updated 01-May-2023

Rotorcraft production list for Bölkow 105

1386 records


b/u = broken up
cnx = cancelled
dbf = destroyed by fire
gtv = ground test vehicle
i/a = instructional airframe
n/b = not built
ntu = not taken up
prs = preserved
wfu = withdrawn from use
w/o = written off
..??.. = registrat. unknown
            (if any)
type c/n history (oldest first) fate
Bölkow 105M (VBH) .. ...(D), D-HECD[13] i/a
Bölkow 105CBS .. D-HFAI cnx
Bölkow 105CBS .. ..??.., D-HHBE cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M .. ..??.., D-HMBB[25] cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-5 .. ..??.., D-HMKL cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M .. ..??.., 'D-HMUG' wfu
Bölkow 105CBS .. D-HNWM cnx
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., ...(SE)(?), 'D-HPNJT' prs
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., 'D-HUBE' wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M .. ...(D), D-HXBO
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-060, HU.15-93(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-061, HU.15-94(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-062, HU.15-95(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-063, HU.15-96(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-064, HU.15-97(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-065, HU.15-98(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-066, HU.15-99(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-067, HU.15-100(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-068, HU.15-101(EC)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., EC-069, HU.15-102(EC)
Bölkow 105C .. ..??.., RP-C2262
Bölkow 105C .. ..??.., YV-O-MTC-4(?) cnx
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., YV-O-PM-1
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., RF-32913(RA)
Bölkow 105CBS .. ..??.., 221(RP)
Bölkow 105M .. ..??.., 222(RP)
Bölkow 105C .. ..??.., 422(RP) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 .. ..??.., MR-...(XA), AMHP-101(XA)
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 .. ..??.., MR-...(XA), AMHP-103(XA) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 .. ..??.., MR-...(XA), AMHP-105(XA)
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 .. ..??.., MR-...(XA), AMHP-106(XA) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 .. ..??.., MR-...(XA), AMHP-110(XA)
Bölkow 105CBS .. ..??.., CICPC-1(YV)
Bölkow 105CBS .. ..??.., CICPC-2(YV)
Bölkow 105 .. ..??.., PNB-9005(YV)
Bölkow 105E-4 .. ..??.., 627(ZA)
Bölkow 105E-4 .. ..??.., 628(ZA)
Bölkow 105A V-1 D-HAKO w/o
Bölkow 105A V-2 D-HECA[2] wfu
Bölkow 105B V-3 D-HAJY, '98+37(D)' prs
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105HGH > 105P V-4 D-HAPE, 98+32(D), 'D-HAPE' prs
Bölkow 105A V-5 D-HAPI, N197F w/o
Bölkow 105A V-6 gtv
Bölkow 105A V-7 gtv
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-1 D-HABV, D-HMBN[10], D-HTSB, 'D-HILF' prs
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-2 D-HMBL, D-9573, 98+07(D), HE.15-6(EC) prs
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-3 D-HEBV, N1149B, D-HEBV, D-9609, 98+08(D), D-HEBV w/o
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-4 D-HMBB prs
Bölkow 105A S-5 D-HILF w/o
Bölkow 105A S-6 D-HMUN wfu
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-7 D-HBWB, D-9574, 98+09(D), 82+89(D), HE.15-7(EC) w/o
Bölkow 105A S-8 gtv
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-9 (D-HMTU), D-HBSI wfu
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-10 D-HMUC w/o
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CBS-5 S-11 > S-11/873 (D-HBAY), D-HBGS wfu
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CBS-5 S-12 > S-12/905 (D-HMDI), D-HGSA, TC-..., HL9602
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CBS-5 S-13 > S-13/893 D-HGSB, HB-ZJF, HL9618
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CBS-5 S-14 > S-14/906 D-HGSC, ..??.., D-HGSC, HL9603 w/o
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CBS-5 S-15 > S-15/889 D-HGSD, HA-BOC
Bölkow 105A > 105C > 105CB S-16 D-HDOC, 'D-HILF' wfu
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-17 D-HILF[2] w/o
Bölkow 105A S-18 D-HDAA, H1(LV)/LQ-LAP wfu
Bölkow 105A S-19 D-HDAB, H2(LV)/LQ-LAR w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105DB S-20 D-HDAC, G-AZOR, EC-DOE, G-AZOR, G-WAAN wfu
Bölkow 105C > 105D S-21 D-HDAD, G-AZOM, EI-AWB, G-AZOM w/o
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-22 D-HDAE wfu
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-23 D-HDAF, D-HAIY w/o
Bölkow 105A S-24 D-HDAG, H3(LV)/LQ-LAS prs
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-25 D-HDAH, N150BB, C-....
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-26 (D-HDAI), D-HFFM w/o
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-27 (D-HDAJ), D-HELP w/o
Bölkow 105C S-28 D-HDAK, PT-HJV cnx
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-29 D-HOTN, JA9524 w/o
Bölkow 105A S-30 D-HDAL, H4(LV)/LQ-LAT wfu
Bölkow 105C S-31 D-HDAI[2], PT-HET cnx
Bölkow 105C S-32 D-HDAJ[2], N151BB wfu
Bölkow 105C S-33 (D-HDAM), D-HMUL w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105DB (parts to G-BUTN) S-34 D-HDAN, G-AZTI, EC-DRY, G-AZTI, EI-BTE, G-AZTI, 'B-00(PH)' prs
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-AZTI) S-34/912 G-BUTN, G-NAAA, PH-RWY
Bölkow 105C > 105DB S-35 D-HDAO, G-BAFD, ZS-RKL, N.....
Bölkow 105C > 105DB S-36 D-HDAM[2], G-BAMF wfu
Bölkow 105C S-37 (D-HJBN), D-HBAG, HB-XHE, CP-1523, HB-XHE, CC-PSB, N81890, CC-PKQ, N81890, TI-BEA
Bölkow 105C S-38 D-HDAP, D-9581, 98+10(D), 82+90(D), HE.15-8(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-39 D-HDAQ, D-9582, 98+11(D), 82+91(D), HE.15-9(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-40 D-HDAR, G-BATB, 9V-BMN, ZS-..., N628E cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105D (parts to G-BUXS) S-41 D-HDAS, N153BB, HB-XFD, G-BGWP[2], F-ODMZ, G-BGWP[2], G-PASA wfu
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-PASA) S-41/913 D-HIFA[3], G-BUXS, N191SJ cnx
Bölkow 105C S-42 D-HDAT w/o
Bölkow 105C S-43 D-HDAU, N152BB w/o
Bölkow 105C S-44 D-HDAV, PT-HFA cnx
Bölkow 105D > 105DB S-45 D-HDAW, G-BATC, ZS-...
Bölkow 105C S-46 D-HDAX wfu
Bölkow 105C S-47 D-HMUT w/o
Bölkow 105C S-48 D-HDAY, PT-HFH cnx
Bölkow 105C S-49 D-HDAZ, N149BB w/o
Bölkow 105C S-50 D-HDBA, N200BB w/o
Bölkow 105C S-51 D-HDBB, N201BB cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-52 D-HDBC, N202BB, N291CA, ZS-RGG
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-53 D-HDBD, LV-LGR prs
Bölkow 105A > 105C S-54 D-HDBE, LV-LGS
Bölkow 105C S-55 D-HDBF, C-GHJZ, N99896, N105RH, (N105TL), N105RH w/o
Bölkow 105C S-56 D-HDBG, N203BB, ZK-HYC w/o
Bölkow 105C S-57 D-HDBH, N204BB cnx
Bölkow 105C S-58 D-HDBI, N205BB, N501AL cnx
Bölkow 105C (parts to D-HDTV) S-59 D-HDBJ, N352TT b/u
Bölkow 105C > 105D (parts to G-BUDP) S-60 D-HDBK, G-BCDH, EC-DUO, G-BCDH, VH-HRM, VH-LCS, G-BTBD wfu
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-BTBD) S-60/850 G-BUDP, G-DNLB w/o
Bölkow 105C S-61 D-HDBL, N208BB cnx
Bölkow 105C S-62 D-HDBM, N209BB cnx
Bölkow 105C S-63 D-HDBN, N210BB, N105LB, N911AK
Bölkow 105C S-64 D-HDBO, HU.15-1(EC)
Bölkow 105C S-65 D-HDBP, Z.15-2(EC), HU.15-2(EC)
Bölkow 105C S-67 D-HDBR, D-9583, 98+12(D), 82+92(D), HE.15-10(EC) prs
Bölkow 105C S-68 D-HDBS, D-9584, 98+13(D), 82+93(D), HE.15-11(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-69 D-HDBT, D-9585, 98+14(D), 82+94(D), HE.15-12(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-70 D-HDBU, D-9586, 98+15(D), 82+95(D), HE.15-13(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-71 D-HDBV, D-9587, 98+16(D), 82+96(D), HE.15-14(EC) prs
Bölkow 105C S-72 D-HDBW, D-9588, (98+17(D)) w/o
Bölkow 105C S-73 D-HDBX, D-9589, 98+18(D), 82+97(D) cnx
Bölkow 105C S-74 D-HDBY, JA9523, N174MC cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105D > 105DB-4 S-75 D-HDBZ, G-BCRG, HB-XLV, D-HIBY[4] wfu
Bölkow 105C S-76 D-HDCA, N500KV, N500KM cnx
Bölkow 105C S-77 D-HDCB, N212BB, N74EZ
Bölkow 105C S-78 D-HDCC, EC-YYX, HU.15-3(EC) w/o
Bölkow 105C S-79 D-HDCD, EC-YYV, HU.15-4(EC)
Bölkow 105C > 105D (parts to G-THLS) S-80 D-HDCE, G-BCXO, 'G-BOND', 'G-CDBS' prs
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-BCXO) S-80/859 G-THLS w/o
PADC-Bölkow 105C P1/S-81 D-HDCF, PI-C1621, RP-C1621, 81(RP), RP-C70
PADC-Bölkow 105C P2/S-82 D-HDCG, PI-C1622, RP-C1622, 82(RP) wfu
Bölkow 105C > 105D > 105DB > 105CB S-83 D-HDCH, G-BCTE, D-HDCH, PH-NZH, B-83(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105C > 106 > 105C > 105CB (parts to D-HNNN[2] & parts of D-HMMM) S-84 > V-1 > S-84 D-HDCI, D-HCCC[2], 'D-HMMM' prs
Bölkow 105C S-85 D-HDCJ, D-9590, 98+19(D), 82+98(D), HE.15-15(EC)
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-86 D-HDCK, JA9515, VH-JXO, N73PL, LV-WJX w/o
Bölkow 105C S-87 D-HDCL, EC-CGF, PH-HUP, N105BK, LV-WLA
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-88 D-HDCM, HB-XEI, D-HDCM, OH-HMA, (D-HHAH[2]), HA-...
PADC-Bölkow 105C P3/S-89 D-HDCN, PI-C1623, RP-C1623, RP-C205 w/o
Bölkow 105C S-90 D-HDCO, D-9596, 98+20(D) prs
Bölkow 105C S-91 (D-HDCP), D-HMUR b/u
Bölkow 105C S-92 (D-HDCQ), D-HMUB, D-HITS w/o
PADC-Bölkow 105C P7/S-93 (D-HDCR), D-HMUM, RP-1668, RP-C1668
PADC-Bölkow 105C (parts to D-HAYI) P6/S-94 (D-HDCS), D-HMUE, RP-1669, RP-C1669, A6-ALG wfu
Bölkow 105C S-95 D-HDCT, NAF520(5N), NAF500[2](5N), D-HDCT, NAF500[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-96 D-HDCU, NAF521(5N), NAF501[2](5N)
Bölkow 105C S-97 D-HDCV, NAF522(5N), NAF502[2](5N), D-HDCV, NAF502[2](5N)
Bölkow 105C S-98 D-HDCW, NAF523(5N), NAF503[2](5N) wfu
PADC-Bölkow 105C P4/S-99 D-HDCX, PI-C1624, RP-C1624, RP-1624 cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P8/S-100 D-HDCY, RP-1667, RP-C1667, A6-ALQ, EP-TRT, EP-PGB
Bölkow 105C S-101 (D-HDCZ), D-HMUP wfu
Bölkow 105C S-102 (D-HDDA), D-HMUX wfu
Bölkow 105C S-103 D-HDCP[2], N90652, N1818X, N502AL[2] cnx
Bölkow 105C S-104 D-HDCQ[2], N90653, N8570W, N105SJ w/o
Bölkow 105C S-105 D-HDCR[2], N90654, 600(OB) cnx
Bölkow 105C S-106 D-HDCS[2], N90655, 604(OB) cnx
Bölkow 105C S-107 D-HDCZ[2], N90656, 607(OB) prs
Bölkow 105C S-108 D-HDDA[2], N90657, A6-ALE w/o
Bölkow 105C S-109 D-HDDB, N90658(?), N2421T cnx
Bölkow 105C S-110 D-HDDC, N90659, N3532T, HK-4050X, N504AL, N460T cnx
Bölkow 105C S-111 D-HDDD, N3533T, N554RP
Bölkow 105C S-112 D-HDDE, N3534T cnx
Bölkow 105C S-113 D-HDDF, N3535T, HK-4051X, XA-TME, N505AL cnx
Bölkow 105C S-114 D-HDDG, N17168, N114BH w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-115 D-HDDH, N17169, 638[2](OB) cnx
Bölkow 105C S-116 D-HDDI, N370FS, N1022H w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-117 D-HDDJ, N17196, D-HAWI cnx
Bölkow 105C S-118 D-HDDK, N17198 cnx
Bölkow 105C S-119 D-HDDL, N17235 w/o
Bölkow 105C S-120 D-HDDM, N17242, N2LA cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CB > 105CB-4 S-121 (D-HDDN), D-HDHM, D-HMUG, ..??..
Bölkow 105C S-122 D-HDDO, CC-CBE
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-123 D-HDDP
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB > 105CB-5 N1/S-124 D-HDDQ, PK-PEE, PK-TVA, 9M-LLW
Bölkow 105C S-125 (D-HDDR), (D-HDDU), D-HBOA, D-HEXE[5] cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CB > 105CB-4 S-126 (D-HDDS), D-HAYA, D-HSDM
Bölkow 105C S-127 D-HDDT, HB-XEK, D-HDDT, (LN-ORK[3]), D-HDDT, LN-OSH w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105D S-128 D-HDDV, G-BGKJ
PADC-Bölkow 105C P5/S-129 D-HDDW, PI-C1625, RP-C1625, N9107R cnx
Bölkow 105C S-130 D-HDDX cnx
Bölkow 105C S-131 D-HDDY b/u
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-132 D-HDDZ i/a
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-133 (D-HDEA), D-HMUY prs
Bölkow 105C S-134 (D-HDEB), PT-HHC cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105D (parts to G-WMAA) S-135 D-HDEC, G-BDMC, VH-LSA, G-PASB prs
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-PASB) S-135/914 G-WMAA, G-NDAA, N193SJ, VH-JKX[3], P2-NTI
Bölkow 105C > 105D S-136 D-HDED, G-BEZJ w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105D S-137 D-HDEE, PH-NZJ, A6-ALT w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105D (parts to G-BUIB) S-138 D-HDEF, G-BDYZ wfu
Bölkow 105DBS-4 (parts of G-BDYZ) S-138/911 G-BUIB, G-ESAM, G-WAAS, ZS-...
Bölkow 105C S-139 D-HDEG prs
Bölkow 105C > 105CB-4 S-140 (D-HDEH), D-HAYE, D-HTDM
PADC-Bölkow 105C P9/S-141 (D-HDEI), RP-1626, RP-C1626 cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P10/S-142 (D-HDEJ), RP-1627, RP-C1627, 142(RP) wfu
PADC-Bölkow 105C P11/S-143 (D-HDEK), RP-1628, 143(RP), 43(RP), RP-C1628, 43(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P12/S-144 (D-HDEL), RP-1629, ...(RP) cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P13/S-145 (D-HDEM), RP-1630, RP-C1630, N91070 w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-146 D-HDEN, N90738, N770H, N205LF cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS > 105CBS-4 S-147 D-HDEO, N90740, D-HCCA, LN-OAQ, D-HCCA, OE-XRM, 4L-ALS
Bölkow 105C S-148 D-HDEP, N90742, N400MB, N400MP, N911MH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS S-149 D-HDEQ, N90743, N133DJ, N21SE, N911H, N692DD, N21SE, N692DD cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-150 D-HDER, (N90832), D-HDER, JA9604, (D-H...), RP-C2258 cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS (parts to 'D-HMMM') S-151 D-HDES, N90746, D-HMMM w/o
Bölkow 105C S-152 D-HDET, YV-O-MTC-11
Bölkow 105CBS S-152(?) ..??.., YV-O-SAR-4 cnx
Bölkow 105C S-153 D-HDEU, N90748, N127GW, N127CR, LV-...
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-154 D-HDEV, N90750 w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-155 D-HDEW, N90751, 4X-BJM w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-156 D-HDEX, N90752, N911AN
Bölkow 105C S-157 D-HDEY, N90754 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS S-158 D-HDEZ, N90755, CC-CWA, 42(CC)
Bölkow 105C S-159 D-HDDS[2], N90760 w/o
Bölkow 105C S-160 D-HDEA[2], N90761 cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P14/S-161 (D-HDEB[2]), RP-1631, RP-C1631, 420(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P15/S-162 (D-HDDU[2]), RP-1632, 162(RP), 62(RP), RP-C1632, 62(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P16/S-163 (D-HDFA), RP-1633, 163(RP), 63(RP), RP-C1633, RP-163, PCG-163(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P17/S-164 (D-HDFB), RP-1634, 164(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P18/S-165 (D-HDFC), RP-1635, RP-C1635 cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P19/S-166 (D-HDFD), RP-1636, 166(RP), RP-C1636, PCG-1636(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P20/S-167 (D-HDFE), RP-1637, 167(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P21/S-168 (D-HDFF), RP-1638, 168(RP), 414(RP), '142(RP) prs
PADC-Bölkow 105C P22/S-169 (D-HDFG), RP-1639, 169(RP), RP-C1639, 402(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P23/S-170 (D-HDFH), RP-1640, RP-C1640, 170(RP), 403(RP)
Bölkow 105C S-171 D-HDFI w/o
Bölkow 105C S-172 D-HDFJ w/o
Bölkow 105C S-173 D-HDFK cnx
Bölkow 105C S-174 D-HDFL[2], I-EHBA w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CB > 105CB-4 S-175 (D-HDFM), D-HBOB, OK-EIH
Bölkow 105C S-176 D-HDFN, D-9610, 98+21(D) wfu
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N6/S-177 D-HDFO, PK-PGV, PK-TVB, 9M-LLR cnx
Bölkow 105C S-178 D-HDFP, EC-YYQ, HU.15-5(EC) w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS S-179 D-HDFQ, PMU-4(7P), D-HAAA[2] w/o
Bölkow 105C S-180 D-HDFR, GS-A1(9L), 9L-LBA, (PH-LBA), 9L-LBA, 9G-ADI
PADC-Bölkow 105C P24/S-181 (D-HDFS), RP-1641, RP-C1662[2], 181(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P25/S-182 (D-HDFT), RP-1642, RP-C1663[2] dbf
PADC-Bölkow 105C P26/S-183 (D-HDFU), RP-1643, RP-C1664[2], 183(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P27/S-184 (D-HDFV), RP-1644, RP-C1665[2], RP-C2257
PADC-Bölkow 105C P28/S-185 (D-HDFW), RP-1645, RP-C1666[2]
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-186 D-HDFX, N90762, N2951W, N505TJ, N585TJ w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-187 D-HDFY, N90763, N202SC, N83CJ, (N83HJ), N83CJ, N911ET, N917ET, VH-...
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-188 D-HDFZ, N90764, N3531T[2], EC-234[3], EC-GUE wfu
Bölkow 105C > 105CB-4 S-189 D-HDEI[2], N90765, N3536T w/o
Bölkow 105C S-190 D-HDEJ[2], N90897, N105CP w/o
Bölkow 105C S-191 D-HDEK[2], C-09(CC)
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-192 D-HDEL[2], C-10(CC), CC-CER, CC-PEX
Bölkow 105C > 105CB-2 S-193 D-HDEM[2], C-11(CC), CC-CWI
Bölkow 105C S-194 D-HDEB[3], C-12(CC) w/o
Bölkow 105C S-195 D-HDDU[3], C-13(CC)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N2/S-196 D-HDFA[2], (PK-PGN), PK-PEG, PK-TVC cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N3/S-197 D-HDFB[2], (PK-PGO), PK-PGW, PK-TVD cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N4/S-198 D-HDFC[2], (PK-PGP), PK-PGX, PK-TVE cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N5/S-199 D-HDFD[2], (PK-PGQ), PK-PGY w/o
Bölkow 105C S-200 D-HDFE[2], D-9611, 98+22(D), 82+99(D), HE.15-16(EC)
Bölkow 105C S-201 D-HDFF[2], 98+23(D), D-HDFF[2] cnx
Bölkow 105C S-202 D-HDFG[2], 98+24(D), D-HDFG[2] prs
Bölkow 105C S-203 D-HDFH[2], 98+25(D), D-HDFH[2], (D-HUAB) cnx
Bölkow 105C S-204 D-HDFS[2], 98+26(D), D-HDFS[2], (D-HUAC) cnx
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-205 D-HDFT[2], HB-XFN, D-HAMB
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS > 105CBS-5 S-206 D-HDFU[2], D-HMBO, D-HDFU[2], D-HTSC, D-HDFU[2]
Bölkow 105C-2 S-207 D-HDFV[2], LQ-LSU, LV-LSU
Bölkow 105C-2 S-208 D-HDFW[2], LQ-LSV, LV-LSV w/o
Bölkow 105C-2 S-209 D-HDFM[2], LQ-LSW wfu
Bölkow 105C-2 S-210 D-HDGA, LQ-LSX, LV-LSX
Bölkow 105C > 105CB S-211 D-HDGB, EI-BDI w/o
Bölkow 105C > 105D S-212 D-HDGC, G-BGKP prs
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N7/S-213 (D-HDGD), PK-XBA, HS-7050(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N8/S-214 (D-HDGE), PK-XBB, HS-7051(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N9/S-215 (D-HDGF), PK-XBC, HS-7052(PK) w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N10/S-216 (D-HDGG), PK-XBD, HS-7053(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N11/S-217 (D-HDGH), PK-XBE, HS-7054(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N12/S-218 (D-HDGI), PK-XZJ, PK-PGU wfu
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N13/S-219 (D-HDGJ), PK-XBF, PK-NZE, PK-HTS, PK-ETS cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N14/S-220 (D-HDGK), PK-XZK, PK-FGH
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N15/S-221 (D-HDHA), PK-XBG, HS-7055(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N16/S-222 (D-HDHB), PK-XBJ, HV-405(PK), NV-405(PK) cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N17/S-223 (D-HDHC), PK-XBI, HV-406(PK), NV-406(PK) w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N18/S-224 (D-HDHD), PK-XBH, HS-7056(PK) w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N19/S-225 (D-HDHE), PK-XBK, HV-401(PK), NV-401(PK) w/o
PADC-Bölkow 105C P29/S-226 (D-HDGL), RP-1646, RP-1670, 226(RP), RP-C1670 cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P30/S-227 (D-HDGM), RP-1647, RP-1671, 227(RP), RP-C1671, 410(RP), RP-.....
PADC-Bölkow 105C P31/S-228 (D-HDGN), RP-1648, RP-1672, 228(RP), RP-C1672, 404(RP)
PADC-Bölkow 105C P32/S-229 (D-HDGO), RP-1649, RP-1673, RP-C1673, 229(RP), RP-1673
PADC-Bölkow 105C P33/S-230 (D-HDGP), RP-1650, RP-1674, RP-C1674, 230(RP), RP-1674 wfu
PADC-Bölkow 105C > Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 P34/S-231 (D-HDGQ), (RP-1662), (D-HDJB[2]), D-HMUD, 9M-TSR, 9M-LLU cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C > Bölkow 105CB P35/S-232 (D-HDGR), (RP-1663), (D-HDJC[2]), D-HMUK cnx
PADC-Bölkow 105C P36/S-233 (D-HDGS), RP-1664, RP-1675, 233(RP) wfu
PADC-Bölkow 105C P37/S-234 (D-HDGT), RP-1665, RP-1676, 234(RP), 411(RP) w/o
PADC-Bölkow 105C P38/S-235 (D-HDGU), RP-1666, RP-1677
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N20/S-236 (D-HDGV), PK-XBL, HV-402(PK), NV-402(PK) w/o
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-237 D-HDGW, B-37(PH) prs
Bölkow 105CB S-238 D-HDGX, B-38(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-239 D-HDGY, B-39(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-240 D-HDGZ, B-40(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-241 D-HDGL[2], B-41(PH) i/a
Bölkow 105CB S-242 D-HDGM[2], B-42(PH) prs
Bölkow 105CB S-243 D-HDGN[2], B-43(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-244 D-HDGO[2], B-44(PH), 'HB-ZHS' prs
Bölkow 105CB S-245 D-HDGP[2], B-45(PH) w/o
Bölkow 105CB S-246 D-HDHF, B-46(PH) dbf
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-247 D-HDHG, B-47(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-248 D-HDHH, B-48(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-249 D-HDHI, PH-RPV, 4L-QOR, 4L-TLT cnx
Bölkow 105CB S-250 D-HDHJ, PH-RPW wfu
Bölkow 105C S-251 D-HDHK, C-14(CC)
Bölkow 105C S-252 D-HDHL, BDF-761(A9C), 1061(A9C)
Bölkow 105C S-253 D-HDHM, BDF-762(A9C), 1062(A9C)
Bölkow 105C S-254 D-HDHN, EC-CYM cnx
Bölkow 105C S-255 D-HDHO, B-761, B-7001 cnx
Bölkow 105C S-256 D-HDHP, B-762, B-7002 cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N21/S-257 (D-HDHQ), PK-XBM, PK-NZF w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N22/S-258 (D-HDHR), PK-XBN, HV-403(PK), NV-403(PK) cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N23/S-259 (D-HDHS), PK-XBO, PK-FSB, PK-FSI w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N24/S-260 (D-HDHT), PK-XBP, HH-1501(PK), PK-DKH cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N25/S-261 (D-HDHU), PK-XBQ, HV-404(PK), NV-404(PK) cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N26/S-262 (D-HDHV), PK-XBR, PK-FGG, PK-IWE cnx
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-263 (D-HDHW), B-63(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-264 (D-HDHX), B-64(PH), (D-HLAB[2]) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-265 (D-HDHY), B-65(PH) w/o
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-266 D-HDHZ, B-66(PH), D-HLAA, G-CMAO, RA-02554
Bölkow 105CB S-267 D-HDIA, B-67(PH) b/u
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-268 D-HDIB, B-68(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-269 D-HDIC, B-69(PH), D-HLAC, G-CMBM, RA-.....
Bölkow 105CB S-270 D-HDID, B-70(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-271 D-HDIE, B-71(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-272 D-HDIF, B-72(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-273 D-HDIG, B-73(PH) w/o
Bölkow 105CB S-274 D-HDIH, B-74(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-275 D-HDII, B-75(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-276 D-HDIJ, B-76(PH), (D-HLAD) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-277 D-HDIK, B-77(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-278 D-HDIL, B-78(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-279 D-HDIM, B-79(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105CB > 105CB-4 S-280 D-HDIN, B-80(PH) wfu
Bölkow 105C S-281 D-HDIO, B-763 w/o
Bölkow 105C S-282 D-HDIP, B-764 w/o
Bölkow 105D S-283 D-HDIQ, NAF524(5N), NAF504[2](5N)
Bölkow 105D S-284 D-HDIR, NAF525(5N), NAF505[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-285 D-HDIS, NAF526(5N), NAF506[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-286 D-HDIT, NAF527(5N), NAF507[2](5N)
Bölkow 105D S-287 D-HDIU, NAF528(5N), NAF508[2](5N)
Bölkow 105D S-288 D-HDIV, NAF529(5N), NAF509[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-289 D-HDIW, NAF530(5N), NAF510[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-290 D-HDIX, NAF531(5N), NAF511(5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-291 D-HDIY, NAF532(5N), NAF512(5N)
Bölkow 105D S-292 D-HDIZ, NAF533(5N), NAF513(5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-293 D-HDGD[2], NAF534(5N), NAF514(5N)
Bölkow 105D S-294 D-HDGE[2], NAF535(5N), NAF515(5N)
Bölkow 105D S-295 D-HDGF[2], NAF536(5N), NAF516(5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-296 D-HDGG[2], NAF537(5N), NAF517(5N)
Bölkow 105D S-297 D-HDGH[2], NAF538(5N), NAF518(5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-298 D-HDGI[2], NAF539(5N), NAF519(5N)
Bölkow 105D S-299 D-HDGJ[2], NAF540(5N), NAF520[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-300 D-HDGK[2], NAF541(5N), NAF521[2](5N) wfu
Bölkow 105D S-301 D-HDHA[2], NAF542(5N), NAF522[2](5N)
Bölkow 105D S-302 D-HDHB[2], NAF543(5N), NAF523[2](5N) wfu
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N27/S-303 (D-HDHC[2]), PK-XBS, HS-7057(PK), HU-7057(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N28/S-304 (D-HDHD[2]), PK-XBT, HS-7058(PK) w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N29/S-305 (D-HDHE[2]), PK-XBU, HS-7059(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N30/S-306 (D-HDGQ[2]), PK-XBV, HS-7060(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N31/S-307 (D-HDGR[2]), PK-XZA, HS-7061(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N32/S-308 (D-HDGS[2]), PK-XZB, HS-7062(PK) w/o
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N33/S-309 (D-HDGT[2]), PK-XZC, HS-7063(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N34/S-310 (D-HDGU[2]), PK-XZD, HS-7064(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N35/S-311 (D-HDGV[2]), PK-XZE, HS-7065(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N36/S-312 (D-HDHQ[2]), PK-XZF, HH-1502(PK), PK-DKS i/a
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N37/S-313 (D-HDHR[2]), PK-XZG, HH-1503(PK), PK-DKJ wfu
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N38/S-314 (D-HDHS[2]), PK-XZH, HH-1504(PK)
Bölkow 105CB S-315 D-HDHT[2], 98+27(D) wfu
Bölkow 105CB S-316 D-HDHU[2], 98+28(D) wfu
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N39/S-317 (D-HDHV[2]), PK-XZI, HH-1505(PK), PK-DKL cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N40/S-318 (D-HDHW[2]), PK-XZJ[2], HH-1506(PK), PK-DKM i/a
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C N41/S-319 (D-HDHX[2]), PK-XZK[2], P-4001(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105C > 105CB N42/S-320 (D-HDHY[2]), PK-XZL[2], PK-AVE cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105DB-2 S-321 D-HJET, G-BFYA
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-322 (D-HDIA), D-HIFR, PMU-5(7P), LDF-5(7P), ZS-RNE[2]
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-323 (D-HDJA), D-HLBJ, BDF-763(A9C), 1063(A9C)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-324 (D-HDJB), D-HDJD[2], HB-XGM, PH-KHD prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-325 (D-HDJC), D-HBOC
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-326 (D-HDJD), D-HBOD w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-327 D-HDJE, HR.15-83(EC) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-328 D-HDJF, PH-RPU, (D-HDJF), PH-RPU w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-329 D-HDJG, HB-XGT, PH-KHE b/u
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-330 D-HDJH, HU.15-6(EC)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-331 D-HDJI, 600(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-332 D-HDJJ, 601(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-333 D-HDJK, 602(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-334 D-HDJL, 603(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-335 D-HDJM, 604(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-336 D-HDJN, 605(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-337 D-HDJO, 606(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-338 D-HDJP, 607(ST) wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-339 D-HDJQ, N46972, N430TL, N440CH, N440QH, N911AG, N105HH w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-340 D-HDJR, N46974, N400WK, N340WA, N912ET, N915SH, A6-..., UP-EC108
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-341 D-HDJS, N46975, D-HMED, D-HMVC, SE-JFD, OH-HMC, 4X-BJZ prs
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-342 D-HDJT, N46977 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-343 D-HDJU, N46978, N6BX, HI-505TX, HI-505SP, YV199T, YV2717 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-344 D-HDJV, N46979, N777VE, N41N cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-345 D-HDJW, N46980, XC-CAQ, YV-O-GEM-1, YVO146
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-5 S-346 D-HDJX, N46981, XC-CAR, N6170K, D-HHBW, (PH-BOO) wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-347 D-HDJY, N46982, N40EG, VH-ZXW
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-348 D-HDJZ, N46983, N50EG, HK-4746
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105 CDN-BS-4 S-349 D-HDHX[3], N46984, N3537T, C-FNHE
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-350 D-HDHY[3], N46985, N3538T
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-351 D-HDHC[3], 608(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-352 D-HDHD[3], 609(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-353 D-HDHE[3], 610(ST) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-354 D-HDGQ[3], 611(ST)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-355 D-HDGR[3], PH-RPS, UP-EC104 wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-356 D-HDGS[3], PH-RPR wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-357 D-HDGT[3], 5N-ASJ wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-358 D-HDGU[3], 5N-ASK wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-P > 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-359 D-HDGV[3], 98+38(D), D-HDGV[3], HA.15-84(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-360 D-HDHQ[3], 3501(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-361 D-HDHR[3], 3502(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-362 D-HDHS[3], 3503(YI)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-363 D-HDHV[3], P-786(A6), 'S-786(A6)' prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-364 D-HDHW[3] cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-365 D-HDLA, HB-XGY w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-366 D-HDLB, P-787(A6) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-367 D-HDLC, P-788(A6) wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 (parts of A6-ALG) S-368 (D-HDLD), D-HAYI, UR-EURO, UR-CLW cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-369 D-HDLE, H5(LV)/LQ-MMS, LV-MMS
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-370 D-HDLF, LV-MMW
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N43/S-371 (D-HDLG), PK-XZL, PK-IMA cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N44/S-372 (D-HDLH), PK-XZM, P-4002(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N45/S-373 (D-HDLI), PK-XZN, P-4003(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N46/S-374 (D-HDLJ), PK-XZO, P-4004(PK) prs
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N47/S-375 (D-HDLK), PK-XZP, PK-PGI cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N48/S-376 (D-HDLL), PK-XZQ, P-4005(PK) prs
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N49/S-377 (D-HDLM), PK-XZR, HH-1508(PK)
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N50/S-378 (D-HDLN), PK-XZS, PK-HZS, PK-PIY cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N51/S-379 (D-HDLO), PK-XZT, HH-1507(PK), PK-DKN cnx
Nurtanio-Bölkow 105CB-2 N52/S-380 (D-HDLP), PK-XZU, HH-1517(PK), HR-1517(PK)
Bölkow 105DB-2 S-381 D-HDLQ, EI-BLD, G-XBLD
Bölkow 105DS-2 > 105DBS-5 S-382 D-HDLR, EC-DSO, D-HDLR, LN-OTJ, G-EYNL, 2-BREM
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-383 D-HDLS, 3504(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-384 D-HDLT, 3505(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-385 D-HDLU, 3506(YI), D-HDLU, 3506(YI)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-386 D-HDLV, A6-HEH, P-789(A6), ZK-HAV[2], VH-XBO, P2-TOW
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-387 D-HDLW, I-EHBB, N87SA, N233SL b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-388 D-HDLX, 5H-MUM, ZS-ROK, 5H-MUM cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-389 D-HDLY, SX-HAY, 4L-AMB
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-390 D-HDLZ, N2304H, HL9207 cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-391 D-HDLG[2], D-HBBB, D-HDRA[3], PK-..., D-HDRA[3], UP-EC116
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105DBS-4 S-392 D-HDLH[2], VR-BGV, G-SPOL, G-TVAM, ZS-...
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-393 D-HDLI[2], 3507(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-394 D-HDLJ[2], 3508(YI)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-395 D-HDLK[2], LQ-MOA, LV-MOA, LQ-MOA
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-396 D-HDLL[2], N10360, OH-HCB[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-397 D-HDLM[2], (N9044Q), N3539T cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-398 (D-HDLN[2]), D-HNWA, UP-EC115
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-399 (D-HDLO[2]), D-HNWB, PE-01(LV)/LQ-ZZW, LV-ZZW, OB-2118-P
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-400 D-HDLP[2], 3509(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-401 D-HDLD[2], 3510(YI)
PADC-Bölkow 105CB-2 P39/S9-402 (D-HDMA), RP-C214, D-HDNS[3], EC-DTM prs
PADC-Bölkow 105CB-2 P40/S9-403 (D-HDMB), RP-C215, D-HDQX[3], HU.15-7(EC), HU.15-77(EC)
PADC-Bölkow 105CB-2 P41/S9-404 (D-HDMC), RP-C216, D-HDQY[2], HU.15-8(EC), HU.15-78(EC)
PADC-Bölkow 105CB-2 P42/S9-405 (D-HDMD), RP-C217, D-HDQZ[2], RP-C248, ZS-RJI
PADC-Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 P43/S9-406 (D-HDME), RP-C218, ZS-HKM w/o
PADC-Bölkow 105CB-2 P44/S9-407 (D-HDMF), RP-C219, D-HDQZ[3], HU.15-9(EC), HU.15-79(EC)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-408 (D-HDMG), D-HDPV[2], AMDB-123(V8) i/a
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-409 (D-HDMH), D-HDPW[2], AMDB-124(V8), ATUDB-201(V8), TUDB-201(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-410 (D-HDMI), D-HDPX[2], AMDB-125(V8), ATUDB-202(V8), TUDB-202(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-411 (D-HDMJ), D-HDPY[2], AMDB-126(V8), ATUDB-203(V8), TUDB-203(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-412 (D-HDMK), D-HDPZ[2], AMDB-127(V8), ATUDB-204(V8), TUDB-204(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-413 (D-HDML), D-HDNJ[2], AMDB-128(V8), ATUDB-205(V8), TUDB-205(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-414 (D-HDMM), D-HDMA[2], EC-HNT, CC-ACM
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-415 (D-HDMN), D-HBOE, OK-IAN
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105DBS-4 S-416 D-HDMO, (D-HSTP), D-HDMO, G-NAAB, (D-H...) wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-417 D-HDMP, XHU.15-1(EC), ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-418 D-HDMQ, N4917M, HK-2588X, HK-2588P
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-419 D-HDMR, N4921M, N400MB, N400MF, N105MH cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-420 D-HDMS, N4927M, N3456T, 420(RP)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105DBS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-421 D-HDMT, N4929M, G-BNPS, G-PASC, ZS-RNC
Bölkow Hkp9 (BO105CB-2) > 105DB-4 S-422 D-HDMU, 09076(SE), D-HDMU, G-BTKL, PH-...
Bölkow 105L Multi S-423 D-HDMV wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-424 (D-HDMW), D-HNWC w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-425 D-HDMX, D-HARU[2], PH-RPX, P2-NHW cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-426 D-HDMY, D-HAMY[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-427 D-HDMZ, D-HASY wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-428 D-HDMB[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-429 D-HDMC[2], N8056A cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-430 D-HDMD[2], N8056B, N500KV, N500KG, HK-4698, PS-VAI
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-431 D-HDME[2], D-HNWD wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-432 D-HDMF[2], LQ-OMH, LV-OMH, LQ-OMH
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-433 D-HDMG[2], LN-OTD, SE-JHR b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-434 D-HDMH[2], DU-105(A6), A6-DBH, EI-LIT wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-435 D-HDMI[2], JA9556, N977SW cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-436 D-HDMJ[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-437 D-HDMK[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-438 D-HDML[2], UP-EC117
Bölkow Hkp9 (BO105CB-2) > 105CB-2 S-439 D-HDMM[2], 09077(SE), SE-HSG, RA-.....
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-440 D-HDJB[3], S5-HCB w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-441 D-HDJC[3], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-442 D-HDMN[2], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-443 D-HDLN[3], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-444 D-HDLO[3], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-445 D-HDJA[3], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-446 D-HDMW[2], ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-447 D-HDNA, ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-448 D-HDNB, ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-449 D-HDNC, ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-450 D-HDND, ...(YI)
Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S-451 D-HDNE, 98+39(D), HR.15-17(EC) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S-452 D-HDNF, 98+40(D), HR.15-18(EC) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S-453 D-HDNG, 98+41(D), HA.15-19(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) > 105CB-4 S4-454 (D-HDNH), HR.15-20(EC), EC-060, HU.15-20(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-455 D-HDNI, A6-SKZ, D-HDNI, N54574, N455BH, N25SE, LV-FKS
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-456 (D-HDNJ), D-HNWE
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-457 D-HDNK, N8475A, XA-LOI
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-458 D-HDNL, N84981, N70EG, (V4-...), N70EG, VH-JYS[2]
Bölkow 105LS > 105LS A-1 S-459 D-HDNM, D-HMBN[3] cnx
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-460 (D-HDNN), HR.15-21(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-461 (D-HDNO), HR.15-22(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-462 (D-HDNP), HR.15-23(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-463 (D-HDNQ), HA.15-33(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-464 (D-HDNR), HR.15-24(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-465 (D-HDNS), HR.15-25(EC) w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-466 (D-HDNT), HR.15-26(EC) w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-467 (D-HDNU), HR.15-27(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-468 (D-HDNV), HR.15-28(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-469 (D-HDNW), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) > 105CB-4 S4-470 (D-HDNX), HR.15-29(EC), EC-061, HU.15-29(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-471 (D-HDNY), HA.15-34(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-472 (D-HDNZ), HR.15-30(EC) w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) > 105CB-4 S4-473 (D-HDPA), HR.15-31(EC), EC-062, HU.15-31(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-474 (D-HDPB), HA.15-35(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-475 (D-HDPC), HA.15-36(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (LOH) S4-476 (D-HDPD), HR.15-32(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-477 (D-HDPE), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-478 (D-HDPF), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-479 (D-HDPG), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-480 (D-HDPH), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-481 (D-HDPI), HR.15-60(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-482 (D-HDPJ), HA.15-37(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-483 (D-HDPK), HR.15-61(EC), HA.15-61(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-484 (D-HDPL), HA.15-38(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-485 (D-HDPM), HA.15-39(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-486 (D-HDPN), HR.15-62(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-487 (D-HDPO), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-488 (D-HDPP), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-489 (D-HDPQ), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-490 (D-HDPR), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-491 (D-HDPS), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-492 (D-HDPT), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-493 (D-HDPU), HR.15-63(EC), EC-063, HU.15-63(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-494 (D-HDPV), HA.15-40(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-495 (D-HDPW), HA.15-41(EC), HR.15-41(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-496 (D-HDPX), HA.15-42(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-497 (D-HDPY), HR.15-64(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-498 (D-HDPZ), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-499 (D-HDQA), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-500 (D-HDQB), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-501 (D-HDQC), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-502 (D-HDQD), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-503 (D-HDQE), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-504 (D-HDQF), HR.15-65(EC), EC-064, HU.15-65(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-505 (D-HDQG), HA.15-43(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-506 (D-HDQH), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-507 (D-HDQI), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-508 (D-HDQJ), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-509 (D-HDQK), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-510 (D-HDQL), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105P S4-511 (D-HDQM), ...(YI)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-512 (D-HDQN), HR.15-66(EC), HA.15-66(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-513 (D-HDQO), HA.15-44(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-514 (D-HDQP), HA.15-45(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-515 (D-HDQQ), HA.15-46(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-516 (D-HDQR), HA.15-47(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-517 (D-HDQS), HR.15-67(EC), EC-065, HU.15-67(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-518 (D-HDQT), HR.15-68(EC), EC-066, HU.15-68(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-519 (D-HDQU), HA.15-48(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-520 (D-HDQV), HA.15-49(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-521 (D-HDQW), HA.15-50(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-522 (D-HDQX), HA.15-51(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-523 (D-HDQY), HR.15-69(EC), EC-067, HU.15-69(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-524 (D-HDQZ), HA.15-52(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-525 (D-HDRA), HA.15-53(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-526 (D-HDRB), HA.15-54(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-527 (D-HDRC), HR.15-70(EC), EC-068, HU.15-70(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-4 S4-528 (D-HDRD), HR.15-71(EC), EC-069, HU.15-71(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-529 (D-HDRE), HA.15-55(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-530 (D-HDRF[2]), HA.15-56(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-531 (D-HDRG), HA.15-57(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-532 (D-HDRH), HR.15-72(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) > 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-533 (D-HDRI), HR.15-73(EC), HA.15-73(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-534 (D-HDRJ), HA.15-58(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (ATH) S4-535 (D-HDRK), HA.15-59(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-536 (D-HDRL), HR.15-74(EC) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-537 (D-HDRM), HR.15-75(EC) wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 (GSH) S4-538 (D-HDRN), HR.15-76(EC) wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-539 D-HDNN[2], N8475B, N3520T cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-540 D-HDNO[2], LV-AND, AE-710(LV), LV-AND
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-541 D-HDNP[2], C-15[2](CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-542 D-HDNQ[2], BDF-764(A9C), 1064(A9C)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-543 D-HDNR[2], N42018, N423EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-544 (D-HDNS[2]), D-HADO[3], PH-RPY, P2-WOW[3] cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-545 D-HDNT[2], H6(LV)/LQ-AOF prs
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-546 D-HDNU[2], DU-106(A6), AB-6(A6), A6-DBI, OH-HCC[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-547 D-HDNV[2], DU-107(A6), AB-7(A6), A6-DBJ, OH-HCD[2], RA-02530
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-548 D-HDNW[2], N42001, N424EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-549 D-HDNX[2], N4202D, N105LF, N105SM, ZK-HAK[3], VH-XBO[2], N549VS, DQ-HVS, N549VS
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-550 D-HDNY[2], N42010, N378RL, LN-OSQ[4], D-HIFA[4], D-HUAM, N378RL, N911PN, N911BN, N105
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-551 D-HDNZ[2], N9364N, N425EH w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-552 D-HDPA[2], N93173, N426EH wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-553 D-HDPB[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-554 D-HDPC[2], N93205, N427EH cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S-555 D-HDPD[2], HMR-151(XA), MR-454(XA), AMHP-...(XA)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-556 D-HDPE[2], N9358B, N60EG, LV-CVE
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105 CDN-BS-2 > 105 CDN-BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-557 D-HDPF[2], N1346Z, C-GMQG, N1346Z, N86CH, N557HH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-558 D-HDPG[2], LQ-APX
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-559 D-HDPH[2], N9373H, N124EH, 9Y-TJE, N124EH
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-560 D-HDPI[2], C-16(CC), 'C-01(CC)' prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S-561 D-HDPJ[2], HMR-152(XA), MR-152(XA), AMHP-104(XA) b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-562 D-HDPK[2], N9376Y, N125EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-563 D-HDPL[2], H7(LV)/LQ-ARV
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S-564 D-HDPM[2], HMR-150(XA), MR-453(XA), AMHP-109(XA) prs
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-565 D-HDPN[2], HU.15-10(EC), HU.15-80(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-566 D-HDPO[2], N9380A, HK-3395X cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-567 D-HDPP[2], N126EH, HK-3755X, N126EH, 9Y-TIM, N126EH w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-568 D-HDPQ[2], HMR-153(XA)
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S-569 D-HDPR[2], HMR-154(XA), MR-154(XA), AMHP-...(XA)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-570 D-HDPS[2], LZ-BAN cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-571 D-HDPT[2], N127EH b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-572 D-HDPU[2], N128EH b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-573 D-HDPV[3], N2906T w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S-574 D-HDPW[3], HMR-155(XA), MR-155(XA), AMHP-...(XA)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-575 D-HDPX[3], ZS-HMJ
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-576 D-HDPY[3], EC-DTE wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-577 D-HDPZ[3], N2907T, PZ-HAK cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-578 D-HDQA[2], N29074, N617, N8056U, N3762 cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-579 D-HDQB[2], 5B-CBE, SX-HMK
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-580 D-HDQC[2], N29077, N129EH, YV-.....
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-581 D-HDQD[2], AMDB-100(V8), ADUDB-136(V8), ADUDB-106(V8), ATUDB-206(V8), TUDB-206(V8) wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-582 D-HDQE[2], LN-OTQ w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-583 D-HDQF[2], N2783V, N913ET, N918ET, ZK-IMO[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-584 D-HDQG[2], N2783X w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-585 D-HDQH[2], P-790(A6) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-586 D-HDQI[2], N2908U, N105UC, N550H w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-587 D-HDQJ[2], N2909L, N26SE, D-H...
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-588 D-HDQK[2], N2910H, N130EH cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-589 D-HDQL[2], EC-ZZU[2], HU.15-11(EC), HU.15-81(EC)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-590 D-HDQM[2], EC-ZZZ[2], HU.15-12(EC), HU.15-82(EC) w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-591 D-HDQN[2], P-791(A6) wfu
Bölkow 105C > 105CBS-4 S-592 D-HDQO[2], (N4572H), (...(YI)), D-HDQO[2], VH-NSQ, A6-ALU, VH-NSQ, ZK-HPB[2], VH-MBL, ...(A6), D-HDQO[2], B-5292(OK) w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 > Hkp9 (BO105CB-2) > 105CBS-4 S-593 D-HDQP[2], (...(YI)), D-HDQP[2], 09071(SE), D-HDQP[2], 09073(SE), D-HDQP[2], SX-HCK, G-ENVO, UP-EC120
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-594 (D-HDQQ[2]), (...(YI)), (D-HDQQ[2]), D-HAWY, ..??..
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-595 D-HDQR[2], N3129U, N131EH w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-596 D-HDQS[2], (...(YI)), D-HDQS[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-597 D-HDQT[2], N29121, N132EH[2], N105AG w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-598 (D-HDQU[2]), D-HDQX[4], N2912B, N133EH
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-599 D-HDQV[2], EC-DTF b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-600 D-HDQW[2], N2913Y, 4X-BJA wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-601 (D-HDQX[2]), D-HDQU[3], N3130E, (LN-OSQ[3]), N3130E cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-602 D-HDQY[3], EC-ZZT, HU.15-13(EC), HU.15-85(EC) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-603 (D-HDQZ[4]), D-HLRG, ZS-RMR w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-604 D-HDQQ[3], N3130T, N7EG, (N330), N7EG cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-605 D-HDSA, C-12[2](CC), C-16(CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-606 D-HDSB, N2913Z, (N132EH), N2913Z, LN-OSB[3], HB-ZHS, RA-02537
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-607 D-HDSC, N2914W, LN-OSD[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-608 D-HDSD, JA9907, N41PR, HA-BOA, RA-02545, N156HM
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-609 D-HDSE, N29144, D-HDSE, LN-OSI[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-610 D-HDSF, N2915J, N3526T, N160TH cnx
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-611 D-HDSG, EC-ZZU[3], HU.15-86(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-612 (D-HDSH), D-HOFF, 'N4573T' prs
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-613 D-HDSI, EC-DST w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-614 D-HDSJ, EC-DUP
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-615 (D-HDSK), D-HEMS, EC-IKT, CC-AEI
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-616 D-HDSL, VH-NSL, ...(A6), YV-O-PM-8, PM-8308(YV), PNB-8302(YV) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-617 D-HDSM, N2783Z, C-GGGC w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-618 D-HDSN, N27831, C-GGGM
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-619 D-HDSO, N2784A, N10VH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-620 D-HDSP, N2784E w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-621 D-HDSQ, N2784F, UP-.....
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-622 D-HDSR, C-17(CC), CC-DGW
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-623 D-HDSS, EC-DSU wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-624 D-HDST, ZS-XBX, ZS-HNF, 40(CC) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-625 D-HDSU, (N4572M), 9V-BNP, D-HDSU, VH-NSL[2], VH-PHO, D-HDSU, D-HHBG, UN-LA-130, UP-EC101, RA-02536
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-626 (D-HDSV), D-HNWF, D-HTSD, D-HAAO, RA-02548
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-627 D-HDSW, EC-ZZV, HU.15-87(EC)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-628 D-HDSX, EC-DUY
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-629 D-HDSY, EC-DUZ wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-630 D-HDSZ, (N5489A), EC-DVK wfu
Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S-631 D-HDTA, (N5489C), EC-DVL, UP-EC119
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-632 D-HDTB, N2784L, N105NG, 9M-LLL
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-633 D-HDTC, N2784N w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-634 D-HDTD, N2784V, LN-OSE[3], HB-ZHR, D-HZHR, RA-02539
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-635 D-HDTE, N2785A, N134EH b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-636 D-HDTF, N2785B w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 S4-637 (D-HDTG), HU.15-88(EC)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 S4-638 (D-HDTH), ECT-102, EC-DZG w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-639 (D-HDTI), N801MB, HMR-250(XA), MR-250(XA), AMHP-100(XA) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-640 (D-HDTJ), N802MB, HMR-251(XA), MR-251(XA), AMHP-...(XA)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-641 D-HDTK, C-GCHV prs
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-642 D-HDTL, N2785R w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-643 D-HDTM, N2785X, SE-JBS w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-644 D-HDTN, N27852, C-GSTV, N750H[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-645 D-HDTO, N27854, N495LF w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-646 D-HDTP, N27855, N83LF, N911HR w/o
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-647 D-HDTQ, ARC201(HK)
Bölkow 105CB-2 S-648 D-HDTR, ARC202(HK)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-649 D-HDTS, N649MS cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-650 D-HDTT, N650MS w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-1 S-651 D-HDTU wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-1 (parts of N352TT) S-652 D-HDTV wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-1 S-653 D-HDTW wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-1 S-654 D-HDTX w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-1 S-655 D-HDTY, CC-CKC, C-19(CC) prs
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105DBS-4 S-656 D-HDTZ, N4572Q, N14ES, G-BNRS, G-PASD, G-WOSY, ZK-HSJ[4], 9M-SAR[2], ZK-IKK, ..??..
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-657 (D-HDSH[2]), N803MB, HMR-252(XA), MR-252(XA), AMHP-102(XA) prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-658 (D-HDSK[2]), N804MB, HMR-253(XA), MR-253(XA), AMHP-...(XA)
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-659 (D-HDUA), N805MB, HMR-254(XA), MR-254(XA), AMHP-107(XA) b/u
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-5 S4-660 (D-HDUB), N806MB, HMR-255(XA), MR-255(XA), AMHP-108(XA) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-661 (D-HDUC[2]), D-HGYN, EC-IKO, CC-AEJ
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-5 (parts of D-HCCC[2]) S-662 D-HDUD, D-HNNN[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-663 D-HDUE, N4572R, N911LF, N811LF
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-664 D-HDUF, N4572T, N911MB, N233BK, N491HL, C-....
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-665 D-HDUG, N4572V cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-666 D-HDUH, N4573A, HK-3225X, N4573A, LN-OSZ[2] prs
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-667 (D-HDUI), (N.....), EC-ECH w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-4 S4-668 (D-HDUJ), N9190F, N205UC, (N668PH), N205UC, N868PH, TI-BHE, N868PH, HK-5377
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-669 (D-HDUK), N9190Y
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-670 (D-HDUL), ECT-702, N5029H, N911RS, LV-GID
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-671 D-HDUM, N4573S[2], 9Y-TIW, SAUTT-04(9Y), NSOC-04(9Y), NOC-04(9Y)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-672 D-HDUN, N4573T[2], D-HDUN, N4573T[2], D-HEIM[2], EC-HPB, CC-ACN
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-673 D-HDUO, N4573B, XA-NAT, N4573B
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-674 D-HDUP, N4573C, N5EG w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-675 D-HDUQ, N4573D, N135EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-676 D-HDUR[2], N4573H, XA-MBB
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 > 105CBS-4 S4-677 (D-HDUS[2]), ECT-703, N50293, AP-BIG
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-678 (D-HDUT), ECT-..., N5031U, N24FR
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-679 (D-HDUU), ECT-704, N679S, HK-3402X cnx
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-680 (D-HDUV), D-HMUC[2], LN-OBV[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-681 D-HDUW, C-GCHW wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-682 D-HDUX, C-GCFN
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-683 D-HDUY, N4573L, N911HM, D-HLSZ w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-684 D-HDUZ, (N4573S), D-HNWG, D-HTSD[2], D-HTSA[3], 4X-BJU wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-685 D-HDUC[3], (N4573T), (N685CB), N685ME, N911BH, PZ-HWC[2]
CASA-Bölkow 105CBS-2 S4-686 D-HDSV[2], ZS-HNY w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-687 D-HDVA, H-62[2](CC), CC-CHK
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-688 D-HDVB, H-63[2](CC), CC-CHM
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-689 D-HDVC, H-64(CC), CC-CHN
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-690 D-HDVD, EC-DXC cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-691 D-HDVE, (N691CB), (N691ME), ZS-HNX
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-692 D-HDVF, (N692CB), (N692ME), ZS-HNW
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-693 D-HDVG, (N693CB), (N693ME), ZS-HNZ
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-694 D-HDVH, N694CB, N694MB, N105CJ, N911GB w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-695 D-HDVI, (N695CB), N695ME, (C-GIRQ), C-GCHX w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-696 D-HDVJ, N696CB, N696ME, (C-GIRS), C-GCHU wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-697 D-HDVK, EC-DXD wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-698 D-HDVL, EC-DXH wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-699 D-HDVM, EC-DXI
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-700 D-HDVN, EC-DYM w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-701 D-HDVO, N954MB, N152EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-702 D-HDVP, N958MB, N153EH, PH-NZY, N153EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-703 D-HDVQ, N962MB, N148EH, PH-NZX, N148EH, N911RJ cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-704 D-HDVR, (N965MB), N965MN, N154EH, N141LG, N154EH
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-705 D-HDVS, N968MB, N149EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-706 D-HDVT, N955MB, N151EH b/u
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-707 D-HDVU, EC-DYN wfu
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-708 D-HDVV, H-65(CC), CC-CHQ
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 S4-709 D-HDVW, N5353V w/o
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-710 D-HDVX, H-66(CC), CC-CHR
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-711 D-HDVY, (N711XY), H-61(CC), C-03(CC) b/u
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-712 D-HDVZ, N712XY, HK-3224X, N503AL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-713 D-HDRA[2], (N713XY), D-HEEE[2], LX-HAR, D-HEEE[2], RA-02538
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-714 D-HDRB[2], (N714XY), (N714MR), D-HNWH, D-HTSA[2], (4X-BJJ), D-HMSU, 4X-BJJ wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-715 D-HDRC[2], N715XY, C-GCFO wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-716 D-HDRD[2], N716XY, C-GCFQ, VH-YON
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-4 S4-717 D-HDRE[2], N5352H, N911FL cnx
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-4 S4-718 D-HDRF[3], N5368F, N911PF, N548SW, N271FX, RA-02556
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S4-719 D-HDRG[2], N10034, N911BR[2], N917SH, VH-FUB[3]
CASA-Bölkow 105CB-2 > 105CB-4 S4-720 D-HDRH[2], EC-ECI cnx
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-721 D-HDRI[2], 09072(SE), 09221(SE) prs
Bölkow Hkp9B (BO105CBS-2) S-722 D-HDRJ[2], 09413(SE) w/o
Bölkow Hkp9B (BO105CBS-2) > 105CBS-4 S-723 D-HDRK[2], 09414(SE), D-HMBV[3], OH-HMS, RA-02531, UP-EC106
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-724 D-HDRL[2], YV-517CP, N105RM, PT-HXI cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-725 D-HDRM[2], N959MB, C-GCFS wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-726 D-HDRN[2], N726S, C-GCFT
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-727 D-HDRO, N963MB, C-GCFU w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-728 D-HDRP, N966MB, C-GCFV wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-729 D-HDRQ, N969MB, C-GCHY cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-730 D-HDRR, N956MB, C-GCFX wfu
Bölkow Hkp9B (BO105CBS-2) > 105CBS-4 S-731 D-HDRS, 09415(SE), D-HMBW[2], D-HECB, OH-HKI, RA-02533, UP-EC105
Bölkow Hkp9B (BO105CBS-2) > 105CBS-4 S-732 D-HDRT, 09416(SE), D-HDRT, LN-OSX[2], D-HDRT, F-OHQZ, 9Y-TJF, SAUTT-03(9Y), NSOC-03(9Y), NOC-03(9Y)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-733 D-HDRU, N900MB, C-GCFY wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-734 D-HDRV, N734MB, C-GJDA, D-HPPP, RA-02541
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-735 D-HDRW, (N960MB), ZS-XBX[2], 7P-AAO, 7P-HAA, LDF-45(7P), ZS-RNO
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-736 (D-HDRX), (N964MB), D-HDQW[3], ZS-HRF w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-5 S-737 D-HDRY, N967MB, LQ-ZYR w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105DBS-4 S-738 D-HDRZ, N970MB, VH-MBK, D-HDRZ, G-CDBS, N192SJ cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-739 D-HDXA, N957MB, N105MM, N705MM, N911SE, N660SL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-740 D-HDXB, N961MB, N911LF w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-5 S-741 (D-HDXC), D-HJJJ, TC-HMA[2], HL9601
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-742 D-HDXD, ZS-HRG
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-743 D-HDXE, ZS-HRH wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-744 D-HDXF, ZS-HRI
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-745 D-HDXG, ZS-HRK, 41(CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-746 (N620MB), D-HDXH, ZS-HSF
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-747 (N621MB), D-HDXI, ZS-HSG
Bölkow 105CBS-2 S-748 (N622MB), D-HDXJ, HU.15-89(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-749 D-HDXK, JA9646, N141M, HP-....
Bölkow 105CBS-2 > 105CBS-4 S-750 D-HDXL, N623MB, N633MB
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-751 D-HDXM, N624MB, VH-NUB[2], P2-TWO
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-752 D-HDXN, N721MB, N911HD, HP-1924HA w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-753 D-HDXO, N9737Z, N105AL, N818SH, N911WK, UP-.....
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-754 D-HDXP, N722MB, N485EC, LV-BZX
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-755 D-HDXQ, N723MB, N30SV w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-756 D-HDXR, N724MB, OH-HMW, RA-02535
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-757 D-HDXS, N97374, N105UC[2], N911XX, HP-1798HA cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-758 D-HDXT, N725MB, C-FDXG[2], N725MB, 9Y-THP wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-759 D-HDXU, N726MB, XA-NAA cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-760 D-HDXV, N727MB, XA-NAF
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-761 D-HDXW, N728MB, XA-NAN, SE-JDJ, D-HTSA, D-HGSV, ZK-HMR[4], P2-MPG
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-762 D-HDXX, D-HNWI, OH-HNS, SE-HPJ, YV1042[2], YV1582[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-763 D-HDXY, (N729MB), D-HDXY, B-5763(OK) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-764 D-HDXZ, (N820MB), EC-EDG w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-765 D-HDYA, (N821MB), P-792(A6)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-766 D-HDYB, (N822MB), D-HAWO w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-767 D-HDYC, (N823MB), ZS-HUZ
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-768 D-HDYD, N824MB cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-769 D-HDYE, N825MB, N106AL, N911VH, N105SE, N916SH w/o
Bölkow 105DBS-4 S-770 D-HDYF, G-DCCH w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-771 D-HDYG, N826MB, PZ-HWC, N105LL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-772 D-HDYH, N827MB, N107AL, ..??.., N107AL, N314MS, N912ET, N912BT
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-773 D-HDYI, ZS-HUY
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-774 D-HDYJ, N51948 cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-775 D-HDYK, N828MB, N8775, D-HARK[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-776 D-HDYL, N829MB, N8776, D-HANT, RA-02550
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-777 D-HDYM, D-HNWJ, D-HTSC[2], PH-RPZ, P2-WOW[2], P2-LAE w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-778 D-HDYN, ZS-HUX
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-779 D-HDYO, N5059C, D-H...
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-780 D-HDYP, N50588, CC-CVY, LV-CQO
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-781 D-HDYQ, N5352Y, ZS-RJU[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-782 D-HDYR, N5366Y, D-HPOL[2] cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-783 D-HDYS, N5367Y, N204PC w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-784 D-HDYT, N5412J, N911BQ, N912ET, N911BQ cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-785 D-HDYU, N54125, PT-HXK cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-786 D-HDYV, N5413D w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-787 D-HDYW, N54136, C-FMAG, N4391S, N131AE
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-788 D-HDYX, HU.15-90(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-789 D-HDYY, N5414F, N105LC
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-790 D-HDYZ, N5414H, N301LG, N105NC, VH-VHK, (P2-RAB)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-791 D-HDZA, N5415M, N729RJ w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-792 D-HDZB, N7062W, PT-HVB
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-793 D-HDZC, N7062X
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-794 D-HDZD, N5416F cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-795 D-HDZE, N5416X, PT-HVA
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-796 D-HDZF, N5417E, N825LF cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-797 D-HDZG, P-01(JY), ZK-IBP[2], RA-02543
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-798 D-HDZH, N5417J, XA-TUM
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 > 105CBS-4 S-799 D-HDZI, N54173, C-GTMN, N155BG, N5BG
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-800 D-HDZJ, N5418A, N133AE, N800PH
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-801 D-HDZK, P-02(JY), ZK-IBO[2], N66RL
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-802 D-HDZL, P-03(JY), ZK-HVA[4], RA-02540
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-803 D-HDZM, N5418G, N124PW, N492HL, N326MH
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-804 D-HDZN, N54191
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-805 D-HDZO, N54197 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-806 D-HDZP, N5421E
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-807 D-HDZQ, N81552, N299EH w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-808 D-HDZR, N8197X w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-809 D-HDZS, N54216, N125KB, N493HL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-810 D-HDZT, EC-EQY
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-811 D-HDZU, D-HFFF[2], RA-02542 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-812 D-HDZV, N81970, N105WK, N911EB, UP-EC110
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-813 D-HDZW, N8198B, HK-3563X, N42897, N234JL, N494HL, N327MH
Bölkow 105DBS-4 S-814 D-HDZX, G-PASX, G-SIVK, ZK-IAA[2]
Bölkow 105DBS-4 S-815 D-HDZY, G-WYPA, VH-...
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-816 D-HDZZ, 5Y-BFW, ...(5Y)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-817 D-HFCA, N81981, N126TP, N495HL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-818 D-HFCB, N81982, UP-EC103
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-820 D-HFCD, ZS-RBA
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-821 D-HFCE, ZS-RBB
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-822 D-HFCF, N81987, (N127BL), N246HA, N496HL cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-823 D-HFCG, ZS-XBX[5], (ZS-RJU), ZU-XXX[2], ZS-RAW[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-824 D-HFCH, JA9997, ZK-HYT[5]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-825 D-HFCI, JA9987 i/a
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-826 D-HFCJ, N8199J
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-827 D-HFCK, N81992, (D-HEER[3]), N81992, D-HEER[3], UP-EC114
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-828 D-HFCL, N81832 cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-829 D-HFCM, N2235V, N105CR, LV-CSM
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-830 D-HFCN, N7136J, N911DD cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-831 D-HFCO, HB-XXK, OE-XFS, D-HARO[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-832 (D-HFCP), D-HAIY[2], D-HAZY[2], ..??..
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-833 D-HFCQ, N7136H w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-834 D-HFCR, N7161J w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-835 D-HFCS, N41854, N297EH w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-836 D-HFCT, N7161M, PT-HXJ
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-837 D-HFCU, N7161N, 9Y-TIC w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-838 D-HFCV, N7171A, N135AE, N838PH, N105ML, (HK-4945X) cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-839 D-HFCW, N71581, H8(LV)/LQ-WFO
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105DBS-4 S-840 D-HFCX, N7170D, AP-BIH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-841 D-HFCY, N6607K, ZK-IAI[4], ZK-HCV[4], RA-02552
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-842 D-HFCZ, N65962, N291EH, C-FIHC
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-843 D-HFHA, N7170C, N292EH, N911AG cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-844 D-HFHB, N6612K, N293EH wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-845 D-HFHC, N4186F, N298EH cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105S CDN BS-4 S-846 D-HFHD, N6595A, N294EH, C-GBWE[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-847 D-HFHE, N65380, N295EH, LV-ZHO, LQ-ZHO
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-848 (D-HFHF), D-HGAB[2], ZS-PVZ, 9M-LLS cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-849 D-HFHG, N65385, N296EH, YV-.....
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-850 D-HFHH, N6554Y, N290EH, HP-1816HA cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-851 D-HFHI, N4193R, N137AE, PP-MMD, N137AE, N851PH, ZK-IAJ[2], ZK-HGV[4], ZK-HBD[5]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-852 D-HFHJ, D-HMBO[5], EC-FFV, UP-EC118
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-853 D-HFHK, N4302G, D-HMB., D-HAWI[2] w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-854 D-HFHL, N65DA
Bölkow 105DBS-4 S-855 D-HFHM, G-BTHV, D-HMBV[4], G-BTHV, 'D-HHTM' wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-856 D-HFHN, 43(CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-857 D-HFHO, D-HMBP, H-67(CC), 44(CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-858 (D-HFHP), D-HTHA, RA-02549
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-859 D-HFHQ, D-HMBQ, N3071K[2], D-H..., UP-EC102
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-860 D-HFHR, D-HMBR, N4294R, N911JF, LV-GIE
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-861 (D-HFHS), D-HELM[2], ZS-PWA, 9M-LLE cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-862 D-HFHT, D-HMBS, N4294A, LQ-BLS
Bölkow 105CBS-4 (parts to LQ-BLT[2]) S-863 D-HFHU, D-HMBT, N3151H, LQ-BLT prs
Bölkow 105CBS-4 (parts of LQ-BLT) S-863/915 LQ-BLT[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-864 D-HFHV, SX-HET, D-HFHV, SX-HET
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-865 D-HFHW, D-HMBK[2], B-5265(OK), OK-BYX, OK-AAA, UP-EC111
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-866 D-HFHX, D-HMBK, N3202Y, D-HTHB cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-867 D-HFHY, D-HMBL[2], N32022, D-HUHN, ZS-PWB, 9M-LLF cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-868 D-HFHZ, D-HMBM, N3203K, D-HLFB, 'D-HLEB', 'D-HILF' prs
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-869 D-HFNA[2], D-HMBL[5], EC-982, EC-FNO
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-870 D-HFNB, D-HMBM[3], EC-981, EC-FNN cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-871 D-HFNC, D-HMBL[3], N4346G, D-HUPE, ZS-PWE, 9M-LLG
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-872 D-HFND, D-HMBN[5], N5096Y, D-HHIT, LZ-BAP cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-873 (D-HFNE), D-HSAB, RA-02555
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-874 D-HFNF, D-HMBN[4], N3203L, D-HIII[2], HL9617 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-875 D-HFNG, D-HMBM[2], N4345F, D-HLLL[2], SP-NCM
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-876 D-HFNH, D-HMBK[3], H-68(CC), 45(CC) w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-877 D-HFNI, D-HMBO[6], H-69(CC), 46(CC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-878 D-HFNJ, D-HMBK[4], B-5278(OK), OK-BYY, OK-BBB, UP-EC112
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-879 D-HFNK, D-HMBV, D-HTKH, SX-HER
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-880 D-HFNL, D-HMBP[2], P-722(A6), N90905, YN-CJA, (HK-5379)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-881 D-HFNM, D-HMBL[6], P-723(A6), N20374, HK-4749
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-882 D-HFNN, D-HMBK[5], JA6702 wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-883 D-HFNO, D-HMBT[2], D-HUBE, D-HUDM
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-884 D-HFNP, D-HMBT[3], HU.15-91(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-885 D-HFNQ, (D-HTHC), D-HMBW, HU.15-92(EC)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-886 D-HFNR, (D-HTHD), D-HMBS[2], RP-C2110
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-887 D-HFNS, D-HMBM[4], P-724(A6), N2038F, (HK-4687) cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-888 D-HFNT, D-HMBN[7], P-725(A6), P-793(A6), ZK-HAX[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-889 D-HFNU, 511(A9C), 1050(A9C)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-890 D-HFNV, D-HMBV[2], JA6735
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-891 D-HFNW, D-HBIV, OH-HMB, 4X-BJP, HL9630
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-892 D-HFNX, D-HMBT[4], LQ-WHI, LV-WHI wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-893 D-HFNY, D-HMBU[2], 512(A9C), 1051(A9C)
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-894 D-HFNZ, D-HMBV, PT-HZV cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-895 D-HMBY, N204PC, N730TS, N895PH, HR-...
Bölkow 105CBS-4 > 105CBS-5 S-896 D-HMBT[5], EC-705, EC-FYV wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-897 D-HSMA, SX-HPA
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-898 D-HMBU[3], N335T w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-899 D-HSMB, SX-HPB
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-900 D-HMBV, RA-23032 w/o
Bölkow 105CBS-4 S-901 JA6752, ZK-HZL[2], RA-02553
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-902 D-HMBS[3], PT-HZA
Bölkow 105CBS-5SF-SAR S-903 903 black(RA), RF-32760(RA)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-904 D-HEAA, (RA-.....), D-HEAA, RA-02534
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-905 12007(HL), 200007(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-906 12003(HL), 200003(HL)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-907 JA134Y, ZK-IEI, RA-02546
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-908 D-HGSE, N137H, PK-TWP, PK-BAG
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-909 D-HSTR, SX-HPC
Bölkow 105CBS-5SF-SAR S-910 D-HMBU[4], 910 black(RA), RF-32761(RA), RF-31135(RA), RF-32761(RA)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-911 D-HMXI, 5N-BCJ wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-5SF-SAR S-912 D-HMBT[6], 912 black(RA), RF-32762(RA)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-913 D-HGSF, D-HZZT, PR-MEQ, C9-HEQ cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-914 D-HGSG, RA-02532
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-915 D-HGSH wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-916 D-HGSI, D-HZZU, PR-MER cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-917 D-HGSJ, D-HZZY, PR-MET, LQ-GBQ
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-918 D-HGSK, ..??.., D-HGSK, LV-COM
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-919 D-HGSL, VH-NVK
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-920 D-HGSM, N105AH, PK-TWQ, PK-BAH
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-921 D-HGSN, D-HTSA[4], VH-NVP[2] wfu
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-922 D-HGSO, PR-OMC
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-923 D-HGSP, (D-HUCK), VH-NVH[2]
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-924 D-HGSQ, D-HSCH, 9Q-...
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-925 D-HGSR
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-926 D-HGSS, PR-MEW cnx
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-927 D-HGST, D-HCPA, VH-NVI
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-928 D-HGSU, D-HBAR, HL9612
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-929 D-HBOA[2], D-HBWH, RA-02557
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-930 12004(HL), 200004(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-931 12005(HL), 200005(HL)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-932 D-HMBT[7], 12001(HL), 200001(HL)
Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-933 D-HMBU, 12002(HL), 200002(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-934 12006(HL), 200006(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-935 12008(HL), 200008(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-936 12009(HL), 200009(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-937 12010(HL), 200010(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-938 12011(HL), 200011(HL)
Daewoo-Bölkow 105CBS-5 S-939 12012(HL), 200012(HL)
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1751 D-HNYA, 09201(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1752 D-HNYB, 09202(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1753 D-HNYC, 09203(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1754 D-HNYD, 09204(SE) w/o
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1755 D-HNYE, 09205(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1756 D-HNYF, 09206(SE) b/u
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1757 D-HNYG, 09207(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1758 D-HNYH, 09208(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1759 D-HNYI, 09209(SE) prs
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1760 D-HNYJ, 09210(SE) w/o
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1761 D-HNYK, 09211(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1762 D-HNYL, 09212(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1763 D-HNYM, 09213(SE) w/o
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1764 D-HNYN, 09214(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1765 D-HNYO, 09215(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1766 D-HNYP, 09216(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1767 D-HNYQ, 09217(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1768 D-HNYR, 09218(SE) prs
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1769 D-HNYS, 09219(SE) wfu
Bölkow Hkp9A (BO105CB-3) S-1770 D-HNYT, 09220(SE) wfu
Bölkow 105LS B-1 X-01 C-FMCL[3] wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-1 > 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2001 D-HLSA, VH-XLS, D-HLSA, ZS-RCP, VH-...
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2002 (D-HLSB), C-GIGJ, C-GTGJ, CC-PWB, CC-CGL[2], CC-PQD, CC-CCD, CC-PYD, CC-CYH
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2003 D-HLSC, N9733N, N911LS, XA-RTJ, N6148U, XA-STZ, D-HWHD, D-HMBT[8], CC-CGM and/or CC-CWS
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2004 D-HLSD, N204NH, D-HLSA[2] w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2005 D-HLSE, (N9732N), ...(YI)
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2006 D-HLSF, N97358, N96LS, CC-CWA[2]
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2007 D-HLSG, (N9734N), ...(YI)
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2008 D-HLSH, (N9735N), ...(YI)
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2009 D-HLSI, (N9736N), ...(YI)
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2010 D-HLSJ, C-18(CC)
Bölkow 105LS A-2 > 105LS A-3 2011 (D-HLSK), C-GOCD[2], N9737N w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2012 (D-HLSL), C-GISU, N9037U[2], N105LS, (XA-...), C-FMCL[4], N105LS, N787RC
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2013 (D-HLSM), C-GOYB[2], N5321S w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2014 (D-HLSN), C-GDXK[2], C-FCRK[3], N7035U, N202LF w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2015 (D-HLSO), C-GDVF, C-FCRJ[3], N7035M, N203LF, N31RX, VH-XRA
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2016 (D-HLSP), C-GERG[2], C-FCRM[3], N7035P, N204LF, 4K-AZ34, TC-HCR, VH-XRQ, ZS-...
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2017 (D-HLSQ), C-GNZB[2], C-GCJT[3], N8118Y
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2018 (D-HLSR), C-GGKQ[2], C-GDVF[2], N8118V, C-FPPP
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2019 (D-HLSS), C-GCJT[2], C-FEYU[2], N9SP, N95SR, 5Y-EXE, ZS-ONH[2]
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2020 C-GCJT[4], N20909, PNP-114(OB)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2021 C-GGKQ[3], N20906, PNP-115(OB) w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2022 C-GCJT[5], N2145V, PNP-116(OB)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2023 C-GERG[4], N2193L, PNP-117(OB) wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2024 C-GERG[3], N2074G, XA-RRR, N998TA, ZS-ONC[3]
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2025 C-GFUI, N2199W, PNP-118(OB) wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2026 C-GNZB[3], 601(OB)/OB-1405 wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2027 C-GFUI[2], 621(OB)/OB-1406 wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2028 C-GNZB[4], 622(OB)/OB-1409
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2029 623(OB)/OB-1410
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2030 C-GFUI[3], 624(OB)/OB-1418 wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2031 C-GNZB[5], 637(OB)/OB-1419 prs
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2032 C-GFUI[4], N132PS, N999SA, VH-XRF[3]
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2033 C-GCJT[6], N81MB, N911MB[2], N911SV, N911SY, N315LS, VH-XRX[2]
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2034 C-GGKQ[4], N334MB, XA-NNN, N340JR cnx
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2035 C-GDVF[3], N89MB, JA6699, N105LH, HI-687CA, HI-687SP, (HI687) w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2036 C-GDVF[4], N911LS[2], C-FSBK, JA6737, N811CE w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2037 C-GNZB[6], N30702, JA6678, N727WW, C-FRIQ, VH-XRG
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2038 (N3071K), C-GERG[5], N3108K, N93LF w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2039 (N3071V), C-GNZB[7], 5N-EPA wfu
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2040 (N30716), C-GFUI[5], N38VA, (N381A)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2041 (N3072N), C-GERG[6], N39VA, N404AB, VH-XRI
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2042 (N3072Q), C-GFUI[6], JA6728, N278SF, (N277SF), N278SF, OE-XJJ
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2043 (N3072T), C-GCJT[7], XA-SSS, XA-TFP, C-GJRG[3], HZ-SRC1, VH-XRU
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2044 (N30720), C-GFUI[7], XA-TTT, XA-NAT cnx
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2045 (N3073D), C-GDVF[5], N477CS
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2046 C-GERG[7], (N.....), D-HAED, XA-THI cnx
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2047 C-GNZB[8], C-19[2](CC)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2048 C-FXOV[2], (N.....), C-FXOV[4], LDF-53(7P), LDF-11(7P)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2049 D-HSLA, XA-THJ, C-GOJG, C-FGZS[2], HZ-SRC2 w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2050 C-GGKQ[5], JA6746, (C-....), VH-MAT[3], VH-ISL[3], P2-RUH w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2051 C-GFUI[8], N6331M cnx
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2052 C-GERG[8], N6331V, C-GXIH[2], N105SD
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2053 C-FXOV[3], N269SM, N478CS
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2054 C-GGKQ[6], N6331Z cnx
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2055 LDF-51(7P) w/o
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2056 C-GCJT[8], LDF-50(7P), LDF-17(7P), ZS-HGI[2]
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2057 C-GFUI[9], C-11[2](CC)
Bölkow 105LS A-3 2058 C-GCJT[9], C-GKWW[2]
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5001 80+01(D), ...(PK), PK-EAI
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5002 80+02(D), D-HZXG, N1123S, PNB-7901(YV)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5003 80+03(D), D-HZXH, N158DB, YS-1004P, HR-AXP
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5004 80+04(D), D-HZYK, N105FR
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5005 80+05(D), D-HZYD[2], PK-EAN
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5006 80+06(D), D-HZYL, D-HEMR, 622(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5007 80+07(D), D-HZYJ[2], ...(PK), PK-EAJ
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5008 80+08(D), N508BX, TG-CIS, N500BX, HR-...
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5009 80+09(D), N1128S
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5010 80+10(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5011 80+11(D), D-HZYX, D-HMLE, ZA-XLE
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5012 80+12(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5013 80+13(D), D-HZYA i/a
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5014 80+14(D), D-HZXI i/a
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5015 80+15(D), D-HZYB[2], ...(PK), PK-EAC
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5016 80+16(D), D-HZXA
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5017 80+17(D), ...(PK), PK-EAK cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5018 80+18(D), RP-C3699, RP-S3699, 203(RP)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5019 80+19(D), N153DB
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5020 80+20(D), D-HZYH, D-HEMO, 5020(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5021 80+21(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5022 80+22(D), D-HZYG, 'D-HTDM' prs
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5023 80+23(D), D-HZYD cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5024 80+24(D), D-HZYC, N458QA, 3X-AAL
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5025 80+25(D), D-HZXD
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5026 80+26(D), P-4101(PK), PK-EAG
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5027 80+27(D), N106DL
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5028 80+28(D), N28BX, B-...
Bölkow 105M 5028(?) ..??.., B-K705
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5029 80+29(D), D-HZYM[2], N175FR
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5030 80+30(D), D-HZYO, D-HAAB[4], ...(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5031 80+31(D), D-HAAC[3], 626(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5032 80+32(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5033 80+33(D), ...(PK), PK-EAL cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5034 80+34(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5035 80+35(D), D-HZYF, 'OE-XAB' prs
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5036 80+36(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5037 80+37(D), D-HZYU, C-....
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5038 80+38(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5039 80+39(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5040 80+40(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5041 80+41(D), D-HZYP i/a
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5042 80+42(D), P-4108(PK), PK-EAD
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5043 80+43(D), D-HEMW, 623(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105C 5044 80+44(D), ...(ZA), D-HAPS, ...(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5045 80+45(D)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5046 80+46(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5047 80+47(D) i/a
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5048 80+48(D), P-4102(PK), PK-EAH w/o
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5049 80+49(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5050 80+50(D), D-HZYJ, ...(ZA), D-HABR, ...(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5051 80+51(D), D-HZYC[2], N168DB, CC-AYW
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5052 80+52(D) w/o
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5053 80+53(D), D-HZYW
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5054 80+54(D), D-HZYE[2], PK-EAP
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5055 80+55(D), D-HZYI cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5056 80+56(D), D-HZYS wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5057 80+57(D), D-HZXF
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5058 80+58(D), D-HMCL, ZA-XCL
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5059 80+59(D), N59BX cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5060 80+60(D), D-HZYT i/a
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5061 80+61(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5062 80+62(D), D-HZXE, N479DB
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5063 80+63(D)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5064 80+64(D), N64BX, 3X-GHM cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5065 80+65(D), D-HZYE cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5066 80+66(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5067 80+67(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5068 80+68(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5069 80+69(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5070 80+70(D), D-HZYB, D-HMCG, 624(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5071 80+71(D), D-HZYA[2], P-4104(PK), PK-EAA
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5072 80+72(D), D-HZYZ
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5073 80+73(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5074 80+74(D), D-HZXB
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5075 80+75(D)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M > 105E-4 5076 80+76(D), N777SY, UR-EDGE cnx
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5077 80+77(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5078 80+78(D), D-HZYM, N105UG, C-FPQA
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5079 80+79(D), D-HZYF[2]
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5080 80+80(D), D-HZYN, N105BA
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5081 80+81(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5082 80+82(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5083 80+83(D), 'D-HGST' w/o
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5084 80+84(D), 'N8084L', N70526
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5085 80+85(D), ...(PK), PK-EAM
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5086 80+86(D), N209TL
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5087 80+87(D), D-HEML, 621(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5088 80+88(D), D-HZYH[2]
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5089 80+89(D), PK-EAQ
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5090 80+90(D), D-HZYI[2], PK-EAR
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5091 80+91(D), D-HZYG[2], PK-EAS
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5092 80+92(D), PK-EAT
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5093 80+93(D), P-4107(PK), PK-EAE
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5094 80+94(D), PK-EAU
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5095 80+95(D), D-HZYV
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5096 80+96(D), D-HZYQ prs
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105M 5097 80+97(D), P-4106(PK), PK-EAF
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5098 80+98(D) wfu
Bölkow 105M (VBH) > 105E-4 5099 80+99(D), D-HMCH, 625(ZA)
Bölkow 105M (VBH) 5100 81+00(D), D-HZYR, '81+00(D)' prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6001 86+01(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6002 86+02(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6003 86+03(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6004 86+04(D), N74FK
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6005 86+05(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6006 86+06(D), N2324Z, N128GC
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6007 86+07(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6008 86+08(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6009 86+09(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6010 86+10(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6011 86+11(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6012 86+12(D), D-HAHC, 86+12(D), C-GEGD[3]
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6013 86+13(D), N904NM, RP-.....
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6014 86+14(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6015 86+15(D), SP-YXE
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6016 86+16(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6017 86+17(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6018 86+18(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6019 86+19(D), SP-YBO[2]
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6020 86+20(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6021 86+21(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6022 86+22(D), G-CKDI, RA-02547
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6023 86+23(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6024 86+24(D), N897UF
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6025 86+25(D), N5461G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6026 86+26(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6027 86+27(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6028 86+28(D), C-FZWF, N8628X
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6029 86+29(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6030 86+30(D), C-FVQO, N702CG
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6031 86+31(D), SP-YIS, N110GL
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6032 86+32(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6033 86+33(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6034 86+34(D), SP-YGN
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6035 86+35(D), 'D-HELP' wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P > 105P1M 6036 86+36(D), G-CKCG, OY-HBO[2], SP-YOY
Bölkow 105P > Dahua 001 6036(?) > 001 ..??.., B-X705
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6037 86+37(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6038 86+38(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6039 86+39(D), G-CLLZ, RA-02551
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6040 86+40(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6041 86+41(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6042 86+42(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6043 86+43(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6044 86+44(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6045 86+45(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6046 86+46(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6047 86+47(D), SP-YWD
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6048 86+48(D), C-FZXA, N8648B
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6049 86+49(D), SP-YXR
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6050 86+50(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6051 86+51(D), N904VB, (N10BK)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6052 86+52(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6053 86+53(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6054 86+54(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6055 86+55(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6056 86+56(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6057 86+57(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6058 86+58(D) w/o
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6059 86+59(D), G-CLBO, RA-.....
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6059(?) ..??.., RA-2991G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6060 86+60(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6061 86+61(D), C-FVQD, N.....
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6062 86+62(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6063 86+63(D), C-FVOQ, N6063G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6064 86+64(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6065 86+65(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6066 86+66(D), C-GAVC[2], N2215G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6067 86+67(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6068 86+68(D), N904HM
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6069 86+69(D), 'D-HILF' prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6070 86+70(D), N5743G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6071 86+71(D), '17+03(D)' wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6072 86+72(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6073 86+73(D), C-FVON, N6073G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6074 86+74(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6075 86+75(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6076 86+76(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6077 86+77(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6078 86+78(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6079 86+79(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6080 86+80(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6081 86+81(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6082 86+82(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6083 86+83(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6084 86+84(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6085 86+85(D), N8972M
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6086 86+86(D), N2324T cnx
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6087 86+87(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6088 86+88(D), N88FK
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6089 86+89(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6090 86+90(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6091 86+91(D), 061(CX)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6092 86+92(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6093 86+93(D), RA-02544
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6094 86+94(D), 062(CX)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6095 86+95(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6096 86+96(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6097 86+97(D), N8974M
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6098 86+98(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6099 86+99(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6100 87+00(D), 063(CX)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6101 87+01(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6102 87+02(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6103 87+03(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6104 87+04(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6105 87+05(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6106 87+06(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6107 87+07(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6108 87+08(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6109 87+09(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6110 87+10(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6111 87+11(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6112 87+12(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6113 87+13(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6114 87+14(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6115 87+15(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6116 87+16(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6117 87+17(D), C-FVOZ, N6117G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105CB-4 6118 87+18(D), UP-EC121
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6119 87+19(D), C-FVQB
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6120 87+20(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6121 87+21(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6122 87+22(D), N156DB
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6123 87+23(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6124 87+24(D), N94VT, LN-OTC[3]
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6125 87+25(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6126 87+26(D), N120GL
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6127 87+27(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6128 87+28(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6129 87+29(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105M 6130 87+30(D), N904WM
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6131 87+31(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6132 87+32(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6133 87+33(D), 064(CX) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6134 87+34(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6135 87+35(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6136 87+36(D), 065(CX)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6137 87+37(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6138 87+38(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6139 87+39(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6140 87+40(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6141 87+41(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6142 87+42(D), 066(CX) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6143 87+43(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6144 87+44(D) i/a
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6145 87+45(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6146 87+46(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6147 87+47(D), C-FUBO
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6148 87+48(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6149 87+49(D) wfu
Bölkow 105 6149(?) ..??.., 223(RP)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6150 87+50(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6151 87+51(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6152 87+52(D), N5573G
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6153 87+53(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6154 87+54(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6155 87+55(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6156 87+56(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6157 87+57(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6158 87+58(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6159 87+59(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6160 87+60(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6161 87+61(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6162 87+62(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6163 87+63(D), C-GDWC[2]
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6164 87+64(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6165 87+65(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6166 87+66(D) i/a
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6167 87+67(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6168 87+68(D), ZU-HBO
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6169 87+69(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6170 87+70(D), C-FVPF, N.....
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6171 87+71(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6172 87+72(D), SP-YXX
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6173 87+73(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6174 87+74(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6175 87+75(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6176 87+76(D), SP-YSK
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6177 87+77(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6178 87+78(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6179 87+79(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6180 87+80(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6181 87+81(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6182 87+82(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6183 87+83(D), C-FVOC, N6183B
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6184 87+84(D) i/a
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6185 87+85(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6186 87+86(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6187 87+87(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1 6188 87+88(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6189 87+89(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6190 87+90(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6191 87+91(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6192 87+92(D) prs
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6193 87+93(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6194 87+94(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6195 87+95(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6196 87+96(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6197 87+97(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6198 87+98(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6199 87+99(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6200 88+00(D) w/o
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6201 88+01(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6202 88+02(D) b/u
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6203 88+03(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6204 88+04(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6205 88+05(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6206 88+06(D)
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P1M 6207 88+07(D), C-FXBO
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6208 88+08(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) > 105P 6209 88+09(D), C-FVQE, N8809W
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6210 88+10(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6211 88+11(D) wfu
Bölkow 105P (PAH-1) 6212 88+12(D) prs
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