
N67083 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > Bell-Agri Helicopter 47G-2 > Continental Copters El Tomcat Mk.6 2280 58-1516(N), N67083, VH-NZS[2] wfu
N67085 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B 656 51-16406(N), N67085 cnx
N67087 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1157 59-2677(N), N67087 cnx
N67088 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1193 59-2713(N), N67088 cnx
N67089 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1322 61-3136(N), N67089 cnx
N67091 Bell 206B JetRanger IV > TH-67A Creek 5106 C-GBUB, N7080N, N67091, FAC4567(HK)
N67092 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2190 N67092 cnx
N67093 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2191 N67093, C-GTNI, HB-XTX, N316TX
N67094 Bell TH-67A Creek 5107 C-GBUH, N67094, FAC4597(HK)
N67095 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1085 58-5436(N), N67095 cnx
N67096 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3631 67-15912(N), N67096, N9591Z cnx
N67096 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3637 67-15918(N), N67096 cnx
N67098 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1179 59-2699(N), N67098 cnx
N67099 Sud Aviation 318C Alouette II 2263 CF-BIC, N67099 cnx
N67099 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5108 C-GADQ, N67099
N67101 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2196 N67101, HB-XOI w/o
N67102 Sud Aviation 319B Alouette III 2187 N67102, I-LION w/o
N67103 Sud Aviation 315B Lama 2421 N67103, LN-ORU[3], HB-XSV
N67106 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1694 64-15185(N), N67106 cnx
N67107 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1128 58-5479(N), N67107
N67108 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1135 58-5486(N), N67108 cnx
N67110 Bell TH-67A Creek 5109 C-GAED, N67110
N67111 Bell TH-67A Creek 5110 C-GLZM, N67111, FAC4611(HK)
N67113 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E > Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET 1104 58-5455(N), N67113, N59BA, C-FHCL w/o
N67113 Bell TH-67A Creek 5111 C-GLZO, N67113
N67115 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1151 58-5502(N), N67115, N75MQ cnx
N67116 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1711 64-15202(N), N67116 w/o
N67117 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1174 59-2694(N), N67117, N69SV cnx
N67118 Bell TH-67A Creek 5112 C-GLZW, N67118, FAC4618(HK)
N67121 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > TH-13T 3077 63-9191(N), N67121
N67122 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux > TH-13T 3210 64-15342(N), N67122
N67124 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3681 67-15962(N), N67124 prs
N67125 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3644 67-15925(N), N67125 cnx
N67130 Bell TH-67A Creek 5113 C-FEXW[8], N67130
N67138 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1099 58-5450(N), N67138 cnx
N67139 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1623 64-15114(N), N67139 w/o
N67140 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3744 67-17037(N), N67140, N130SC, (HP-816) w/o
N67141 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Northern Aviation UH-12D 964 57-3006(N), N67141 cnx
N67142 Bell 47G-5 > 47G-3B-1 7824 CF-UFX, N67142 cnx
N67144 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1132 58-5483(N), N67144, G-BFWM wfu
N67146 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5114 C-FOFH, N67146, TG-...
N67147 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5115 C-GBUB, N67147
N67148 Bell TH-67A Creek 5116 C-FOFH, N67148
N67154 Bell H-13H-BF Sioux > OH-13H > Bell-Agri Helicopter OH-13H 2390 58-5377(N), N67154 cnx
N67155 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Osborn UH-12D 1335 61-3149(N), N67155
N67156 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 1306 61-3120(N), N67156 cnx
N67157 Sikorsky H-19B-SI Chickasaw > S-55 55661 52-7549(N), N67157 cnx
N67158 Sikorsky H-19D-5-SI Chickasaw 551202 57-1638(N), N67158 cnx
N67159 Hiller OH-23G Raven > Hiller-Miller UH-12E 1716 64-15207(N), N67159 cnx
N67163 Bell TH-1F-BF Iroquois > Bell-Cirello 204B 7324 66-1248(N), N67163 cnx
N67165 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12E 1159 59-2679(N), N67165 w/o
N67168 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1358 61-3172(N), N67168, N78SW cnx
N67169 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 1136 58-5487(N), N67169, N79SW w/o
N67170 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3742 67-17035(N), N67170 cnx
N67170 Bell TH-67A Creek 5117 C-GLZY, N67170, FAC4598(HK)
N67172 Bell TH-67A Creek 5118 C-FOEP[4], N67172
N67176 Bell TH-67A Creek 5119 C-GLZM, N67176
N67179 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N67179 cnx
N67180 Bell 47J Ranger .. ..??.., N67180 cnx
N67182 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Northern Aviation UH-12D 1160 59-2680(N), N67182 cnx
N67183 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5120 C-GADH, N67183
N67184 Bell TH-67A Creek 5121 C-GLYY, N67184, FAC4599(HK)
N67186 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3543 66-8043(N), N67186 wfu
N67189 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3542 66-8042(N), N67189 cnx
N67204 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3662 67-15943(N), N67204 b/u
N67205 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3686 67-17004(N), N67205 cnx
N67210 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3502 65-8069(N), N67210 cnx
N67213 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1001 N67213 cnx
N67214 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3068 63-9182(N), N67214, N17SB cnx
N67215 Bensen 8M [gyro] 254-72-0498 N67215 cnx
N67219 Bell 206A JetRanger > 206B JetRanger II 420 G-AXXO, N67219 cnx
N67219 Bell TH-67A Creek 5122 C-GFNU, N67219, FAC4619(HK)
N67221 Bell TH-67A Creek 5123 C-GFNP, N67221 w/o
N67223 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux 3471 65-8038(N), N67223 w/o
N67231 Bell TH-67A Creek 5124 C-FOFH, N67231
N67233 Bell OH-13S-BF Sioux 3038 63-9152(N), N67233, N18SB cnx
N67234 Bell TH-67A Creek 5125 C-GBUB, N67234
N67235 Bell TH-67A Creek 5126 C-GADH, N67235
N67239 RotorWay Scorpion Too 8463 N67239 cnx
N67241 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N67241 cnx
N67242 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5127 C-GLZA, N67242, TG-...
N67246 RotorWay Scorpion Too 7892 N67246 cnx
N67257 RotorWay Scorpion II JD100 N67257 cnx
N67258 Bell TH-67A Creek 5128 C-GLZW, N67258, FAC4600(HK)
N67259 Bell TH-67A Creek 5129 C-GLZO, N67259, FAC4568(HK)
N67261 Bell TH-13T-BF Sioux > 47G-3B-1 3473 65-8040(N), N67261, N4077
N67264 Hiller UH-12L-4 > Hiller-Soloy UH-12E4T 2509 ..??.., XB-CPL and/or N90458, CF-WQT, N67264 w/o
N67265 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5130 C-GBUB, N67265
N67266 Bell TH-67A Creek 5131 C-FOFG, N67266
N67269 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5132 C-GLZC, N67269
N67273 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5133 C-GLZE, N67273
N67276 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > Hiller-Soloy UH-12DT 1307 61-3121(N), N67276, N105HH
N67279 Bell TH-67A Creek 5134 C-GADH, N67279, FAC4601(HK)
N67301 Bell TH-67A Creek 5135 C-FOEP[6], N67301
N67323 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5136 C-GLZW, N67323
N67328 Bell TH-67A Creek 5137 C-GLZO, N67328 cnx
N67330 Bell TH-67A Creek 5138 C-GADP, N67330, FAC4569(HK)
N67337 Bell TH-67A Creek 5139 C-FEXW[11], N67337, FAC4605(HK)
N67338 Bell TH-67A Creek 5140 C-GFNL, N67338, FAC4606(HK)
N67346 Bell TH-67A Creek 5141 C-FOFG, N67346, FAC4607(HK)
N67347 Bell TH-67A Creek 5142 C-GLZC, N67347
N67348 Bell TH-67A Creek 5143 C-GFNN, N67348, FAC4608(HK)
N67354 Bell 230 23036 C-GADL, N67354, TC-HUS[2], S2-AHR
N67356 Bell TH-67A Creek 5144 C-GFNY, N67356, ERD-200.(HI)
N67363 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5145 C-GADQ, N67363
N67374 Bell TH-67A Creek 5146 C-GFNU, N67374
N67409 Bell TH-67A Creek 5147 C-GFNQ, N67409, FAC4609(HK)
N67411 Bell TH-67A Creek 5148 C-FOFH, N67411
N67428 Bell TH-67A Creek 5149 C-GBUQ, N67428
N67429 Bell TH-67A Creek 5150 C-GAEP, N67429, FAC4610(HK)
N67432 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5151 C-GLZE, N67432
N67442 Bell TH-67A Creek 5152 C-GADH, N67442
N67446 Bell TH-67A Creek 5153 C-GFNP, N67446 cnx
N67455 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5154 C-GFNY, N67455
N67457 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5155 C-FOFH, N67457, (N922J)
N67470 Bell TH-67A Creek 5156 C-GLZK, N67470, FAC4612(HK)
N67472 Bell TH-67A Creek 5157 C-GLZE, N67472 cnx
N67476 Bell TH-67A Creek 5158 C-GFNO, N67476, FAC4570(HK)
N67488 Bell TH-67A Creek 5159 C-FOFH, N67488, FAC4613(HK)
N67497 Bell TH-67A Creek 5160 C-GAHJ, N67497 wfu
N67498 Bell TH-67A Creek 5161 C-GLZM, N67498, FAC4571(HK)
N67509 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5162 C-GFNP, N67509, N225PD
N67514 Bell TH-67A Creek 5163 C-GFNR, N67514, FAC4572(HK)
N67516 Bell TH-67A Creek 5164 C-GFNO, N67516
N67520 Bell 47G-2 Trooper .. ..??.., N67520 cnx
N67522 Bell TH-67A Creek 5165 C-GFNU, N67522, FAC4576(HK)
N67525 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5166 C-GAHJ, N67525
N67534 Bell TH-67A Creek 5167 C-GBUH, N67534
N67554 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5168 C-GFNQ, N67554, N67FA
N67561 Bell TH-67A Creek 5169 C-GBUB, N67561
N67566 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5170 C-GFNP, N67566, N1084X
N67569 Bell TH-67A Creek 5171 C-GLZY, N67569
N67572 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5172 C-GAJN, N67572
N67578 Bell TH-67A Creek 5173 C-GBUP, N67578
N67580 Bell TH-67A Creek 5174 C-GAHJ, N67580
N67599 Bell TH-67A Creek 5175 C-GAEP, N67599
N67605 Bell TH-67A Creek 5176 C-GLZS, N67605, FAC4573(HK)
N67606 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5177 C-GLZM, N67606
N67609 Bell TH-67A Creek 5178 C-GLZW, N67609 cnx
N67620 Bell TH-67A Creek 5179 C-GAJN, N67620, ERD-200.(HI)
N67622 Bell TH-67A Creek 5180 C-FOFH, N67622
N67632 Bell TH-67A Creek 5181 C-GBUP, N67632 cnx
N67641 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5182 C-GFNP, N67641 cnx
N67644 Bell TH-67A Creek 5183 C-GLZS, N67644, FAC4615(HK)
N67656 Bell TH-67A Creek 5184 C-FOFH, N67656
N67659 Bell TH-67A Creek 5185 C-GBUP, N67659 wfu
N67662 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1474 62-3826(N), N67662, N14MQ
N67662 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5186 C-GLZO, N67662
N67663 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 829 55-4123(N), N67663, N15MQ cnx
N67664 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D (parts to YU-HFM) 1145 58-5496(N), N67664, N16MQ, HA-MIG cnx
N67665 Bell TH-67A Creek 5187 C-GAEP, N67665, FAC4574(HK)
N67666 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5188 C-GFNN, N67666, (N679AG)
N67669 Bell TH-67A Creek 5189 C-GAED, N67669
N67670 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5190 C-GADH, N67670
N67675 Bell TH-67A Creek 5191 C-GAJH, N67675, FAC4616(HK)
N67678 Bell TH-67A Creek 5192 C-GLZO, N67678 cnx
N67696 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12E 960 57-3002(N), N67696 w/o
N67698 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 953 57-2996(N), N67698 cnx
N67699 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 430 51-16238(N), N67699
N67706 Hiller UH-4 Commuter .. N67706 cnx
N67707 Bell TH-67A Creek 5193 C-GBUQ, N67707 cnx
N67715 Bell TH-67A Creek 5194 C-GLZY, N67715
N67724 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5195 C-GFNO, N67724, N501JS
N67725 Bell TH-67A Creek 5196 C-FOFB, N67725, FAC4625(HK)
N67737 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5197 C-GLZS, N67737, N906BC cnx
N67743 Bell TH-67A Creek 5198 C-GAEP, N67743, FAC4617(HK)
N67744 Bell TH-67A Creek 5199 C-GFNQ, N67744
N67745 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5200 C-GFNL, N67745
N67748 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5201 C-GLZY, N67748, (N502CG), N67748, N581SC
N67751 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5202 C-GLZH, N67751 cnx
N67761 Bell TH-67A Creek 5203 C-GFNN, N67761
N67767 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5204 C-FOEP[12], N67767
N67773 Bell TH-67A Creek 5205 C-GAHJ, N67773, FAC4620(HK)
N67777 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5206 C-GAJN, N67777
N67784 Bell TH-67A Creek 5207 C-GLZS, N67784
N67804 Bell TH-67A Creek 5208 C-GFNK, N67804 wfu
N67814 Bell TH-67A Creek 5209 C-GADH, N67814
N67817 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5210 C-FEXW[17], N67817
N67830 Bell TH-67A Creek 5211 C-GBUP, N67830
N67833 Bell TH-67A Creek 5212 C-GLZS, N67833
N67841 Bell TH-67A Creek 5213 C-GLZH, N67841
N67848 Bell TH-67A Creek 5214 C-GADQ, N67848 cnx
N67857 Bell TH-67A Creek 5215 C-GLZC, N67857, FAC4621(HK)
N67862 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5216 C-GAEP, N67862, (N27EV), (N93BH)
N67872 Bell TH-67A Creek 5217 C-GADH, N67872 wfu
N67873 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5218 C-GFNU, N67873
N67874 Bell TH-67A Creek 5219 C-GBUK, N67874 wfu
N67876 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5220 C-GFNQ, N67876, N895SP
N67880 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5221 C-GADQ, N67880
N67882 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5222 C-GAED, N67882
N67902 Sud Aviation 316B Alouette III 2184 N67081, N67902, N67081
N67907 Bell TH-67A Creek 5223 C-GFNN, N67907
N67908 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5224 N67908
N67915 Bell TH-67A Creek 5225 C-GAED, N67915
N67919 Bell TH-67A Creek 5226 C-GLZW, N67919 wfu
N67937 Bell TH-67A Creek 5227 C-GADQ, N67937
N67939 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5228 C-GBUB, N67939
N67950 Bell TH-67A Creek 5229 C-GLZA, N67950
N67952 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5230 C-GLZU, N67952
N67956 Bell TH-67A Creek > 206B JetRanger 5231 C-GAEP, N67956, N207CS
N67960 Bell TH-67A Creek 5232 C-GLZK, N67960
N67961 Bell TH-67A Creek 5233 C-GAJN, N67961 wfu
N67962 Bell TH-67A Creek 5234 C-GLYY, N67962 cnx
N67968 Bell TH-67A Creek 5235 C-GAEP, N67968
N67976 Bell TH-67A Creek 5236 C-GBUB, N67976 wfu
N67978 Bell TH-67A Creek 5237 C-GADQ, N67978
N67990 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5238 C-GAJR, N67990, 201(Taiwan)
N67992 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5239 C-GAHJ, N67992, 202(Taiwan)
N67994 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5240 C-FOFG, N67994, 203(Taiwan) w/o
N67997 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5241 C-GADH, N67997, 204(Taiwan)
N68005 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5242 C-GAEP, N68005, 205(Taiwan)
N68012 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1500 63-12785(N), N68012 w/o
N68017 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5243 C-GLZQ, N68017, 206(Taiwan)
N68017 Bensen 8MG [gyro] 02 N68017
N68021 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D 976 57-3018(N), N68021 cnx
N68024 Hiller OH-23G Raven > UH-12E 1741 64-15232(N), N68024 cnx
N68025 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1087 58-5438(N), N68025 cnx
N68026 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5244 C-GLZE, N68026, 207(Taiwan)
N68033 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5245 C-GFNL, N68033, 208(Taiwan)
N68034 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D 1420 62-3772(N), N68034 cnx
N68036 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5246 C-GADL, N68036, 209(Taiwan)
N68040 Bell OH-13E Sioux > Texas Helicopter OH-13E/M74 Wasp 76-001 ..??.., N68040, CC-CRY, N176MR, RP-R1573
N68069 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N68069 cnx
N68070 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N68070
N68071 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5247 C-GFNQ, N68071, 210(Taiwan)
N68075 Hiller H-23D-UH Raven > OH-23D > UH-12D > UH-12ET 1436 62-3788(N), N4ES, N68075, N298BC, C-GJJP, N37637 cnx
N68075 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5248 C-GLYY, N68075, 211(Taiwan)
N68077 Bell HU-1B-BF Iroquois > UH-1B-BF 371 61-0791(N), N68077, ..??.., N441FD cnx
N68077 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5249 C-FEXW[34], N68077, 212(Taiwan)
N68085 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5250 C-FOFB, N68085, 213(Taiwan)
N68087 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5251 N68087, 214(Taiwan)
N68089 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5252 C-GLZC, N68089, 215(Taiwan)
N68093 Barnett J4 [gyro] TCC-75-1 N68093 w/o
N68094 Bensen A1A M8VW [gyro] 1942 N68094 cnx
N68096 Bensen 8M [gyro] 93021 N68096
N68097 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5253 C-GLZY, N68097, 216(Taiwan)
N68109 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5254 C-GFNP, N68109, 217(Taiwan)
N68110 Bensen 8M [gyro] DKS-127 (N68110) ntu
N68114 Bensen 8M [gyro] KJE-3810 N68114 cnx
N68120 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5255 C-FOEP[31], N68120, 218(Taiwan)
N68121 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5256 C-GLZQ, N68121, 219(Taiwan)
N68123 Bensen 8M [gyro] C-2 N68123 cnx
N68125 Bensen 8M [gyro] WTB-1 N68125 cnx
N68140 Bell 206B/NTH JetRanger 5257 C-GAJR, N68140, 220(Taiwan)
N68351 Sikorsky R-4B-SI 136 43-46592(N), N68351, NL68351, N68351, '43-46592(N)' prs
N68364 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 345 51-16185(N), N7725C, N68364
N68367 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 > 47G-2 811 51-14046(N), N68367 cnx
N68368 Hiller H-23C-UH Raven > OH-23C > UH-12C 925 56-2308(N), N68368, N15PC, N600AS cnx
N68370 Hiller H-23B-UH Raven > OH-23B > UH-12B 590 51-16352(N), N68370 prs
N68371 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G 1129 52-7902(N), N68371 cnx
N68372 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G 1188 52-7948(N), N68372 cnx
N68375 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1003 F-OCRX, N41776, (F-OCOO), N68375, N194VH, N341FR w/o
N68397 Sikorsky HO4S-3 > UH-19F > S-55B > S-55BT 55579 138514(N), N68397 wfu
N68398 Bell HTL-6 > TH-13M 1668 143153(N), N674, (N68398), N674 cnx
N68399 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E 438 51-13843(N), N68399 cnx
N68478 Eagle R & D Helicycle 04-010 N68478
N68524 Keystone Helicopter (Sikorsky) S-76C-2 760802 N802E, G-CGUJ, 5N-BNZ, N68524, N454WH
N68614 Bensen 8M [gyro] M-2 N68614 cnx
N68627 Bell H-13E-BF Sioux > OH-13E > 47D1 399 51-13812(N), N68627 w/o
N68630 Bell-World Helicopters 47D1 > 47G WH5001 N68630, N7AR
N68632 Bell-World Helicopters 47D1 WH5003 N68632 w/o
N68634 Sikorsky YH-19-SI > S-55 55003 49-2014(N), N68634 cnx
N68645 Bell 47G-3B-1 > Bell-Soloy 47G-3B-1 2820 CF-OXP, N68645
N68654 Bell 412EP 36100 C-GFNO, N68654, XC-JCU, N412HH, VH-EPK[3]
N68658 Bensen KLC-1 [gyro] 111 N68658 cnx
N68665 RCM Aircraft Gyrocopter FL I [gyro] 369-20-2248 N68665 cnx
N68666 Stephenson Autogyro S-1 [gyro] 2-17-35 N68666 cnx
N68682 Bensen 8M [gyro] RB-1 N68682 w/o
N68689 Bensen 7 [gyro] 811334 N68689 cnx
N68764 RotorWay Exec 162E 6115 (N68764) ntu
N68888 Rotary Air Force 2000 GTX SE [gyro] H2-95-6-186 N68888
N68931 Bell H-13G-BF Sioux > OH-13G > Bell-Versatile 47G 1156 52-7929(N), N68931, N41SD cnx
N68940 Hiller 360 100 N68940 cnx
N68962 Hiller UH-12A > Hiller-Yehnert UH-12 104 N8104H, ...(4X), N68962 b/u
N68964 Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV > 206LT TwinRanger 52098 C-GLZE, N41138, XA-SYK, N68964, LQ-YSA, (PR-CBT), LV-YSA
N69085 Hiller UH-12A 103 (N8103H), N69085
N69089 Sikorsky R-6A-NK > HOS-1 > R-6A 211 43-45526(N), 75618(N) or 75621(N), N69089 cnx
N69100 Conly HEL-1 01 N69100 cnx
N69111 Bensen 8M [gyro] 1 N69111
N69113 Eagle R & D Helicycle 03-008 N69113
N69400 Bell OH-58A-BF Kiowa > OH-58C 40485 69-16264(N), N69400 cnx
N69450 Platt-LePage XR-1A (PL-5) [h/c] 2 42-6581(N), NX69450, N69450 b/u
N69506 Sud Aviation 341G Gazelle 1293 N69506, VH-PWS w/o
N69647 Bell 230 23030 C-GFNP, N69647, VT-UPB
N69875 Bell TH-67A Creek 5282 C-FOEP[41], N69875
N70035 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00103 (PH-PXE), N70035, N1811, N5646, G-SASO, G-CIOS
N70035 Robinson R22 Beta II 3641 N70035 cnx
N70040 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00095 (PH-PXD), N70040, N912LH
N70056 Bell 412EP 36367 C-FEXW[49], N70056, ...(AP)
N70056 Robinson R44 I 2481 N70056, B-70YS
N70060 McDonnell Douglas 500N ('MD520N') LN100 N70060, RF-00618, RA-1038G
N70073 Robinson R44 II 13568 N70073, PT-FOR wfu
N70078 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00097 N70078, D-HBWE, R-903(HA)
N70082 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00082 N70082, G-HPOL, N902Z, HB-ZZM
N70082 Bell 412EP 36356 N70082, ...(AP)
N70089 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00089 N70089, PK-OCR, G-CEMS, G-HDMD, (D-HALM[4]), G-HDMD, N902GB
N70089 Sikorsky S-76C+ 760564 N70089, N865AL
N70105 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois 650 62-4590(N), N70105 w/o
N70124 McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer ('MD902') 900-00111 (PH-PXG), N7011V, N70124, G-CMBS, R-909(HA)
N70144 Robinson R44 Astro 0362 N70144 w/o
N70149 RotorWay Exec WH100 N70149
N70166 Bell 206B JetRanger III 3825 HI-448, N70166, N900JB, ZS-HVZ, V5-HVZ, ZT-RHC w/o
N70167 McDonnell Douglas 600N RN067 N70167, N500PD, N500PN, N745MB
N70167 Bell 412EP 36357 N70167, ...(AP)
N70193 McDonnell Douglas 600N RN063 N70193, EM-0063(TC) w/o
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